Prince Harry & Meghan urge US voters to reject ‘hate speech, misinformation’

Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a royal tour of South Africa, Cape Town - 23 Sep 2019

For a week, I’ve seen the promos for the “Time 100” special which aired last night. Time Magazine puts together their list of 100 people (around the world) who they consider the most influential, the most powerful, the biggest tastemakers, the biggest creatives, etc. This year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not appear on the Time 100 list (they were on the 2018 list) but they appeared on the TV special, in a pre-recorded bit which looks like it was filmed in their backyard in Montecito. Here you go:

Meghan was marking National Voter Registration Day, which was yesterday, and saying that every four years Americans are told that this is the most important election of our lifetimes and every year that’s true, especially this year. Harry chimed in and said he couldn’t vote in this year’s election, nor had he ever voted in UK elections, but he hoped Americans would remember that “it’s vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity. When the bad outweighs the good, for many, whether we realize it or not, it erodes our ability to have compassion and our ability to put ourself in someone else’s shoes. Because when one person buys into negativity online, the effects are felt exponentially. It’s time to not only reflect, but act.”

Do you see a problem with any of that? Because the royal commentators see a BIG problem!

While Harry and Meghan did not endorse a candidate, their intervention sparked criticism from viewers who said it was none of their business and thought it ‘obvious’ that Harry and Meghan were backing Joe Biden over Donald Trump. editor-at-large Piers Morgan said: ‘Prince Harry poking his woke nose into the US election and effectively telling Americans to vote against President Trump is completely unacceptable behaviour for a member of the Royal Family.’

Royal biographer Robert Jobson told that it ‘may be easier’ for Meghan and Harry to give up their royal titles altogether given the ‘business and political agenda they appear to want to pursue. Frankly, I think it would be better for Harry to withdraw, along with his son, from the line of succession to avoid further confusion,’ he said.

[From The Daily Mail]

LOL. Just… lol. Harry is literally like “reject hate speech” and everyone KNOWS it’s a not-so-subtle subtweet of Donald Trump, the most hateful POS in the country. When one candidate is literally synonymous with “hate speech” and “misinformation” and “negativity,” maybe the problem is NOT a ginger prince? Maybe the problem is that Trump lies and is full of hate and misinformation. As for the pissy-pants saying Harry needs to remove himself from the line of succession… I hope these people stay mad.


Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Darla says:

    Exactly. We’ve reached the point where if you endorse kindness over hate, everybody knows you are dissing the President of the United States. That’s shameful, and the shame is not on the folks talking about kindness. It takes a really sick mind to twist it into that. But we live in a sick world. Getting sicker every day.

    • Myra says:

      Right? If saying be kind is anti-Trump messaging, then I despair even more for this world.

    • Merricat says:

      Yes. Good grief.

    • Tealie says:

      I don’t Think of these people realise how much it says about them and their values that they find saying reject hate speech and misinformation to be a political statement lmaooo! They tell on themselves every day!

    • Bibi says:

      By the way, the sussex are doing and saying whatever they want because they DONT CARE that the british will want to strip them from their titles. lol i mean they can’t wait to have it stripped so they can live even a fully life! I cant wait for that day because they will absolutely go full throttle. YAY!!!! (And watch what happens to the now invisible human trafficker HRH Prince Andrew duke of york)

  2. Belli says:

    The reaction has been hilarious and tragic.

    Harry: “Reject hate speech.”

    Royal commenters: “This is against everything the royal family stands for!!!”

  3. Paperclip says:

    Harry is just such a natural. Love it.

    • Bettyrose says:

      What was that bit about “many of you don’t know I’ve never been able to vote”? It was a fascinating choice of words but I’m not quite sure what to make of it. He didn’t follow it by saying “but you can!” Although I get that was the theme.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        There is no law in the UK preventing Royals from voting. However, by precedent, Royals eligible to vote and close to the throne do not vote because they do not want to be seen has having an opinion on a future government.

        I know I read somewhere (A.N. Wilson I think) that 30 years ago Marina Ogilvy Mowatt, daughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent, began voting. She told her parents about voting and they got very upset.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I thought that the only one NOT “allowed” to vote was Petty Betty. That the others “could” but “choose” not to.

        Brit Lawyers/Citizen CBers? Chime in?

        ETA: Thank you, BTB! You must’ve been typing just as I was 😊

      • TaraBest says:

        I felt like he was sharing that he hasn’t “been able to” vote to impress on those who can how important voting is.

        I’ve always been very passionate about voting and have voted in all elections (save 1) that I’ve been eligible for. When friends or family tell me they didn’t vote, they know they’re going to get an earful from me. If I were in his shoes and not able to exercise my voting rights, I’d be yelling from the rooftops to get other people to vote!

        I hope he’s planning on becoming a US citizen so he too can participate in voting!

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t think there is a rule against the royal family voting. It would be awkward for the mo arch because she works with the PM but really anyone who isn’t in direct line should vote. Voting is done in secrecy anyway and it’s far less offensive for a private vote than seeing HRH Beatrice and Eugenie party with Boris after he wins an election. That sure as hell isn’t apolitical.

      • bettyrose says:

        TaraBest –
        That’s what I got from it too, but if that’s it, pretty loaded, isn’t it? I mean, he’s basically saying “in the past, I couldn’t vote,” from which I hear “fully plan to vote when I can in my new country.” Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it doesn’t seem the like the kind of thing he’d say lightly given that there’s still so much media calling him “home” and nothing Harry says escapes scrutiny.

    • Anony83 says:

      I was absolutely thinking during this video that both he and Meghan seem to have improved significantly as public speakers. Perhaps because they’re getting more day in what they say and how they say it but they both sounded relaxed and conversational but still formal.

      I was impressed because I haven’t always thought they were great at speeches, but the problem must have been the Royal speech writers.

      • VS says:

        @Anony83 — Meghan wrote her own speeches; let’s not confuse her with the other RF members!
        Meghan has always been a great public speakers; H has definitely improved a lot, I agree with that

      • Duch says:

        agree! there’s a level of polish there that wasn’t there before. even meghan is a tinge better (she was already great) – she seems even more authentic. great video

  4. RoyalBlue says:

    and he said that he should remove archie from the line of succession too. what did archie do to deserve that? these fools are really showing their true colours.

    • CC says:

      Archies mistake is that he has a black mother. Those fools are becoming so blatant.

    • anotherlily says:

      Harry can’t remove Archie from the line of succession. Neither can the Queen.

      Charles has also made ‘political’ comments about hate-speech e.g. In January this year he made a visit to Israel and the West Bank. Speaking at the World Holocaust Forum attended by world leaders including US Vice President Mike Pence, he told them that hatred and intolerance “tell new lies, adopt new disguises, and still seek new victims”. “All too often, language is used which turns disagreement into dehumanisation,” ..”Words are used as badges of shame to mark others as enemies, to brand those who are different as somehow deviant. “All too often, virtue seems to be sought through verbal violence. All too often, real violence ensues, and acts of unspeakable cruelty are still perpetrated around the world against people for reasons of their religion, their race or their beliefs. ……………..
      “Knowing, as we do, the darkness to which such behaviour leads, we must be vigilant in discerning these ever-changing threats; we must be fearless in confronting falsehoods and resolute in resisting words and acts of violence. …….”And we must never rest in seeking to create mutual understanding and respect.”

      I think Charles should be proud of Harry and Meghan.

    • Tessa says:

      There’s no reason why Harry and Archie should be removed from line of succession. How come Jobson does not mention Andrew being removed?

  5. Bibi says:

    I am so happy x1,000,000 that Harry and Meghan say the things they want which is basically what normal people think and say and feel in their own homes and minds.
    I am so over the british press – they are POS just like the one synonymous with lies and hatespeech.

  6. says:

    I just love everything about this video. Harry’s confidence, Meghan’s outfit!!!!! and the DOGGO!
    Non-stories like this just help everyone show their true colours.

    • Bettyrose says:

      The dog!! Scene stealer.

      • 809Matriarch says:

        Wasn’t Pula something? And I found it hard to pay attention once she entered the picture, because I was hoping (ok praying) for Archie to make an entrance too. (sigh). He didn’t.

      • bettyrose says:

        That would’ve been cool, but somehow I doubt Archie is allowed to go tromping through the garden unattended, and it probably isn’t the right look for him to go running past the camera trailed by a nanny. BTW, how did you know the dog’s name? I’m sure that’s been publicized but guess I missed it.

  7. Mumbles says:

    Meghan is a good spokesperson for this message and it is nonpartisan. (Of course only one side engages in hate speech but that’s not her fault.)

    But I must say, I don’t think it’s Harry’s place to speak to American voters. And yes, his bit was less focused on voting and more on rejecting disinformation. But still. Imagine if it was another royal speaking on our election. It should have been Meghan alone.

    • Darla says:

      Well, I disagree, BUT…it did call to mind Obama going to England and speaking against Brexit and they were just up in arms, how dare he! And also, curse my memory, in 2004, liberal groups got the genius idea to have citizens of other countries write letters to swing state voters begging them not to vote for W. And that did not go over well. So, generally speaking, people don’t like this.

      For me, listen, you are a citizen of the world, and Trump is a clear and present danger to…that’s right, the world. I mean, look at Canadians! They are truly our next door neighbors. They have a right to speak up about what’s going on over here, it absolutely impacts them.

      • Myra says:

        I was going to say exactly that. People/politicians from all over the world comment on external elections or politics all the time. Some go as far as endorsing candidates. We also have to remember that the US through its foreign policy has actively interfered in other countries’ politics. The statement made by Harry was really on the mildest and safest side of political involvement. The Queen/Crown has done worse.

      • Godwina says:

        Darla, your appeal to good global citizenship is the oxygen we need right now. Thank you.

      • KW says:

        Whole heartedly agree with you Darla. I read various news on other countries leaders and have opinions. I am Canadian and some American antics scare me. I also have many opinions of my own country’s (CAN) BS here right now. Harry didn’t say anything wrong. As a citizen of the world, I agree and Trump is making America foolish as of late.

      • Lady D says:

        ” I also have many opinions of my own country’s (CAN) BS here right now.”
        Are you referring to the brain-dead moron who just called an election in BC? Last flipping thing we need right now.

    • Gina says:

      Agreed. MM could and should have carried this message alone. There’s no need for a non-American to be interfering in American politics.

      • Powermoonchrystal says:

        How is saying to not fall for negativity and misinformation interfering? He actually used a preamble by saying he has never voted (so you could say he is not claiming to be an expert). Negativity and misinformation online is a non-partisan fact both in the US and in the rest of the world. So I genuinely wonder where the interference was even implied?

      • Mignionette says:

        The non-Americans wife and child are Americans….
        The non-American lives in America
        The non-American has a vested interest against hate speech against people of colour.

      • Becks1 says:

        Well, the other side has Russia intervening, so if Harry is going to help out on our side a little bit, I’ll take it.

      • S808 says:

        All he did was tell people to vote????

      • Darla says:

        Yeah he’s raising his child here, and he’s moved here, and for all we know he will gain American citizenship in the future as well. I get that people feel this way, but IMO it’s so wrong.

      • Sarah says:

        We also have a huge problem with hate speech and misinformation here in the UK and sadly it’s prevalent in so many other countries. I know they are speaking about voting but the US does not have the monopoly on this issue.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Also, Americans interfere constantly in foreign elections and policy, so this is a nothing in comparison.

      • CN says:

        Americans interfere in other countries politics all the time, sometimes in a very very negative way. I think it’s quite fine what Harry said.

      • Bettyrose says:

        He said very pointedly he can’t vote in *this* election. Harry is likely pursuing citizenship and intends to vote in future elections (his first time ever voting).

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “There’s no need for a non-American to be interfering in American politics.”

        @Gina – Prior to the referendum on BREXIT, I made at least 100 post on various articles in the Guardian that were anti-Brexit. I am a US citizen. I do not feel I did anything wrong.

      • BabsORIG says:

        Yeah, RME at all the hypocrisy of “non-Americans shouldn’t say anything about our American elections blah blah blah. Like, we heard and read comments from LOTS and LOTS of Americans regarding (and some encouraging us; much appreciated) our most recent Canadian elections between Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer and none of us told any of you folks to stuff your opinions!! Plus, like already mentioned, Americans (both politicians and otherwise) meddle the most in other countries’ politics, no? Like literally, Americans have voiced the most disdain in regards to the British monarchy and how it should be abolished, no? How about Americans’ comments on Brexit? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the abolishment of the monarchy and/or Canada going republic and kicking petty Betty to the curb, however if non-Americans have no right to say nothing about your American elections then maybe you too should refrain from saying anything about other countries’ politics; I mean what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Free speech, Gina! Idc if you don’t like it!

    • Nic919 says:

      I think his comments were pretty anodyne and didn’t really relate to anything controversial. The sad fact is that Americans who didn’t vote in 2016 or voted for that monster helped to fuck up the world for all of us.

      The UK tabloid press reaction to his words are insane, especially when there is an underage sex predator who still gets taxpayer support and they aren’t outraged about him avoiding the FBI every single day.

    • MsIam says:

      @Mumbles, Harry lives here and owns a home. He’s not sitting back in the palace in the U.K. telling us what to do. He’s going to raise his son and any other children here. So I’d say he has some skin in the game. Plus he is telling us as citizens to exercise our rights under the constitution. So I don’t see anything subversive about that.

    • Jaded says:

      Trump’s rhetoric and hyperbole has spilled over into Canada and other countries. He has given voice to some truly hateful monsters. Our own Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s Health Officer, is the gentlest, most self-effacing but effective leader we could have during pandemic and yet she and her staff are receiving death threats and hate mail to the point where she has to have security in her home. How can that be happening to such a kind and caring person? It’s the rapidly spreading virus of “Mah rights!!” which Trump and his evil fart-catchers are encouraging.

      So yes, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have Harry speaking, as a resident in the US, of the need to promote meaningful dialogue instead of the violent and racist conduct taking place online, on the streets and in the highest office of the land. He and Meghan have the reach to do this successfully and gather together like-minded people to work together and turn this godawful mess around.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      This isn’t just an election, though.
      All global citizens have the obligation to speak out against authoritarianism and support democracy.

      My mind boggles at the people who think that waiting until AFTER our country has burned into ashes is the correct time to speak out. Our democracy is dying, FFS. All hands on deck.

  8. Sofia says:

    So he should remove himself and Archie from the line of succession because Harry told people to vote?

    Okay what about the ones who are something like 78th in line to the throne? Does anyone actually believe they don’t vote at all? Should everyone who actually votes (as opposed to saying go vote) but are in the line of succession remove themselves?

  9. Becks1 says:

    Stay mad is right.

    Grazia UK had a good article this morning basically telling the british press to get over themselves, that Harry and Meghan see their criticism, and don’t care (the article doesn’t really imply that they “should” care, its more about how the press is sort of shouting into a void). Basically, go waste your energy on someone else, because we told H&M if they wanted to do X, they had to leave, so they did, so get over it. And that’s just how I feel in response to so many of these articles – get over it Piers. It’s almost like Trump – okay, so you’re going to keep enraging your base, but anyone moderate is getting turned off because you are coming off as more and more unhinged.

  10. Busyann says:

    I really kind of hope Meghan runs for some type of elected office some day and wins. That would be great fun to watch the BRF and reporters react too.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    Lord. Harry’s message is universal. I’m sure he remembers how Boris Johnson came to power. Harry knows firsthand how the lack of empathy, concern and misinformation can be used as a weapon. He & Meghan both understand being powerless and silent against abuse. Let these people live, BM! Also, newsflash! Harry still doesn’t care about the throne.

  12. ABritGuest says:

    I know that CHARLES’ biographer is not talking about royals with a a ‘business& political agenda’ needing to remove themselves from succession lol.

    The Queen has encouraged people to vote& that elections is how everyone gets to participate in business of government. At beginning of the year when Charles spoke at Auschwitz he was applauded for seemingly cautioning leaders like Trump against hate speech. Him, William & Sophie have talked about dangers of trolling, misinformation etc on social media. Let’s talk when Meghan/Harry are helping to replace governor generals in other countries like the Queen or lobbying ministers like Charles & William have.

    I wonder if this narrative about stripping of titles etc will still be playing out at the year end review. I think press agenda & courtiers played part in strong stance that led to hard exit.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      QEII does not want Parliament to strip Meghan & Harry of their titles because f Parliament can strip the Sussexes of a title they could strip QEII and future Charles III of their titles too!

      QEII and Parliament will not go down this slippery slope with out solid proof of an act of treason against the UK such as happened in WWI and WWII.

      • KW says:

        And we all know who needs to be stripped of HRH immediately because he mingled and fornicated with pedos and raped underage young women and should be stripped of protection and of anything that means anything because that is the real mockery here.

      • BabsORIG says:

        Oooohhhh the BM know this very well, they know petty Betty nor the PoW would never even remotely entertain the idea of stripping the Sussexes of anything or even removing Harry and Archie from the line of succession to the throne. That’s why the BM is now changed to Harry and Meghan should renounce their titles or Harry should remove himself and Archie.

  13. Seraphina says:

    I may be the only one here who feels this way, but he should not have commented at all on the US elections. He is not a citizen, he cannot vote and thus no comment from him is necessary. He should have sat back and let Meghan speak.
    I think he did brilliantly until then. He is his mother’s son and I dare say he is more comfortable in these situations then his mother was.

    • Sofia says:

      I had no idea Americans felt this strongly about non-Americans telling them to vote. I have spoken about the US elections despite not being American and urged citizens to vote. I know now that I should no longer speak out about this nor will I share messages about voting on some sites that I’m active on – which have a lot of Americans registered.

      I also hope that if non-Americans shouldn’t comment then Americans shouldn’t comment on British elections and Americans can’t vote therefore shouldn’t talk about it. Sounds fair, no?

      • Seraphina says:

        @Sophia, another factor that, for me, is the issue is that this is (or was) a Prince of England who has led a very privileged life – all of which leave his commenting on the upcoming election comes off as humorous because I sit back and say: REALLY??? What do you know ANYTHING about what the issues are and what we all have been going through – a Prince no less.
        I travel extensively and have since I was a baby due to my family having immediate family in Europe. I have always kept my mouth closed over seas when people speak about their country’s issues and elections because I cannot begin to understand but I always listen. When they speak to American issues and elections, I pipe up. But that is just who I am. Not all Americans feel this way so I would not lump us all together.

      • LaraW” says:

        I have absolutely no problem with non-US citizens encouraging people to vote for the Democratic party this November, so please keep doing what you’re doing.

        Granted, I absolutely have a problem with large non-US entities making campaign finance contributions to Trump and using people’s personal data for the purposes of social engineering to manipulate voters on behalf of the current administration.

        But I assume this is not what you’re doing, so please continue your activism. It is very much appreciated.

      • Darla says:

        No Sofia, you have every right, don’t pay attention to this mindset. Too bad about them. HOW can people not see that America impacts other countries more than any other country in the world? I think we are all more connected than ever, and every country affects us all, but with America there’s no argument. People should have their say. WE are a danger. Get used to it folks.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Seraphina – I see your point, but disagree because Harry does live here now. The decisions made by the next president are going to directly impact him and his child – everything from taxes to environmental regulations.

        If he were making these kinds of comments to a US outlet from Frogmore or a room in Buckingham Palace, I think I would be more bothered by them, but from his home in California that he bought, where he signed a large deal with a US company, I think it makes sense because he is now vested in the outcome of this country.

      • Bella DuPont says:


        It is entirely your own business what you choose to comment or not comment on. But you can’t really dictate to other people what current affairs they can discuss regardless of where they’re from.

        Would you have said the same thing about non-South Africans condemning apartheid? I think we can assume not.

      • AMM says:

        As an American, I am constantly talking about other countries politics. We all do it. Look at how many American royal watchers there are? They may not be political, but here we all are talking shit about another countries monarchy. You keep commenting all you want. Harry, as someone whose wife, son and business are affected by the US elections, can keep commenting.

      • Nlopez says:

        Sofía you have the right to comment on American politics. Im American and Im not offended at all. Also, I applaud Harry & Meghan for speaking out. Freedom of speech!

      • TaraBest says:

        @Sofia, not all Americans feel that way! I have friends and family who live in the U.S. but are not able to vote. Of course I believe they have every right to talk about politics and encourage those of us who can vote to use our votes wisely! For many who can’t vote but want to be politically engaged, using their voice to speak out about their opinions and beliefs is a very important thing to do.

        I also believe we are a global community, and input from those who live and vote in other countries is important to our understanding of how the U.S. affects other countries as well.

      • Sofia says:

        @Seraphina: If people are only allowed to comment on issues that personally effect them then why are there American royal-watchers? After all having a royal family hasn’t effected people living in the US since the 1700s and the monarchy is a part of our political system so again: why are Americans commenting on it?

        (This isn’t a diss towards anybody but just an example of how weak the “people should only comment on issues that effect them” argument is)

      • Kkat says:

        @Seraphina is probably a magat and doesn’t like that he spoke out about hate speech.
        Or they are a tumblr troll who hates Meghan which is more likely.

        No normal American cares that some dude spoke out against hate speech and that we should be more kind, except the people who don’t agree with that.

    • Imogene says:

      The American election has far ranging implications for the rest of the world, so I feel non-Americans have every right to urge us to care about our democracy. Many of the privileges we enjoy (our dollar being the one most currencies are tied to, passports that pre-COVID enabled us to go most places without a visa, etc.) have a flip side of it being relevant to the world order that we, ya know, stop Fascism when we see it barreling towards us.

    • His comments reflected his new role as philanthropist and producer. He has multiple roles now and although it’s an adjustment for people who believe he only has the role he was born into, people will adjust.

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Seraphina. Harry has a right to concern himself about US Politics, aferall, his wife and son are Americans, he has bought a house there, his business is being established there, and will pay taxes in the US. So for people going crazy over some harmless statement, I say, let them go and burn the Thames. Stop online hate and misinformation, is not political it’s good advice. Thanks H&M.

        Calling for Archie to be stripped off his succession, is laughable, and goes to show how much they hate Archie and Meghan; such bile from Jobson. Harry and Meghan don’t care 2hoots about these royal reporters.

      • Tessa says:

        People who never accepted Meghan actually hoped she could not have children and Harry “could come to his senses” and end the marriage. The antipathy held by some commentators toward Archie is scary.

    • bloemheks says:

      What’s happening in America affects the world in greater magnitude than almost any other single country. The world is concerned. They know low voter turnout is a huge problem in the US, which means it’s a problem for the world. They absolutely have a right to voice that concern and encourage Americans to vote.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      If you insist.

      The point is, people can comment on world politics to their hearts content. Whether that be American politics, Israeli/Middle Eastern politics, Brexit, Apartheid, etc without you trying to police their speech. At the same time, you do you.

    • Tealie says:

      What a load of bullshit, this is literally why I can’t stand textbook western imperialism. You all storm into everyone else’s country remove democratically elected governments, steal oil, murder millions of people, create instability all over the world and then go on tv and tell other countries to do it like your doing it because it’s so much better and then have the audacity to come and say stupid shit like this and act all precious it’s pathetic.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Tealie, I absolutely agree with you. Americans, (I’m one) have no right to stop others from having their say about our politics. Whenever America feels it’s in America’s interest to interfere in anyone’s politics, whether invited or not, they interfere.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      I’m sorry, all Harry did was clarify that he cannot vote – THIS YEAR – and has never been able to vote in his life. He then pivoted to an entirely different subject which was online/offline HATE SPEECH.

      Why is everything regarding H&M and their freedom of expression treated like nuclear waste? This kind of nit picking is just crazy.

    • Jaded says:

      @Seraphina – your insular Americanism is showing. This is a global problem, I repeat a GLOBAL problem and if Harry, as a US resident with an American wife and child is being told he can’t speak out on something that affects us ALL, then you’ve drunk the Koolaid.

      As an example, I’m a Canadian and live in BC on Vancouver Island. We have experienced horrific, choking smoke from the unprecedented wild fires in California, Oregon and Washington State. From what? Climate change. But Trump and his GOP lackeys don’t believe in climate change. So as the Canadian west coast is suffering from toxic smoke blowing up from the US, we’ve had to hunker down inside with an air purifier running 24/7. But we don’t get to speak out about voting Trump out of office and getting someone in with a plan to reduce carbon emissions?

      Everyone has a dog in this race – it’s the human race and it’s in big trouble.

    • MissySnow says:

      Why not when US citizens comment and meddle with other countries elections?! Seriously. As an American, we’re always talking about how other countries should fix their corrupt elections and at least Harry isn’t telling who we should vote for.

  14. Mignionette says:

    People are really telling on themselves.

    They told people to vote, reject hate speech and online hate. All the things we would expect of a civilized society. And this is what people are up in arms about ?

    This election is important not only for the US but also for the UK. Now that the UK has lost it’s mind and likely will have the US as a new rule makers (in place of the EU), we need the US to be politically stable more than ever…

    But of course let’s pretend that the UK is a bastion of civility which can afford another 4 years of Trump and being f*cked around by his every whim and mood in the hopes of a sub-par trade deal…

    • Merricat says:

      Exactly. Who actually thinks it’s “political” to reject hate? Who thinks it’s “political” to encourage people to exercise their voting rights? Does anyone really not understand the depth of damage Trump would inflict in a second term?

      • Tealie says:

        Peoples whose entire election power is based on ethnosecularism, bold faced lies and white supremacist propaganda.

      • 809Matriarch says:

        In this instant, Harry & his wife are standing together for a common goal and it goes against “the done thing.” I fondly remember Diana making a speech about hugging AIDS sufferers, saying “YOU CAN GIVE THEM A HUG – HEAVEN KNOWS THEY NEED IT!”

        Diana was also challenged about her work with HALO and her walk through mine fields. A british journalist tried to back her into a corner about supporting Labour. She said “I just want to help people.”

        Harry never said to vote or not to vote. He did, however, sit beside his wife as she spoke on the subject. Harry will be paying property taxes in the US for a while on that Montecito estate. Harry’s wife and son have been and are still the subject of online and offline HATE SPEECH. He has every right to speak about this because this HATE is what drove his family out of the UK. That kind of discussion is appropriate anytime and anywhere. IMHO

  15. This is for the bitters:

    “If you have a problem with Harry and Meghan, then you are running out of acceptable reasons or motivations. At some point soon you are going to have to consider the possibility that they are not the problem.”

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes this is the article I mentioned above! It was really good.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Excellent article. I hope enough people read it and it shames the BM into taking a step back. They are literally making a fool of themselves on the world stage at this point and dragging H/M into their unhinged rants when H/M have clearly bid adieu.

    • bamaborn says:

      Oh, boy!! Sincerely hope this author has backup plans in case the old job is placed on the chopping block. When people, mostly UK media type, are so unhinged, trying to be a voice of reason almost NEVER works.

    • equality says:

      Good points in the article but I disagree that he left Di’s legacy. He still supports her charities and he still has the patronages assigned by the Queen. He is still supporting things in the UK; he is just not getting funded to do so.

  16. Imogene says:

    “THIS election, I am not going to be able to vote in the US” suggests to me he is working on becoming an American citizen. I love to see it! YAS, our American prince!

    If I were William, I would also probably luminescent with rage (or whatever they say). He’s stuck with the dusty crusty raggedy BM and BRF and his brother paved a path to be happy and to actually be consequential in the world. Seeing those you considered to be below you thriving is often enraging for those horrible enough to consider anyone below them.

    Also, I loved the dark, autumnal colors of this shot. And the dog frolicking in the background? So beautiful.

  17. S808 says:

    Yeah if rejected hate speech and misinformation means rejecting the President then it’s a damn shame.

    I have no issue with Harry telling folks to vote. Everyone everywhere with the ability to vote should do so. He lives here now with his wife and child. I also feel like it was a hint he may apply for dual citizenship, seeing as he said “THIS” election, but who knows. If the queen who is supposed to be apolitical can interfere in affairs, Harry can tell people to exercise their rights cause god only knows how long we’ll have them if that giant Cheeto gets re-elected.

  18. Ginger says:

    The meltdowns downs are epic. Wasn’t expecting anything less from the UK.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    The RRs can stay mad. Their abuse of the Sussexes is the reason why they are in the US. What the BM is really mad about is their hit pieces didn’t gain traction in the US media market and beyond, thus the TIME honor in 2018. No trashing means the US market sees the reporting in the UK as a joke. The press is also mad Harry and Meghan were called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the show (not HRH). Unless Harry and Meghan committed treason in the UK no reason to take their titles.

  20. Harper says:

    Harry is an incredibly natural public speaker. I think his relating that he has never voted in his life offers a valuable perspective. At this point, anything relevant that H&M say about what is going on in this country will be construed as offensive by the Royal Mob. I got the distinct feeling from this clip that Harry is embracing his new homeland and that voting in American elections is in his future.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think it was a good point to make – that he has never been able to vote – because he’s saying to people, if you CAN vote, vote! He couldn’t (or didn’t), so he knows what it’s like to not have that power, so if you have the power, use it.

      • mynameispearl says:

        Right but Harry pointing out that he couldn’t vote in the UK is disingenuous. It wasnt voter suppression, he is part of the politically neutral monarchy, and doesnt get to have his vote for whatever our crappy government of the day is going to be every 5 years. The trade off for that is that he has political influence, he can campaign and have huge influence on causes that matter to him (veterans, elephants etc), he gets palaces, the sovereign grant, all by birthright.

        We should all vote in our elections, but it’s like cognitive dissonance in action here to listen to Harry sounding like its something that was taken from him.

        Also, we all know that Harry would vote conservative all the way (hes a posh aristo, it’s how they do). He told fake Greta Thunberg in January that Boris Johnson was a good man, by what metric is Boris a good man?? Boris is a blue blood like him that’s why he thinks Boris is a good man. Ask someone from Northern Ireland if Boris is a good man, or if the conservative government have served us well and the answer would be different. And this is fine, its literally Harry’s perspective from his position in life, but it’s also why Royals remain politically neutral. It’s the trade off for the titles, money, influence, palaces.

      • Ginger says:

        He may think Boris is a good man but He is also very close to the Obama’s who are left wing. We don’t how he would vote.

      • ABritGuest says:

        I agree that I don’t know why Meghan previously and now Harry brought up he’s never voted. There’s a good reason for that -need in constitutional monarchy for the Queen (and her family) to appear neutral – even if we know they are likely natural Tory voters (Harry included).

        Didn’t Harry also say on that call there wasn’t a great choice between Johnson and Corbyn? lots of even liberal minded people in the U.K. loved Boris Johnson until recently which is why he was London mayor for two terms. It seems like only since his ambition made him turn from being a Europhile to a leading Brexiter that more centre left types have seen his true colours. But he’s been a popular figure for his bumbling, jovial nature for a long time

    • Mignionette says:

      I think he has been forced to live in his brother’s shadow and he is now happy to have someone to shine with and do good work with.

      This is the definition of leaving behind that which does not serve or nourish you.

      Keep glowing Harry and Meghan.

      • mynameispearl says:

        The Obama’s are left wing *for Americans*. f they were in the UK their policies would be considered conservative.

        It’s not even that I’d disapprove of Harry wanting to vote conservative, its that as ‘Prince Harry of Wales, Mountbatten Windsor’ with all that entails, we shouldnt hear his political opinion (in the UK). Him not getting a vote isnt that he had a right removed from him, he was born with so many extra rights, meaning his family needs to be neutral on the government of the day.

        If he became an American citizen and voted there I dont care. Not my issue. Unsure about how he goes about that, assume he can retain his British citizenship and titles?

      • Merricat says:

        What opinions? Reject hate speech? Exercise your right to vote? Insert eyeroll here.

      • Sofia says:

        @Pearl: So where do you draw the line? As far as I’m concerned (as a UK citizen) Harry no longer takes public money therefore he’s a private citizen just like his cousins therefore he can do whatever he likes just like the rest of the people with titles/peerages but are still private citizens.

        Do we tell the people who are 50th/60th in line not to vote because they’ve got titles? Do we tell the entire peerage not to vote despite them being part of the government just because they’ve got titles?

        Do we tell Zara, Peter, Mike, Autumn, Beatrice and Eugenie not to vote (despite the fact they aren’t getting the throne and 4/6 of them don’t even have titles) because their grandma is the monarch?

      • L4frimaire says:

        What they said is still fairly uncontroversial but don’t think Harry needed to talk about the voting part of this at all. It’s not his lane and felt they could have said something that focused more on their philanthropic goals. It’s not a big deal overall but they could have said something more substantial and specific to the event and recipients, since Meghan is already getting involved in get out the vote efforts.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      I thought the same thing. And I know William and his flunkies heard Harry’s words and everybody had to put on their handy dandy sunglasses. They have to have them at the ready because he is likely to suddenly start glowing with incandescent RAGE at a moment’s notice. If he understood what it looked like Harry was saying, yeah. The Ginger Avenger may be looking into becoming a citizen on this side of the pond, which would render the noise about titles MOOT.

  21. tee says:

    Do people also feel some type of way about Rihanna or Bieber or other non-Americans participating in get out the vote efforts? As American residents, they do have a vested interest in the outcome of elections, even if they don’t actually have the right to vote. The reaction to him being foreign royalty I can kind of understand, but his non-American status is a weird argument.

    That being said, them using the Duke and Duchess titles is becoming increasingly silly, especially in this context. Surely someone sees the irony in them encouraging people to participate in a democratic process, while holding and using titles given to them from a non democratically elected monarch. Not to mention their titles mean zilch in America. I hope they stop using them soon, as they will continuously be used to undermine them and they’re better off without.

    • lanne says:

      Are they using the titles, or are others using the titles to describe them? There are non-royal peerages–that’s how Meghan and Harry should be seen now. They have a title, just like non-royal peers–Marquess of Chumbabwbaly (sp?), Duke of Devonshire (of Chatsworth House). No one’s calling for them to lose their titles. The title Duke/Duchess of Sussex is just a moniker–it doesn’t come with land or an estate. I imagine Harry and Meghan won’t really use it, but it will be used to by others to label them.

      • tee says:

        Sure, but even as labels they’re absolutely meaningless in the US. I def understand the difficultly they might be facing in branding though. They’re in a weird interim space between careers and they don’t even have a shared last name to go by.

      • FicklePickle says:

        Marquess of Cholmondeley, pronounced CHUM-ley.

        Yeah, I know, makes the English starting that whole ‘French is horrible the spelling and pronunciation doesn’t make any sense’ thing seem more than a LITTLE hypocritical. See also: Worchestershire=WORST-er-sheer, Towcester=TOAST-er, and a million other bits of nonsense.

    • JT says:

      I think they will slowly start using the title less and less. In the promo for this, it refers to them as Harry and Meghan. However, in the actual interview it uses their title. I think they want to gradually begin to drop the titles, so as not to shock the public. Remember in the Travlyst event earlier this year Harry wanted to be called “just Harry”. I wouldn’t be surprised that by next year they completely drop them. I think when the review comes up next year they’ll say we’re just Harry and Meghan.

    • Freddy says:

      I agree! If I were an advisor, I would suggest they ditch the titles. They are a young modern couple living in the US and working on a global scale: those titles are silly and dated.

  22. Molly says:

    Once again Harry and Meghan exposed the Petty Brits. Seriously the Brits are UNHINGED about voting.

  23. Jaxonmeh says:

    If someone went back in time and told the Founding Fathers that an actual British Prince would eventually publicly support our Democratic process, would they believe it?

    I know there’s a lot of differences between today’s royals and those from that time period, but after the hellscape of this year it’s still peak 2020, but a surprisingly positive development.

  24. Dalloway says:

    Anyone else sick of this narrative that immigrants can’t comment on politics in the nation they live in?

    As a Canadian living in the UK, I pay income tax, council tax, value-added tax here. I use the NHS and other services, but am not allowed to vote until granted indefinite leave to remain. UK politics and government policy choices affect my day-to-day life yet I cannot vote.

    Same goes for Harry. He now lives in the US, citizen or not. This affects his family. This narrative just incites more xenophobia and nationalism.

    • tolly says:

      Thank you! This is an excellent point.

    • TaraBest says:


      I have friends and family who are immigrants and not able to vote in the U.S. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be politically active and outspoken! I think it’s valuable for residents of a place to be informed and involved in the governance, even if they can’t vote.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Agree, there is more to politics than voting and civic engagement is still important for non- citizen residents, since most will eventually become citizens . That said, I get why some don’t like it when non-citizens, esp. celebrities weigh in on voting. It’s in the delivery so encouraging and noting ones observations of the process is one thing, but saying things about a process they may not necessarily be fully informed of is another.. Most of this is just about the president, not the rest of the ballot or Senate elections. Its not the same as Russian interference but not sure it adds much to the discourse. I’m not totally into Harry , even in a mild way, talking about this, and making himself the focus, when we have so much at stake in this election. It’s not his strength.

  25. Merricat says:

    I cannot think of a more manufactured controversy than people squealing with dismay because a former working Royal stated the obvious: reject hatred, exercise your right to vote. I think it should be a global PSA.

    • Ginger says:

      Exactly. And this is from their spokesperson:
      the couple said: “[Harry’s] message is not in reference to any specific political party or candidate, but is instead a call for decency in how we engage with each other, interact, and consume information – especially online.””

      If people have an issue with that then that’s on them.

    • Harla says:

      If calling out hate speech and misinformation makes one immediately think of the President, then we have bigger issues then an English guy urging others to vote.

  26. BnLurkN4eva says:

    Of course there’s a comparison. Aparthied was political and it negatively impacted POC South Africans and decent people all over the world spoke out against it and even stopped supporting certain companies connected to it.

    It’s the duty of every person with a voice to speak out against hate in all it’s form, especially when it’s embraced by a political party whose leader is the president of one of the world’s leading democracies. America’s direction affects the entire planet, positively, or negatively depending on the direction of our politics. Unlike America whose news is almost exclusively American related, when you go to any other country in the world, you get news about America because of America’s impact on the world. People are invested in the outcome of the American election because their lives often depends on that outcome just as Americans themselves.

    It’s really rich that an American would have the temerity to feel any kind of negative way about someone speaking about American anything. This country has been interfering in other countries everything since WWII.

    Edited to add that I think the post this was in response to have been removed.

  27. Jane Doe says:

    Foreign interference? How many democracies have American imperialists toppled?

  28. MarcelMarcel says:

    The Governor General (Queens representative) ousted Gough Whitlam, a democratically elected Prime Minister. I realised this happened in the seventies but still.

    The double standards are ~ridiculous~ and I’m sure there’s another examples of Royals interfering in politics. All Harry is doing is encouraging people to vote which isn’t interference. Voting is a human right.

    I’m not an American but I don’t see what the issue is.

  29. Lucylee says:

    LOL. Heads are exploding on that island today. What’s truly sad is they have been fed erroneous info and have no interest in checking it’s validity. H’s brown suede shoes 👞 stepped on toes last night. He was careful to align his remarks with M’s remarks about voting but not step over the line. All he referenced about voting is he has never had the experience of voting. His message seems to say I’m going to sit here with my wife while she talks about voting so you can’t just complain about her because now you can complain about me as well. Loving their casual, relaxed style. Pula’s cameo is too cute!!

  30. aquarius64 says:

    To be a fly on the wall at KP, Clarence House and BP. This is going to be in the press for days and will overshadow other Firm activities. You brought this on yourself Windsors.

  31. Bren says:

    I visited the U.K. for the first time in 2008 months before the presidential election. It was in March before Obama was the Democratic nominee. While in London and Paris when locals learned we were from the states all they wanted to do was talk to us about Obama. They loved him. They asked us were we planning to vote for Obama and they said they would vote for him too if they could. That’s when I realized President Obama was a superstar and other countries had a strong interest in our national election.

    • TaraBest says:

      I visited Thailand in 2012 around the time of Obama’s visit. When people found out I was from the U.S. they all wanted to talk to me about Obama and if I voted for him and if I would vote for him again.

      I was in Thailand again in fall of 2015 when the primaries were happening, and people wanted to talk to me about Trump and Clinton. I think it’s very natural for people all over the world to have thoughts they want to share about the U.S.’s politics.

      • lanne says:

        My brother was in Thailand in 2012. he’s a 6ft2 skinny black guy, but otherwise, looks NOTHING like Obama. But everywhere he went, everyone was screaming Obama, Obama at him and applauding like he was a rock star! Same thing happened in Laos and Cambodia (he was motorboking through those countries at the time). All anyone wanted to talk to him about was Obama, even in the smallest villages.

      • Zaya says:

        During the Obama years, whenever I was abroad everyone always brought him up in a positive light. It’s been a completely different experience under trump. I was Ireland before the inauguration and everyone just couldn’t believe it. Last year, I was in Thailand and my cab driver told me that I probably shouldn’t go back to America with trump as pres.

  32. Bettyrose says:

    Anyone who lives and pays taxes in the U.S. is entitled to be involved in our political process, even if not yet eligible to vote, but I’d also argue anyone globally who is well informed is entitled to have an opinion on U.S. politics given their far reaching implications.

  33. Lizzie says:

    Harry saying he cannot vote in this election seems unnecessary since he is not a citizen. I don’t mind his comments at all which are general try to be good people. I comment plenty on BRF which technically are none of my business.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      If he didnt mention that he never voted then the media will ask why he need to sit beside meghan, when she is talking about voting.
      He is just clearing the air, as he said many did not know about him not voting.

  34. leftie says:

    There is a fine line here for Harry, and I think he crossed it. He is an HRH and just inserted himself into American politics ( he can’t at home either). It is not like a private citizen stating an opinion. When Obama or others spoke of other countries leaders, they did so diplomatically ( obviously not Trump), and from elected positions.
    All citizens of whatever country they are from are entitled to share opinions of others’ leaders/policies/actions. But an HRH? Dicey.
    The counter argument that he was just talking about hate speech doesn’t wash in this particular setting, as it was about voting and we all know who is the abuser in this case.
    Harry talking about condemning hate speech in another environment would work fine. Int his case, no.

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t see how this is any worse than HRH Beatrice and Eugenie partying with Boris after his election win. I would say their bias matters even more because the UK PM directly affects the lives of Britons who support the royal family whereas Harry’s comments come from a guy who lives with an American doesn’t have influence in the US government. And the US taxpayers don’t support him in any way.

    • Sofia says:

      Having a HRH doesn’t make you a public citizen. Example being Beatrice and Eugenie. Are you going to tell them not to vote or not to attend victory parties for Boris Johnson hosted by shady Russians (which they have done)?

    • S808 says:

      For telling people to vote?? In a country he now lives in full time, with his wife and children and will be paying taxes in?? He has no sway in government so I don’t see the problem.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      I beg to differ @Leftie: Harry is for all intents and purposes no longer an HRH. He cannot use that honorific and he was not introduced as an HRH. My God some people are determined to find fault with whatever he and Meghan do. If I were H or M I would talk about what I want, when I want. They are no longer working royal. They were stripped of their social media platform which had over 11 million followers. They cannot use HRH in business or represent Betty II in any capacity. He is a tax paying property owner in the states with a spouse who is a citizen and a son who holds dual citizenship. Nobody has the right to censor his speech PERIOD.

    • Jaded says:

      The US is going to hell in a hand basket. It is in everyone’s best interest who live in the US to urge people to take action against the violence, racism and misogyny that’s taking place. To come together and think about how the US can counter all the climate change horrors, manage the pandemic and lack of health care, and have a government that actually cares about their citizens instead of simply bleeding the country dry so big business can enrich itself.

    • Merricat says:

      You can insist all you like, but being against hate speech is not a political act. Telling people to take advantage of their rights as presented in the U.S. Constitution does not translate to “vote Democrat” unless you’re saying that discouraging the vote and support of hate speech is the Republican party platform. So…yeah. Okay.

      • Zaya says:

        Exactly @merricat. He’s telling people to vote and not fall for hate speech. And people take exception with that?

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      How was Harry undiplomatic? He was supporting his wife and promoting a very important world civic duty in a developed nation he lives in that is currently experiencing the most instability that they’ve ever had.

  35. Blerg says:

    There are some legit interferers in American elections to be concerned about right now, but Prince Harry isn’t one of them. He can say whatever he wants, whether it’s his country or not.

    I will personally continue to roll my eyes at wealthy celebrities telling the common folk what to do—I have absolutely no interest in any celeb’s political convictions, and that includes Meghan and Harry, whom I like and agree with politically—but let them speak.

  36. CC says:

    Many Americans are so unhinged. They only hate Harry and Meghan because they know they are liberals and progressive even though Harry and Meghan has never said anything divisive!!

    Even Meghan before Harry stuck to a palatable feminism where she talked more on access to water, education, voting, and pads/tampons.

    They scream and yell at anyone who they know aren’t on their side, and go crazy and prop up people who do (e.g Kanye West).

    As for the unhinged brits…well we already know.

  37. Mariane says:

    Well done to them. Apparently lizzy can urge people to vote, charles can voice his opinion on environment, Israeli/Palestinian conflict..etc and NormalBill can arrange a not so subtle brexit Britain tour which he’s quoted to urge people to come to an agreement especially on Irish border but the 6th in line is somehow crossing a line by saying be kind to one another online and vote??? The hypocrisy is infuriating to see but I’m glad that more and more people are seeing what they were up against.

    • FicklePickle says:

      Okay, I’m nitpicking here, but Charles has absolutely been shit on nonstop for decades for his political activism and also the environmental thing. And not just by the tabloids who love to shit on everyone, but by actual mainstream press and politicians.

      Probably the only reason Charles isn’t still being shit on for it all is because the tabloids and everybody else has been more focused on the Will&Kate drama for the last twenty years or so, with intermittent bursts of Andrew fucking things up again & strategic Scapegoat Harry deployment, and the obsessive Harry&Meg hate these days. Charles is too boring to shit on anymore, I guess.

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      @Mariane I just read a well written article in Grazia called “Still Complaining About Harry and Meghan? They’re not the Problem” these exact issues were brought up.

  38. Vera says:

    If Piss Morgan was an Average Joe like you and me, he’s be prosecuted by now for targeted harassment and online stalking.
    He and the Daily Hate did get called out quite a bit on twitter. Looked like many more people disagreed with him than agreed.

  39. Ann says:

    Harry and Meghan are global charismatic celebrities. This is what can happen when a family (Will, cough cough) pushes for their exile – they can go on to live their best life, and the world is better for it. The royal family, not so much. Yay, Harry and Meghan!

    • Rita says:

      This is the consequences Harry was talking about if the firm had supported them then they wouldn’t have to face this the firm are now going to be looking over their shoulders constantly

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      As Meghan said, “It didn’t have to be this way.” The royal family chose for it to be this way and it backfired horribly for them.

      Harry’s departure is that “Rasputin’s dead” moment for the UK royal family and they’re doing the same thing The Romanovs did – nothing. They refuse to deal with the actual problem that they are useless.

      The royal reporters used Harry as a scapegoat for the ineffectiveness within the royal family in the same way they used Rasputin as a scapegoat for the ineffectiveness of the Russian family. It wasn’t Rasputin’s fault that the Romanovs sucked and it isn’t Harry’s fault that the Windsor’s sucked.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Ahhhh because the London tabloid media NEVER comments on American politics and certainly NEVER fawns over Donald Trump . . . oh wait . . . why it’s another double standard! Who would have believed. (Seriously, look up Piers’s interviews with Trump.)

    Queen – made her views known on Brexit (probably the single most significant political issue of the day), and continues to shield Andrew from an FBI investigation into his rape and sex trafficking charges — interfering like that IS an exercise of political power
    Charles – lobbied politicians on a wide variety of public issues
    All of them – friendly with the most extreme ideologues in the conservative wing, including Thatcher, hiring and trading staff with the extreme conservatives — personal friends with dictators, accepting personal gifts, jewelry, money, etc.

    That’s all fine, but Harry mustn’t say “reject hate speech and misinformation”?

    • A says:

      It’s so bizarre to me that people still think that there can be any real separation from politics and other issues. Every issue is political. Our lives are political, because we live in nations that are run by political systems. The Crown, as a concept, is political. The Royal Family, its existence, hinges on politics and political thought. The unwritten British constitution that dictates the role of the Crown is political. The Queen is the Head of STATE, in a parliamentary democracy. That is political.

      Where was this hue and cry when the Queen allowed Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament? She meets with Prime Minsters every fucking week–what do they think she’s doing, talking about her corgis? She receives politicians from around the world, is received by politicians from around the world. Some of whom happen to be incredibly objectionable. And yet, not a peep from this crowd.

      If people want the royal family to stop being political, stop having them as a part of the political fabric of the country. Move towards becoming a republic. Abolish the monarchy. It’s as simple as that.

  41. RoyalBlue says:

    the xenophobic thinking of some people is astounding. no, harry is not interfering in US elections, that was the russians.

  42. BnLurkN4eva says:

    It’s all hands on deck right now. Everyone in the world should have the right to say something about this current election. I’m hearing from people who live in developing countries about Americans coming to their country for vacation and bringing COVID-19. They are not following the proper procedures and their leaders are afraid to close their country to Americans because their leaders are afraid of Trump’s response, meaning economic punishment. America’s political future affects the world and everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions. Even when I disagree like getting into an argument with someone I know over his wanting Trump to win, because something something money. I don’t even know, but of course argument ensued between us, but he has his opinion because he travels here often for work.

  43. A says:

    Royals shouldn’t be political, because that might impact democracy. But Harry is encouraging people vote. Voting is the cornerstone of democracy. So what, exactly, is the problem? Should royals stay silent in the face of fascism and voter suppression? Should they not use their platform to firmly oppose those things? By not doing that, wouldn’t they actually be aiding and abetting the erosion of democracy? Is *that* not political?

    I would think that any royal prince going out there encouraging people to vote would be a damn good thing. Harry is choosing to do something that is actively putting him out of a job, essentially. It’s in his best interests for royalty to continue to exist. But he’s putting that aside to encourage ordinary people to express their right to choose their leaders.

    The fact that, in the year 2020, a British prince is the one who has to encourage AMERICANS to vote and uphold their own democracy, a democracy that was contingent on overthrowing the exact same royal family that he is descended from, is both bonkers and awe-inspiring. It’s what, almost 250 years since the American Revolution, and we’ve come full fucking circle.

    • Itsme says:

      You’re third paragraph is perfection. Thank you for bringing it home. Truly.

      • Moonmade says:

        I agree!
        I’m British and while i don’t believe the royal family should get tax payers’ money Harry didn’t choose which family he was born into and he is living his life by his values from what I can see. He has been given a platform so is using it to encourage any voter to appreciate their democracy.
        I’d rather a celebrity did this than try to sell me something…

  44. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    The British media is just looking for an excuse to remind the Queen to strip them of their titles at The Review. They will continue to do this and to police their actions until next spring. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

    However, I think Harry wants to be stripped of everything but won’t outright quit because he wants to give William hell. He will make his family reject him completely which to me is sad and kind of awful, despite everything. I really believe that he’s been plotting to run away from the royal family since the day he was forced to walk behind his mother’s coffin. Every action he has taken since that day has been an outright rejection of tradition.

    Why else go out of his way to purposely sabotage the institution he was born into and has family in (aside from the huge finger he’s given to UK media and government establishments)? Much like Diana, he doesn’t care about tradition, institutions, organizations, or establishments. His causes were always people related and will remain so. Harry isn’t here for the royal family, he isn’t here for the media but he is here for the people be they of the UK or anywhere else.

  45. Sam says:

    @tealie Thank You! I’m a UK citizen and have no ties to the USA and I really wish I had the luxury of not giving a fig what the USA did politically but unfortunately I don’t.

    The USA’s self imposed role of World Police means that it matters who’s in power because they’re going to be making decisions that impact the rest of the world.

    They don’t just limit themselves to televised speeches but topple democracies, interfere in elections, decide a government they don’t like isn’t democratic after all, bomb others into liberation and freedom, etc, etc

    Harry and Meghan did nothing wrong. They could save a litter of drowning puppies and they would be demonised. I’ve given up caring what’s printed about them. It’s almost always bullshit.

  46. Marivic says:

    The Trump comment was harsh on Meghan. I hope he refrains from comments like that moving forward. IMHO

    • Nic919 says:

      It was a DM reporter who asked the stupid question in the midst of him going on about destroying ballots. The WH press Corp is a joke if reporters waste time with frivolous questions when he’s promoting fascism and authoritarianism.

  47. Michelle says:

    Harry looks miserable in this video. That’s all I’ve got.