Playmate says she was fired from Entourage for refusing actors’ advances

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I’ve never understood what the big deal is with Entourage. It’s a show, it’s there, I tried to get through the first season. But I emphasize “tried” – it took effort. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve watched (anything family friendly on ABC can claim that dubious prize), but I don’t see what’s so epically great about it. I find the characters just so wholly unlikeable that it isn’t worth it. When it comes to Entourage, I subscribe to the Seth Rogen line of thought.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me, but apparently the actors are the show are pigs. Former Playboy Playmate Irina Voronina was fired from the show – she says for rebuffing the actors’ advances. Voronina says they were constantly hitting on her and totally incapable of doing anything else. They objectified her and were impolite at very, very best. She bruised their fragile egos and got booted from the show.

Irina Voronina was once a Playboy Playmate, is a regular on Adult Swim’s first ever live action show Saul of the Mole Men on the Cartoon Network and has graced the pages of men’s mag “Perfect 10,” but the Russian model said the worst treatment she ever received was from HBO’s “Entourage” boys during a guest role earlier this year.

“They were very rude and unprofessional and I was fired from the set along with another girl,” Voronina told Tarts. “Technically we were told there wasn’t space for us to be in the shot anymore, but we knew we were fired because we weren’t nice to the actors. They just treated me like a piece of meat without any respect and every conversation would start and end with “what are you doing later?’”

The 31-year-old bikini beauty turned comedy queen said she’s worked on the show several times before but the harassment had built to a point where she simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“I decided that I was just going to be very reserved and rude and preferred never to talk to them, we wouldn’t give them the time of day or any hope of there being an after party and we did not express that we were remotely interested in hanging out with them at any point, so I guess that made them upset and bitter,” she added. “If there is a shot where we’re all in the limo and the camera is rolling, it’s us all having fun, they have their hands all over us and then when the cameras stop I expect them to reel back to being normal, but they continued the partying off camera and we made that clear.”

HBO did not respond for comment but has previously dismissed the allegation as “unfounded and unsubstantiated.”

The stereotypical “Hollywood” male experience seems to have had a lasting effect on Voronina who now advises females to go inland for a good guy. “The nicest boys are in Detroit and Dallas,” she said. “People there are not spoiled by celebrities and actually appreciate it when you shake their hand and sign a picture. Guys with good manners!”

[From Fox News’ Pop Tarts]

I think Irina is simply showing that she’s got some class by not actually naming names. I’m not familiar enough with the show to guess who the major offenders probably were, aside from Jeremy Piven. But most of the others strike me as capable of being slimy. They probably thought that because she used to be a Playmate that meant she had nothing going on upstairs and would consider it totally normal if her only interactions with them were of a sexual nature. However she wasn’t on the show as a former Playmate but as an actress.

It doesn’t sound like the worst sexual harassment I’ve ever heard of, but I get the feeling that Voronina isn’t given the most explicit examples out of a sense of decorum. Just a hunch on my part, but that’s how it reads to me. I don’t think there’s anything all that surprising about her story, but that doesn’t mean she should have known to expect it or had to put up with it.

Hopefully there’s a nice boy for her in Dallas.

Here’s Irina Voronina at the ‘Towelhead’ premiere in Los Angeles in September. Images thanks to .

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  1. JohnnieR says:

    On behalf of us NICE guys, I apologize to this woman for her unfortunate dealings with a group of male PIGS. I truly find this behaviour revolting and disgusting.

    It’s NO way to treat a Lady.

  2. KansasRefugee says:

    I dunno, I kinda think if you’re going to pose nude in Playboy, and then if you’re going to appear on Entourage because of that “status” then you have to expect that men are going to treat you like an object. I mean, really, do you need to show your body to millions? Even if you do consider it a work of art, then why are you showing it to that many undiscriminating people (i.e., men looking to objectify you and get off) and why are you selling it for $?

  3. Persistent Cat says:

    I admit it, I’m a girl and I watch Entourage. Jeremy Piven is awesome in it and I love Lloyd. It’s eye candy because Ari dresses so well and the cars are phenomenal. It’s by no means a great show but whatever.

    I IMDB’d her, she had two parts, Ring Girl and Sexy Clubgoer. I can’t see how she was fired as she is barely one step up from “extra.”

  4. Shannon says:

    Kansas, that’s like saying the a prostitute deserves to be raped. She sells her body, so why shouldn’t she expect some animal to mistreat her? After all, a prostitute couldn’t possibly also be a WOMAN with human emotions could she?

    No woman deserves to be treated the way Irina was, the Playboy thing has nothing to do with it. The moment she made it clear that she did not appreciate the crass and misogynistic behavior of her co-workers was the moment they should have stopped (well technically it should never have started). Apparently they completely ignored that and continued to harass her. Disgusting.

  5. Giz says:

    Entourage is a guy’s version of Sex and the City, that might explain it’s lack of appeal! I couldn’t watch an entire because none of the cast memebers are all that appealing and neither are their characters!

    Apparently, the castmembers are either typecasted or can’t get past their characters when it comes to women! The stereotyping of women, gays and minorities on the show is pretty sickening. So am I surprised by the the alleged charges. Ah–no!

    I view this show as “white male backlash”! No doubt, if they haven’t already, the reruns will end up on Spike TV! …Come to think of it, isn’t Marky Mark one of shows exetutive producers? Case closed.

  6. Lenore says:

    KansasRefugee: “I dunno, I kinda think if you’re going to pose nude in Playboy, and then if you’re going to appear on Entourage because of that “status” then you have to expect that men are going to treat you like an object.”

    So basically you’re saying that because she posed nude, she has to expect for the rest of her life that she will be treated like a piece of meat, rather than as a human being?

    No. She posed, she was paid, job done. She’s not “selling her body” and even if she was, she wasn’t selling it to these people at this time – she was there to ACT. Posing naked doesn’t give the whole world a free pass to paw at her and sleaze on her and assume she wants to f*ck them. She’s a human being deserving of respect, I don’t care how many times Jeremy Piven’s seen her tits in print.

    It’s disgusting if the actors on Entourage can’t distinguish between reality and fiction well enough to stop acting like douchebags when the camera stops rolling, unless they’re douchebags all the time anyway and this is just how they treat women.

  7. wow says:

    Who’s to say she’s telling the truth,so I won’t jump on the bandwagon of automatically thinking she’s beingtruthful. Unfortunately,some women have been guilty of making false sexual harrasment claims as well. This is just her side of her story. The Entourage cast would probably say different.

    Just as much as they could be guilty of this, she could also be making it up. Without proofor some witnesses to back her, it’s basically one person’s word against the other.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    agree 100% with Shannon and Lenore.

    said it way better than I could have.

  9. fizXgirl314 says:

    If this is found to be true by the court of law, I hope she will end up a very rich woman as a result. that should get the msg across :)

  10. QB says:

    I’m not sure this is completely is true , a more likely version is she had sex with a cast menber in hope of regular role and then she got nothing.

    If you are not going to name the person then don’t say anything because really what is the point??, she is a bikiny model in her 30′s she needs the attention.

  11. Lenore says:

    QB: “I’m not sure this is completely is true , a more likely version is she had sex with a cast menber in hope of regular role and then she got nothing.”

    “More likely?”! Based on what, exactly?

    At the moment we have only her word to go on. It could very well turn out to be a lie, a misunderstanding, a half-truth, maybe the other girl she mentions will speak up. If someone else from the show offers an alternative version of events then the public will have the opportunity to choose whose story is more likely, but for you to INVENT out of NOWHERE the idea that she had sex with someone to further her career and is getting her revenge is just absurd and disturbing. That’s in your mind, not this story.

    Personally, I find this story kind of plausible although I could very well turn out to be wrong. Just something about the way she tells it seems restrained and oddly dignified. If she was making stuff up to get her name in the papers, I’d imagine she’d make up something more specific, more salacious, name names. Just a hunch, obviously.

    (Never even seen Entourage myself, nothing against the cast personally…)

  12. Firestarter says:

    I love Entourage! There, I said it!

  13. QB says:

    I havent seen an episode of the show but , why is she telling this story with out mentioning the person who did it? Is she going to sue? If she plans to sue them I will believe her more, but she just say I got fired because I refused to have sex with an actor but if she does not plan to sue then what is the point of saying it ? The answer is get more attention.

    There is no way of telling if she is saying the true either.

    I could say a award winning actor grabbed my ass. I didn’t mention name of the person so no one can verify if i’m telling the true.

    1) we only have her version 2) She did not say this person did it 3) How the hell is someone going to come up and say I did not do it , since she did not mention the name (or names ) of the person who made sexual advance.

    Lets be honest the only person who have anything to gain from this story is her.

  14. queenie says:

    women who pose naked for money or circulate naked pictures of themselves get what they deserve. period. to say that women who do this should afterwards be treated with dignity and respect by men is living in some sort of fantasy land. men who look at explicit pictures of women are not thinking “brain surgeon” and i am sure they are not thinking this when they meet these women. women cash in on their sex and men pay for it. we live in a pornified culture and women are very well aware of the risks both of perception and physical when they take their clothes off. to deny this and to deny that men objectify women is stupidity. once a woman poses naked, it sends a message about her character. i am not saying this is right. but we do live in a society in which women are not valued or respected much beyond their T & A. women who cry about this after cashing in on their sexuality are hypocrites, pure and simple. people who argue that these women should not be harassed are exactly right. however we live in a culture that objectifies and reduces women to not much more than sex slaves without brains and without much to contribute save for what is between their legs. to not acknowledge this and expect to be treated with respect after posing in explicit pictures is naive.

  15. Linda says:

    I love Entourage and I don’t believe what she’s saying.

  16. fizXgirl314 says:

    queenie… they don’t need to think “brain surgeon” but I don’t think they deserve to be constantly groped and objectified. They can make an advance, get rejected and move on… but when it goes past that point and when it becomes a nuisance for someone in a work environment, it is ILLEGAL… and that’s that!

    Although I agree with you, I do wish women would stop making money off posing naked. I can’t think of a more worthless profession… :/

    who knows if that naked woman wouldn’t have gone on to become a doctor, lawyer a scientist or an inspiring school teacher or something, if exposing one’s poon wasn’t such a lucrative opportunity… :/

  17. OKHero says:

    queenie – what world are you living in? I am not saying that America is perfect, or that women don’t ever face discrimination. But to say that “we live in a culture that objectifies and reduces women to not much more than sex slaves without brains and without much to contribute save for what is between their legs” is absurd! If that were true, then this story wouldn’t have even made it to the gossip boards – we wouldn’t be arguing about it because it would be such a non-issue that no one would notice it happening! I for one work as an IT analyst (a male-dominated profession, by the way) and I am treated with respect by my co-workers. Most men in this country, in the western world, treat women with a basic level of respect. I’m not saying that they ALL think we are as smart as them, or respect us as much as they respect other men, but your statements are insulting – both to men and to women – and ignorant.

  18. fizXgirl314 says:

    also, why are there so many women who look like they just stepped out of chemo these days… are they all doing crack or what? why do they have such thinning and damaged hair? gross…

  19. Sakota says:

    Queenie, you have just said what I have always felt. Women have a lot of options beyond their body and if you use your body you will get treated accordingly. I get so sick of these pop sluts like Christina Aguilera dressing like hookers and then screeching about how they are empowered women.

  20. Kaboom says:

    Entourage to me always seemed a social services project that tries to get the worst dicks in show business confined to one set to protect the general public.

  21. queenie says:


    fact is we, men and women, live in a porn culture. and it is this culture, that both men and women eagerly buy into and profit from, that is ignorant and insulting to both men and women. i would argue it is you that is living in a vacuum and if there weren’t sexual harassment laws protecting you at work and in public places you would be trying to earn your living in a very lewd and degrading environment indeed. fact is, men operate with half a brain (corpus callosum is not well-developed in them) and are driven largely by testosterone. if you doubt me, go get an rx for synthetic testosterone and you will want to fuck everything that moves all the time. it’s a wonder the poor dears are even able to think straight for a minute or two at a time. sexual harassment laws were introduced to protect women at work and while out in public…if men were inherently respectful of women in the western world, we would not need sexual harassment laws or laws protecting women against rape. duh. take away all the laws that protect women from rape and sexual harassment and then come and talk to me about all these men who have so much respect for women.

  22. fizXgirl314 says:

    looooooooooool kaboom! so funny…

  23. heather dickey says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Miss Voronina on photoshoots in the past, and have kept a casual contact since. She was nothing but professional, graceful and dignified.

    I can say from experience with other actresses and first hand that the reputation of the `Entourage` men holds true, and the boys club mentality in Hollywood is very hard to get around.

    Irina is booked constantly on projects and would never be one to exploit herself to cast or crew to get ahead. The girl doesn’t need to.

    Keep your head up Irina, I’m proud of you.

  24. Annabelle says:

    queenie are you saying that if you’re dumb (eg, not a brain surgeon) then you deserve to be sexually harassed (or worse?)

    “we live in a culture that objectifies and reduces women to not much more than sex slaves without brains and without much to contribute save for what is between their legs.”

    AND YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THAT WORLD with your skeezy attitude. You sound like a Osama Bin Laden, AFRAID of the female form. “I saw her ankle! STONE HER!”

  25. as good as it gets says:

    queenie, i don’t quite follow you, are you saying that I, as a woman, don’t deserve any respect because I am not a brain surgeon or do I deserve it because I didn’t pose naked? Either way, I don’t agree with you.

    Just because some guys are rude to women in general, and women like Irina in particular, it doesn’t mean we should go along with it and stop doing what we want to do.

    So what if she sold pics of her body in the past, a no is still a no, no matter what she did before.

  26. Jojo says:

    Still trying to figure out why you got fired Irina?!

    “I decided that I was just going to be very … rude”


  27. queenie says:

    as good as it gets:

    actions have consequences. of course women (and men)are judged by what they do: steroids, drugs, naked pictures, rape,beating up others, murder. get real. all i am saying is that women live in a cultural context–one that is largely sexist. for them to NOT expect to be judged and exploited by men and women alike when THEY THEMSELVES have exploited and objectified themselves, FOR PROFIT even, is incredibly naive. ANYONE will have a different perception of a woman who has posed naked compared to one who has not. it’s really that simple. when a woman profits from her own exploitation then whines about not being treating fairly…i am sorry, but she chose. she can’t have it both ways considering the cultural climate. again not saying this is right but it is like a racecar driver whining that he got hurt during a race or an elite athlete crying about getting caught using steroids. you know? boo hoo.

  28. queenie says:

    honestly anabelle, you missed my point entirely. as i pointed out, remove our laws protecting women from sexual harassment and rape and lets see how much men respect women. if men were inherently respectful of women, we would not need the laws. and i disagree with you. when women willingly participate in their own exploitation and objectification, PROFIT FROM IT, and then whine about getting treated like sexual objects–well in my opinion it is THEY that drag down and set back ALL WOMEN. What women do happens in a cultural context not in a vacuum. To think and expect otherwise is naive. Is it right? No. Look if a young woman goes to a party and does not exercise vigilence when there are young men around seeking sexual advantage, she is in some part culpable. Am I saying she deserves to be sexually assaulted? Absolutely not. But let’s, as women, not be naive about men and their motives especially given certain circumstances and contexts. In other words, take responsibility for yourselves and quit whining when you put yourselves in situations that obviously attract negative attention or put yourselves in danger physically, emotionally, and mentally.

  29. queenie says:

    as heather dickey points out “it’s very difficult getting around the boy’s club mentality”. it is therefore not as all surprising that miss irina was treated the way she was. if women just collectively refused these sorts of situations (i am sure she heard the rumors before signing on) rather than expecting a level playing field, then maybe things would change. better yet, prosecute the buggers.

    i think miss irina sums it up nicely: “If there is a shot where we’re all in the limo and the camera is rolling, it’s us all having fun, they have their hands all over us …” — and shows us once again she is wilfully allows herself to be objectified “for the camera” (ie, for money) and then whines when the party does’t stop. she also sets another fine, respectful image for all women to follow. honestly, i am sure miss irina has been around enough that she is able to assess men’s behavior around her==she is certainly not getting attention for her brains, and more women seem to be willing to sexually exploit themselves for attention, money and whatever else that benefits them at the time. if a woman sexually exploits her OWN SELF–it shouldn’t come as a surprise to her that others think it’s okay to sexually exploit her as well. so please, let’s cut the whining and maybe make better choices for ourselves, our daughters and future generations of women. quit letting men have what they want because it makes you a quick buck.

  30. queenie says:

    here, i will make it really simple. just ask yourselves the following questions:

    1. do we live in a largely sexist or egalitarian culture?

    2. do women posing naked for profit (or otherwise) contribute to a culture of sexism or egalitarianism?

    3. how many mothers out there really would like to see their daughters grow up to pose naked in men’s magazines?

    4. how many women would pose naked if it weren’t for the financial and other rewards that go with it?

    5. would large numbers of women continue to pose naked if they were not financially rewarded or did not profit from it?

  31. fizXgirl314 says:

    sadly, I sort of agree with queenie… if it weren’t for these laws, I’d lock my door and never leave my house… In certain countries where the laws for women aren’t so strong, they live under fairly harsh realities…

    ok I just got a little depressed… we’re basically cohabitating with barbarians… :/

    BUT… all the more reason to make stricter laws and force men to pay for their unsavory behavior… not punish the woman because men couldn’t “help themselves”… eyeroll…

  32. JustMe says:


    Between Piven & Connolly, I feel for any female remotely exposed to them: especially the toxic Piven.

    Have never, will never watch that show.

  33. jennifer says:

    queenie – I don’t agree with what you’re saying but I GET what you’re saying, and have no issue with what you’re saying regardless of whether or not I agree with it, EXCEPT THIS:

    August 28th, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    women who pose naked for money or circulate naked pictures of themselves get what they deserve. period.

    I would be OK with everything else you said but that statement made my stomach churn. That is a very scary thing to say. I really hope you’re just referring to this specific incident of harassment (not that I agree at all that she deserved harassment,) because that statement sounds like you’re saying WHATEVER happens to her she deserves it. So let’s say she was raped on set – it’s OK because she deserves it? You seem reasonably intelligent – you should know how damaging & horrific that statement is “get what they deserve. period.”

    Scary fucking world. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – women are our own worst enemies. Worse than men. FAR worse.

  34. queenie says:

    Look, all I am saying is there are inherent risks. Women need to quit acting all shocked and quit whining when they are objectified or harassed when they themselves participate in their own objectification. Sounds to me this woman wasn’t too intelligent accepting a job in which the actors (men) had a reputation for being pigs. The fact that she posed naked in magazines and then expects these “men”, if you want to call them that, should treat her with respect is what is so astonishing. I am sorry, but she is the one living in a fantasy land. I am sure she understood exactly what she was getting into. To expect a pig to act like anything other than a pig, and especially when you are fueling the flames is just plain stupid.

  35. queenie says:

    hey fzXgirl314, I agree…women need to gain more power to prosecute these buggers…however, that would mean dismantling a sexist, mysogynistic power structure that has been in place for hundreds, if not thousands of years. it also means its time for women to grow up and accept responsibility for their choices. as i keep saying, we DO NOT live in a vacuum and i am sorry but not everything “goes”. it is my belief men will not change until women start making more responsible choices about their sexuality. this whole porn thing and “i can do whatever i want with my body” is nice in theory, but in practice has been a complete disaster for women, children and men. Since when is acting like a slut or posing naked empowering? is this really women at their best?

  36. ShutYourPieHole says:

    In Webster’s New World Dictionary, they have a picture of Jeremy Piven next to the definition of kalostomy bag.

    I like this actress. She wasn’t taken any crap off that Piven troll and the rest of the obnoxious turdblossoms on that horrid show.

    I dropped HBO 3 months ago because they haven’t produced anything decent since “The Wire.” “Entourage” and “Hung” are a waste of digitial media and my time.

  37. sickOFdumbChicks says:

    KansasRefugee: “I dunno, I kinda think if you’re going to pose nude in Playboy, and then if you’re going to appear on Entourage because of that “status” then you have to expect that men are going to treat you like an object.”

    So basically you’re saying that because she posed nude, she has to expect for the rest of her life that she will be treated like a piece of meat, rather than as a human being?

    Absolutely…you don’t pose nude and then get respect…you can sugar coat it anyway you want to but, you’re showing off your nude body, for men to ogle & whack off too. Period. It’s not artistic, it’s PORN. Period. These stupid girls need to grow the f*ck up.

  38. Lenora says:

    I think the problem with your thinking is the fact that you are implying that sexuality and nudity are somehow not human and should be kept under wraps. Using your flawed logic the model who posed for David should have been treated like a pariah because he showed his wang. Same thing with most of the beautiful paintings that you see in the museum. That fat model who created a big buzz on here a few days was called “comfortable in her own skin” and beautiful. Does she deserve to get harassed because she posed wearing a g-string? She is making a career by posing semi-clothed and was applauded for it. Bottom line is that Playboy and other nude publications serve a human need. We are sexual creatures and it’s ok to buy these publications to whack off to. The women who pose in them are showing ONE aspect of their lives, their bodies. There are real people behind them and they deserve to be treated with respect just like everyone else. What about the playmate that just got punched in the face by Joe Francis, should he be given a leinent sentence because she was a whore anyways and is somehow less of a person? It’s really scary that there are people like you walking around with these asinine thoughts.

  39. KansasRefugee says:

    I think Queenie makes very good points, and I agree with the others who are saying that the men are responsible for their behavior as well.

    I just think a Playboy nude-posing woman really is putting herself out there as an object and she is going to get a LOT of solicitation and a LOT of assumptions made about her intentions because of that. No does mean no, but you really can’t call it “harassment” when men assume you are interested in being further objectified or used by the men and approach you accordingly.

    Don’t pose in Playboy unless you want to spend many days afterwards saying “no” over and over again and having to deal with the guys who can’t take rejection and may actually do something harmful to you (which I agree they should be prosecuted for, but why invite the abuse?). Men do retain a superior status in many parts of the US (and certainly in the world), and we have to protect ourselves from that until we reach a world where women have a full place at the table.

    I think we CAN dismantle patriarchy and its abuses, and I think we could see this happen in the next 20-50 years if we keep working at it. Let’s keep doing everything we can to dismantle it (including not making money from or spending money on sexist, objectified portrayals of women) so women can find other ways to make a living besides posing nude, being prostitutes, having babies, being on welfare, etc. and so men have to learn to deal with women instead of seeing us only as objects. Part of that does include making smart choices and taking responsibility for ourselves (and teaching our sons and daughters to do the same).

  40. ren says:

    LOL, you are a piece of meat, girlfriend! It happened the moment you posed for men’s magazines. You sure felt empowered when you cashed your paycheck, didn’t you? If you want to be taken seriously as an actress, how about doing Shakespeare In The Park for equity scale? But that paycheck is miniscule compared to what you make when you show off your body. I’ve known Piven for years and he’s decent guy; you wanna meet a real pig, go hang with Pauly Shore, who trolls specifically for skanks and wannabes…..

  41. as good as it gets says:

    Hi queenie! I think you have a good point here and if she were complaining about the human meat-jobs she gets, i would be the first to say boo hoo with you.

    But she’s not pulling a Jessica Biel, or cheating with steroids. And I think we can agree that selling your own objectified image isn’t nearly as bad as raping or hurting/murdering people.

    She seems to be fine with the eye-candy jobs, but not with guys assuming she’s a 24/7 sex object, always ready to go.

    For me, here’s a difference between what you do and what you are. She was a play-mate, she sold her image, sure, but she didn’t give up her rights as a person.

    So, back to your murder example, I don’t think any of us thinks Anthony Hopkins should be treated as a sadistic killer after playing the role of Hannibal Lecter so convincingly (for profit, no less), so why do we think a woman that objectified her image for a living deserves to be harassed? Is it because Mr. Hopkins kept his clothes on? *g*

  42. Sheigh says:

    If it’s true, what time she’s waiting to lodge a plaint? Allusions don’t take in the light. Some women are really in troubles with and waiting justice.
    She said that only for a glory’s paparazzi minute.
    Damn nutty girl!

  43. queenie says:

    as good as it gets:

    I believe someone earlier on was suggesting, similar to you that we should not be judged by what we do, or our past history. But we are. I am sure most women that encounter a “reformed” serial rapist would probably think twice about getting into a relationship with that man. What we do, and the decisions we make occur in a cultural context. Again, I am not saying this culture’s assumptions and collectively held fantasies is right, but it is a sexist one. As women living in a sexist culture, I believe we are essentially still disenfranchised. If women participate in their own objectifiction in this culture, and expect they are on a level playing field, well, to me, they obviously are not. Your murder example as acting is an interesting one. But you are assuming a sex-neutral stance and so it does not hold up in instances of women getting naked. Women selling naked images of themselves is more akin to the double standard of men being called studs for their sexual conquests and women being called sluts for theirs. Given the ideas about women that are incredibly pervasive, for example the virgin/whore dichotomy, and the sexualization of women and now little girls…I believe women really need to think carefully about their choices surrounding their sexuality–in other words, maybe they need to start playing the game differently and quit thinking they are going to get anywhere by thinking they can play like men. Again, I would ask you specifically, “how does a women posing naked improve the relationships between all men and women?” To me, this woman is not much more than a commodity. Her choice tells me something about where she thinks her value as a woman is which is really too bad. Look if all the power a woman has is in getting naked in magazines, I would say the women here are not much better off than women in severely oppressed is just a matter of degree. I would also suggest for you to really think about and research what a steady diet of pornography is doing to the minds of children (boys who start looking at it as young as 10 and 11). The implications are very serious and there are already studies coming out that have tracked 11 year old boys into college. I will remind everyone, a child’s brain is neurologically very malleable up until the age of about 25 when the frontal lobes are finally fully developed. All the experiences a child has become hard-wired and very difficult to change as they become older. I would also ask you really, how is it empowering for women to pose naked in men’s magazines. Because I really don’t get it and I know of more than a few marriages that have fallen apart due to the spouses porn addictions. And for those women who say there is nothing wrong with it, then you should be comfortable with your male coworkers posting naked pics of women everywhere and you should have no trouble posting all sorts of naked pictures of strange women in your own home. Afterall, it is art isn’t it? Just the other day, I saw a girl who was under age wearing a low cut t-shirt that went below her bra. Is this how we want young women portraying themselves in public? What sort of male attention do you suppose she will get? Attention that is respectful?

  44. Sakota says:

    I am just disgusted that she and other women who do this stuff think they can have it both ways. Dress like trollops and then have men respect them when they are off camera. You can’t. You might think it’s ‘oppressive,’ but I would rather have someone thing I’m a boring prude than someone who wants sex all the time and will give it to just anyone.

  45. KansasRefugee says:

    As Good As It Gets and Queenie:

    The difference between Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter and a Playboy Playmate is that the Playmate is playing herself whereas Hopkins is playing another character. She is saying “my identity is being a sex object.” He is not saying “my identity is being a murderer”; instead he is saying “I know how to pretend to be a murderer for a movie.” Also, he is not promoting murder, while she is promoting the objectification & use of women by men.

  46. Shannon says:

    Great points have been made later in this thread, and I’m finding myself agreeing with a lot of what’s being said – I think we can agree that both men and women act as “enablers” for sexist behavior.

    Frankly I think pornography as a whole needs a serious revamp. Instead of showing fake-boobed bottle blondes in vulnerable positions, why can’t we see some empowered women and real couples in roles? It can still be a fantasy, but showing couples enjoying themselves in a joint activity rather than seeing only one party benefiting from it could do a lot towards moving porn away from the exploitation of women and instead saying “hey, we all have needs, we’re all sexual beings. Let’s embrace it in a way that takes everyone’s needs and humanity into account”.

  47. Lily says:

    I’ve been reading your comments, and you and I have totally different opinions on this.

    “Women need to quit acting all shocked and quit whining when they are objectified or harassed when they themselves participate in their own objectification.” I don’t agree with this. Men should not be sexually harassing women at any workplace (including a TV set), whether a woman has taken 10 naked photos or no naked photos. Instead of excusing men’s behavior because the woman somehow “asked for it,” why don’t we instead just expect men to take responsibility for their own actions, and to not harass women? We should not simply buy into the idea that men are cavemen lead around by their hormones and not hold them accountable for their actions. Blaming the woman who was harassed is not going to change a sexist culture. Thinking that she is somehow a “bad girl” because she’s been in Playboy, and therefore “deserves what she gets,” is to have been completely brainwashed by that sexist culture, and is a very slippery slope. Isn’t the best way to change a sexist culture by supporting women who are harassed, instead of blaming them?

  48. joey kellz35 says:

    first of all, Entourage is an awesome show. and to those who dont watch it, it really doesnt say much by pointing it out on here. because the numbers for people who watch the show are soaring year in and year out. so obviously, people are watching and not just myself.

    now, to the girl who pointed out that the girl was known for 2 parts, rig girl and “SEXY club goer”
    those seem like parts where, due to the shows graphic and sexual nature, she might be treated like a “SEX OBJECT”
    now off camera i agree that she should not be harrassed, but we all dont know the facts.

  49. joey kellz35 says:

    basically i just want to point out that ive seen every show, and i cant think of a part this gril played or a scene she was in etc…. and i know the show quite well. im not exactly saddened she got fired like i would be if ari or vince was. pretty much every regular on the show is awesome and it would suck to lose anyone of them. but this girl, i think the show will survive. seems strange that everything is gravy till she gets fired. had she came forward and then got fired, something was up. but i hate these so called scandals where the woman is victimized yet nothing is said until… guessed it, she gets canned. now, maybe she did go to a higher up at HBO, but im sorry that isnt good enough, unless her intentions were to get one of the stars of the show fired?(LOLOLOL, like that would evert happen anyways in 1 of these situations). so if she thought that she is an idiot. but other than that reason, than there is no reason to not go to the proper authorities and log a complaint, then go to the show’s higherups with proof of a legal complaint… guess is this might have protected her from being “fired” so to speak, especially if she was fired for the reasons she stated.

  50. joey kellz35 says:

    its all to strange, that she is pretty much a nobody on the show, gets fired, then we hear she was harrassed. any else see something odd about this story. i will finish with this, if its true, then the guy/s are pigs, andi cant defend them if its true. but i just cant base my opinion on siding with the girl considering just what i know and ive heard. should she be telling the truth than i hope she goes forward with pressing charges and wins a discrimination suit. but if she is lying out of some vendetta of vengeance for being fired, i think she should go to jail, because im sick of the thought that their are women out there who are known to have lied about men harrassing and forcing themselves on the women, so that the girls may get ahead in some way, or to make money, or whatever. its happened, and to the women who lie, they give other girls a bad name and ases where something really happens it doesnt help the girl which is bullsh*t. but the ones that do lie need to be prosecuted and not just have their case dropped. they should be forced to go fullsteam ahead with a trial once they put the charge forth and if caught lying thrown in jail. thats just IMHO because its not right to mess with someones life like that, and a charge like that against someone could ruin someones life. but if its true then that man deserves it so i wont defend the guilty because i have no remorse for any of them…….man i typed an aweful lot, im going to watch season 3of ENTOURAGE on DVD and see if i can find this girl LMAO!!