Jessica Chastain is partnering with an at home coronavirus testing company

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I know that at-home STD tests exist because don’t ask me how I know this. They’re FDA approved and if you factor in the driving time and costs at the doctor they’re competitively priced. After reading this Jessica Chastain interview I just realized that there are at-home coronavirus tests available. MyLabBox has a “viral detection test using saliva sample” for $150. There’s also one from the company Jessica Chastain represents, Let’s Get Checked, which is slightly more affordable at $119 for a lower nasal swab PCR test. From what I can find they do not accept insurance. These are the full coronavirus tests, they’re not rapid tests, and while it’s cost prohibitive to get them frequently it’s nice to know it’s an option. (Harvard Health reports that “the reported rate of false negatives is as low as 2% and as high as 37%” for these type of tests.)

Chastain’s interview is with The Wall St. Journal and my friend with a subscription sent it to me. (Thanks Angie!) Chastain is skilled at giving just scant details about her personal life. She’s boring by design and I say that with all respect. She reminds me of Kerry Washington in that way. In an earlier interview I covered with Chastain she said she’s been getting tested frequently. I thought that this was something only celebrities and rich people could do, but now that I know it’s somewhat accessible I wanted to tell you about it. She also talked about living with her grandmother, whom she’s said moved in with her in April, and making sure her two-year-old daughter has good role models in her toys and on her clothing.

On learning to step away from social media
“In the past… someone would challenge me or confront me about something, it would bait me, and I would get into a back-and-forth with them. Then it becomes news and headlines, and I realized the people who are baiting [me] really want attention and I’m kind of feeding into it.”

“Over the summer, you published a visceral video of your daily Covid test. It looked miserable.”
You’re just not used to sticking things up your nose. All the media I was reading was like, It’s really painful and has to go way up there. Then when I read the instructions on the LetGetChecked test, it said, Put it in as far as you can until you feel a “gentle resistance.” [Editor’s note: Chastain has a partnership with LetsGetChecked.] It’s a thing you can do as often as you want.

“Your daughter has a Kamala Harris doll [and] an RBG one. What do you tell a two-year-old about…these women?
There’s a great company called Piccolina. They have these tees called Trailblazer Tees [featuring] important women in our history. I was a bit disappointed going to big chains of children’s stores and looking at the little girls’ department versus the little boys’ department. The little boys’ was like astronauts and dinosaurs, and the little girls’ was like unicorns and princesses. I think we need to look at ourselves as a society and remind ourselves that there are such incredible women working in all industries who need to be celebrated and held up and used as markers for girls, and boys, to understand what it is to be powerful. My family absolutely follows that philosophy—everything is a choice. In terms of clothes that are worn, in terms of dolls that are played with. What does everything represent? I’ll tell you, my daughter’s favorite T-shirt is a Malala [Yousafzai] T-shirt. She knows who Malala is, she knows all of these things, and these are her superheroes. And I think that’s an incredible thing for a girl to grow up with.

[From The Wall St. Journal]

That’s cute that she chooses dolls and clothes for her daughter with powerful women as role models. It’s been wonderful to see so many girls with Kamala dolls and in Kamala’s outfits! I’m so happy for the next generation to see Vice President elect Kamala Harris in action! She is absolutely inspiring.

As for at-home covid testing, we have not been encouraged or given a financial incentive to write about this although they can send me a couple free tests and I’ll write another story for them. I’m just excited that this option exists. Of course so many families are struggling now and hopefully free community testing will be made more widely available. We do have free testing in my area about once a week. (I have to drive at least 45 minutes to get tested at a CVS. My local CVS does not have testing.) Unfortunately we may have to wait until President Biden spearheads these initiatives to see free testing available nationwide. When Biden said in his recent press conference that nearly one out of every 32 people in the US has tested positive for coronavirus it really hit home for me how bad this is getting. The ten million people who tested positive are just the people who actually got tested for it that we know about! So many more don’t get tested and the Trump administration has been working to hide statistics from the public.

Here’s a cute video of Jessica and her gran making split pea soup. Now I want split pea soup.

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  1. SamC says:

    I don’t know why but the term partnership for shilling products grates on me. Celebrities and influencers are trying to sell products for whatever company hires them. I dread the inevitable product pitch, and do forward through, when you hear “my friends at” or “hey friends” in an IG post. I also get it’s semantics and a silly thing to take umbrage over.

  2. FrenchGirl says:

    I am tested every month. In France,it is free but above all, i am nurse in a Covid service and i want to spend time with my mother who lives now with me .

    All I will say about the subject of the post is that it is nice that some celebrities can make money with Covid 19 .


    My husband was telling me that he read that people are selling real negative test results to other people. Like people who have Corona are purchasing negative tests so that they can travel internationally, go back to work, etc. It’s sickening, and I think at-home testing will make it easier.

    • SusieQ says:

      This was my first thought too: that at-home tests will make it easier for people to buy test results.

    • SamC says:

      Not surprising. People buy urine for clean drug tests, fake vests and paperwork for service dogs, etc.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I’m trying to figure out why she was testing daily – was she working on a film? A celebrity partnering with this test is very odd.
    It’s good there is this option, hopefully it will become more affordable.

  5. marc says:

    I believe her husband is from Italy he may have traveled back there recently. The country was hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic.