Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton brought back 2005 for Skims’ velour collection: hot?

Hi, this is so stupid and I LOVE IT. Back in the day, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were BFFs. Kim was Paris’s “stylist,” and they were regularly photographed at nightclubs, picking up iced coffees and going shopping in LA. This was also the era of the Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit – every celebrity had one, usually topped with a trucker hat. That was THE celebrity ensemble from, like, 2003-2008? And now Kim is bringing back that look. Her wildly successful SKIMS collection is now offering Skims velour tracksuits. And the promotional images are… Kim and Paris Hilton modeling the collection. From Vogue:

The brand’s new collection, launching October 21, features several of the classic velour silhouettes—hoodies, wide-leg pants, and joggers—but it also moves into new territory thanks to bandeau tops, crew neck tanks, and modern elements like the very 2020 neutral color palette and up to 4X sizing. For Kardashian West, that blend of old school and new is what keeps the clothes exciting, and she was eager to incorporate the material into SKIMS’s lineup. “After working on [this] for over a year, I am so excited to share with everyone,” she shared with Vogue via email. “Velour is one of my favorite collection launches to date! It’s the perfect blend of 2000s nostalgia and present-day loungewear.”

The time spent in development led to a carefully crafted collection, which arrives when many are attempting to find casual clothes that won’t look sloppy. “I’m living in sweatsuits right now,” says Hilton, who gives the SKIMS line her seal of approval. “The Velour collection is perfect for looking hot while being comfy.” Kardashian West admits she never stopped wearing the pieces she helped popularize in the early 00s. “The iconic velour tracksuits have been a staple in my closet for close to 20 years!” she says, noting that her newly launched versions are, “versatile, comfortable, ultra-luxe, and fun.”

For Hilton, revisiting all these motifs was great fun. “We had the best time hanging out and shooting in LA.,” she says. “The collection is very nostalgic with an early 2000s vibe—which we both know very well.”

The world is clearly still hungry for more Kim, Paris, and velour. “I love that we both continue to support each other in everything we do,” says Hilton. “I am so proud of Kim! Such a beautiful, brilliant boss, babe!”

[From Vogue]

Vogue also points out that Paris and Kim pulled out their old Marc Jacobs-era Louis Vuitton totes and tried to keep the styling as close to 2005 as possible. I think they succeeded! I know a lot of people will hate this, but I find it very clever from Kim, especially by getting Paris to do it with her and to make some of the ads look like paparazzi photos taken in a parking garage. It’s perfect celebrity nostalgia.

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Instagram, SKIMS.

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  1. Sass says:

    I got nothing, this is weirdly everything??

  2. Erin says:

    well. Nothing to say other than this is content we need in 2020!

  3. Darla says:

    I actually was wearing velour tracksuits in the 90’s, but only at home. Certainly not something I would prance around outside in (at the time, I should clarify, because I was too cool for that and wore babydoll dresses and doc martens), but I can remember having a really deep emerald green set that I wore one Christmas Eve when my bf and I decided to do a quiet romantic one together. I still like a velour tracksuit, but what I HATE is those Juicy ones. I would never parade around with JUICY written across my ass. God I hated the aughts fashion. I really did. But to each their own.

  4. LORENA says:

    Yeah this is genius

  5. lucy2 says:

    The pants look comfy, but really, I already have so many strapless velour bras for my parking garage strolls, do I really need another?

    And as with every post about Paris, let’s remember she has a history of racism, homophobia, slurs, Trump support, and dismissing assault victims.

    • Darla says:

      I laughed out loud at your first paragraph.

    • waitwhat says:

      “my parking garage strolls” sounds very Michael K! Love it.

    • landsend says:

      lucy2: Thank you! Paris does INDEED have an ugly history of racism and homophobia, and of talking very affectionately about Hilton family friend Donald Trump. I don’t feel sure I can believe a word she says about her own physical abuse, either; I think she is just trying to backtrack and cover up her past ugly comments about assault and abuse victims. Plus the horrendous way she used to (I hope she doesn’t, still!) treat her pet dogs!!! No, even if I liked these clothes—which I adamantly don’t–I would not buy them; I will do nothing to support her.

  6. Noki says:

    Honestly Paris has aged well ,for a partying,son loving,white blonde hollywood starlet she still looks good. I would have expected her to start resembling her aunts on RHOBH or Lindsay and Tara Reid.Looks as natural as humanly possible for LA.

  7. Veronica S. says:

    LOL, I wonder how much Paris secretly seethes over the fact that her plus one BFF wound up moving on to be so much more successful than she was parlaying her wealth into fame, meaning she’s now the one riding the coattails. The 90s/2000s still had some of the worst fashion, something I can attest to growing up through those eras.

    Seeing the old picture of Kim highlights how much body mod surgery she’s had, though. Her physical proportions are…off when you look at them from a distance.

    • Darla says:

      i love 90’s fashion, loved it then, still love it. But the 2000’s, trainwreck. It’s interesting because I also hated it at the time. I refused to even buy new clothes many seasons. The aughts were just not good all around. An awful decade. The best thing you can say about it is it blessedly ended about a year early with the election of Obama, who didn’t take office until 2009.

      • Surreuzly? says:

        I peaked in the 2000s w low rise jeans, platform sandals, juicy couture, distressed this, patched that…w a long torso & padded push-up bra- pretty sure I was the prom queen. Even took this into pregnancy w a Tom Hardy tee shirt & velour low rise draw string joggers as maternity uniform. pwhahahaha

    • L84Tea says:

      @Veronica S, I have always wondered the same. Paris was the 2000’s It girl until Kim came and knocked her off the pedestal. That had to sting.

  8. Catwoman says:

    That camel toe looks painful!

  9. GreenBunny says:

    The way the pants crease on Kim make it look like she’s wearing granny panties or that underwear that smooths the pubic bone so that you don’t get camel toe. I can’t see that Paris has the look so I assume it has to do with proportions of hip and butt, but doesn’t look flattering on Kim.

    • Heylee says:

      I noticed this too. It’s hard for my brain to look at because the transverse abdominus, appears to potentially be affected by the augmentation of her hips/butt. The TA is such an important part of the body functioning properly and I just don’t understand what is happening with Kim’s? Does she have constant pain in her back, knee, hip? I mean, armchair Physical therapist here but it’s all I can see in a picture like that.

  10. waitwhat says:

    That white outfit in the “vintage” photo…man, Kim has the trashiest style when left to her own devices.

    Edit: that’s current day?! Wow, looks like her old face.

  11. enike says:

    I just remembered when I saw Kim for the first time, in some Paris Hilton news and I thought what a beautiful girl
    and to be a bit petty, I always wondered, if Paris felt or not a bit insecure to be photographed with Kim at that time…. Paris may be attractive, but she is not a beauty, the same Nicole
    Kim used to be a total beauty

    (just me remembering the old times and what I was thinking)
    Edit: I really like the girls doing some promo together

  12. Eleonor says:

    This is tacky as hell, and fun.
    If this wasn’t 2020 I would be “whatever”, but it is what it is and they made me laugh.

  13. Katie says:

    when I saw this on her insta I wasn’t sure if this was something new or old lol

  14. L84Tea says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVED the velour pants back then (not so much the zip up hoodies). I used to throw on a pair (my favorite was black) with a tank top, flip flops, and big sunglasses–I felt like the most rockin’ chick at the grocery store. Ah, memories.

    • megs283 says:

      Loved…? I still love them. I have two “outfits” from 2005ish and I still wear them. They’re typically just PJs or for taking walks around the neighborhood in the fall, but maybe I’ll start busting them out for trips to Home Goods. ;-D

      • L84Tea says:

        I still have a pair folded and put away somewhere. I’m currently…ahem…a bit challenged in fitting in them.

  15. Sarah says:

    I definitely want to buy a tracksuit that bunches up to make a massive V shape pointing at my crotch! Sign me up.

  16. Porsha says:

    I know this is dumb but Kim now is carrying the gold bag and Paris the silver bag, was that part of the deal

    Kim to Paris, I will only put you in the photoshoot if I have the gold and you the silver ok

    • ME says:

      Ha ha nice catch ! But honestly I think Paris looks better in the tracksuit than Kim does. Also, yeah Kim became more successful but she had a lot of help with many family members that helped carry their reality show. Kim on her own is pretty boring. Anyways, Paris isn’t doing too bad. She’s the highest paid DJ in the world isn’t she?


    I was a teenager in the aughts and man do I wish I’d had access to the clothes that are popular now. Teens and hell even pre-teens look legitimately cute these days! Like I would wear graphic tees from Delia’s, ripped low rise jeans, etc. I don’t think I really had a sense of style.

  18. Mette says:


  19. Solace says:

    This is amazing!

  20. Me49 says:

    Kim turned 40 today and Paris is turning 40 in February.

  21. Ariel says:

    Paris Hilton- still a gross racist. Yuck.

  22. emu says:

    love it. love the slide phone

  23. February-Pisces says:

    Happy 40th birthday Kim!

  24. Mina_Esq says:

    The ads are cute. I’m really excited if this signals the triumphant return of velour tracksuits!

  25. Jules says:

    So she’s ripping off Juicy Couture?? They should sue.

  26. Alyse says:

    Smart advertising.

    For me the big thing that stood out is that now Kim is the one with the Golden LV bag (it was Paris in the 00’s) a nice little symbol of the power shift!