Bad Boys 3 is coming, possibly with Will Smith again

Over a year ago it was reported that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were interested in making another “Bad Boys” movie. Because the blow-‘em-up awesomeness of the first one and the all over craptasticness of the second one didn’t satiate their palates. Fourteen months later and there’s still little progress in terms of commitments from the film’s original stars and directors. Why? Well it turns out back in the day (and by “back in the day” I mean 1995) studios didn’t use clauses requiring the main stars to appear in sequels. They sure do now though. Regardless of that, Smith and Lawrence are said to still be behind the idea but haven’t come close to making anything official until they see a script. Same goes for uber-famous director Michael Bay.

I’ve got a hypothetical, one of those “tree falling in the woods”-type scenarios, to run by you. Can there really be a “Bad Boys 3” if Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence aren’t involved? I say no.

That might just be a possibility however, as Peter Craig is busy putting together a script for Columbia Pictures while the franchise’s key players wait to see the results, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This isn’t unusual of course, though newer series’ get around this problem by locking the most important names into contracts spanning multiple movies. “Bad Boys,” which first snapped to action back in 1995, was conceived before it became common practice in Hollywood to write out franchise plans before the first movie hits theaters.

While THR reports that anyone who matters has expressed an interest in returning to the series, money will likely be a problem. Will Smith and Michael Bay especially will require some hefty contracts, giving how brightly their stars seem to be shining lately. And since bad boys Smith and Lawrence have already danced at this party twice before, I wouldn’t be surprised if some new blood were poured into the mix.

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Peter Craig, the film’s head writer, is Sally Field’s son. Which relates to nothing other than I’d really love it if somehow they managed to get her in the film for something totally inconsequential. Only for the unnecessary strangeness of course. When I was 14 I thought this was the coolest, best movie ever. One summer my little sister and I watched it every single day, along with Speed. As far as action movies go, I think it could have stood the test of time decently if they hadn’t made a sequel. Of course it’d be great if they could resuscitate the franchise with a really great third film.

In related news, the Rambo franchise is coming out with yet another sequel. Sylvester Stallone will be directing and starring in it. The film’s plot “revolves around Rambo fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.S.-Mexico border” according to Variety. I’m assuming a lot of things will be blown up in the process, and Stallone will be forced to flex what’s left of his still-formidable muscles. Lots of army-print attire will also be worn, along with wife beaters and torn up bandanas around the forehead. But other than that, it’s going to be entirely brand new.

Here’s Will Smith outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ on June 15th. Images thanks to .

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  1. ash says:

    I actually found Bad Boys quite entertaining, and hilarious. But eh, it’s just mindless popcorn fun. I don’t judge it for its artistic cinematography and deep plots. It’s just stuff getting ‘all blowed up.’

  2. Pandora says:


  3. Prissa says:

    I really hope this happens. They are great together. But I hope it’s with the slim Martin Lawrence. He’s cuter that way, lol.

  4. nikki says:

    another silly movie by Michael Bay ?

  5. lway says:

    I love it. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence work well together!

  6. Tony says:

    Possibly the crappiest set of movies ever made. Who ever said Martin Lawrence can act?

  7. Sassy says:

    Love those movies and I hope they come through with a 3rd installment. And Martin is especially hilarious in them. Whoever said these are crappy movies don’t appreciate the humor and artistic abilities of these two whenever they collaborate.

  8. evelyn says:

    YES! YES! YES! I love them!

  9. tasteT says:


    its the same ole, same ole…

    corny side lines and stupid stunts..
    two 40+ cornballs

    I hope this DOES not happen again.
    let it rest.