In Touch claims Kate Hudson & A-Rod have already moved in together


Kate Hudson is notorious for moving too quickly in relationships. If the speed of light had its very own separate speed of light, it’d be that fast. The speed of light squared. Okay physics jokes don’t really work for me. You get the point. So it’s come as no surprise that Kate and boyfriend of five months Alex Rodriguez are already living together. Well… according to In Touch. In Touch plays it pretty fast and loose with the truth. So I’ll go ahead and let you read their article (and its title – very important key to the puzzle), then we’ll work through this together.

“Kate & A-Rod Move In Already!”

Kate Hudson is shacking up with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez! “Kate’s always at his New York apartment, even on the days when he’s on the road. She’s made herself quite comfortable in his life.

She’s met his oldest daughter and her son likes Alex,” says a friend of Alex, 34, who has two kids with ex-wife Cynthia and has already hung out with Kate’s 5-year-old, Ryder. “Kate has become very serious about him.”

And she’s ready for the next step as well: Even though the couple has only been dating for five months, Kate, 30, is hearing wedding bells. “Kate seems to feel that she’s the next Mrs. Rodriguez,” adds the insider. “But it’s unlikely that it’s headed toward marriage for him. He’s taking it slow and seeing where it goes.”

[From In Touch]

So you probably noticed that despite they “moved in together” title, In Touch’s own article says that she’s just spending a ton of time at his place. Being at his apartment all the time is very different from moving in together. Her being there when he’s not isn’t the same thing. They made no mention of anything official in terms of a change or living arrangements, and in fact they mentioned that A-Rod is “taking it slow.” I know we’re all keen to rush to the “Kate Hudson makes bad relationship decisions” stories, but all-out inventing stuff seems unnecessary. Nothing in “In Touch’s” article makes it sound like they’re living together – it just sounds like the magazine made a big leap. And if Kate and Alex really are officially cohabitating, then In Touch sure didn’t do a great job of making that clear.

Either way, yes, Kate Hudson moves too fast! But this doesn’t really seem to be a great example of it.

Here’s Kate reacting sourly to the flashes of photographers in NYC on Sunday. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. Oenix says:

    Moving in together? That’s the beginning of the end of that one. Someone start the timer!!!

  2. crash2GO2 says:

    The two of them are so overwhelmingly blah. Perhaps they were made for each other. *yawn*

  3. crazymary says:

    How many men is this chick going to drag her kid around? Really – she needs to slow down and think about someone other than herself.

  4. danielle says:

    Bleah – don’t care for either of them. Have to say Kate has been looking rough lately – for some reason even small weight gain/bloating always seems to do terrible things to her face.

  5. Cinderella says:

    I bet they’re done by the time baseball season ends.

  6. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Kate Hudson the village bike of Hollywood.

  7. TinaWithPom says:

    um, both of them are “village bikes,” IMO.

  8. QB says:

    Kate needs to get away from Alex , people are starting to see the rea her , a average looking women with bad(average ) acting ability.

  9. lway says:

    Kate is a skank. She’s the perfect partner for A-Road (sleezebag)

  10. crib says:

    She looks like she rides the short bus!

  11. Chica says:

    Who HASN’T this guy slept with in the near past? Do we have enough fingers & toes to make the count?

  12. 4Real says:

    What’s the big deal with A-Rod? There’s better looking jocks than him. He always looks pissed off too.