Chris Brown’s rep says he’s not confirmed for MJ tribute; Jermaine to do duet with MJ

Yesterday Jermaine Jackson held a press conference in which he announced the supposedly confirmed musicians for the Michael Jackson tribute concert to be held in Vienna, Austria on September 26. Jermaine’s public statement was no doubt meant to quell some of the speculation over the fact that tickets, which run from a steep $91 – $745 USD, are not refundable based on whether certain artists show up or not.

Many tongues were clucking over the fact that Jermaine announced that known abuser Chris Brown was among the acts that would perform. The only thing that might hold convicted felon Brown back could be his criminal case, according to Jermaine. “He wants to be here. It’s just up to what he’s going through with his court case right now… He’s definitely going to be here.” Other artists confirmed to perform are Mary J. Blige, Akon, and Natalie Cole. Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly and Maroon 5 might appear, according to Jermaine, but it sounds less than certain. Now we can add Chris Brown to the artists that haven’t confirmed yet. Brown’s rep told E! Online that his client has in no way committed to the memorial concert, and it sounds like the money isn’t right, or he’s been advised not to go. Shocker – someone is telling Brown he can’t do something:

The “Forever” singer has put the kibosh on any plans to perform at the M.J. tribute concert in Vienna, hours after Jermaine Jackson announced Brown would be among the headliners at the Sept. 26 show.

“Chris is not confirmed to perform or participate in any capacity for this show,” the publicist for Brown’s label tells E! News…

There was no immediate comment from organizers of the Jackson tribute, but Jermaine’s definitely got some ‘splaining to do.

[From E! Online]

Michael Jackson will be making some kind of appearance, though, most likely in the form of a projected hologram, judging from the concert organizer’s kind of creepy comments. Organizer says that Jermaine will be doing a duet with his late brother, and we can all look forward to seeing Michael on stage again. Tasteless:

Brother JERMAINE will sing a duet with the late King Of Pop, who will be brought back to life through cutting-edge technology, at the event in Austria later this month.

And the 54-year-old broke down when discussing how he is yet to adequately grieve for his brother’s passing.

Georg Kindel, organiser of the show which will take place in Vienna, Austria on September, 26 said: “What we are going to do is to bring Michael, for one last time, on stage again.

“It will be the surprise of the evening. Michael will reappear on stage for one time and will sing a song together with his brother Jermaine Jackson.

“It will be a magic moment for millions of fans around the world who love his music.”

[From The Sun]

I guess if there was any doubt that Jermaine was doing this in honor of the almighty dollar, and not to honor his late little brother, it’s been erased now. We saw Celine Dion do a live duet with an Elvis hologram on American Idol in April, 2007. That was pretty incredible and it looked real. It didn’t seem exploitative because Elvis has been resting in peace for decades and Celine is an accomplished enough musician that it didn’t seem gimmicky. Jermaine, on the other hand, isn’t a small percentage as successful as his dead brother in whose honor he’s supposedly holding this concert.

Jermaine Jackson is shown at a press conference in London yesterday. Look at that garish diamond watch and diamond tennis bracelet he’s sporting. Credit:

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  1. Diane says:

    Jermaine, desperate for fame and attention, I’d agree, “tasteless.”

  2. Popcorny says:

    The Jacksons disgust me. They aren’t a family, they’re a sleazy company.

  3. Beth says:

    I doubt this concert is going to happen or it’s barely going to have big names perform. I love Mary J. but it says a lot that she’s the biggest name to confirm. I also wonder why Vienna was chosen. That seems so random.

  4. TxGal says:

    Jermaine always seem to me to be a hypocrite. Always wanting attention one way or another. He does not look sincere to me at all.

  5. Rashema says:

    Popcorn, that is an unfair statement especially since you don’t know them.

  6. Erin says:

    I think Popcorn’s assessment is fair. The way the Jackson family conducts themselves in public and all their attention-whoring don’t really add up to a loving family. They’d like to think of themselves as some kind of dynasty when they really are just the result of an overzealous dictator moneygrubbing patriarch’s efforts to become infamous.

  7. Iggles says:

    This is so gross. Twisted family..

  8. 1319 says:

    The only Jackson in the Family that truly holds my respect is Katherine. She has never sought any fame. I truly believe she married a greedy SOB man named Joe. She has tried to maintain a family of children and a husband so incredibly greedy that she and she alone is who Michael trusted out of all of his entire family. When she has a tribute to Michael in some form or fashion – I would watch and take it all in. As for the rest I see nothing but Ignorance and Greed. I see Opportunity “while the Iron is Hot” as it were – to CASH IN – while we can. But would Jermaine possibly see it that way OH NO.. Tell me again why they are having this tribute in a foreign land. Oh thats right Michael is as popular there NOW as he was here in the 80’s that why you hold it there. FOR THE MONEY .. and NO other reason WHAT-SO-EVER. The Austrian’s should be offended. As we all should be. End of Line.

  9. Rashema says:

    Erin, are you taking about perhaps a few Jackson family members such as Jermaine and Joe? I would hardly make an assessment of an entire family based on the actions of two or three. I am sure you can count three members of your family that you would rather not be associated with.

  10. Thomas says:

    And just what exactly is going on with Jermaine’s hair? It looks like a black rubber wig that someone just plopped onto his head.

  11. Andrea says:

    i agree that jermaine and co. are doing a whole lot to make money off of MJ’s death, but my only point of disagreement with your article is that the comparison between celine doing a tribute and jermaine doing a tribute doesnt quite work because while jermaine is waaayyy less successful than the person he’s paying tribute to, it’s his brother. celine had credibility doing it b/c of her success level, and jermaine has less credibility doing it b/c he has less success, but he makes up for at least some of that due to the fact that its his own family member. otherwise, i totally agree with your take!

  12. Jag says:

    Perhaps if Jermaine would stop trying to cash in on his brother’s death every second of the day, he would have time to grieve like a normal person.

  13. Jermaine's awesome says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I think Jermaine is doing the right thing by Michael, who I’m sure would love to perform for his fans one last time. And those of you who say he’s not famous, think again. Jermaine was and is a legend of the industry. I still listen to both his albums. And show some respect about his hair and fashion, the man was crying. You should all be ashamed.

  14. Sleepy says:

    Didn’t Mary J. Blige also say she isn’t going to do this show? I wonder who and how many people will actually do this…

  15. It seems to me that the Jacksons (apart from Janet) are using this a career building opportunity. Its really sad.

  16. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Jermaine was and is a legend of the industry. I still listen to both his albums.”

    BOTH his albums? wow, what a “legend”.

  17. Sandra says:

    I don´t understand why the concert has to be in Austria. I don´t understand why, if MJ was so important for a lot of musicians, none of the best ones are going to attend the tribute. I thought that Madonna, Lionnel Richie, Steve Wonder, Whitney Houston, Lisa Minelli, Prince etc would be some of the musicians going to the tribute. The ones listed are no so famous around the world. I want to compare the tribute made for Freddy Mercury, lots of well known people were present and I believe that MJ was in his music as important as F Mercury. Looks that nobody cares about MJ anymore, only this true fans.


  18. Mel says:

    I dont actually get whats happening?? I dont understand what their doing?
    But i do know i love michael jackson!