Nicole Richie welcomes son Sparrow James Midnight

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Nicole Richie has given birth to a boy! Nicole and her boyfriend Joel Madden welcomed their son into the world this morning, making him a 9/9/09 baby, which is a really cool birthday to have, in my opinion. Plus, he’s a Virgo! Virgos rock (said the Virgo)! Nicole and Joel have named their son… wait for it… Sparrow James Midnight Madden. Dude, Sparrow? Sparrow?!? I don’t care what a cool little rocker kid he is, this poor kid is going to have his ass kicked in school. But I actually like the “James Midnight” part of the name. That rocks. I love the name James.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have welcomed their second child, a boy.

“In the middle of night, the very early hours of September 9, 2009, Sparrow James Midnight Madden was born to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden,” she announced on her website Wednesday. “He weighs 7lbs 14oz. Nicole, Joel, Harlow [their 19-month-old daughter] and Sparrow are all doing well. Thank you for all of your good wishes.”

In February, Madden, 31, took to his band’s blog to announce that he and his girlfriend, 27, were expecting again. “What’s better than winning an Oscar?” he wrote. “I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister!”

As their family expands, the two — together since 2006 — have no immediate plans to wed.

“I think for both of us, we are going to do it because we want to, not because that’s what you do,” Richie told CNN’s Larry King last May. “We’re going to do it when the time’s right.”

Added Madden, “We’re really focused on our family, and we feel like — we already feel kind of married, you know? Our family system that we have down, we feel like this is a real family and marriage, one day it will come.”

Richie’s father Lionel also wants them “to take their time.” He told King he knows people who have wed spontaneously “and they broke up five minutes later. I like the idea of ‘take your time, get it right,’ because you have kids in common.

“I’m more interested in whether they like each other and whether they’re best friends,” he went on. “Because that means they’ll be great parents forever.”

In 2008, Richie and Madden launched the Richie-Madden Foundation, a charity that supports families and children in need.

[From Us Weekly]

Congratulations to the happy family! I wonder how big sister Harlow is going to react to having a little brother? Harlow and Sparrow (twitch) are only something like 20 months apart in age, so hopefully Harlow won’t get too fussy about no longer being “the baby”.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out if there’s some butch way to abbreviate “Sparrow”. How about “Spar” with an “ah” sound? Or “Row” could be cute. Let’s call him Row. Little Row Madden. That’s sweet. Much better than Sparrow, in any case.

Here’s Joel and Nicole at the launch of her House of Harlow 1960 Jeweler Collection at Ida and Harry at Fontainebleau in Miami Beach in May. Images thanks to .

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  1. bros says:

    twitch is exactly right.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Sparrow James Midnight?

  3. Obvious says:

    I think we finally found a celeb baby with a worse name than Bronx-and I never thought it would happen. I liked Harlow’s name but this is to much. I’m with you Kaiser I shall be calling him Row Madden as well. It’s not too bad. Or James. James is a nice name.

  4. dee says:

    Congradulation to the happy couple and
    big sister Harlow.
    I love the name. I can only imagine how beautiful he is. (Can’t wait to see the little one)
    This is one happy couple…..
    No “fakeness” here……

  5. Munkey says:


  6. Wow says:

    All of these celeb parents should be jailed for giving their kids these messed up names. Sparrow? WTF? Shaking my damn head @ this f*&kery.

    Glad her child is healthy though.

  7. mollination says:

    I love nicole ritchie.

    Yay for not witholding the name and being all obnoxious with your secrets. I like James Midnight – and Sparrow isn’t terrible in Hollywood terms. You have to remember he’ll be going to school with sphicter-robot and orange princess piahnannanni, so I’m sure he can still pull off “cool rocker kid”.

  8. Susette says:

    ” I don’t care what a cool little rocker kid he is, this poor kid is going to have his ass kicked in school.”

    Who’ll be doing the ass kicking? Apple? Honor? Moxie Crimefighter? Pilot Inspektor? Nah. If this kid was going to be in a normal school, sure he’d be doomed. But he’ll be safe, because his classmates will have equally effed up names.

  9. Susette says:

    LOL Looks like we had the same idea, mollination.

  10. Lem says:

    yeah Moxie will be kicking A$$ and taking names! lol

    Congrats to the Richie/Maddens

    I couldn’t help myself.
    Sparrow James Midnight Madden’s anagram name is DAMNDEST, SAD MAJOR WHIMPERING

  11. Cinderella says:

    Maybe he won’t get his ass kicked, but he may be the one doing the kicking. Being named Sparrow is enough to send any kid into a rage.

  12. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    The name ‘Honor’ has been around for eons, it’s often short for ‘Honoria’. It just doesn’t seem to show up much (now, but sometimes) in the sectors of the population who have no immediate concerns about the capital gains tax.

    Sparrow. I mean, I’ve heard that epidurals are a Godsend, but the fact that there is no jurisdiction to prevent people from calling a baby something like that would really make me want to say ‘no’ to drugs.


    And it’s not just syllables on the wind, Saussure. That’s a life! Why do they hate their baby?

  13. Celebitchy says:

    I could see maybe naming a girl Sparrow – maybe and still having it be slightly stigmatizing, but a boy?I’m with you kaiser and I hope he goes by Row. Congrats to nicole and Joel they seem like great parents and harlow is such a cutie.

  14. Buster says:

    Ha! This rules. Sparrow was the name I used when I assumed my fake hipster persona. Now it’s the name of an actual future hipster. Hilarious.

  15. Rosanna says:

    Almost worse than Apple. Well, ALMOST 🙂

  16. HEB says:

    I like it. Its Nicole Richie’s son-he can do whatever he wants.

  17. Mairead says:

    … except choose his own name… 😉

    But congratulations on the healthy birth, and long life and happiness to them all etc. etc.

    But seriously… Sparrow… Midnight? I need a lie-down.

  18. Andrea says:

    According to, Sparrow is a female name meaning “little bird”. Maybe they just love Pirates of the Caribbean and named him after Jack Sparrow?

  19. Iggles says:

    I hope they call him Row or James Midnight..

  20. Petra X says:

    Thank you Jo. Honor – just a normal old Scottish name (my second name) Honor Blackman anyone?

  21. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Congrats to them all,

    Totally agree love James Midnight, but not so taken with Sparrow…maybe a little too out there.

    Was saying today how much I love the name Harlow Winter Kate, and now love 2/3rds of their son’s name, good luck and congrats again to them all

  22. Mairead says:

    I’m not so sure that it’s a name that means little bird, so much as the name of an actual species of little bird. 😉
    Honest to God those baby-naming sites are pure evil. I swear they’d try and pass off someone calling their child “Dumptruck” as “A boy’s name meaning bearer of heavy loads”!!!!

    Just on the name Honor, the spelling possibly seems less odd outside of the US given that Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada (?) and other Anglophone countries spell the word honour with a u?

  23. DD says:

    This kids name makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  24. RobN says:

    Would have been a pretty name for a girl. A boy? Not so much, way too feminine.

  25. Susette says:

    I was the one that lumped Honor in with the other names, and I have to apologize. I got carried away while listing the celeb baby names. I officially withdraw Honor and replace it with Bronx Mowgli.

    I also had a thought. Does anyone know if they actually call the girl, Harlow? Both these babies have “normal” names like Kate and James in their names. Maybe they give them unusual names, but on a daily basis call them Kate and James.

  26. Lem says:

    I know both a Tank and a Cobra

    meh at least they didn’t go with Swallow

  27. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Petra X: I do know of whom you speak. I’ve never seen a Bond film before (I know), but with a hellacious name like ‘Pussy Galore’, it’s had to forget. I’ve thought that it’s funny that her true first name is ‘Honor’, when for North American audiences her most famous role is for a ‘Pussy’.

    @Mairead: Yes, in Canada we spell everything with the ‘u’. We also do the ‘re’ thing instead of ‘er’. It always feels strange to stop my fingers from doing what they would naturally, if for any reason I have to take on the American spellings.

    favourite, theatre, neighbour, metre, endeavour, colour, behaviour, litre, celsius, ‘zed’.


    Susette: I hope for Little Grackle’s sake, you’re right about this one. Let’s hope that the only time he ever has to think about his avian Christian name is when there is legal paperwork to be done.

    It could be worse:

    ‘What’s your name, little one?’
    ‘How nice. And you, son?’
    ‘St. Andrew?’
    ‘That’s not a thing.’
    ‘Godspeed, Sweetie-Petey.’

  28. eternalcanadian says:

    Aw, congratulations to Nicole and Joel on the safe arrival of their new baby.

    But what were they thinking calling their baby SPARROW? Oh dear, I can imagine the horrible nicknames. No matter what kids are going to be cruel on the playground and in school. For example, “Hey birdy!” or “Tweet, tweet” or “Aww, lookie little sparrow crying.” Never mind Midnight.

    Nicole and Joel gave Harlow such a cool name and totally bombed when it came to naming their new baby,

  29. Sani says:

    Congrats to Nicole and Joel!!!!!
    That baby will be called Jack Sparrow.

  30. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Child services should intervene and take the baby away until they are prepared to give it a realistic name.

  31. ♥Natalie♥ says:

    What a horrible name.

  32. gg says:

    Truly cringeworthy is when you can figure out exactly where they ripped the name from, and it’s another overmarketed Disney movie. Tell me they didn’t just steal Captain Jack Sparrow’s name.

    Meet my kids, Harlow and Sparrow?? How utterly embarrassing. Contrived, and not even original, poorly sourced, transparent attempt at pretention – not working. Shudder.
    And I thought the name Rumer was odd. It sounds damn normal now.

    Otherwise, felicitations to the happy family.

  33. Cowbell says:

    Guess they needed the first name to end with an “ow”; the middle to be normal; and the third to be when they were born. Thank god he wasn’t born in the noon.

    Whatev. Why not Capon?

  34. truthSF says:

    Jo ‘Mama’ Besser:
    September 9th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    The name ‘Honor’ has been around for eons, it’s often short for ‘Honoria’.

    I think ‘Honor’ is better. ‘Honoria’ sounds more like ‘gonoria’.

  35. Abby says:

    Maybe they’ll call him “Spare.” Like, spare kid. Nothing like a few second child issues.

  36. Sheigh says:

    What a cruel damages for my ears!
    Harlow sounds like classical, soft and original but not ridiculous, like the great actress Jean Harlow. While Sparrow is the other side, Disney’s inspiration, or pet’s name, I can’t say it without laughs, it sounds hard and easier in last name.
    For the first, Nic & Jo were “avant-gardist”, now for this, they follow Hollywood without charm and ridiculous chosen names!

  37. sauvage says:

    Pilot Inspector is worse as a name, I think, so he’s rather well off.

    Congratulations to the happy family!

  38. Cas says:

    I love Harlow and Sparrow for two little girls but for a boy Sparrow is WAY too feminine!

  39. Jazz says:

    Sparrow?? Oh.My.God. Whenever famous people name their kids I always think “What the hell??!”, but when they give the kid a normal name I’m almost disappointed! He’ll probably go by James when he’s older. Sparrow??

  40. princess pea says:

    Meh, I like it. And really, do kids get beat up over names? Why do we always say that? Teased, sure. But, um, kids tease. Even if you’re named Mike, or Nick or James or whatever.

    I do also think it’s cooler to be named Sparrow or Apple or whatever than to be the seventh kid in your class with the same name.

  41. tsagrednerp says:

    I like the name but that doesn’t change the price of rice, sure its a little out there but the commenter above said it right his name fits right in with the other ‘hipster’ children of hollywood.

    I’m happy for them and glad their baby is healthy.

  42. lovetofishes says:

    I love the name. I don’t know why so many people are taking issue and saying that kids will tease him, when already these adults are doing the same thing to his own loving parents for the same reason. Will we ever leave junior high hell?

    I must repeat that I think the name is super cool…but Nicole, sweetie! Did you realize people are going to joke that your boy was named after your (former) eating habits? Just sayin.’

    Go, Sparrow James Midnight. Rock on.

  43. 1-SWT-1 says:

    Congrats to the family on the healthy birth of their son. I don’t know why everyone has something to say about the name Nicole picked for HER child. Maybe she wanted to be different, that’s what I did when I named my son. My son’s name is La’Sayvious, and I know no other person with that name…that’s the point! God Bless

  44. Deb says:

    I like what Charlie Sheen and his new wife did; those rebels actually named their sons Bob and Max! What some people won’t do to get talked about!

  45. 4Real says:

    Stupidest name.

  46. Ok sincerely.. that’s got to be false. Maybe I’m not seeing it correctly however a real ring that size would be a ridiculous amount of cash. Like way ridiculous.