Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opened Florida entirely

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Good news, folks – Florida is open for business! 100% open because last Friday, Gov Ron DeSantis signed an executive order that officially moved the state into Phase 3 of their reopening by allowing restaurants and bars to open to 100% capacity. The bad news is COVID is still claiming American lives in the thousands daily, so this may not have been the best idea. And not only is this potentially harmful, it’s also incredibly confusing since DeSantis is pushing for one thing, and local governments are pushing for another.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order Friday allowing restaurants and bars to immediately begin operating at 100% capacity.
The move means the state is transitioning into Phase 3 of reopening. The order treats restaurants and bars differently in terms of what local municipalities can do to restrict operations.

“There will not be limitations, from the state of Florida,” he said.

DeSantis’ order says no Covid-19 emergency ordinance can prevent a person from working or from operating a business. Local governments are unable to limit restaurants to less than 50% capacity under DeSantis’ new order, even with local government Covid-19 emergency orders.

If a local government Covid-19 emergency order limiting restaurant to less than 100% of its indoor capacity but above 50%, the government must explain why the limitation is necessary for public health and quantify the economic impact of the limits.

“If a local (government) restricts between 50 and 100, they’ve got to provide the justification and they’ve got to identify what the costs are involved with doing that are,” DeSantis said.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said he was disappointed he did not know about DeSantis’ executive order until the press conference Friday.

“As we deal with this pandemic, everything happens at a local level, this is where the rubber meets the road. And in order for us to be effective at dealing with the virus, we have to have good communications across the state,” Demings said, adding that his office received calls from “numerous businesses” seeking clarity following the governor’s statements.

“It really isn’t a good look for government, when we are not all on the same sheet of music and so I just hope that the government does better with that,” Demings said.

DeSantis, in “an act of executive grace,” also suspended “all outstanding fines and penalties that have been applied against individuals” associated with pandemic-related mandates, like mask requirements.

“I think we need to get away from trying to penalize people for social distancing,” DeSantis said. “All these fines we’re going to hold in abeyance and hope that we can move forward in a way that’s more collaborative.”

[From CNN]

This is what I don’t get, and it goes for all the anti-maskers and everyone else who is pushing to reopen America – just because you do it doesn’t mean the virus goes away. I realize a portion of those folks actually think the virus is a hoax, but what do the rest think will happen, their defiance will shield them from an airborne disease? California reopened restaurants and bars when we’d successfully flattened the curve. The capacities were under 50%. The whole state was shut back down within a month. If there was ever a time to learn from each other’s mistakes, it’s now. Especially when this is how a portion of the population responds to DeSantis’ decision:

We’ve made the points as to why reopening needs to be carefully regulated on this site plenty. This EO is especially troubling because it throws consistency out the window. In addition to the Orange County mayor, the Miami-Dade mayor wants to keep his restaurants at 50%. But with DeSantis out here waiving penalties for breaking COVID restrictions and telling his constituents that people should not be penalized for not following the rules, what are the local mayors are going to do? Anyone hoping to defy the local mandate can plead the Nuh-uh – The Governor Said I Didn’t Have To defense. The onus will be up to the individual business to uphold their own restrictions and that poor business owner will have to choose between their health and their livelihood when certain patrons boycott them for enforcing the rules.

However, those hoping to stay within regulations do have some high-powered advocates in their corner, at least for now. Disney, LEGOLAND, ZooTampa and Clearwater Marine Aquarium have all issued statements saying they will still adhere to CDC recommended social distancing precautions, many including mask mandates for entry. We’ll see if they stick to their guns but it’s a powerful statement for now and I say good for them. Especially since DeSantis is already bragging that he plans to host a 100% capacity Superbowl in February 2021, which falls before the projected timeline for widespread vaccines.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Look at Florida vying to take over as the stupidest state! Tends to be a neck in neck race in the south but look at Florida pulling ahead! I’m sure Georgia will follow suit! All embryos are worth protecting but fuck everyone else!!!

    • Jerusha says:

      Alabama here happily conceding that Florida does stupid bigger and better than we ever could. (Unless, of course, DumbAss tommy tuberville is actually elected.)

      • WTF says:

        Fellow Alabamian here. What worries me is that our dumb$ss elected officials will see Desantis being an idiot and get competitive. Oh you think you’re stupid?!?! Hold my beer!

        God help us.

      • Regina Falangie says:


        “Oh you think you’re stupid?!?! Hold my beer!“

        Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!

        This is a horrible decision but WTF that is funny!!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      there’s a reason his nickname is Ron DeathSentence.

      • bros says:

        he so reminds me of a bloated gassy turd that won’t flush down.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        whatWhat, I read several articles this morning regard his idiotic move and they had interviewed several business owners, mostly bar and restaurant owners who are flat out against his actions. One many that owns several sports bars in the southern region cams into his bat on Friday night and was appalled that his bar was beyond capacity. He instantly stated that this was dangerous, in his own bar, and was shocked at how the patrons behaved as if there was no corona virus issue! Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, packed in like sardines. He immediately drew up actions not to allow more than 50% capacity and ceased all service at the bar. It is a chain of about 25 sports bars and he was outraged! He couldn’t believe his eyes. Then they had a coffee shop owner that was another deliver who said she will keep her shop open at 100% and she was supportive of Santos. The ignorance is astonishing!

      • clomo says:

        When Jeb Bush seems sensible, dear lord.

    • Swack says:

      Don’t know but think Missouri is starting to compete for dumbest state. Both the governor and his wife have covid and are hosting a fall festival BEFORE their quarentine period is over. And no masks required. From her twitter:

      Join us on October 3rd at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion for our third annual Parson Family Fall Festival! This event is free and open to the public. Masks will be available for all attendees and social distancing encouraged!

      • Diane says:

        I’m sad to say I am from the Show Me State and agree that we too are in the running for stupid. We have the pool party in the Ozarks and that couple with the guns in St. Louis. So proud.

    • Taylor says:

      A point I have been thinking about for a while now…. pro life when it comes to abortion, but fuck the old people that die of covid. I don’t understand how people are not consistent with their thoughts and beliefs… I suppose they just don’t question them? *sighs*

      • IMUCU says:

        @ Taylor
        They are pro-birth, not pro-life.

      • Redgrl says:

        @taylor – much of their pro-life (or as I prefer to call it anti-choice) motivation is to control women and our bodies. They don’t care about any of those unwanted babies once they’re born.

    • WingMom1021 says:

      I completely agree @Teresa. Im so embarrassed to live in FL and have that cabbage patch clown as our Gov. I think that pic of him wearing the mask wrong us a clear indication of how moronic this state is. Im so mad I can’t vote his ass out in November. I have half a mind to stay here a few more years to get all of them out of office, but its not worth my peace of mind.

    • liz says:

      The Tampa Bay Lightning are planning a boat parade and a public celebration at Raymond James Stadium for tomorrow! The players/staff/families will almost certainly be kept at a distance from the crowds, but seriously? How monumentally stupid is this?

  2. Case says:

    I don’t understand this. Their numbers were getting better! To me, that means their approach with limited capacity and such was working — which does NOT mean automatically reopen everything. It means maybe reopen slightly more, with caution. How are we ever supposed to get out from under this if we fling open the doors every time the situation seems slightly better?

    The most infuriating argument on this I’ve seen lately: “Open things and let the people who want to go, go!” No. That completely disregards the WORKERS who are in danger by these maskless idiots piling into bars, and completely disregards every person these people interact with, from family to coworkers to people in Target, the day after partying in an unsafe way. How about we keep things closed a reasonable amount until EVERYONE can go out and enjoy them again with a vaccine?

    • winosaurus says:

      our state reported numbers are better. I trust John Hopkins more than the state. State claims 4% positivity rate, John hopkins says 10%. this is just insane. DeSantis is a literal monster.

    • Esmom says:

      Yup, it’s the same logic of stopping medication because you feel better. So the infection you thought you overcame comes back worse than ever. People are just selfish and stupid and DeSantis is crazy. Not a great combination. My heart goes out to everyone who’s just trying to do the right thing while these jackasses destroy any progress.

  3. winosaurus says:

    I moved form CA to FL 3 years ago. DeSantis is a MONSTER.

    This is a DISASTER. DeSantis is using the fact the state says there is a 4% positivity rate to justify this. John Hopkins is stating it’s about 10%. There has already been so much backlash about reporting, and the state keeps changing how they report the numbers, and have AMDITTED to not releasing everything.

    I am lucky I live in a very illiberal bubble in FL, and a few of our local restaurants have already stated they will not be opening back up to 100%, that it’s a hardship on them, but they prefer to have healthy staff and customers. But DeSantis just signed a death warrant (AGAIN) for so many of our vulnerable population,

    I work with low income families, and I cannot tell you how many of my clients have come to us crying, they have gotten Covid, their families are dying. But they can’t survive without going back to work, and putting themselves and their families in even more risk.

    I am so effing ashamed of this country these days, particularly or local governments. Federal has always been a mess, but it used to be local governments would do what was best for their constituents because they were on the ground with us. But this is a travesty. If every single one of these blowhards caught covid and died, I would not shed a tear for them. I might even celebrate because maybe, just maybe, someone more levelheaded could come along, learn form the mistakes made, and do something for the good of he people, not their career.
    :END RANT:

    • Alex says:

      Move back to California and enjoy how well that state is thriving under liberal

      • winosaurus says:

        Did I say I was moving back to CA? I know there are issues in CA as well. However, they actually care about the populace, and are doing everything they can to squash COVID out. Floridian is doing it’s best to murder everyone in the state. If it were up to me, I’d be voting from out of the country, but I’m here in Florida making the best of a truly crap situation. But at least I’m not literally telling people to “go back where they came from.”

      • Noodle says:

        Alex, what exactly are you referring to? My county (Orange County, CA) has seen dramatically lowered COVID numbers, mostly because of the restrictions Newsom put on reopening. We reopened too fast in June, and the numbers spiked. Now that things are moving slower and reopenings are based on individual county numbers, things are going fairly well. I am not a Newsom fan by and large, but his approach is working in terms of COVID.

      • Alex says:

        Hi noodle- California is bankrupt. They have out of control cost of living and extreme homelessness. People are exiting the state in droves. It seems when Florida gets a transplant, they are upset about our policies. I would mabye suggest moving to a more liberal state then was my suggestion, or yes, even staying in California.

      • The Blower’s Daughter says:

        I really object to Hecate’s statement that the spike in California was due to bars and restaurants opening. The spike was due to hundreds of thousands protesting in the streets without masks. After blaming the small businesses, our County Health Director finally admitted this two weeks later, and only after being pushed by reporters. To say anything else is spreading misinformation. And I’m a Democrat in LA County, so this is not a political statement at all.

      • H says:

        I’m a Floridian, Alex and I think DeSantis made the dumbest move of his career. We know Florida’s positivity rate is NOT 4% as our governor has been lying about the numbers for months. I was supposed to get an exchange student this school year but the European branch of the exchange program said each state had to be under <5% and reducing for a period of time. Florida's rate is closer to 10% so student did not come.

        DeSantis will regret this come November/December when flu season hits and our numbers climb and people die. But yes, open up. Go to a bar and drink, Alex. Report back to us!

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        @ Alex, you seem to be a nasty person to make these comments and are one of those supporters of DeSantos and a believer that Democratic held states are in ruins, which sounds just like our current so called president. It is a nasty remark to tell her to move back to CA and then make a further insult as to the states current financial situation. Guess what, there are a number of states facing bankruptcy due to the lack of federal support for the corona virus expenses that hospitals have had to fight each other from other states to purchase a portion of the supplies they need. Some of which has been commandeered by our national government to dispense to states like Florida since DeSantos has pledged his undying loyalty to Drumpf! Florida has received a great amount of PPE supplies than any other state! So, given that Drumpf is protecting your state, you have no voice in regards to the financial status that other states are suffering from!

      • Kkat says:

        California is doing fine, thanks.
        And best of all our governor isn’t a stupid fing moron.
        We are slowly opening back up here but I know that we will shut back down if needed fast.
        Because again, California’s governor isn’t a murderous moron.
        He actually listens to *gasp* science

        I thank fing God I live in California

      • Sarah says:

        Please be careful when throwing the word racist around, I am of mixed race myself. The point of suggesting or inquiring as to going back to California, was because of the obvious unhappiness of her current states (Florida) governor and policies. She had recently moved there, so the question is why? People are coming into the state of Florida- on average one thousand per day. This has increased during covid. There is a lot of stress on the state (and schools) to accommodate the influx.

    • Alex says:

      I was merely suggesting you return if you were unhappy with Florida. I’m a born and raised Floridian and have noticed many people move here from liberal states who are not doing well, to benefit from our no state income tax as well as other great policies- but complain about it the entire time. So- I was asking, would you rather be back in California then?

      • Darla says:

        Any sane person would rather be in CA.

      • winosaurus says:

        So let me get this straight, because I’m upset with our local government literally signing death certificates for the population, I should go back to CA?

        I know nowhere is perfect, but I give a damn about my fellow humans, so yea, I’m PISSED at what is going on. I’d say the same about a liberal governor doing the same thing. But here’s the difference. They aren’t. why? BECAUSE THEY ARE TAKING CARE OF THE PEOPLE!

        If you are unhappy, it’s time to see what you can do to fix it, and change it, not just run away. That is what I am doing.

      • Leah says:

        @Alex If you were born and raised in Florida, maybe it’s best that you keep your eyes on your own state.

        I’m a born and raised Californian and ever since the orange doofus took office I’ve seen posts from anti Californians who don’t even live/have never even been to California. It’s tiresome dribble.

        I know we are a blue state who didn’t vote for Trump so we are the bad guys to doofus and his followers. That’s why he left the virus unchecked and he’s not sending any federal help for the fires. We know he’s against us and the other two states that are burning and blue on our coast.

        We are the fifth largest economy in the world and pay more taxes than the red states, and we basically help support the red states. That’s fact. If I had it my way, I’d pull support for the red states and let them sink or swim on their own.

      • Alex says:

        Good point- you are entitled to your opinion and changing the state you live in, absolutley. I think they’re are bad things on both sides of the fence and don’t necessarily love either party myself. I do love Florida though!

      • sassafras says:

        It’s very convenient right-wing propaganda that liberal states are “failing” when facts and numbers say otherwise. Conservative states have the highest numbers of welfare recipients, of abortions, of deaths, median income and illiteracy but somehow if they open a bar or host a motorcycle rally they’re “winning.”

        So. Much. Winning.

      • Lizzie says:

        I don’t think the policies dealing with the pandemic are liberal or conservative, they are either following what infectious disease experts recommend or they don’t.

      • Caty Page says:

        Alex, I was born and raised in Florida. You don’t speak for us.

        Anyone who says “go back to…” is typically pretty racist. Based on your hatred of California, I’d guess you’re a Trump looney.
        They don’t fare well in these comment sections and we’re not going to pretend they do.

    • Darla says:

      God I’m so sorry. I wish only his voters would get it. Unfortunately it disproportionaly kills and disables minorities. I just want to scream and never stop.

      • DiegoInSF says:

        Proud to be a Californian immigrant where we have a governor who actually wants to eliminate this virus and is not careless about human lives. That’s why even though my money could go farther living in a blue city in a red state, I like having real leaders in charge at the local and state level.

      • cassandra says:

        Unfortunately he only won by 0.4%

        Floridian in health care here. We just started letting visitors back into our hospital on a very limited basis this week.

        The last time we did that was in June and it lasted about a week because our numbers shot up again. I imagine it will be similar this time. Some of these patients have been in the hospital for months without visitation. It’s psychologically cruel…but we have to be safe and we can’t allow visitors if the infection rate is high so…it’s a mess.

        I FIRMLY believe Florida will go red this election-at least results wise. Will it actually vote fully Republican? Maybe. Will the results be Republican? Absolutely. I would love to know how Trump got DeSantis by the balls.

        I’m originally from Ohio and really don’t understand why more Republican governors aren’t like Mike DeWine. He’s doing an excellent job all while being a Republican.

  4. smegmoria says:

    They remind me of my youngest son when he was two. We would tell him to do something, and he would put his hands on his hips and say “what about not!”

  5. Kyla says:

    It’s like he’s Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. “If they die, they die”

    • Seraphina says:

      I hope he realizes that he is responsible for those who get sick and die.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      From the beginning I swear that is exactly how he has been. He is the worst Governor absolutely. I feel sorry for the rational folks in Florida shaking in terror.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        @ Liz version 700, I am info in Texas with another one of Drumpfs cronies. Abbott has clearly proven to be another Drumpf loyalist that has no intention of keeping people safe and his only loyalty lies with Drumpf. Luckily, we have some strong judges that don’t agree with Abbott and have passed their own lines in regards to public safety, much to the ire of the Lt. deputy of Abbott.
        Having been an Houston native and moving to a strong Republican city that is so blinded by political party and hatred, I have had my family suffer from verbal abuse during the last election, due to my Sanders and Clinton signs that I had to throw out all of my politically charged signs this year, Biden, BLM, climate change, etc… it had come to my attention through my daughter that my husbands patients had been verbally abusive toward him during the last election that I took the step of not placing any signs here. This year even though my signs are not up, they are coming up to him again spouting abuse and have been threatening. I live in Bryan and my husband is scared for our safety due to the Drumpf fanatics that they will cause us harm, and nothing rattled him but Drumpfs supporters do. I am middle class and we are in our mid 50’s and we are living in fear. This is what Drumpf supporters do. This is what our country has become to the point that we live in fear and people on a gossip site feel that they have the right to tell someone to move back to their prior state and in addition to speaking the same rhetoric we see on the side of the GOP.

  6. Seraphina says:

    @Hectate, he is doing exactly what POTUS: doing the exact opposite of what the some of the Governors were trying to do. Mixed signals and mixed messages to a society already confused and at each other’s throats. He sounds like a Trump sidekick.

    • whatever says:

      He is ABSOLUTELY in bed with Trump. This is the guy who warned voters not to “monkey it up” by voting for Gillum. They are two racist peas in a white supremacist pod.

  7. JBee says:

    I live outside of Tampa. From what I’ve experienced so far, most people seem to think it’s back to business as usual. No masks, no social distancing, and this is near a huge retirement town. SMH 🤦‍♀️

    • winosaurus says:

      I’m in St. Pete, same for the most part. My job is letting us work remotely through December and then will make decision about us coming back to the office. But it’s terrifying. all of it.

      • IMUCU says:

        I live in Clearwater and work in St. Pete (also originally from CA). I think Mayor Kriseman of St. Pete will do whatever he can to try and encourage people to continue to follow the CDC guidelines. I don’t have hope for Clearwater and already saw people without masks in the grocery store. I even had some patients’ parents ask me what I think about us opening to Phase 3 and if they should continue with masks today. I cringe to think what a couple of the other nurses would say, who I know are more conservative leaning and against masks. Thankfully the primary physician is very scientifically minded and I know will keep us following the CDC guidelines at a minimum.

      • H says:

        I was in Miconapy outside of Gainesville at a B&B this weekend as I had to travel. Every single OLD person at the 8-room bed and breakfast did not wear a mask. I refused to eat in the dinning room, staff was unhappy I ate outside on porch. I had to threaten them with a bad review to get my food and take it outside. Only one other couple had on masks, they were Millennials. Stupidity in its purest form in Florida.

    • Jerusha says:

      My daughter was in Ft. Walton this past weekend. She said, apart from her, about four people were wearing masks. I’ve been keeping my distance since March, but now I’ll definitely avoid being near her for awhile.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I live in Quebec and we just found out yesterday that restos, bars, cinemas, etc are going to be shutting down on Thursday because of a spike in cases (though restos can still offer takeout / delivery). We can’t even have small family dinners or anything – no private gatherings.

      It’s nowhere near as bad here as some places in the USA, but we’ve had numbers pushing 1000 per day this past week, whereas about a month ago we barely had 100 per day. I don’t understand why any state anywhere would just say “eff it, let’s reopen” when we’re nowhere near out of the woods yet. I’m not happy that things are closing down again, but it’s better than having more people dying!

      • Nic919 says:

        Ontario has had spikes the last few days too so I expect that toronto is going to restrict certain things like indoor dining and bars. But our numbers aren’t anywhere near Florida either and we have a larger population than that state.

        It’s just sadistic because you know the most vulnerable ones are the ones they don’t care if they die anyway.

  8. whatever says:

    I live in Orlando, which is a blue bubble surrounded by red territory. While we’re mostly happy with how Jerry Demings has handled things here, everyone I know is furious about this order. As far as I’m concerned, DeSantis is personally responsible for thousands of deaths due to his recklessness and gross incompetence. We’ve personally gone back into almost total lockdown, because we know it’s about to get BAD here. But I can say that many businesses here haven’t loosened their restrictions at all. We’re really now at the mercy of individual business owners to exercise common sense in their own spaces. I’ll be home.

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      I am Also in Orlando and the people that I know are either entirely stay at home OR socially distanced with extra precautions ((wear masks, eat outside at restaurants if at all, etc.). In fact, I was in a store the other day and heard he shop owner remind at least 2 people to put on a mask, so it is not like no one here cares about COVID. I think that the people who are going to hit bars and restaurants in droves are going the same people who are already not taking precautions. Those of us who care are going to continue to take precautions. And let’s not forget that there are a tremendous number of tourists still coming in from other states to stay at the beaches, many of whom ignore our mask requirements.

      • whatever says:

        I agree with you. I’m so grateful to live in one of the saner parts of the state, but people travel, so the virus travels, so ultimately it doesn’t matter much. I’m so frustrated.

    • Joanna says:

      I live in the Destin area and I’m about to lose my mind. Big conservative area here.

  9. Godwina says:


    (But man that clip reminds me how much I miss live shows, even live shows with generic acts and shitty sound engineering. Make the pandemic end please.)

  10. Carol says:

    I guess i will never be back to my Florida condo…sad Canadian😥 Time to sell…

    • cassandra says:

      I’m pretty sure this order was a backwards attempt to signal to the snowbirds that it’s safe to come back. He doesn’t realize a lot of our snowbirds are smart enough to realize it’s safer up North.

  11. T says:

    Ok Floridians, when’s the election so you can vote the monster out?

    • winosaurus says:

      not soon enough

    • H says:

      2022. DeSantis has hitched his horse to Trump. If Trump loses, DeSantis will disavow his former “mentor.” Florida can’t recall a governor either. I’m looking to sell my house and move. I’m tired of Floriduh.

  12. lucy2 says:

    This is disgusting, irresponsible, and terrifying.
    Here in NJ our peak was months ahead of Florida, and we’re not anywhere close to that level of reopening (and our numbers have stayed lower, despite people bitching about it).
    I feel horrible for the people who know this is wrong but are forced to go work with the general public to survive.

    • Turtledove says:

      “I feel horrible for the people who know this is wrong but are forced to go work with the general public to survive”

      That is one thing I noticed about that video of everyone having a great time in the Elbo Room. No masks for patrons,no social distancing for patrons- but staff was masked. I can’t imagine if my job depended on me being amongst all those maskless people. It’s scary.

  13. MissMarierose says:

    This is about money, you can be sure of that. DeSantis is getting paid by business interests who want to reopen their businesses to full capacity. Although Disney and Lego are going against the grain, they don’t account for a majority of the political cash to be had in FL.
    DeSantis is getting paid to put lives in danger and he is showing (as does every person who carries on business as usual without a mask) that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself.

    • whatever says:

      I honestly feel like for DeSantis it’s more about playing to his base and sucking up to Trump. Remember, he was very eager to host the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville. DeSantis believes that there’s a real political future in being Trump’s lap dog.

  14. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    As long as stupidity reigns supreme, I’m never leaving home again. I’ll become that old cantankerous hermit lol.

    • Esmom says:

      You’re not alone, Mabs. I’m with you and even my college student son, who is studying remotely from home this semester, is fine not going to restaurants or anywhere else not outdoors and far from most people.

    • Case says:

      Same here, and it’s nice to see on here that I’m not alone. I’m happy at home, and I’m safe at home. No desire to go out in the middle of this mess. I value my health more than traveling or going to a restaurant. I miss SO many things I used to be able to do and look forward to doing them once cases are way down and there’s a vaccine.

  15. LaChingona says:

    I’m a swfl restaurant worker. Luckily both my jobs have stuck to masks, 50% capacity and social distancing. Most of our customers thank us for not going back to pre-covid rules. The party line about masks is “they are recommended but not required” insert big smile.

    • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe k8 says:

      I really hope that you stay safe working in restaurants. How many of your customers are tourists?

  16. Nina Simone says:

    Just insane. He already has so much blood on his hands and he is doing this?! Also, If there ends up being a large outbreak there (all signs point to that) , I wonder how that will bode for turnout for the election. Same thing with Wisconsin- their positivity rate keeps rising, and experts say they are due for an outbreak the size of California and Arizona. Sigh

    Stay safe everyone.

  17. Shirley Gail says:

    I think I’ve figured this out: They are opening so many, many will die and Joe Biden will be President and then they’ll blame him for these deaths. I am convinced this is their plan

  18. Sunday says:

    Step 1: Consistently, blatantly lie about the numbers. Lie about the totals, lie about the results, lie about everything.

    Step 2: Point to new numbers (which are a lie) and say, wow, things are really improving! Wait for the media to report on these new numbers without any context whatsoever.

    Step 3: Since our numbers are SO GOOD, time to reopen everything!

    Step 4: Everyone dies.

    Now every trip to the grocery store is an extreme sport because there are MAGAts running around breathing on everyone.

    I’m convinced that DeSantis is intentionally doing this so that numbers spike so badly before the election that people with common sense (read: democrats) who don’t want to risk their lives will just stay home. Already ppl in Broward are reporting issues with their mail-in ballots; on NextDoor people got them with envelopes that were already sealed, and the supervisor of elections they said that they’d have to drop them off in person b/c if they tried to open and then re-seal the envelope it would be considered tampering and their vote wouldn’t be counted).

    The elected officials in this state have been bought and paid for and don’t give a damn about the will of the people, much less our actual lives.

    • whatever says:

      Well, hopefully they’re going to be in for a surprise. I don’t care if I have to vote in a hazmat suit this year, I am voting in person. I won’t risk my life to go to a restaurant, but I will risk my life to get Trump out of office. Because ALL of our lives depend on getting Trump out of office.

  19. SJ Knows says:

    I have relatives planning a trip to Florida, they have 4 young kids.
    Not during C19 I say, told them to stay away from us for 21 days after they get back to town too, idiots, IMO.
    I think we are gonna see upturn in C19 cases all thru the fall/winter.
    My area of Minnesota has had increase in hospitalizations of C19 cases every day since last week Wed. Every.Day.

    • Swack says:

      Moved my Disney trip from this Sept to next Feb. Saw numbers rising and canceled it altogether. Hopefully will get to go next Sept.

      • Turtledove says:

        Sorry about your trip Swack. It’s a bummer but the right call.

        One of the first things I thought of when I read this about FL re-opening was how that means that idiots from all over the US can now travel there, pick up Covid and bring it back to wherever they live. At this point while sure, it’s better to live in a state where local govt takes Covid seriously, the fact is, if ALL states don’t, it will affect us all. And FL is a pretty major travel destination…

  20. Kathryn says:

    To me it’s like yes this is incredibly stupid and I’m not sure why states are acting like we’re all little islands where one outbreak can’t spread to another place in one flight. The lack of a national strategy is infuriating but the bigger story here is Ron DeSantis quite frankly, doesn’t care if you live or die. He wants his economy open, he’ll do whatever Trump wants and if people die off in the process he doesn’t give a sh-t and that’s a fact.

    • StormsMama says:

      This struck me:
      “I think we need to get away from trying to penalize people for social distancing,” DeSantis said. “All these fines we’re going to hold in abeyance and hope that we can move forward in a way that’s more collaborative”

      Isn’t this the same state that FINES people for being homeless??
      Amazing how we need to be collaborative when it’s white people whining about socializing. Florida I just can’t with you.

  21. smee says:

    I still live in FL 😑

    He has emboldened many idiots to shop without masks and of course go back to bars & restaurants. He does not care what happens at the hospitals or to the frontline workers as long as he can say “see, everything is open again, pandemic cured, economy saved” on November 3rd….I cannot wait to vote his pig-eyed master out and him next 😤

  22. ce says:

    New York here: we had under 1% positivity for over a month, restaurants and indoor spaces still either not open or at 25% capacity.
    We had a ‘surge’ and now the positivity is at 1.02% or something like that, and Cuomo is ready to shut us down again.
    In case you’re wondering how you actually flatten the curve.

  23. CFY says:

    Governor Rona DeathSentence, doing what he can to deliver Florida to Daddy. He does a better job of being Donald Trump Jr than Jr does.

    I live at the county line between Orange/Osceola counties. Our mask mandates have been in place but have never been enforced via fines. The burden of enforcing masks has always fallen to private businesses. I think part of not being able to fine people for not wearing masks is about the universities, as DeathSentence has said shit about creating a student “bill of rights” where they can’t get suspended or disciplined in any way for partying or refusing to distance. So, also trying to deliver the youth vote to Daddy, as well.

    • Betsy says:

      There’s a lot of time for a terrible amount of sickness and death between now and the election. I just do not see how he thinks this will work in Trump’s favor.

  24. Gil says:

    Well, this is what I would have expected from Florida.

  25. ClaireB says:

    Governor DeathSentence ironically can only open up Florida and make these sweeping orders because we are still under a f*#king state of emergency. He is using the state of emergency to insist to us and the virus that there is no emergency, and even though I thought I couldn’t hate him more than I already do, he, like Twitler, is reaching new depths.

    I live in Florida, in an awful red county, and I am now terrified to go to the store, because there will just be a bunch of anti-maskers gleefully ignoring the mask policy.

  26. Nicole says:

    Texas can’t be too far behind….

  27. Edna says:

    Doing everything he can to deliver Florida to Trump. That’s what this is really about. I’m sure other Red State governors will follow suit. Who cares about the health and well being of citizens as long as Trump and the GOP can remain in power.

    I’m dreading the approaching flu season. Combined with Covid it’s going to be a disaster.

  28. lucy says:

    I have to admit, I have been going to restaurants, had my hair done, shopped, even went to the gym once (and haven’t returned not because of covid but because I am lazy). I have worn masks which are mandatory (NY) and do not complain about it because I want to go out and do these things. What I do NOT understand is how my friends and family feel after the election, covid will just disappear. Do they really think the entire world shut down at various times simply to get Trump out of office???? I have been told we are just exaggerating it…my SIL told me my MIL, who passed during covid but not from covid, had cause of death listed as covid. Proof that we are just making up numbers! When I ask why the rest of the world would do this, they look at me and say China!

    • Darla says:

      OMG are we related? I am in NY and I hear this same isht from my family. They all say it’s going to gone on Nov 4th. They’re crazy. My only sane family member is my mother.

    • sassafras says:

      Every time I see someone say (on FB usually) that Covid is going to go away after the election, I simply ask them “How is that going to work?” or “Who’s making it go away?”
      They usually don’t answer.
      Or if they say it’s a Democratic hoax, I ask, “So the Democrats got the rest of the world to buy in and shut down their economies and tourist industries to get rid of Donald Trump? Sounds like they’re pretty efficient at getting things done…” And yes, I get crickets…

      We have to push back against the crazy and plant the seeds of rational thought otherwise that part of the country is really going to have a VERY tough time accepting a Blue Wave in November.

  29. Leah says:

    What an arrogant fool. The thing these guys don’t understand is, the virus laughs last. It doesn’t care about politics or opinion, it only cares about latching on to healthy cells and infection. You can’t buy it off or strong arm it out. It wasn’t gone by Easter, it wasn’t gone by Memorial Day or Labor Day or summer and it won’t be gone on Nov 4th. It’s not the flu.

    I predict in a months time, Florida will close up again as have other states who have refused to listen to science.

  30. Beech says:

    Insanity reigns.

  31. Alex says:

    My aunt and uncle moved to Florida last year and up until June, they were acting like nothing was wrong in their 50+ community they live in, visiting people and going out on people’s boats and not social distancing. My less than intelligent uncle who voted for Trump in 2016 ended up getting COVID-19 in July and had a fever for 8 days. My aunt supposedly never got it as she didn’t test positive for antibodies (but my uncle did). We only found out 2 months after the fact. We know that my aunt deliberately kept it quiet from us so she wouldn’t get a “told you so” from us. They have since changed their behavior and are now staying at home like they should have in the beginning.

    But yeah… Desantis reopening Florida? Not a huge surprise I guess.

  32. Tired and Messy says:

    I wish I lived in Florida. Sorry but not sorry. I am healthy and OVER worrying about Covid.

    • Alex says:

      Come on down! Florida is a great state. Our schools have remote options (I am a teacher) and if you don’t like desantis lifting restrictions, you can choose to stay home. I myself, don’t go to bars or restaurants, but am glad he lifted it, as several have closed. Including jacks barbeque in minneola fl, which was open 80 YEARS! Now that’s sad.

    • Jensies says:

      Healthy people still die of Covid-19, sooooooo

    • H says:

      I’m selling my house in Florida. Make me an offer. You want to catch COVID? I know a few businesses (restaurants) who kept working employees who had tested POSITIVE yet continued working, not quarantining. No one wants to stay in or live with this pandemic. Do grow up, Tired and Messy.

    • cassandra says:

      Amazing how being healthy won’t save you.

      Crazy how it doesn’t go away just because you’re over it.

      Florida is terrible enough without reckless people moving in. No thanks.

  33. sassafras says:

    I really really really think the Republicans/ Florida are not thinking this through, politically. They have a lot of seniors in Florida who are their reliable voters. A surge in cases will either kill them, make them mad, or make them stay home. I know they have mail-in ballots but the Republican rhetoric has worked frighteningly well and I know a lot of Republicans who are acting like mail ballots are a tool of the devil. I just don’t see how this all works out for them (and I love to see it?)

  34. HK9 says:

    Where I live in southern Ontario, the COVID cases are way up because school’s opened up, and people are getting tested. My sister is in Orlando and has a compromised immune system-I’m afraid for her because this is going to be bad.

    • Sarah says:

      Every school I know in Florida has a remote option (from home) as well as in person. They don’t share recess, cafeteria etc this year or do the usual pick up or drop off. Masks are required.

  35. Jayna says:

    I live in the greater Orlando area, in Maitland, and work in downtown Orlando. I despise our governor.

  36. Veronica S. says:

    Friendly reminder this dude worked for Gitmo back in the 2000s. There’s disregard for life, and then there’s absolute, unmistakable disregard for life, if you get my drift. But hey, he’s what they wanted. The virus is headed into the rural corridor now, so it’s their problem now. People in cities need to brace themselves for fall and get those flu shots, mask up, stay in as much as possible. Do what you can to protect yourself because at this point, there’s no stopping what’s coming.

    Not that I think there’s anything we can really do at this point, anyway. It’s too politicized. Even if Biden gets in? Red States are just going to flip the story and disregard federal orders on claims of states rights, the same ones Democratic governors used to shut down themselves in the first place, and then their people will continue traveling into other states and screw it all up for them. They’re going to keep driving this chaos indefinitely because they know it’ll f*ck the economy, and because most Americans are too stupid to show up to the mid-term elections or pay attention to the cycle that’s been going on for the past 20-30 years to figure out who’s responsible for what. (Democrats get in office, clean up the mess, Republicans get back in riding the coattails of the wave of improvement and promptly wreck the economy knowing the other party will be mired in fixing it and drive a reverse wave back to them. Which is the saddest statement ever considering most Democrats aren’t even progressive.)

    People are going to need to learn to wake up and show up to every single election over the next decade to keep these people out. This has to be the hard lesson learned because the damage is intense. It’s going to take awhile just to get back to status quo much less accomplish anything candidates like Warren or Sanders wanted to see happen. This is a bumpy ride we are in for.

  37. Caty Page says:

    I post under my real name to make sure I’m accountable for my words, unlike these “Covid deniers” who hide under the cloak of anonymity.

    I will still say this publicly and stand by it: if you’re “over” Covid restrictions and you protest them, then get sick, you should be denied any care.

    Covid isn’t real? Tell that to the over 200,000 dead, you illiterate and selfish fools. You disgust me and make us a nation of cheap morals.

    • Kkat says:

      And it’s not just people dying, it’s all the secondary damage we’re seeing in interventional radiation.
      We have a Huge uptick in age groups that don’t ever normally get clots, strokes, heart attacks, damage, kidney damage, brain damage Directly related to covid.
      We had a 5 year old that had clotty blood and had a stroke, she had a mild case of covid 2 weeks previous.
      A 19 year old that almost lost his leg due to covid clots.
      A 26 year old who had covid lungs and heart damage.
      LOTS of young people going on dialysis. LOTS

      The cost of treating all the people with secondary damage is going to be insane.

      But yeah… Go out and catch it and get it over with… Morons 🙄

  38. Rise and Shine says:

    Yes, this is absolutely insane, opening up at 100 percent capacity, no masks required. And so many of us have loved ones there that are vulnerable right now. They really just do not care. Unbelievable, I get that there are small businesses, etc. but keep it to outdoor dining or lower amount of people allowed in. This was another reason Trump was in Florida recently, campaigning (AARGH, you think he would be working, haha nope) and to talk to his puppet DeSantis. Shame on them all. Can’t wait for debate tonight, GO JOE!

  39. Sarah says:

    Florida has one thousand people moving to it per day, and house sales are way up. It is made up mostly of transports from other states.

  40. Juxtapoze says:

    Thanks DeathSantis for giving me more reasons to worry about my 90 yr old grandma with COPD. 🤬😡

  41. Rad says:

    We moved out of Floriduh in 2002 and never looked back. No love lost here.