Vampiric sisters Lindsay & Ali Lohan party with Jason Segel

As we reported last week, Lindsay Lohan is something of a True Blood addict. My first reaction when hearing the news was “CB is going to have a fit.” Nothing like a Lohan endorsement to destroy your favorite show. Now it seems that Lindsay isn’t simply content to destroy the pleasure True Blood fans get from their show, now she’s doing some kind of open audition for a part, via Twitter. To show her devotion to the show – and perhaps to show True Blood’s producers what a crackhead vampire would look like – Lindsay donned vampire fangs and posted a picture of herself on Twitter. As for the pic… well, it’s not the worst picture of Lindsay I’ve seen in even the past week. And I do think her personality is pretty vampiric, so maybe it’s not the worst idea.

In other Lohan news, it seems Lindsay and her 16-year-old sister Ali decided to go clubbing in LA over the weekend. Because, you know, Lindsay is such a great influence on her 16-year-old sister, and because Mother Lohan wasn’t available to pour drinks down her 16-year-old’s throat at a club at 3 a.m. Oh, by the way – Lindsay and Ali were both “dressed for attention” in tight tops and “booty shorts”. While Lindsay and Ali were out, they bumped into How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel, and he and Lindsay decided to party all night. So… there goes my crush on him:

It’s nice to see there’s no sibling rivalry between Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali but then again, maybe their togetherness shouldn’t include bringing underage Ali into LA clubs!

For the second time in a week the sisters hit the nightlife together; Friday night spotted them at Teddy’s, which was packed with star power. And while Lindsay hung for most of the night with Ali, things quickly changed when they bumped into Jason Segel.

Both Lindsay and Ali were dressed for attention, with Lindsay wearing a tight jumper and lots of makeup. Ali wore a vest as a shirt and booty shorts.

The sisters danced wildly and when they came off the dance floor Lindsay was chainsmoking inside the lounge, a definite no-no. But like a good big sis, Lindsay took Ali and introduced her to various promoters who were in the club. (No one said, “Hey, you’re 16, how’d you get in here?” Ok, we did, but nobody answered.)

The highlight of the night for Lindsay and Ali was when they bumped into Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, I Love You, Man). All we know is the Lohan sisters freaked out they were so excited, and told Jason he’s “awesome” among other complimentary terms. Jason seemed a little embarrassed by the encounter but was gracious. And the night didn’t end there for Lindsay and Jason. They left Teddy’s and partied at Adam Levine’s until nearly 6 a.m. when they were then spotted at the Chateau Marmont, with Jason getting out of the car.

Hmmm…new couple alert? Or just party pals?

[From Radar]

What goes through a guy’s mind when a booty-short-clad, cracked-out Lindsay Lohan and her little sister come racing up and start gushing? Can a guy just demure gently, hoping to not awake the crazy, and quickly walk away as soon as possible? It sort of sounds like Jason was trying to be nice, but it also sounds like he might have been up for some Lohan action. Gross. I can’t even imagine.

Thanks to I’m Not Obsessed for the Lohan Twitter pics

Jason Segel is dropped off at the Chateau Marmont by Lindsay Lohan after spending a few hours together at Teddys, Hollywood

Jason Segel is dropped off at the Chateau Marmont by Lindsay Lohan after spending a few hours together at Teddys, Hollywood

Ali Lohan leaves a private party hosted by her big sister Lindsay at Revolve Clothing in LA

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  1. Ophelia says:

    Damnit. My crush on him is totally gone too. Who knows what kind of disease he has now. Ugh.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Someone has a crush on him? I mean that picture of him with the buttons on his shirt spread as wide as the Mississippi, his scuffed up shoes, fat rolls and greasy hair, doesn’t do much for me, but maybe I just don’t see what everyone else does.

  3. Ophelia says:

    @ Firestarter- It’s not that he’s physically super hot, but he’s vulnerable and funny and seems sweet. If you’ve seen Freaks and Geeks (best show ever!), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I Love You Man, it might be easier to see why he’s crushworthy. Maybe it’s just me, I’ve always liked guys if they’re funny, somewhat regardless of how they look. Then again I married a guy who’s funny and super hot, so I lucked out, lol.

  4. maddie says:

    All I can say is I hope Teddy’s liquor license is pulled for letting a 16 into their bar/dance club especially when her sister in Lindsey Lohan, who troubles follow her everywhere.

    Again I ask where Dina was and why is she letting her underage daughter running around with Lindsey.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    I’m at peace with Lohan sharing my favorite show, and I’m glad she posted that photo of herself wearing fangs. That means that there’s no way in hell she’s going to get cast on True Blood. She may have had a slim chance if she approached producers quietly, like Evan Rachel Wood, but no one is going to take her seriously. Alan Ball doesn’t stunt cast.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Exactly, Ophelia. He’s goofy-funny hot. I like that he’s a huge, awkward guy, too. I find it endearing.

    But he needs to stop hanging out with Lohans.

  7. Firestarter says:

    @Ophelia- You are quite right about funny men being attractive. I had a good looking one that had NO sense of humor and was a total beast!

    You are lucky to have found a good one, we should all be that lucky!

    True, and you did indeed remind me, looks are not everything! : )

    About Lohan- I would seriously have to stop watching True Blood if they cast her in a role. I wouldn’t be able to stomach watching it.

  8. luna says:

    I would’ve thought he was above that “scene” that Lindsay has come to represent…my crush is gone now too lol.

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’m glad also that she posted that picture–WHEW! True Blood is *safe* now…no way in HELL I’d ever watch it again if the HoHan was on it.

  10. Bellaluna says:

    This story is upsetting on so many levels! Im a huge true blood fan and an even more huge fan of Jason. Ive had a crush on him for sometime now..its def not about looks, but he seems attractive to me even though hes not in appearance. I hope there is some kind of mistake here or that someone is making too much of something. Lohan is such a complete train wreck/desperate attention whore. The funny thing is that she believes shes relevant and liked! I cant believe True Blood or Jason would ever have anything to do with her and her non career.

  11. apsutter says:

    NOOOO!! Keep the Lohan whores away from him! He’s funny and awesome and one of the best characters on the best comedy out there…How I met your mother!! What would lily think?!

  12. Miss. Thang says:

    Kaiser, we have the same taste in men. LOL

  13. dgsd says:

    disney channel is in the middle of playing “the parent trap”….ive been watching it haha. its just so sad that that adorable little girl became so messed up.

  14. JustMe says:

    I want to see the counter Ali is at… I know drugs and / or paraphenelia are there just out of the cameras’ view.

  15. ToddRH says:

    16?!? Isn’t Ali 15? It’s amazing how this shit is fully reported and no arrests are made but an 18 year old from bum-fuck Indiana will sleep with his 17 year old girlfriend of 4 years and he’s arrested!

  16. filthycute says:

    Since Jason Segel is now the Slut Whisperer, I am revoking my crush!

  17. lola lola says:

    Like when Sean Young dressed up as Catwoman on the Joan Rivers show…looking desperate honey!

  18. Jenna says:

    I’d stop watching True Blood if Lohan was casted. I’ll just reread my books for the rest of time.

  19. Green Is Good says:

    Just when you think Hohan can’t embarrass herself anymore, she surprises you with her obvious desperation.

  20. hatsumomo says:

    I love Evan r Wood as much as the next person and think she is incredibly beautiful and talented, BUT on the last episode, really?! What the Face! Srsly. Her role as the Queen made her look freaking ridiculous! How was that acting compared to the way she is in real life? I mean really, stuck in the fifties much? It pissed me and my man off! We LOVE the show, faithfully dwnld it every sunday at ten, except for last nite, and thats the best vampire she could come up with?! GRRRRR…. And what I really want to know is – whats with the hierarchy of the vampires? What made her so powerful and in authority? Her age? cause it certainly wasn’t her wisdom. Why is she more powerful then Nan or Godric? why was she never mentioned before? Where was the ‘court’ Bill had to report to when he was sentenced to make Jessica? There were no powerful vampires there to take on Mariann?

  21. orion70 says:

    love him, but what the hell is up with that shirt ? He looks like a duvet.

  22. Gistine says:

    Dumb twats. I wish the Lohans, the Hiltons, the Kardashians and the entire cast of the Hills would just evaporate or disappear and never be heard from again and that our memories would forever be erased of them as well.

  23. Firestarter says:

    Hatsumomo- Read the books and you may understand the hierarchy better. That isn’t meant to sound snotty, just a thought.

  24. MymaJane says:

    Is it just me, or does Ali’s upper lip look plumped?

  25. Celebitchy says:

    Spoilers for past True Blood episodes and some serious ‘Vampire Mysteries’ book spoilers below
    @hatsumo – in the books queen Sophie-Anne is much more calculating and the partying and sex part is mostly a cover. I think Evan Rachel Wood plays her well – for the material she’s given. The characters do vary in the series from the books and it’s possible they made her into this arrogant vamp that does have the answers but wants Bill to be her plaything until she’s well and ready to tell him how to defeat Marianne. They are getting sloppy in introducing the characters, though, as you mentioned, in that they’re suddenly popping up without a lot of backstory. The “court” thing is mentioned in the later books, in book 7, but it doesn’t go down like at all that in the books. Also Bill wasn’t the one who killed Longshadow – Eric was. (But the court thing involved other vamps.) Also the punishment of making a new vamp is something that has not yet been mentioned in the books I’m reading (I just started the last one so far #9) and the character of Jessica isn’t in the books at all. Hoyt is, but he doesn’t have a conflicted relationship with his mom, who seems positively kind and sweet. However, the relationship between Jessica and Hoyt is one of my favorite parts of the series and that is not in the books at all. They got some things right, some things kind of off-kilter, but overall it’s a fabulous show. I agree that they should just kill Marianne already. IMO that (which is also not really in the books to that extent) should not be the main story arc to this season. /end rant. 😉

    -edit @MymaJane: it’s not just you, Star Magazine had a section on Ali’s lips looking much bigger this week. Check it out while you’re in the checkout aisle.

  26. hatsumomo says:

    Yes I admit (shame faced) I havent read the books. And they are always different than the show/movie. But I;m still not satisfied. I actually did start reading book one years ago when I was around 12 ,I’m young, it was on my aunts coffee table and I was bored and picked it up. The only thing I can remember about the book was Sookie being in a bar and saying about a female vampire” her pants were so tight I could’ve counted every one of her pubic hairs if I so desired”. Then we left and I just lost interest. But THAT line stayed with me for years.

    But yes, I am commited to resuming(?) the story in print.

  27. I choose me says:

    @Gistine. I’m working on my version of a neurolizer (aka the flashy thingy from MIB) as we speak. Tell me, how do you feel about blunt objects and amnesia?

  28. IamLegend says:

    she called & told the Twilight series she could save them from oops…she said losing any more $$$$

  29. Fugs says:

    So many ick factors in this story.

    Jason Segel – so pathetic. Party with your own age group, and definitely not the likes of Lohan and her 16 year old sister. Sick.

    Lohan, pathetic, and more pathetic that she thinks that’s a good pic and that anyone real will hire her. Anyone who hires her is guaranteeing them self a flop and looks as pathetic as, well, Jason Segel. She needs to get a real job and go away. Her time is over in Hollywood.

    The little sister with what looks like multiple plastic surgery and thinking this is her big in to Hollywood.

    #22, agreed. Anyone who might be watching these shows needs to stop (and get their head examined), so they’ll go away.

  30. piedlourde says:

    Jason, NOOO!!! I loved you!

  31. GeekLuva80 says:

    @ MymaJane:

    That was my first thought when I looked at those pics of Ali. Her upper lip is now disproportioned and larger then her lower lip.

    Just sad…

  32. Andrea says:

    Is that really a picture of Ali ? Damn, that girl looks beat already. She looks older than Lindsay. 15 going on 50. What a shame.

  33. Ggirl says:

    Lohan is no Evan Rachel Wood

  34. englishbreakfasttasteslikedarjeeling says:

    i love lindsay. but i am in love with jason. my heart is broken. before we get married he’s going to have to have some std testing.

  35. TwinkleToes says:

    Great lip job on Lilo. She looks pretty good!

  36. skeptical says:

    wow… just wow… i remember pics of lindsay with her mom at clubs.. now lindsay repeating the pattern with ali. speechless.

    interesting contrast to Samantha.. a longtime fan of hers dug up an old vid of her and a friend being very silly at karaoke somewhere. and.. that’s the worst of it. still can’t find pics or vids of a drunk, whacked out Samantha…. how on earth did those two ever get together in the first place?

    not an exact analogy since Sam is female but…it’s as if Charles Bingley fell for Lydia Bennett instead of Jane. how does that happen?

    i don’t get it.. i don’t get how lindsay still gets photo shoots with her history of theft. i don’t get how she still gets in any non-porn movie. i don’t get how she caught the eye of a girl who seems more the type to go hide with a book when she’s not out spinning.

    how is lohan still famous??? how does she keep avoiding jail time? cocaine in her pocket? “these aren’t my pants!” several DUIs, multiple rehabs that never took, pics of her with alcohol while still on probation… yet no arrests.. how does she get away with it all??? she is still technically on probation, right? yet hello pap pics of drinking and what looks like falling drunk out of clubs. and yet no arrests? or even investigations? how??

    (and if you wanna make Sam blush, here’s that vid
    sam’s response was “@PopMyBottle_ that’s so embarrassing and yet awesome. if only santi had twitter”)

  37. Steph says:

    My sister sent me this in response to seeing this story…
    “Dear Jason Segal,

    Tsk tsk tsk. How I used to love thee. You seemed warm and cuddly; unsure of yourself and yet confident in your talents. Hilarious, genuine, and your average Midwestern type of dude.

    Now you seem gross. Smarmy. You look like you’d smell pretty bad, like a mildewy block of cheese and flop sweat. I think you’re high a ridiculous amount of time, and now you think you’re funny, which makes you completely unfunny.

    Have fun partying with Lindsay Lohan. I’ve now lost all of the crush I once had on you.


  38. gg says:

    😆 @ Steph!

    Jason! Go down to the department store and buy some black shirts that FIT, ffs.

    It’s sad how this girl (LL) can be so out of touch, clueless and immature that nobody can tell her anything and she just keeps embarrassing herself worse and worse. Ugh.

    I really think that she just did the vampire teeth photo because she just wanted to show off her brand new lip job. Narcissistic tw@t.

  39. the original kate says:

    what kind of grown man “parties” with a 16 year old?

  40. paranel says:

    Ali looks too grown up for her age. What’s the hurry? Fake lips, fake chest, sheeesh.

  41. Nicole says:

    I’m a huge True Blood fan, so please Alan Ball don’t even consider casting HoHan! (Not that’s it’s likely anyway)