During the Capitol siege, Melania Trump was doing a photoshoot with rugs

Melania Trump Address at the 2020 Republican National Convention

In real time, as the siege on the Capitol was winding down on Wednesday, and National Guardsmen, Capitol Police and DC police were, like, shooing away violent terrorists without arresting them, there were some people mentioning Melania Trump. I barely remembered that Melania had actually returned to the White House from Mar-a-Lago with her husband just before New Year’s. I almost forgot about her because… Mel hasn’t done a damn thing in weeks. She didn’t make an appearance at her husband’s Nazi rally on the 6th, nor did she issue any statements or appear on-camera at any time on the day or since that day. Thankfully, CNN had the scoop about what Melania was up to as her husband incited his Nazis to lay siege to the Capitol: Melie Antoinette was doing a photoshoot. With the rugs.

As thousands of pro-Trump supporters streamed into Washington, DC, Wednesday headed first to the Ellipse to hear President Donald Trump speak, and then to the United States Capitol to lay siege to the epicenter of American democracy, first lady Melania Trump was doing a photo shoot at the White House.

Professional lighting, the sort used for photography and videography, could be seen through the windows of the White House. “Photos were being taken of rugs and other items in the Executive Residence and the East Wing,” a person familiar with the day’s activities with the first lady told CNN. Trump — who, as CNN has reported, has expressed interest in writing a coffee table book about decorative objects she has amassed and had restored in the White House — was overseeing the photo project, said the source, with her remaining time in the White House dwindling.

Just blocks away, domestic terrorists were swarming the US Capitol in a riot that her husband had incited earlier that day at the rally. While images of the mob breaking into the Capitol consumed the airwaves, the first lady was focused — with the White House chief usher, Timothy Harleth — on getting the shoot completed. Both the media, including CNN, and members of her staff were asking if Trump had plans to tweet a statement of calm, or a call to stop the violence — something she had done a handful of times months earlier during the protests surrounding the police killing of George Floyd. She did not.

Instead, the first lady was quiet, and has remained so. Her disinterest in addressing the country was indicative of being “checked out,” said another White House source, who added, “she just isn’t in a place mentally or emotionally anymore where she wants to get involved.” Except with the furniture.

[From CNN]

Let me get this straight: Melania organized a photographer – official WH Photographer or otherwise – to work throughout the day on a photoshoot for all of the objets d’art she’s collected as FLOTUS? Because I doubt even that terrible cover story. And suddenly she’s doing a coffee table book? As George Orwell once said, I hope this bitch loses her book deal.

CNN also points out that two of Melania’s staffers quit that evening, the 6th – Stephanie Grisham and Rickie Niceta turned in their notices in protest of the Trumps. Melania, it’s said, will often check in with her husband through the course of the day by phone, but she apparently didn’t bother trying to speak to him about the terrorist hell he had wrought. Ivanka was the one who organized an emergency meeting with Trump and senior staffers during the siege.

Update: This morning, Mel’s office finally issued a statement condemning the Capitol siege. She sounds more upset about this story about her photoshoot than the terrorism, if I’m being honest.

Trump returns White House Cutting Short His Vacation

President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump participate in the 2020 Salute to America

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    This woman has never cared about her FLOTUS responsibilities or what it means to be FLOTUS.
    All she cares about is HERSELF and her son – who is the cash well to Trump. She is just like her husband. And there is no deep thought in her head, that’s why her book is a PICTURE book (yeah I went there). Must have stung to see Harris on the cover of Vogue.🤣😂

    • Darla says:

      LOL All true!

    • VS says:

      She is a dreadful woman with an empty head….she has never cared about anything beyond herself and her meal ticket

    • Esme says:

      I think the Donald cares more about the vogue covers than she does. She really really doesn’t care, and she told us. A photoshoot with rugs sounds like too much work for her.

      • Indywom says:

        Oh she cares. People who don’t care won’t tell you they don’t care.

      • MM2 says:

        She cares very much. This entire presidency has been a fashion show for Melania & she’s pissed that she didn’t get more cred for that. Too bad people have had their focus on a pandemic & fascism ravaging our country to care.

    • B n A fn says:

      I hope people boycott her book. She has nothing to say of importance unless she is telling her husband to resign today.

    • TIFFANY says:

      Seraphenia, ummmmmmm…..

      That bet we had last month.

      I think this stunt will quality.

      It ain’t a post WH biography. Its a coffee book.

      Just sayin.

      • Seraphina says:

        I am not familiar with past FLOTUS’ but she is from another country ( I do believe she is the second FLOTUS born in another country to non US parents) and served as FLOTUS. There are plenty of angles she could have taken IF she cared. She does not.

    • John R. says:

      It’s just a photographic record of what she wants U-Haul to pack. Incidentally, a pop-up ad for area rugs came up during this article.

  2. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    Why is she wearing a balloon on that second pic?

    Other than that: Farewell, Melania, I’ll miss her botox-unmovable face and sh!tty attitude towards everything. Jill Biden doesn’t seem the easy target type.

    • Esmom says:

      I’ll say what I said last week, I don’t even think that’s her. It’s faux Melania. Look at the facial structure.

      • SomeChick says:

        +1. That’s totally Fauxlania in the giant coat. Different face, shorter.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I don’t either.

        shorter, yes…facial structure different, yes.

        and those glasses. big enough to hid the difference in the eyes. faux Mel always has those on.

      • jbones says:

        How to spot Fake Melania – this woman is holding Trump’s hand.

      • Dilettante says:

        @jbones – I came to post what you said.

        Also, her nose is not the perfectly chiseled one someone bought for Melania.

  3. Heat says:

    Is “photoshoot with rugs” code for “meeting with divorce attorneys”?

    • Lemons says:

      Hahaha, it sounds like either code for something or she’s setting up this coffee book deal as a cash source once she serves the divorce papers. She probably knows that Trump’s money will be tied up in lawsuits so she might want to get her alimony and child support set now.

    • Mac says:

      She isn’t divorce Trump. She is as vile as he is. They deserve each other.

  4. BlueSky says:

    Oh the life of a would be dictator’s wife.

  5. Lily says:

    “As George Orwell once said,” hahahahahahhaaaaaa. How 1984 of you Kaiser.

  6. Badrockandroll says:

    I hope that someone at the WH has taken an inventory of all the decorative objects amassed. They do not belong to the Trumps, and we know they have sticky fingers. Remember back in 2018 in Paris? On the same trip that he called dead veterans losers, and cancelled a trip to a fallen servicemen cemetery, he also helped himself to three quarters of a million dollars worth of art from the American Embassy. He said he’d return it in 2024 when he finished being President. That time is now.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Agreed. And I think this book will be a sort of ‘look at all I bought with your tax dollars’ book, which will be Exhibit A at her trial or his trial or something.

  7. FancyPants says:

    Why is everybody clamoring for statements from these people? They don’t give a s#it and they never have. Does anybody feel better now that Melanie Antoinette slapped her name on some meaningless sympathy form letter? It’s like demanding an apology- if you have to force it, what’s the point. Emperor Babyfingers wouldn’t even allow the flags to be lowered until somebody forced him to do it yesterday. Everybody who is demanding empathy from these thugs better hold on tight for nine more days until we get some basic human decency back in the White House.

  8. AmyB says:

    It is amazing how an ugly and hideous character can change the way you view a person. Obviously Melania is an attractive woman (well she has too much work on her face but whatever) but now to look at her, ugh…she just appears disgusting to me!

  9. Lightpurple says:

    Her statement puts the terrorist scum who was shot trying to climb through the window of the Senate chamber, praising her for being a veteran, ahead of the police officer who was murdered while defending the building. Melania continues to be garbage.

  10. B n A fn says:

    I don’t care what she has to say, do you?

    • Coco says:

      I believe she said, “I’m working my ass off on the coup!” And “Who gives a f*** about coup decorations?”

    • Lizzie says:

      I do care that she said she is carrying the dead terrorists stories in her heart. Before she mentioned the heroic cops who are dead. I hope Nancy impeaches him and the Senate convicts so these two terrorist lovers do not get lifetime secret service protection.

  11. KPS says:

    She has “checked out” for the last four years. Really, is anyone surprised by this? Screams of total desperation. No one cares Melania! No one cares.

  12. Busybody says:

    The ad that popped up on this story has photos of two truly horrible and cheap looking rugs. At first I thought they were from Melania’s to photo shoot, lol.

  13. EllenOlenska says:

    It would be awesome if the photo of her in the I don’t care jacket became her permanent Wikipedia photo.

  14. Chaine says:

    Cringing at her statement about how sad she is for the terrorists who died. Also, is there no one left to proof and edit her statements? That misplaced apostrophe is like fingers on a chalkboard, and why is she capitalizing random words?

  15. emu says:

    UGH and that statement that she put out was at the end of the day all about HER.

  16. Jill says:

    Isn’t that the fake Melania? Because she holds his hand…and doesn’t look like Melania? I kid…

  17. Em says:

    Oh Melania FFS. “I really don’t care” what you have to say, just as you seemed more concerned with gossip than social welfare.

  18. The Recluse says:

    A shame her Einstein visa can’t be stripped away along with her citizenship, if she has it, and she and her parents get booted out.