Prince Harry & Meghan will end up ‘destroying’ William & Kate’s ‘A-list appeal’?


One of my new favorite genres of royal reporting is when the royal commentators accidentally reveal the truth about something that they’ve been lying about for months. It’s been happening a lot lately, so much so that I have to think some of the royal commentators are doing it on purpose, perhaps to yank on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s short leash. Very little of this reporting is being done specifically to favor Prince Harry and Meghan. Like, that’s not the goal. The goal, if you look carefully, is to poke at William and Kate and to make them sound lazy/dumb/incompetent and dull. Which, to be fair, isn’t hard. So enjoy this please:

Meghan Markle’s multi-million brand will destroy Prince William and Kate Middleton’s own A-list appeal, an expert has warned. Since relocating to California with Prince Harry and son Archie citing privacy concerns, Meghan has signed massive multi-million content deals with the likes of Netflix and Spotify. But Meghan and Harry’s own star power is threatening to eclipse the A-list appeal of Prince William and Kate Middleton who must remain popular and glamourous for the long-term future of the monarchy.

Speaking on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe “What Harry and Meghan have done over the past 12 months is sow seeds which will spell potential catastrophe to the Royal Family.

“When 50 million people are watching Harry’s chat about organic yoghurt or whatever it is that he wants to promote, and 5,000 people are watching his brother – Prince William, the future King – do a royal engagement, opening a supermarket in Hemel Hempstead or whatever – that is when it becomes a problem.”

[From The Sun]

Finally, someone says the quiet part out loud. For months and months, the talking point was that Meghan and Harry will fail miserably without the Windsors’ support, that how dare they even dream of being successful without the royal establishment on their side, poor Harry will have to leave his wife and child in America and come running back to his “real family” and beg them for forgiveness. And after all that, Harry and Meghan are fine, they’re building their own empire, they’re happy and making money. And worse yet for the Windsors, Harry and Meghan are still very popular around the world, especially in the large American media market. So yeah… William and Kate do look dull. They always did! Will and Kate’s brand was never global, it was never glamorous and it was never exciting. They are two very limited, lazy, parochial people and their political base is just… English suburban royalists who kiss their asses for being white. That’s it. And yes, it IS a problem and a potential catastrophe. Entirely of Will & Kate’s own making.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Ireland, Dublin

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  1. Seraphina says:

    The hate Harry and Meghan get is due to this – they are more popular than FFK and FFQC. And why? Because they work and care about what they do. It doesn’t help that H&M also have star power – which is something that comes naturally.
    That last picture made me cringe – it looks so fake: all the men laughing hysterically at what ever Wills is saying. Feeding that ego……..

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Deep, spiritual royal popularity sigh. Harry and Meghan are the real deal. Hardworking, charismatic, relatable and appealing. Baldilocks and his mannequin are dull, lazy and at nearly 40 have nothing to show for their pampered and infantalised existence. A title does not a royal make in this 21st, social media dominated century. Disinformation may have worked once upon a time but that’s no longer the case. The monarchy shot itself in the foot with its continued ill treatment of the Sussexes. No amount of embiggening campaigns and siccing of the media will work and on top of that the timing is awful for the UK what with Brexit and an incompetent government. Karma has come calling. Time to welcome her with open arms.

      • Karamelbella says:

        The “Baldilocks” comment took me out and I’m still trying to recover 😂😂😂! Thank you for that hearty laugh that’s got me crying tears’

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Baldilocks! cryin’ here. We need a petty thread listing names we can call the Cambridges and their stooges.

    • Nic919 says:

      That photo looks like something we would have seen coming from the orange mango whitehouse.

  2. Brit says:

    There it is. It was always jealously and the the fact that Meghan and Harry have star power, charisma and friends/influencers in high places. In my opinion, the RR’s know Kate and William don’t have it, which is why they keep hanging on to hope that Harry and Meghan come back. That’s why they’re still obsessed with them because they need them because without them, their job is literally nothing of substance. All the smears, abuse and lies didn’t do much to stop the Sussexes and now it’s a problem for the royals and media. They both lost out and that agreement between them is going to get even more tense because no one cares about the other royals and the media is losing money. They can try to turn Kate into a clone Meghan all they want, it will never be the real thing and they know it.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The RF and BM are in full panic mode due in part to the Biden administration who does not give a toss about the UK’s butt hurt feelings. Expect more UK press attacks on the Sussexes, Biden, Kamala and anyone they deem Sussex friendly. It’s the only playbook they know. To make matters worse, the more they embiggen the trainbridges, the worse they look in comparison. They simply haven’t got the mettle or willingness for leadership or a genuine heart for doing good.

      • Midnight@theOasis says:

        Will the UK press really attack Biden and Harris given the UK’s need for trade agreements? That’s shooting off your nose to spite your face.

      • Brit says:

        Actually, I think the opposite will happen. I think there will be mounting pressure to get them back especially as working royals because of Harry and Meghan’s connection to the Biden’s/Obamas/Clinton’s. Their soft power diplomacy is out of this world and with them actually living in the states, I wouldn’t be surprised if the establishment wants them involved in US-UK relations. I’m going by the articles that have been written since Kamala and Joe won. Too many have emphasized the Meghan-Kamala connection and The Biden’s relationship with Harry. That picture with Harry in Arlington said a lot and trust, those back in England seen and know they screwed up.

      • Shoshone says:

        If you look at the DM online headlines today the trashing of Biden and his administration has already begun. Keep it up DM and we will see Biden visiting Ireland first.

      • one of the Marys says:

        Brit I didn’t realize there was a Kamala-Meghan connection? What is the media referring to?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @one of the Marys – Megan and Kamala are both Biracial Women of Color and are both Californians.

      • bamaborn says:

        What was up with Betty sending a note or letter or something to the Biden administration? Didn’t read article, but, thought they stay out of politics.

      • My Two Cents says:

        one of the Marys, Kamala has supported Meghan publicly on Instagram, after the African tour where she almost cried, after her miscarriage and I think one other time.

      • Becks1 says:

        And Kamala’s niece posted something on twitter – maybe when it was announced the Sussexes bought the house in Montecito? Not sure when – about welcoming Meghan to California and how she was “our” princess.

      • Jaded says:

        @Bamaborn – it’s just the usual diplomatic protocol to send a congratulatory note to the incoming president. She likely didn’t even write it, just got one of her “communications” experts to pen it, all she did was sign it.

      • Giddy says:

        Elizabeth Regina, you said what, to me, is the most important lack in the Cambridges, that they don’t have the genuine heart. That is everything! Harry and Meghan care, are interested, and when they speak with people they show it. The Cambridges have that look that says they had to come and will forget you as soon as they escape to their car. Harry and Meghan have that good heart as the basis for their appeal.

      • Zaya says:

        @midnight@theoasis, the DM are already attacking Biden for removing Churchill’s bust and replacing it with Cesar Chavez. A British reporter also asked the press sec about the Churchill bust. Bojo was asked about it too.

      • windyriver says:

        @Zaya – Yup! Commented about this on the Diet Coke button thread. Obama also removed the Churchill bust during his years in office, and Boris Johnson, then London mayor, said some words at that time about Obama that he’s sorry for now, because Biden’s people haven’t forgotten. The Guardian had a great take on the whole thing:

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        UK-US relations are already in the toilet in no small part thanks to BoJo the Clown.
        BoJo is openly racist, and his treatment of the Obamas was something Joe Biden cannot forget or forgive. BoJo really pissed Biden off with that. It was about much more than the Churchill bust, but it was all of a piece with BoJo’s behaviour.

        But back to the KompletelyKeenKambridges – when the hell were they ever A-List?
        Talk about an alternate reality.

        As for H&M – Workshy and MumbleMum are clearly continually salty about their success… so guess living well really is the best revenge, lol

      • Wiglet Watcher says:


    • Myra says:

      I think jealousy of the Sussexes popularity is the motivation behind the whole smear campaign post-fall 2018. However, good old fashion racism is the motivation behind not welcoming Meghan in the family in the first place and working with tabloid editors to humiliate Meghan through her father.

  3. Cecilia says:

    William & kate never had any a list appeal to begin with.

    • Sofia says:

      I would argue that they did as in past tense. They were very popular (IMO) between 2011-2013. It dipped after that and in 2015/2016, even royal reporters started complaining hence all the “Duchess Doolittle” and “Workshy Wills” nicknames.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think they had a lot of appeal in those years because they were young and fresh and we didnt overly think about the laziness aspect because Kate was “learning the ropes” or whatever – and they did some high profile tours that made it seem like they were busier than they actually were. But as time went on their laziness could not be hidden and once Meghan came on the scene I think many people realized how lazy they actually were.

        I used to be a big Kate fan, I checked What Kate Wore every day, when they were on tour I constantly refreshed the site (dont judge me okay?!?!?!) and then after a few years I just started to get bored. She just comes across as very dull and now we see that she is mean-spirited as well, and its not a good combination for winning public favor.

      • Alexandria says:

        They did have appeal on virtue of being young royals but they forgot to back it up with substantial work. Substantial work – because 5 question survey…come on.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        When they were first married, there were high hopes. Will was still good-looking, Kate was a non-aristo, so the “breath of fresh air” crap was circulating… The fact that she had a “normal” backround/family was thought to be fabulous, that this would bring back the “normal touch”, what Diana wanted for her boys. People figured (and were TOLD!) Kate was the “MOST PREPARED Princess EVAH, GUYS!! SHE’LL HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!” and then she planted her skinny tush in Wales and didn’t move, because…well…we all well know now why. She only emerged to go shopping and get her hair done.

        Willileaks kept running from HIS responsibilities to play pilot. To which he couldn’t commit to full-time (didn’t he almost miss certifications due to lack of flying hours, and with reports from fellow pilots that he missed shifts, and worked part-time, shortened shifts as it was (wasn’t it like 3 days a week)? We all know now that he was doing a LOT of gardening in that time he wasn’t working, but esp. in Norfolk’s Rose Garden.

        These two *want* to be A list, but don’t want to do anything to earn it. They *want* to be seen as do-gooders, w/out expending the effort to get out and actually HELP others. Someone needs to get through to them that it doesn’t work by osmosis, and just because others in the family do/did things, it doesn’t just “rub off” on them.

      • My Two Cents says:

        I stumbled upon an article the other day from a 2012 CNN article called, ‘Cheeky Prince Harry vs dull brother Wills’… so I’m not sure how popular Will was, but they had already called his dullness out!

      • Betsy says:

        They were super popular for a time! But what neither of them grasped is that Royals aren’t inherently rock stars, they’re rock stars because they’re out there being seen and working. It’s not enough to be papped on the way to the salon or shopping, you need to do your damn job.

        They didn’t even need to be great at innovating their jobs like Harry and Meghan were/are; they just needed to do the prescribed work frequently. They couldn’t even manage that.

      • Amy Too says:

        It seems like once George was born, Kate decided to just fast forward to being the Queen Mum, the role she will have if William pre-deceases her and George is on the throne. She started dressing in that super old lady, mumsy way and suddenly all the PR was more about how she’s just a mother supporting everyone else from behind the scenes. It’s like she decided to take early retirement and jump straight to what her eventual and last role will be: Queen Mother. It’s probably the role she’s most looking forward to because she won’t have to work anymore, and yet she’ll be the king’s mother and be “in charge” of the family and guiding it behind the scenes. It’s honestly probably the role she and Carole were actually pursuing for her: lauded and respected Queen figure who has the King’s ear and who can quietly pull all the strings from behind the curtain and no one will dare criticize her bc she will be the King’s beloved mummy. She doesn’t seem to realize she has to fulfill her roles as D of C, then princess of Wales, then Queen consort first before she gains the love and respect of being Queen Mum.

    • Princess Peach says:

      As my grandmother always said “dimming someone’s light won’t make you shine.”

    • Belli says:

      Didn’t Will complain ages ago (pre-Meghan) that he couldn’t get any celebrities on board with something he did?

      • Jaded says:

        Yup. He said, in early 2016, that “of all the celebrities Heads Together contacted to get on board not one person wanted to be involved.”

        Compare that to what Meghan and Harry have accomplished with numerous celebrities.

        Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • Myra says:

      That’s exactly it. They are very boring as a couple. They dress like a middle aged couple and don’t have enough charisma to relate to a global audience. They rarely rock the boat and they just don’t incite excitement. Hell, they don’t even inspire a call to action amongst their fanbase. If you find yourself with MAGATS as your fan base, you’ve got to start questioning your messaging.

    • lucky says:

      This. They were pretty and that was all. I think the biggest thing I took away from The Crown was that these were just normal people that lived in a big house. And even more, they are sheltered normal people with somewhat limited education, and with that comes an inherent boredom. They are bored and boring. All the fancy clothing and fancy vacations and fancy homes can make them interesting, witty, or charming. You have it or you don’t. I also loved the glimpse into the first born always being a little bit like cardboard because of the expectations and the second born having a bit more personality because of having a bit more freedom. Harry got out before his was squashed, perhaps.

      • Capepopsie says:

        I really don’t think they are ”normal” in any shape or form.

      • Jezebel's Lacefront says:

        I wouldn’t call dysfunction normal. I wouldn’t wish that “family” on anyone. Harry knew this and split, which I think shows his wisdom.

      • Dollycoa says:

        I do think the dysfunction comes partly from the boredom of not being that bright ( they havent had a limited education, they have had the best education money can buy, but they are just not clever enough to have absorbed any of it) They start doing things like playing one child off the other and shagging around and having a popularity contest between fathers and sons and brothers because they have absolutely nothing else to occupy their brains. Their ‘ work’ does not involve any great thought, just to turn up, smile inanely and maybe read some notes or a speech someone else has prepared for them. If Will and Kate werent so lazy they would set something up like The Duke of Edinburgh scheme or Princes Trust or Invictus, which all 3 Royals got involved in when they were much younger than William, and after they had left the Armed Forces. Wills has sat around telling everyone what hes doing while not actually doing anything.

    • Coco says:

      A-List appeal due to charisma, maybe not. But William will never not be invited to a party or awards show because his is unlikeable. He will never not have people seeking his favor.

      • L4frimaire says:

        That’s the thing. This guy William has so much access and doors open to him already. He had a bunch of celebrities sign on to his Earthshot and is besties with Attenborough. He’ll always have people wanting to be around him. Maybe he doesn’t think they’re cool or powerful enough. Who knows? The Cambridge’s problem is that they don’t want anyone liking the Sussexes, and it upsets them that they garner headlines and positive interest from other celebrities.

  4. Alexandria says:

    A problem indeed – first world problem! The UK wouldn’t collapse without a royal family. They are rich enough, get off and redistribute the funds!

    This smearing wouldn’t happen because of jealousy and pettiness. If WK, Charles and the Queen are decent people, they would work with HM’s popularity. But alas, they’re not even smart! Are these the royals you want? Indecent, dumb, racist, unscrupulous and petty with nary a conscience. So smug with their royal ‘work’ thinking they’re better than the rest.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Sadly the British exceptionalism is ingrained in their DNA. They are neither book smart nor street smart and have yet to wake up to the fact that times have changed. Most of the public are indifferent to mildly curious about them. They has so many opportunities to do some good during this pandemic but they prioritised photo ops and attacking Meghan. A house divided among itself will not stand. Plus as a member of the public, I look at them thinking if Baldy can throw his own brother under several buses (two airplanes stunt anyone?) and their father and grandmother could not call him to order why should I ever trust the lot of them?

    • CC2 says:

      Exactly. The Sussex squad and even the general public would happily receive Kate and William if they were all happy together (if Meghan and Harry love them, then it implies they’re all great). Like come on, when Meghan married into the family, i was so excited! When they showed up at Wimbledon together I was so happy!

      Even if they didnt get along, a good PR strategy would be to have Kate wear Meghan’s smart works collection, have Meghan be pictured playing with the Cambridge children, even lunching together..gosh. I think they were even willing to go along with that. Harry and William were not having it though, LOL.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        I suspect Baldilocks and his wife thought themselves the stars of the monarchy and in their jealousy and stupidity failed to see how this could have worked for the firm as a whole. It didn’t help that the Ma Middleton and others joined the fray thinking getting rid of the Sussexes would solve the popularity issue. Love when people play themselves.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        According to the hierarchy of rank, the Cambridges should be the stars of the BRF. However, popular interest doesn’t follow rank and the BRF hasn’t yet learnt that particular lesson. Unlike the Cambridges, the Sussexes are not only charismatic but also authentic and people respond to that.

        The Cambridges are dull (they only had youth and looks to spark initial interest – and both are fading) – and they don’t want to do the work that could get them more attention. Telling the world that you’re keen doesn’t make you an A-lister. William should just be content with the fact that he’ll become King when he’s old – and then he’ll be overshadowed by his children.

  5. Oatmeal says:


    W&K will always be A list by virtue of being royals and Will being future king, but their appeal has always been limited (especially after Will lost his looks) because they are dull and stilted as dishwater

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I agree but not just by virtue of him being dull though. He has done and achieved so little and he cannot be trusted. People look at him and think, if he can be horrible to his own flesh and blood, what would he do to us plebs?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Oatmeal – You hit the nail on the head with “especially after Will lost his looks” but forgot “and Kate started dressing like a 55 year old retiree in Florida”. The Trainbridges have nothing except their looks to look at.

      On the other hand, Chucky and Cammie are not lookers (and never were IMPO) BUT their work (such as Dumfries House, sustainability and The Book Club) is very interesting to a large percentage of the Royal following public.

    • My Two Cents says:

      What exactly was Will doing when younger brother Harry was setting up Invictus, Sentebale, doing Walking with the Wounded twice! I remember Heads Together (which was supposedly Kate’s idea…was this someone’s early idea of embiggening her ? because I don’t believe it was her idea, not for a minute), but this was all 3, and frankly, other than the name, I can’t remember anything they actually accomplished.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        My Two Cents, Kate has only ever had one big idea in her life and that was getting the ring. Once mission was accomplished that was it. She is the laziest royal by
        several miles.

      • Nyro says:

        It wasn’t her idea. I remember when Harry was at the first Obama Foundation conference and he was being interviewed and was asked who came up with initiatives like Heads Together, and Harry kept hedging and clearly did not want to say the truth, which was clearly that the ideas come from him and only him, not the other two.

  6. ABritGuest says:

    Look how they make it seem like it’s just Meghan signing the deals. And then claiming she cited privacy for leaving. Claiming Harry will be selling yogurt when there’s no suggestion he would be hawking products. It’s little things but it’s effective for their readers.

    Why does it matter if Harry gets more attention? Will is going to be king I thought that was the bigger deal in those circles. Plus I thought that royals are above celebrity & they are all about duty& service so as long as the future king is doing that & the people he is meeting appreciate that what’s the biggie? I hope Duncan isn’t suggesting performing royal duties is actually an attention grab?

    Anyway its funny that this problem is one of the royals’ own making.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      All excellent points!
      They never say the full story. That the BRF only lives if they’re popular like celebrities. And now the jealous tones are really coming through. Cambridges are not a list popular. That the Sussex are rolling in millions. Charities are beating down their doors. The President of the United States has a sweet almost father son relationship with Harry. That the real A list embraces Harry and Meghan as neighbors, friends and business partners.

      William will be the downfall of the Monarchy.

      • Robert says:

        My personal opinion. When the Queen passes and Charles becomes King. I believe that the british people will start questioning whether they still need the monarchy. And then to look at William becoming King after that. I don’t believe William will ever become King.

      • RoyalBlue says:


        I think he will be, but of a very tiny kingdom, England alone. then I hope he will focus on British focused initiatives rather than trying to be king of the world. and the commonwealth of nations will not follow the suggested protocol of having a royal head.

    • Gina says:

      Agree with you completely! It’s unbelievable how press with the help of poisonous Royal Reporters manipulate public opinion. British tabloids in general – phenomenon worth studying, indeed. I think there’s no other country in the world where the so-called “yellow press” is so powerful and is so purposeful and dangerous. Look, they don’t work for the profit only. They have other goals and they often achieve them. Does somebody analyze the contribution of tabs to the formation of public opinion on Brexit, for example? Not just the obvious contribution but the weight of it? The fact that they succeeded to chase the Royal Prince out of the country with his wife and newborn son is very telling. I don’t dismiss the contribution of RF to that, of course. But without such influential tool it wouldn’t be so easy.
      I hate press manipulations!

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        Agree with all of this- and from now on I won’t refer to them as tabloids, rags, trash, bird cage lining, or any such polite designation- but rather as a cabal, for that is what they truly are.

    • L4frimaire says:

      This is so true! They try to undermine Harry and the seriousness of his work and what he’s established, as they have always done, and focus on the money and “ deals” to push their gold digger narrative.They still try not to mention what the Sussexes actually do or the working partnerships they establish, because they have always disrespected their work and don’t understand it or how to write about real work. Harry just partnered with Australian first responders on a mental health program similar to what he is doing with the British military. Also, the work Meghan was criticized with over the summer, getting people to vote, her “wokeness” about speaking out about toxic internet culture, have shown she was right on so many things. Why do they care if Will had Kate are not A-list? Which A-list are they talking about? They can hang with all the European royals. Aren’t they supposed to be above that , shouldn’t they be focusing on the UK, their country they represent, especially now? They’ll be the ones meeting all the heads of states, wearing the crowns and jewels. That is the glamor so why complain if the Sussexes produce a documentary, help with a girls education project, or participate in a philanthropy forum? The Sussexes are staying in their lane and don’t mention the royals at all. Why is the UK press constantly spouting this BS about Meghan and Harry? They can’t let them go.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      If Harry ends up selling yoghurt, good for him. Paul Newman’s brand (“Newman’s Own”) has done more for charities than the entire British royal family put together. If anyone dares criticize charities like Newman’s, it only shows jealousy and that the critic NEVER CARED about the less fortunate, only about THEIR OWN SNOOTY IMAGE. This article shows the truth coming out at last, in small trickles.

    • Agree ABritGuest. And the article above seems to indicate the thinking is if the Sussexes suddenly stay at home and generate nothing, including, no press interest, that the 50 million people interested in them are going to suddenly turn that interest to William cutting a ribbon. They need to fire their entire PR staff if they truly believe this. The Cambridge’s are getting just as much attention as they ever did. If he ever becomes King, they will naturally have more interest in them. They need to just do some good work with constructive results and shut the F*** up about whose more popular. Surely this whiny S**t Show has gone on long enough.

  7. truthSF says:

    So the guy is blaming both Harry and Meghan’s popularity, but the Sun made sure to frame the narrative as Meghan being the only one to sign those mega deal?! This sh!t got Dan Rotten written all over it!!😒

    • Bren says:

      Yep, they always find a way to bring it back to it’s Meghan’s fault. This article is ridiculous because Harry always had a superstar yet approachable quality when compared to Will and Kate. Marrying Meghan just added to Harry’s appeal.

  8. Becks1 says:

    HAHAHAHA. Is this supposed to be a criticism of Harry and Meghan? I’m assuming so because of the yogurt comment, but I’m still dying.

    No one cares if William opens a supermarket. Heck, we were talking yesterday about when we last saw Kate, and when I checked their IG I realized they had a released a zoom call a week ago, and I did not see it covered at all. No one cares besides hardcore royalists. And I follow them on IG and twitter! Contrast that with Meghan sending Oprah lattes and the big US morning shows pick it up, Meghan’s NYT op-ed received international acclaim. etc.

    Anyway – what he’s saying is true and its always been the issue, hasnt it? Harry and Meghan have star power and are popular and interesting and fun and pick worthwhile organizations to promote/get involved with, and people follow them for all those reasons. That was true when they were royals, and its true now. When they were royals, William and Kate couldnt stand it so they thought by driving them out they would be “fixing” the problem. But they just made it worse because now they cant control them. Now they cant ask Harry to reschedule a charity visit because William is opening a supermarket (lol at that one.) They cant tell Harry or Meghan that a certain cause isnt “appropriate.”

    So now Will and Kate are the boring, uninteresting ones, with no real causes or interest besides vague interests in mental health and “the early years,” and no real international appeal. And that would all be okay except they’re lazy. Sophie is fairly boring but she’s not lazy. Charles is a bit dull but has never been lazy and I think that actually helped make him more interesting – because he has thrown himself into his causes and it has helped people understand what he cares about. We have no real idea what Will and Kate care about. So the lazy aspect is the real problem – combined with their belief that they are amazingly popular and loved around the world, which is not the case.

    • Brit says:

      It’s funny to me that these people want to blame Harry and Meghan for something they’ve known about William and Kate for years and endlessly complained about. These people are only using the Cambridge’s for access to their children. They only big up William and Kate because that’s what they’re left with and beat the couple they really want access to with. They’re forever be in the Sussexes shadow because the people they’ve got into an agreement with with traumatized are they’ve been rejected and don’t have the guts to say that the Sussexes is where the money is. I would have more respect for them if they openly said it instead of this delusion.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think they (the press) are starting to get close to saying it – reading between the liens in this article, theres definitely a sentiment of “and we’re stuck covering the ones no one cares about.” Remember the bit from over the summer, where the woman (cant remember her name) was like, “Come on, we all miss Meghan, Sophies a good egg but she’s a ford fiesta and Meghan is a Lamborghini”. That’s basically what this article is saying too. They’re stuck with the ford fiestas and the Lamborghini has relocated to California.

        I also agree with your point about the press bigging up Will and Kate to get access to the children, but Will and Kate are too narrow-minded/short-sighted to realize thats only going to last so long. Soon they wont want to see cute pictures of the kids, they’re going to want stories about the kids misbehaving at school or holding wild parties at Anmer Hall etc. George turns 8 this year, that switch in coverage is going to happen a lot sooner than the Cambridges realize in my opinion. (I’m not saying its going to happen overnight, but within the next 7-10 years.)

    • lanne says:

      The thing is, William DOESNT go open supermarkets. They don’t do that kind of work. If they did, it would be less of a problem–they could frame it as the Cambridges are the UK royals and the Sussexes are the global royals. The problem is that the Cambridges WANT the celebrity connections, and believe they are owed them by virtue of their position. They’re angry that the Sussexes have them, and were dumb enough to think that by pushing the Sussexes out, all attention would return to them. And it won’t.

      The RF, the BM and getting EXACTLY what they deserve, and what they have earned.

      • Brit says:

        The irony is that even the BM barely cover William and Kate. They still obsess over the Sussexes, make up fake stories in hopes they’ll respond etc. Royal podcasts still obsess over them.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “The RF, the BM and getting EXACTLY what they deserve, and what they have earned.”

        Sorta like BREXIT??? LOL! LOL!

      • Becks1 says:

        “The problem is that the Cambridges WANT the celebrity connections, and believe they are owed them by virtue of their position.”

        This IS exactly the problem and it has driven so many of their actions over the past 3 years.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “So now Will and Kate are the boring, uninteresting ones, with no real causes or interest besides vague interests in mental health and “the early years,”

      Will and Kat have ALWAYS been the boring ones. Anne & Sophie are more interesting on an average news day than the Trainbridges.

      • Becks1 says:

        They have always been boring and uninteresting but I think it was easier to hide that fact before Meghan came along.

  9. AVEA says:

    LOL OK
    1. Mr and Mrs Cambridge never had “A list appeal” And they never will
    2. I thought we were told that royals aren’t *gasp* celebrities? I thought she was just a normal working mom with her hair in a ponytail?

    • MF1 says:

      Your 2nd point is part of the problem. W&K want all the attention and the celebrity attention but they refuse to *really* lean into the glamor of their position. They try to sell themselves as normal middle class country folk who enjoy a simple life in the country. But then Kate goes out and spends $100k. *eyeroll*

      Basically, it’s terrible PR work. They have no idea what their brand is.

  10. Brit says:

    How long before the BM turns on the William and Kate because I don’t see this sycophant, rosey coverage lasting too much longer especially if Meghan wins her case and when the Sussexes start working again and the media still want exclusives and leaks. That family can’t deliver what that media really wants. I agree Kaiser, this seems like a dig/warning at Kate and William because they all know the truth.

  11. Sofia says:

    Contrary to popular belief (and I’ve said this before I think) but you don’t need “A-List appeal” to be a successful royal. You do however need to work hard which the Cambridges don’t want to do.

    Besides, they’re still fairly popular (or at least, nobody actively wants to get rid of them) in the UK anyways. It’s the UK’s citizens that pay for the royals and can then decide they don’t want to pay for you anymore. And if they like you (or don’t hate you enough to get rid of you) then who cares what everyone else thinks and who’s popular elsewhere

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      I agree. As long as the Cambridge’s are popular in the U.K. it shouldn’t matter about the rest of the world. But it does seem to matter to the Cambridge’s that they aren’t as globally popular as the Sussexes. Sadly, there’s nothing the Cambridge’s can do to elevate themselves to the Sussexes international appeal.

    • Pétulia says:

      But that’s not what W&K want they want the global attention Meghan brought with her. Unless they were on tours or having babies I never saw them in the international press before Meghan.

      • Sofia says:

        I never said that the Cambridges don’t want global attention. I’m saying that they don’t /need/ it.

        Want and need are two different things.

    • Nyro says:

      The British Royal Family believe that they are the royals of all royals. They’ll never accept the fact that they are now no more important than the Swedish or Danish royals. They’re local yokels who can’t garner major attention outside of the UK.

      • Alexandria says:

        Agree with Nyro. The BRF ego is high! They are senior royals, of course they would be A list by default even though they are boring. But it is not enough! Anyone who is not the heir MUST not be more popular in the UK. HM are reaching GLOBAL A list status, way beyond shores of UK. That has to BURN.

        And I love the way karma has shown that Harry’s long term relationship with the Bidens and Obamas are making the BRF and Tories nervous.

      • BlueMatt says:

        That in itself shows how misguided they are. Denmark has Queen Margarethe II, who’s from the oldest monarchy of the world. I would think Queen Margarethe would be celebrity if even if she were a commoner. She’s artsy, charismatic and a real character. And the danish crown prince and his wife are showing how it is done. The crown prince has gained a lot of statue in the last 10 to 15 years, and Denmark can be proud to have him as King, when the time comes. Princess Mary is originally a commoner like Kate, but due to the things she has done and achieved as crown princess, she is officially appointed by the danish government to represent Denmark on official state duty when the Queen or Prince Frederik are unavailable. This is more or less unprecedented for the wife of a crown prince, particularly because she is not from the nobility originally, and that shows how much trust is bestowed on her by the danish government. Quite a difference to what happens in the UK…

  12. Digital Unicorn says:

    Petty jealousy is a dangerous emotion but given how stunted the Cambridges are – are we surprised. They was a small time frame after they got married where they had a-list appeal but that quickly died.

    William is too lazy to be a proper A lister, he just wants the adulation and attention. Top CEO however, has always craved A list celebrity status – girlfriend strutted for the paps like one for years.

    The Sussex’s have shattered the mystery and smoke/mirrors not only around the RF but with the Cambridges – the little snowflakes are butt hurt that they are not adored.

    • Becks1 says:

      I dont want to be totally shallow, but I think Kate’s wardrobe killed a lot of their a-list appeal. She just dresses….boring. And frilly. And its gotten worse as time has gone on. too many buttons, too much lace, too much theme dressing. I feel like she used to get a lot of coverage on fashion sites and she doesnt anymore because its just so dull. Once in a while she still hits it out of the park, but that’s few and far between. And its really hard to have “a-list appeal” when you are boring, fashion-wise. Even when she wears something that we like on here, its usually because its something fairly simple and plain. She has no real sense of style which would be okay, but Meghan has a very good sense of style and the comparisons just always make Kate look flat. I mean compare the Commonwealth service – Kate in that buttoned up old fashioned red coat, Meghan in that gorgeous green outfit.

      I know that’s a shallow analysis, but when you factor in boring clothes with lack of work (and since she doesnt work, her clothes are really the only thing to discuss), the end result is someone that no one really cares about. And that REALLY bothers Kate. She wants to be the biggest celebrity in every room she enters. And she’s just not.

      • Brit says:

        No one cares about the boring housewife mom image. I’m not trying to be mean or anything. It’s 2021, today’s woman is layered, dynamic, independent and outspoken, married, single, with or without children. Kate’s image works in Brexit Britain and racists but in the US, that sugary sweet, ultra conversative, White, housewife image isn’t even popular. The problem with Kate and the royals, they didn’t embrace that change and multi cultural world. So now they’re stuck because while the world is changing around them, they’re stuck in their ways.

      • Dee says:

        This. She could’ve done so much for up and coming British designers. Instead she she’s watered down good designers and ordered the same coatdress in multiple colors.

      • lanne says:

        Why isn’t Kate wearing the youngest, hippest British designers? Why is she going back to Diana retreads from Catherine Walker, who’s been dead for how long now? Why wasn’t Kate Zooming about Early years? Reading with children, cooking simple meals with the kids? Why wasn’t she touting mental health resources for overstressed moms? There’s so much she could be doing and she does nothing. Sure, she might be afraid of Will’s temper and jealousy, but her only shot is to make a name for herself. If he ever pushes her aside, she’ll be Kate who? Because no one knows who she is or what she cares about. At least when Diana was pushed aside, she had developed her own voice. Where is Kate’s voice? It’s been 10 years now. The British public knows nothing about her–and the realization may be dawning that there’s simply nothing to know. She very well could be an absolutely empty vessel, a Stepford broadmare.

        Does she have no advisors? No PR folks? If you took a poll and asked people in the UK to name 3 things about her that have nothing to do with her title or her kids, could anyone do it? She and William are throwbacks to the 19th century.

      • MF1 says:

        I went back and looked at some of the gowns she wore in the first year after W&K married, and you know what? Kate looked really good. Pretty, glamorous, even sexy in a fresh-faced way. Her dresses weren’t super cutting edge fashion but they looked current and flattering.

        I don’t know what happened, but I think you’re right: her bad fashion choices really hurt W&K’s popularity. Her clothes aren’t beautiful or interesting anymore, and let’s face, we all want princesses to be glamorous!

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        It really started to go downhill, fashion-wise, after George’s birth. Then, it’s like a switch went off, and she went into dowdy mode, Queenie-style, in those old-fashioned coat dresses (though it did take forever for her to lower/weight her hems)…and then she took it WAY too far and started dressing like a Sister-Wife, with the lace/frills/poufed shoulders and hems down to her ankles. The RARE times she “gets” it, we are amazed (the white, Grecian style dress to the BAFTAs is definitely the most memorable for me).

        She WANTS to be a rich, SAHM (like her sister), which is FINE…but she should’ve NEVER married PwBT if that was her goal. If she wants her occupation to be “Princess” (like on the kids’ birth certificates) someone should’ve sat her down 10 yrs ago and said, “YOU WILL NEED TO WORK X-AMT OF HRS. PER WK/MONTH/YEAR.”

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @Becks1 — If your analysis is shallow, it’s because Kate herself is shallow. She has said before that she wants to be judged on what she wears, and wearing her dumb costumes is how she “does her job.” You really can’t say anything of substance about a person who is that shallow.

    • Nic919 says:

      William and Kate have zero charisma, which is why they have no A list appeal. Once again they are confusing rank with popularity and believed they are owed the adulation. Even if Kate had boring outfits, if she had a nerdy image or a work ethic that showed she cared about issues, then not being the most fashionable would not matter as much. But the UK tabloids still try to pretend she has fashion sense.

      Harry has always been more popular than them because of his charisma and as he got older he built that up with global projects like Invictus. William has done nothing of the sort. And Meghan also has a ton of charisma so put together they are a couple people want to watch. No one other than derangers want to see William and Kate with their awkward interactions that have to get excused away by the sycophants.

    • MissMarierose says:

      Yeah, the way she’s changed her wardrobe to things that are very monochromatic and flat suggests she’s trying to copy her grandmother-in-law.

      I don’t know who is said to be actually styling her, but from the looks of her choices in the last few years, I’d swear it was Angela Kelly.

      That is not a compliment for a 39 year old woman.

      • Alexandria says:

        She changed her wardrobe because of Meghan. She stopped flashing and her hemline became lower once Meghan came onboard. Probably wanted to lord her authority over and look like the more senior and serious royal (or Queen Mum) compared to the incoming glamorous Hollywood princess.

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      Such a good point. I think what it also gets at is style, not necessarily fashion. Megan has beautiful fashion but she also has style — the way she carries herself, the way she is with people, her generosity and joy, the way she and Harry look at each other, the depth of her caring in life not just in the “firm.” Maybe even her fearlessness in going for a bold green. I could go on and on, but I think even w Diana, her outfits weren’t always great, even at the time it was sometimes a frilly polka dot mess, but it was how she carried herself and seemed to have fun w it all that made her so appealing. It feels like Kate has been so afraid to take a step wrong, she never really learned how to express herself.

      • Becks1 says:

        This is true. Some of my favorite Meghan looks are her simplest – jeans and her Rothy’s – because she just has an innate sense of self, confidence, the “it” factor, that really comes through. Think how pretty and fresh faced she looked in the Archie birthday video. Kate doesn’t have that and it hurts her.

        Again though, that would be okay except that Kate WANTS to have Meghan’s popularity and charisma and the Cambs WANT to be as popular as Harry and Meghan so they turned on them. Had they not done that, and had they actually been working, whether or not Kate has the same innate style that Meghan has would not matter. Their laziness, jealousy and pettiness is what makes it an issue.

  13. Jo73c says:

    … opening a shopping centre in Hemel Hempstead, or whatever…
    I detest The Sun and all it stands for, but that is a sick burn!

  14. Wiglet Watcher says:

    They copy the Sussex media style. Clothing style. Why not copy their work style? The Cambridge’s could do that on a way allowed by the BRF… but they won’t because it’s real work. It requires creativity, dedication and these 2 lack passion. They’ve always appeared very apathetic to all causes that don’t immediately unpack their private lives.

    • Chris. says:

      If you have never had a job in your life, how can you connect with the people?? She has spent her life( until her marriage ate 28) on her Posh Vacations! She has nothing to offer to the people. She has no charisma!! Smiling and waving was fine during the last century, now you need much more.

  15. Kalana says:

    Charles was jealous of Diana. William is jealous of Harry.

    Three months ago, most likely KP, but possibly BP or CH contacted the DM and fed them information that could help their case. That is a huge deal and blackmail material the DM can hold over the royal’s head. It’s such a dark thing to do.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    This is why the press and the Royal Family didn’t want Meghan and Harry to move to the US.

    • Brit says:

      Yep. Harry and Meghan have connections and are friends with two presidents/First Ladies. And that smear garbage that worked in England won’t work in America. They can’t touch them here, which is why they have constant tantrums. They see also see the American media benefiting from exclusives and the media in Britain can’t distort it anymore and if they do, the news has already spread far and wide and the “outrage” is ignored.

  17. Aurora says:

    Someone affiliated with Kensington Palace sent out a weird survey on Twitter trying to get Sussex fans to participate. The questions were all
    About Meghan (I.e. why her fans like her, where do they get news about her?). It seemed very odd to say the least. They’re clearly trying to figure out the key to Meghan’s popularity in order to either replicate it or destroy it.

    • Brit says:

      I’ve been saying for years now the media and KP has been slowly trying to turn Kate into their media/palace controlled Meghan carbon copy. When Kate happened to be photographed wearing the same colored blue coat as Meghan’s infamous Victoria Beckham dress a day after that iconic rain photo, sealed it for me. Either she’s very competitive or they’re forcing her to do it.

    • GuestWho says:

      Yeah, that was super sketchy. Pretending to be a journalism student, but forgetting to wipe your LinkedIn profile of connections to the palace…it’s about their level of stupid.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I saw that on twitter. It had me wondering if they were trying to get the Sussex’s squads personal details. It’s a scary thought, but I wouldn’t put it past them to try and buy off Meghan stans on twitter, or worse, scare them away. I’m pretty sure they buy dormant twitter accounts and turn them into Keen stan bots.

      • Nic919 says:

        I could easily see them looking to dox and discredit some of the more prominent squad members, especially those who organize the fund raising events. They don’t care about how the media has negative coverage of Meghan because they help foment it, as confirmed by the editor of the Daily Mail in his sworn affidavit. There was no need for someone senior from the royal household (KP) to let the DM know that Jason provided his opinion on a personal letter. That was just vindictive.

      • Kalana says:

        The Cambridge fanbase is about hating Meghan. They barely talk about Kate. Because they can’t clean up the toxicity in Cambridge fanbase, I think they were trying to dox the Sussex Squad.

      • February-Pisces says:

        They did that to someone called Henry’s cousin on twitter after they raised thousands of pounds in harry and meghans name. When harry and Meghan called her to thank her, they daily mail dredged up old tweets where she called out the Keens. The stans fought back and changed their handles to “Henry’s cousin” too. To actually attack a member of the public for raising money is so disgusting.

    • My Two Cents says:

      But even if someone gave them answers as to why Meghan is so interesting or so beloved, Meghan simply has that charisma, that IT factor, on top of being passionate and hard-working, so … sorry Kate, this can’t be bottled!

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Sounds like the survey has another purpose. Not to find out what is so great about Meghan so Kate can copy it, but what fan of Meghan like most about her, where they read their news about her and how to attack that.

        This all sounds like another way to attack Meghan because they can’t find redeeming qualities about Kate to make her work, care or seem likable.

    • Chris. says:

      Yes. They are working behind the scene to try to figure out a way to make the Cambridge’s more interesting. Good luck with that. They are both dulls. The younger generation does not know who they are.

    • Pamuk says:

      The squad destroyed that survey in a matter of a few minutes, as if anyone would be dumb enough to answer that mess, which reeked of kp. That combined with katie keens try at being megs zoom doppelganger, pathetic. They keep thinking the h and m followers are the same dumb racist royal fans that follow buttons and PwT. The squad hates the BRF and knows exactly what they did to meghan, the world knows the truth.

  18. Talia says:

    A big problem with Will and Kate is they don’t do the bread and butter ‘supermarkets in Hemel Hempstead’ work but they don’t do the big ideas (Philip’s DOE awards, Charles’ environmentalism, Diana’s work with AIDS victims, Harry’s work with veterans) either.

    The opening municipal buildings slack would normally be picked up by junior members of the RF (the Queen’s cousins did a lot of this sort of thing in their day) but Charles doesn’t want his nieces and nephews as working royals which means the general public can no longer necessarily expect a RF member to show up in their town every year or two. Sophie, Edward and Anne do their best but there is a limit to what they can do.

    The RF are becoming more and more remote and the family members who should be front and centre (Will and Kate) aren’t doing the job.

    The fact that Harry is reported on more is partly because he has his mother’s charisma but also because he does things to be reported.

  19. agnes says:

    They have *what now*?

    Must have missed that appeal, pity.
    The Doolittles never ever had a hint of A-List-appeal even before Meghan showed up. tsk.

    • L84Tea says:

      I feel like they had A list appeal–or rather Kate did–for a brief time right around when she and Will first got married. I remember that first tour they did in the US where they went to some gala thing in LA. Celebrities like JLo were clammering to meet her, but I think it was mainly due to they were still fresh off the excitement of the wedding. She held attention for a little while after that, but like someone pointed out above, she lost a lot of her luster quickly when she started dressing like a granny. Add that to the fact that she and Will just never DID anything of substance, all you’re left with is a couple of lazy, priviledged bores wearing a lot of ruffles and buttons.

      • tcbc says:

        Sounds like “newness” was the big factor there, not star power. They were just another fad, so of course Hollywood stars (and everyone else) were interested. But like neopets, they went out of fashion.

        The big task for the Sussexes is to make sure that they aren’t just another fad. That will require longterm planning, which I think Meghan is very good at. But even if they are, as long as they invest well, they can remain prosperous and comfortable for the rest of their lives. That security is priceless.

      • Nic919 says:

        William and Kate benefitted from having the first Royal marriage of a senior royal in over a decade and there was no other Royal who was as interesting, except Harry, because the rest were solidly middle aged or senior citizens, or they were basically unknown. (No one actually cares about the York girls). They had goodwill because they were the next generation, the future of the line is secure, etc. Etc. But as they have aged and done so little, people just don’t care anymore. Even the UK media still calling them young royals looks pathetic, especially now that there are actual young kids in the family.

        The monikers of duchess Doolittle and workshy wills showed up in the tabloids well before Harry even met Meghan, so they had already squandered their goodwill. And they didn’t bother changing once it was obvious that smearing Meghan in the press was the response to their popularity instead of doing the work themselves.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That entire silly event in L.A. was created specifically because Kate wanted to meet celebrities. It wasn’t that celebrities were clamboring to meet W&K, it was their agencies saying You Will Attend this event type of thing. There was no reason for W&K to add an L.A. leg to their Canadian tour except for being celebrity chasers.

  20. tee says:

    This take is just wrong, imo, and it’s unfortunate W&K have seemingly subscribed to it. Yes, Meghan and Harry have more widespread appeal than W&K (for reasons that cannot be duplicated), but that’s not inherently a mark against the Cambridges. They are literally on track to be king and Queen, and nothing will be required for them to achieve that (I’m not convinced the monarchy is going anywhere in the UK). Also, they’re currently in they sweet spot where the royalists adore them, and virtually everyone else is indifferent. Trying to garner more attention only opens them up for more scrutiny. They should be finally be content with their position in the family; no threats at all.

    • Sofia says:

      +1. You’ve said what I was saying above and you’ve expanded on it.

    • S808 says:

      I agree, they should be happy with their position, they’re getting the ultimate (in their eyes) prize and all that comes with it.

      • JT says:

        Could it be that being king and queen isn’t enough for them anymore? It seems everybody has to keep reminding us that FFKQC is the ultimate goal and how important it is and Harry and Meg are jealous of their status. But H&M are living like the queen, in their own estate, that they own. They have their own millions that they don’t have to justify to anyone. They have all of the attention the queen gets, actually more than the queen, and none of the headaches. W&K might be around 70 when they ascend the throne and they seem downright envious of Harry and Meghan.

      • Chris. says:

        They want the global attention. They are not content with the UK only. Plus I feel like the UK is a fake adoration. The press is the one raving on demand. I don’t feel like the Brit Public cares that much about them. I am sorry , but I don’t see it. You can look at articles or tweets about them, and there is no engagements.

    • Becks1 says:

      You’re right that they should be content with their position, but they’re not. they want the rank (they have that), they want the popularity (they have that in some circles) and they want the international attention (they have lost that.)

    • Sunshine says:

      Tee, I wouldn’t say royalists adore them, but rather dislike H and M. They spend all their time stalking and obsessing over California than focussing on what happening in the U.K.

      • JT says:

        They didn’t ever have international attention or at least they’ve never sustained it. Any global attention was for the wedding and births of the kids. That’s it. They are not that popular with the people in the uk. Maybe with royalist but not the average joe. Diana was believed by the British people. Anyone with eyes could see it. W&K’s popularity with their on “subjects” is purely manufactured and I don’t think they are happy with being the FFKQ of the uk, not by a long shot. They’ll be old by the time they get the crown anyway. H&M are enjoying the wealth and status as a young sexy couple. By the time W&K ascend Harry and Meghan will probably have 2 decades of philanthropy under the belts and who knows what else; they story is still being written. We all know how W&K’s will end up and that’s boring.

    • Greywacke says:

      You make excellent points, but I wonder if there is something more at stake here with Brexit and the desire to reinvigorate the Commonwealth. Regardless of their jealousy and personal grievances, Keen and Peen aren’t really global ambassadors as others have pointed out. They and their fellow Tories can only inspire UK populism (ironically) and not much more outside that sphere.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Seeing as the ‘royalists’ are racist white senior citizen Little Englanders who are on their way out of this world? W&K appealing to them and their xenophobic view of the UK isn’t going to keep the monarchy around.

  21. S808 says:

    W&K destroyed their own A-List appeal. Interest was high when they got married and they squandered it. Not H&M’s fault or problem that people have grown indifferent towards them. It happened before H&M even got together.
    What did they think would happen when they drive the 2 out of the country? They were in Harry’s home country and now they’re in Meghan’s. Everyone involved in them leaving was short sighted as hell. Driving H&M out of the country cannot and will not fix W&K’s problem cause W&K ARE the problem.

    • Brit says:

      They know William and Kate are the problem. They’re just upset that the people they really want access to and made them a boatload of money have left them on read and none of their antics got them the results they desire.

  22. Izzy says:

    LMAOOOO. Two years in a row, they walked into the BAFTAs to no applause. They don’t have the star power to be eclipsed in the first place.

    • Lizzie says:

      Apparently they don’t have respect either.

      • SofiasSideEye says:

        I mean, what is there to respect with someone who was born into his current position? Especially from a group of people in the arts who’ve made it in an industry that is notoriously difficult to get into, much less succeed at. Retorical question obviously. Lol

        The fact that W&K think that’s their due, well I’m not surprised because when you’ve had everything handed to you in life that’s just how you tend to think, but reality will always be there to put them back in their place. Charles/Williams future role will be in a post-Brexit UK, good luck with that, the BRF will never be the same after the passing of the queen.

    • Nyro says:

      And it certainly didn’t help that they showed little respect for Megan’s career as an actor, sending their tabloid minions out to mock her work and her Hollywood upbringing.

  23. MellyMel says:

    So now we said it…out loud! W&K don’t have A-List appeal and never will, even when/IF they are king & queen. They could have when they first got married, but they’re lazy. And they don’t have that IT factor, which Harry & Meghan do (and which Diana also had). They know this and it explains the clear amount of jealousy they’ve been showing for years. If they were smart they would have piggy-backed off of H&M’s popularity & appeal and been quit the foursome, but instead they pushed them away. Again…not smart!

    • JT says:

      As if w&k want to be opening supermarkets and county fairs. They’ve already said that they would do less if that anyway. What they want is what H&M have. They want the celebrity, the glamour, and the jet set life. Will’s earthshot is just the environmental version of Invictus. He wants to have connections to all the “woke” folks that are cool like H&M. Kate only wants to dress for red carpets; she can’t even muster up any enthusiasm for EY and the children so many claim she loves.

  24. Mina_Esq says:

    I’m sure celebrities will always want to associate themselves with these two, especially once they are elevated to the position of Prince of Wales. However, if I were a charity, I’d absolutely prefer H&M because they’d actually work to help me. If I had a little girl, I’d absolutely prefer for her to look up to Meghan instead of Lazy Kate.
    So, overall, I don’t think it’s a question of popularity. It’s a question of who works harder and better. Why listen to Will’s speech on some issue when you know that he will never do anything about it? When you listen to H&M, you also look forward to them putting into action some plan to help address that issue.
    Instead of complaining and attacking the Sussexes, W&K should try….you know, WORKING harder.

    • Lyn says:

      Mina_ESQ, I am sure when they inherit Prince and Princess of Wales there will be more people who want to be in their orbit.

      But it won’t be enough for them because they want to be THE most important and celebrated which is not possible as we live in a different world and society. And the younger generation are not inclined to venerate based on birthright. They need to give them a reason for it.

      • Sofia says:

        I also think that once they become Prince and Princess of Wales, George will be close to being a teenager (he’s about 5.5 years away from being 13) so the attention will shift onto the Cambridge kids as people will be writing and talking about their antics.

      • tcbc says:


        I agree with this. Also I suspect Meghan and Harry will be more protective of their children’s privacy so there won’t be as much of the press-fueled competition between cousins that there would have been had they stayed in the UK.

      • Lady D says:

        I don’t think being P & P of Wales is the draw they think it is. Outside of Britain, I don’t think it’s that big a deal? Diana is the only one that ever had any real impact with that title, and I doubt anyone expects the Cambridges to be as dynamic.

    • S808 says:

      Willingness to work is what it comes down to imo. H&M like the work, they’re genuine and passionate about the work they do and you can tell. W&K do not like to work, don’t like to work often and you can tell they don’t want to be there when they are at work. They have no legacy and the “big” projects they have aren’t fully fleshed out. Their heart isn’t in it. How do you fix that?

    • Nic919 says:

      I’m sure more UK establishment people might care once they become prince and princess of Wales, but that is only a small group. Charles and Camilla only get so much attention and they are in that position now.

      • JT says:

        The Prince/Princess of Wales title is only as popular as the couple who wears it. People assuming that W&K will be more popular because of it is forgetting who this couple is. Diana made that title what is today because of who she was; SHE made it iconic. Even Camilla won’t dare to even use it. W&K will be over forty by the time they get it and if they don’t have charisma now, they won’t get it in the future. William will have to follow up behind Charles’ legacy as the POW and he will fail. They don’t even have the work ethic of C&D to back it up.

      • Lady D says:

        LOL I agree and just said the same thing above. I should have read a little further. Diana was a powerhouse in that role. I wonder if Will/Kate expect the same adoration when they get the title. Charles could also deny them the title in his lifetime too. I hope William isn’t underestimating Charles special level of pettiness.

      • JT says:

        @lady D I definitely think they will expect to be respected because of the PPOW titles. They believe that the adulation comes with the promotion not that it has be earned. People say many things about Charles and Diana, but nobody ever says that they were lazy and didn’t do a good job. W&K are in for rude awakening when people aren’t suddenly interested in them when the become PPOW, if Kate even makes it there. I wouldn’t be surprised by a divorce.

    • equality says:

      The Prince of Wales title isn’t automatic. Charles doesn’t have to give it to him. When Charles was named Prince of Wales there were protests at somebody not Welsh having the title. I wonder if the Welsh still feel that way.

      • FicklePickle says:

        Part of those protests may have been because when Charles was invested as Prince of Wales in 1958 there hadn’t been one in 22 years. Edward the Too Politically Involved With Our Nations’ Mortal Enemies had been invested in 1910.

        (Part of the charm offensive to undo to PR malaise of Queen Victoria’s last couple decades on the throne. No public Royal Presence for decades meant that many were publicly questioning the need for a monarchy at all.)

        When Eddie the Abdicator took the throne he had no heir apparent, his successor George the Whatevereth had no heir apparent either and…apparently…the title of Prince of Wales cannot be conferred upon an heir presumptive. But when nonsense like that isn’t done relatively regularly (and if it gets associated with certain unpopular people) folks start taking off the rose-colored glasses and start looking at the bills, and that NEVER ends well for aristocrats.

  25. CindyP says:

    Agree; back in the day when they were young & William still had hair, people were excited about them. They were fresh faced & had an appeal All started to go downhill after George was born; they became a boring & dour aristocratic couple who didn’t want to work

  26. Terri J Neff says:

    Harry had “it” power years and years ago. When his mother died and he refused to ride in the carriage and walked behind it with Charles and William, despite his young age.

    William has used Harry’s presence for years, hes just now finding out that it was never william anyone cared as much about.

    • Ann says:

      I thought Charles and Philip told both boys to walk behind it? Harry didn’t want to, understandably, but his grandfather said he would walk too and that bolstered him, or something.

      • Terri Neff says:

        Harry was originally expected to ride in the carriage, due to his age. He wanted to walk with the family and was allowed to do so.

  27. Lyn says:

    William and Kate should be happy that the royalists like them, and the establishment both political and media are making sure that there are no threats to them flourishing.

    But no all of that is too parochial for them, they want global acclaim and popularity and want to be seen as this modern, innovative and creative couple. That they dont seem to realise that no one outside of royalists is going to give them world wide accolade based on who they are without any work shows how insular they are.

    Harry is not celebrated because he spent years hiding in the countryside. He created one project after another and made connections with people from all social class, race and ethnicity.

    Meghan spent years before Harry building a humanitarian portfolio and strong connections and the bigger platform that marrying Harry gave her has only elevated and enlarged her ambitions.

    Kate and William probably see all that and want it but they give nothing to inspire people, they have no consequence. And don’t even want to do anything anyway.

  28. Alarmjaguar says:

    It is almost as if W&K are the perfect metaphor for Brexit…

  29. PC says:

    This is entirely W&K own making. They really didn’t expect Harry to leave because he has been carrying them for years.

  30. Loretta says:

    “William and Kate are two very limited, lazy, parochial people and their political base is just… English suburban royalists who kiss their asses for being white”.
    This is the truth, plain and simple

  31. 2cents says:

    Royal rat reporters have repeated this tiresome false mantra since Meghan publicly entered the royal scene.

    The British royal press’ dilemma is that they want to uphold a fairytale Windsor image of duty, glory and empire, but the simple dramatic reality is that:
    1. the RF as a family is dysfunctional (jealousy, backstabbing, pedo HRH Andrew anyone?)
    2. the Firm is dysfunctional (outdated, fragmented warring palaces, leaking senior members of the royal household, disastrous PR campaigns etc) and
    3. the UK is falling apart because of the pandemic, Brexshit and an incompetent Tory government. Who needs a kingdom if Britain is not united?

    Again the royal rat propagandists are deflacting attention from the problems by blaming the Windsors’ incompetence on the Sussexes and so continuing their toxic misinformation to please the right wing establishment and distract the docile public from questioning the relevance of this subsidized royal circus.

  32. TheOriginalMia says:

    William & Kate thought they could coast on several things: their titles, Diana’s memory and their whiteness. The last bit didn’t really come into play until Meghan came onto the scene. Before she arrived, W&K didn’t have to do much as people wanted Diana’s son to be happy and for there not to be a repeat of Diana’s marriage. So they had built in popularity because of that. But…they are so freaking lazy and entitled, they didn’t even try to live up to Diana’s memory and the weight of their future titles by being decent, hardworking royals. Nope. They just expected to coast until the Queen dies and they become the P/P of Wales. And that probably would have happened until Meghan came into the scene and bam…black woman makes them look lazy and fake, makes the job look easy and sincere and all hell breaks loose. When it was just Harry, W&K could blunt his star power by stealing his ideas for their own, by requiring his subservience to their rank, but they couldn’t do that with the combined star power of H&M.

    • Nic919 says:

      This captures what happened perfectly. Their laziness and entitlement is their downfall. If not for the establishment propping them up constantly they would be seen by more are the spoiled rich immature adults they truly are.

  33. pottymouth pup says:

    “When 50 million people are watching Harry’s chat about organic yoghurt or whatever it is that he wants to promote, and 5,000 people are watching his brother – Prince William, the future King – do a royal engagement, opening a supermarket in Hemel Hempstead or whatever – that is when it becomes a problem.”

    Perhaps they should ask themselves why a TEN THOUSAND FOLD HIGHER number of people would be more interested in watching Harry chat about “organic yoghurt or whatever” than are interested in anything the future King does?

  34. Mom2mom says:

    If the BRF tell Harry and Meghan to give up their titles, they should just say, “Fine”, because they don’t need them. They’ve got plenty of star power without the royal titles.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Harry will ALWAYS be a Prince, by birth. They can’t take that away.

      Don’t want him to be a Duke…eh…I don’t really think he cares about it at this point. People KNOW them by Harry & Meghan. They don’t *need* a title/last name.

      • FicklePickle says:

        I mean, TECHNICALLY, yes, the Queen could order an amendment to the Letters Patent governing who gets to be styled ‘Prince’/'Princess’ and who gets HRHs, but in order to take it away from JUST Harry and Meg and their descendants would require such specificity that they might as well just write in “But not that backstabbing deserter Harry and the uppity harlot he calls his wife!”.

    • HeatherC says:

      I absolutely believe this will be a move PwBT pulls when/if he becomes king.

  35. Lizzie says:

    Yesterday’s article about the queen sending a letter to Biden made me think about this a little differently. Perhaps it’s been made known to the queen that Biden does not appreciate the public harassment and bullying of Meghan that drove her out of the country and continues. Tides could turn coming from the top if the queen’s petty behavior has caused a rift between the two countries.
    The ffk and ffq should not aspire to A LIst status. They need to be seen as serious and working hard for the UK. Instead they pretend to be hard workers and that image will be very difficult to overcome.

    • 2cents says:

      Her letter is part formality (UK-US relationship) and part to kiss-up Biden and protect Andrew from being interviewed by the FBI about his pedo connections.

      • Lizzie says:

        I agree, the letter is written to every new US president. But it did get me thinking she may have already harmed relations with her petty and vicious bullying.

    • tcbc says:

      I really don’t think the President of the United States concerns himself all that much with royal nonsense. The royals are figureheads, so some formalities must be observed, but POTUS is more than a figurehead, and has more pressing concerns.

      • Ann says:

        I doubt Biden cares at all. Maybe some of them were into the Royals (Nancy Reagan maybe?) but not an Irish-American guy from a middle class background, a true “Regular Joe.”

      • notasugarhere says:

        President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden absolutely care about Harry and his work with Invictus Games. Go back and search the photos and videos of the three of them together.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        It was pretty big when the Bidens were with Harry and the relationships have maintained.
        The BM likes to say Harry only has success in his life because he is Royal, but it’s just not true. He’s earned a lot.

      • windyriver says:

        Checkout “Regular Joe” cheering on the American team at the 2017 Invictus Games. Easy to spot him and Jill sitting with Harry and Barack Obama at the basketball game. That’s also when Harry & Meghan went public; very possible they all met Meghan then.

        Note too the Inauguration event last week at Arlington National Cemetery, and the massive photo of Prince Harry in full uniform in the building where Biden and former presidents convened. Visible in the shot of the Bidens with Bill Clinton. From an event at Arlington during Harry’s 2013 US tour, where he also attended a WH event for military mothers hosted by Michelle Obama. The next year, Dr. Jill was in London for the first Invictus Games.

        Whatever they think of the other royals, I’m sure the Bidens (and Obamas) have been interested the last few years in what’s been doing with Harry. And probably know a lot more about it than we do.

  36. MrsBanjo says:

    They really do believe they have A-List appeal, which is the saddest, most hilarious bit. Maybe if they got off their lazy asses from time to time and gave a damn about their work, they’d look less desperate and ridiculous.

  37. Staci Atwood says:

    The thing is, they never had global appeal until Princess Diana entered the picture. In fact, that was one of the big reasons they turned against Princess Diana.

    Harry has always had the Diana appeal, and as long as the lazy duo could piggy back on his charity visitations and use him to embiggen themselves as the nurturing family he never had, all was well.

    Then came Meghan and there was no way they could piggy back anymore, and the Diana appeal multiplied times 2 for Harry, because he became more with Meghan at his side and even on his solo events. Both of them radiate warmth, passion and commitment…something William and Kate will never understand.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Meghan and Harry are the real thing. They’re genuine. Bill ‘n Buttons only do it because they have to. And you can see it in their faces and the lack of light in their eyes.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Not *completely* true… wasn’t Margaret a HUGE hit when she came here in the 60s?

      Then, with all of her baggage of drinking, partying, the divorce, boy toys, alcoholism… I think everyone “knew” who she was (sister of the Queen), though not in the way the BRF wanted themselves “known”.

      • Nic919 says:

        Margaret had the charisma for soft diplomacy but I don’t think she was sent off many more times after her successful visit to the US. There was jealousy between monarch and spare in that generation as well.

  38. Meg says:

    How this all has played out, ,how the press and royal insiders are responding to meghan and harry is so similar to how i was treated when in abusive relationships. I

    The gaslighting
    ‘you’ll be back, youre worthless and unhappy without me’

    They really are just revealing how abusive they are & confirming the toxicity meghan and harry went through

    • kelleybelle says:

      I wasn’t aware that William and Kate even had an A-list appeal to begin with. Did I miss something? And yes, very, very typical of an abuser, isn’t it?

  39. fluffy_bunny says:

    The Keens are not A list. They have no star power. I saw a commercial for PWT documentary being available on Discovery+ and I said I’m absolutely not subscribing to it now.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @ FLUFFY_BUNNY-I DIED when I saw Billy’s doc being advertised on a channel known for streaming trashy reality crap tv 🤣☠🤣☠

  40. Dee says:

    We’ve all met a William, the boss’s son who gets a great job as upper level manager, who talks a lot about “rolling up his sleeves and getting to work” but who knocks off early to go to the pub instead and takes credit for the work of all those who work beneath him..

  41. Lizzie says:

    I know, what they need is a way to make a huge spectacle of themselves. Maybe a train tour on the Queens train during a pandemic lockdown? They can travel without masks and lean into children’s faces, it will be spectacular. Oh, they already did that? Then I’m out of ideas. Unless they really want to copy H&M and work with some of their patronages to provide front line workers with things they might really need. Food, warm hats or gloves. I’m sure there are a lot of things that would make their lives just a little easier.

    • Amy Too says:

      Even if they don’t want to spend their own money, which seems to be something they are absolutely not willing to do, why don’t they work with a catering company to set up a fundraising website where regular folks can donate money that will go towards providing special meals and treats to be served at hospitals and NHS offices? A lot of people would be interested in sending meals to frontline workers but have no idea how to go about doing it or can’t afford to buy food for 500+ people or wouldn’t know where to order so much food or how to have it delivered. But I would absolutely donate $20 to a catering company so they could take my money and put it with others and figure it all out for me.

      They could expand beyond food, too. I don’t even know what else would be helpful or appreciated, maybe PPE? Or maybe flowers? Or little luxury items like hand lotion and face masks? Clothing for those who work outside? A gift card to buy a movie on Netflix or Amazon?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        They don’t do any of these things because that would require that they WORK – and they are extremely allergic to work.

      • Nic919 says:

        Instead of copying Meghan’s outfits they should be copying their ideas like providing food to those at the front lines. But they would need to be photographed doing it and right now they can’t with lockdown.

      • Nyro says:

        Between William, Kate, and their gold standard advisors, not one person thought it was a bad idea for them to go on a covid train tour and show up to a food bank with no food in their hands. I doubt they have enough sense to even think of copying Harry and Meghan’s ideas.

  42. Mary ndlela says:

    Facts, I loved Meghan before marriage becoz of who she is. When I heard she is getting married to Harry I went to youtube to check all the clips about him n I was mmmmmh he got rib. William n Kate got nothing to say…

  43. My3cents says:

    I could watch H&M watching paint dry and it would still be a lot more appealing than these two.

  44. Snuffles says:

    The Firm didn’t learn from Diana and remain completely obtuse. At this point, nothing will break through their lead lined skulls in order for them to make the changes necessary to survive this new world.

    They banked EVERYTHING on history, tradition and fairytales. Their existence only works if their subjects and the rest of the world remains enamored with the “fairy dust” they’ve sprinkled to lull their subjects into thinking they are worth the hundreds of millions the take from them every year.

    I’ve been watching WandaVision and I think the comparison is apt. The Royal Family and Aristocracy basically live in this “pocket reality” that they’ve created for themselves. Anyone and anything coming in that threatens that reality (Diana, Meghan) are purged. Married ins have to 2 options – assimilate or leave (preferably after they’ve churned out a few heirs).

    But when an actual BLOOD royal leaves, the entire ecosystem is in danger of collapsing. The last time that happened was with Edward. Luckily, his brother proved to be a suitable replacement and a better choice in general. The stress and pressure of it all knocked DECADES off of his life span though.

    Now it’s Harry. As the spare, it shouldn’t be as dramatic, but what The Firm knows, the press knows and some of the public knows, is that William CANNOT DO THE JOB. They were counting on Harry to prop him up his entire life (which probably would have cut decades off of HIS life).

    That’s why everyone in the UK is losing their mind and constantly shooting them selves in the foot. They had no Plan B and the fairy dust is dropping from everyone’s eyes. They’re too terrified of being abolished to come up with another plan and adapt to the changing social landscape that is happening world wide. Institutions are crumbling and people are taking a closer look at history and realizing they were fed a lot of lies and sanitized bullshit. And the people are MAD and no longer willing to put up with the status quo.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      This is a perfect summary of the RF dilemma, post-H&M. Which is why their mouthpieces in the british sh!trags hv been testing out the idea of permanently ‘dsappearing’ M in particular.

      Its not hyperbole to say that they believe H&M’s existence outside of the BRF is a threat to the monarchy.

      Notice how agitated the plebs become when H and/or M do anything public-facing….the cry is: “i thought they wanted privacy’…’why dont they just disappear’….’they said they wanted a quiet life away from the media’….etc etc etc. Thats the refrain of all the monarchists in that sh1thole island. If H&M say nothing in public and are not seen in public then the monarchists can pretend they dont exist. But since thats never gonna happen, theyre looking to the final solution.

      Thats what H meant when he said “powerful forces” were at work against them.

    • Lizzie says:

      Did the stress of the crown knock decades off George VI life or did heavy smoking and lung cancer?

      • HeatherC says:

        As a former smoker I can say that I smoked more when I was under stress. So an unexpected king then a wartime king while Britain was being attacked, I bet he smoked more than he usually did (which I’ve read was heavy to begin with). So the stress of the crown could have led to more smoking which led to lung cancer which definitely knocked decades off his life.

  45. Lizzie says:

    The rf have spent the last few years proving you cannot destroy another’s appeal.

  46. kerwood says:

    It doesn’t help the Do-Littles ‘A-list’ status if they attend the BAFTAS and lecture the audience about their racism, all while they’re heading a campaign or harassment against the only bi-racial member of the Royal family. Everyone in that audience knew what was up and I don’t think there are many members of the artistic community (under 60) who support Rosebush Willie and Keen Katie.

  47. Merricat says:

    W&K want to be beloved as H & M are, and they don’t understand that it’s not about fashion or prize-money or photographing well or speaking well; it’s about compassion, having actual feelings for the plights of others, and desiring to help. You can’t fake that, as every photo of W & K straining to appear so proves.

  48. yasmean says:

    Finally listened to the first full length Archewell podcast this morning, and holy crap H&M are great at media! If they keep this up,, the Sussexes will be a force to be reckoned with. The rest of the BRF really suffer in comparison. I’m Candadian by birth and would love to see Canada break up with the BRF within my lifetime

  49. Marion says:

    Even though I’m not a fan of the Sussexes (mostly because of H), I have to say that when Meghan arrived in the RF, Kate’s dullness became oh so obvious. She used to look far better than Wills but when Meg came along it all became obvious that Kate is just a sham.
    Megan really outshone Kate in many ways and it still is such a hard pill to swallow for many of them.

  50. Coco says:

    Even if anyone could remove William from the A-List, which they can’t, let’s just see what William tried to destroy of Harry’s:
    1. His marriage
    2. His wife’s sanity.

    • HeatherC says:

      3. His sanity. The gaslighting was outrageous, that he was mentally fragile and he needed to come home and be taken care of like a toddler, etc.

  51. Liz version 700 says:

    At last the jealousy is laid bare. The Cambridges are boring, unlivable and petty. They hate H&M because they are actually interesting and people gasp like them

  52. Over It says:

    Duke and Dutchess of can’t so shit but cuddle in the queens makers lap can just retire to Berkshire and live that normal middle class life they kept going on about . You didn’t want royal Christmases remember?. You wanted your children to have a normal life. So now that the world doesn’t pay you attention, here is your chance. Go be normal bill and waiting kat minus the taxpayers money.

  53. SMS says:

    I think Kate is deliberately dull because she doesn’t want to eclipse her husband. In some ways it smart because she there for the long haul and being dull minimizes the attention you get. She saw how competition helped destroy Charles and Diane’s marriage and want to avoid a repetition. I also think Harry always wanted a way out and marrying Meghan gave him the perfect excuse to leave under the guise of protecting his family.
    Both women to me seem to be victims of their husbands’ dysfunctional family competition and the nasty tabloid press. Kate gets slammed for being dull and lazy and Meghan for inciting Harry to leave while both are really following their husbands’ leads.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      Sorry to completely drown your thesis in cold water but…..H&M are a union of equals. In addition to the obvious love between them, theres also obvious respect. The other 2……the rest of us simply assume there MUST be some feeling there somewhere, or MUST HAVE BEEN some feeling there at some point over the last 2 decades theyve been in each others face…albeit one reluctantly, the other, persistently.

      Neither woman is a victim. They both made conscious choices over time, the results of which everyone can see.

    • Nyro says:

      And here we go with the “both sides” nonsense that Kannot fans have to resort to in order cover for the fact that Kate is the big loser. Don’t try to bring down Megan’s marriage and life in order to paint over the fact that Kate’s in a marriage if convenience with a man who has little respect for her. And no, Kate is not some charismatic woman hiding her light so as not to eclipse her husband. No, Kate does not gave “it” Luke Meghan. Never has, never will. She’s as dull as dish water and about as flavorful as a spoon of cornstarch. She’s a basic.

    • Lizzie says:

      The only time Waity stood out was when she paraded around in a see through skirt pulled up to her chest. She will do anything for attention including traveling the country during a pandemic lockdown.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This is such a common excuse theme coming from Kate stans. Why do her stans make excuses for a grown woman belittling herself in order to land a man with titles? Because that’s what she’s done. Sat back for twenty years while William has cheated on her, because she wants the title and status she gets in return. I see nothing admirable in that, nor do I see a healthy marriage when I look at W&K.

      • SMS says:

        I’m not a Kate fan at all. I find her dull. I have a lot of British friends and am always surprised at how positively she’s seen. Damned if I know why. I do think the two women have been pitted against each other by the misogynistic media and the real drama is with the brothers and within the family but a cat fight is an easier sell.

    • windyriver says:

      A more likely scenario is that one of the reasons Will married Kate was because she wasn’t interested in doing much of anything, just like him. (The other reason is her willingness to look the other way about his affairs). She wasn’t going to push/encourage him to do more, and wasn’t going to outshine him at events, because she never bothered to learn the skills that would make her more effective in her future position. Will at least has some skills by virtue of being brought up in the royal family, even if he’s often a jacka**. Kate is interested in the jewels, the clothes, the vacations and the status, period. She’s only shown a spark of personality, and it’s not a pleasant one, when it looks like someone might get in her way or eclipse her.

      Kate isn’t trying to be dull. She comes across as dull, because dull is what she is.

  54. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I keep telling people William is Fernand Mondez from the movie the Count of Monty Cristo and Harry is Edmond Dantes and just like Fernand, William will never be happy with his loftier position in life while Harry is happily living his less lofty life. He is so uncharitable about his brother’s happiness that nothing except Harry’s complete erasure will satisfy him and his wife appears to be of similar character. Harry and Meghan will have to spend the rest of their lives watching their backs from these two because even when/if their popularity wane, it’s their very happy existence that’s the source of the continued pain felt by William and his consort.

  55. The Recluse says:

    And if it weren’t for the pettiness, the Suffolks would have been a real asset for the Monarchy. Oh well….

  56. Mia says:

    + 1 for ‘parochial’

  57. Dollycoa says:

    The dual heritage population of the UK is predicted to be the largest ethnic group after white British by about 2030 I think, and the ethnic minority population to rise to 20%. No Royal child will dare to marry anyone who isnt white British after they realise what happened with Meghan and Harry. That means generations of out of touch aristocrats who’ s families dont look like or represent huge swathes of their ‘subjects’. Even among the White British population under about 40, hardly anyone has any interest in them. They are just ‘there’. The only interest in them comes from The Crown’, which they now spend all their time moaning about and ends in 2 seasons. After that, I doubt anyone will show much interest in them at all, as the older generation die off and The Queen dies, leaving her elderly son in charge, followed by his even worse son. I dont think there will be much of a Monarchy left by the time its George’s turn.

    • Nyro says:

      George won’t ever be king. If William lives at least as long as his paternal grandparents, that’s a good almost 60 years before George gets a chance to reign. No way will the monarchy still be here 60 years from now.

  58. Well Wisher says:

    Ercombe is stating the company line, so the assumption is that Will did not deliver. It is noted that he turned to the Sun to throw his brother and his wife under the bus. While the BM tried to coerce access to the Sussexes, who chose to leave than bend, the Cambridges obliged and formed an alliance. It seems like the BRF is imprevious of their true worth in terms of the media despite ‘ the Diana effect’ and got entangled by leaking family squabble. By playing with fire the Cambridges are asked to deliver and would/cannot not do so. Maybe the PR for BP, Clarence House and KP will consolidate and have a private secretary sign of on press releases. They will no longer use ‘sources’. Of note, Harry is still suing the Sun and the Cambridges do not sell well.
    I find why Larcombe is using the company line more interesting than what he said, his boss Murdoch, maybe decided to yank the chain from lack of exclusives and Bill failing to control his brother. Murdoch, the CEO, understands the differences between company lline-PR and mission statement-company agenda unlike CEO-Kate and statesman-Bill. Maybe, just maybe, they were reminded that part of preparation for future monarchial positions includes knowing and adhering to the mission statement, the 1918 King George VI Papers. It might make them look stodgy, but they would maintain the traditions as required.

  59. Sunnyvale says:

    Everyone loves an underdog. The 4 years of bullying & sanctioned smearing of Harry and Meghan has only got them more support especially from none royalists. Even republican politicians in the UK felt they had to speak to defend her from racist coverage and still the RF didn’t get it
    The royals time is ticking and more and more people are wising up to their uselessness and due to the cancellation of public events again this year they’ll be wondering why they pay for no return. Lizzy releasing news of that “pricate” letter+Boris’s obsession with being first to talk to biden shows how desperate the UK is for US relations. Everyone can see now how they’ve shot themselves on the foot by chasing away their greatest assets

  60. Over it says:

    Do you think Mother of all mothers Carole Jenner is also incandescent with rage because she fears all her years of plotting to land a future king and inturn become countess Carole is now in danger because no matter how hard she and Kate plotted they still can’t get Harry and Meghan light to dim.Meanwhile her future futures are becoming duller and duller. Poor Carlole Jenner