Dakota Johnson pretends to be George Clooney while booking reservations


Dakota Johnson is doing promotional rounds for her film, Our Friend. It also stars Jason Segel and Casey Affleck and is about a dying wife being cared for by her husband and their best friend. I’m not quite sold on it yet. But I do like Dakota, primarily because she is unflinchingly honest in interviews. This trait is even more entertaining because Dakota makes a habit of lying in her everyday life and then confessing to those lies in her interviews. We’ve only just recovered from learning that her love of limes is a blatant untruth, made up on the spot simply to be entertaining. And now there’s this: Dakota impersonates other famous people to get restaurant reservations. She did, at least, before her own name got her a table. While on The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew asked Dakota about pretending to be George Clooney to get tables. And I guess he heard about it – and didn’t care.

Did you or did you not used to make reservations at restaurants under the name George Clooney as to get the best table?

No, it wasn’t even to get the best table. It was just to get a reservation. But I did that.

But you met him, and he was (okay with it)

Yeah, weirdly. I had not met him yet, obviously, and he was like, “I’ve heard about what you’ve done.” I was like, “Oh my god.“ But he was cool with it.

[From YouTube via DListed]

I asked the same thing Allison at DListed asked: was being the legacy of Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffin and Don Johnson really not enough to get a table in LA? Sheesh, tough crowd. It probably takes that kind of pedigree to have the guts to impersonate George Clooney’s party, though, so it counted for something. When Jimmy Fallon asked Dakota about this on The Tonight Show in 2019, he wanted to know what happened once she showed up at the joint sans George. She said she’d tell them George was on his way or meeting them later and they’d buy it every time. I can tell you from first-hand experience this is a blatant double standard. Most fancy pants places that require you to pretend to be Clooney to get a reservation won’t seat you until your whole party is present, and they will cancel your @ss if the others aren’t there within 15 minutes of the reserved time. But I guess if the outstanding person has an impressive IMDb page attached to their name, it’s a different set of rules.

How did George find out it was Dakota using his name? It must be a legacy hotline thing, information just gets around. I love that he was fine with it. This is just a great story all around.

I’ve included the Fun Facts with Dakota Johnson segment below because it’s cute. Drew asks her about learning how to be a cowgirl in Colorado from her dad. They also speak about the curated lists her production company, TeaTime, posts. Jimmy Fallon also asked her about those when she was on his show. I’ve only just now learned about them, they’re really good. They post them for music, films, books – you can check them out on their Instagram page.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Just came to say Tippi Hedren is how I’d like to age someday: so lovely, but not plastic surgeried into a scary mask like Jane Fonda and others…

    • Ohlala says:

      Yes! Whebever i see mature naturally well aged woman I am in awe of beauty. And sad of howmany great beautiful actresses messed up with their faces. Wtf is wrong with people not to be able to see in the mirror how bad it looks. It doesn’t make anyone younger just gives plastic freakish face

      • Aphra says:

        Let’s be fair, she was movie-star beautiful to begin with. I doubt most women will age so beautifully.

      • Kaykay says:

        Whenever I see any actor in a movie (I usually have to back to old movies) with their real teeth, noses, whatever, it’s just so refreshing and genuine. I’m so tired of all the plastic fantastic. I’m starting to think that natural is more beautiful even if you have a bumpy nose. It adds character.

      • Anh says:

        Well there’s a great deal of pressure to stay freakishly young and it takes a lot of skill to stay that line between preternaturally young and just cosmetic freak

  2. Leena says:

    How tiny is tippi hedren? Dakota is a small woman and Tippi looks absolutely minuscule next to her in that bottom pic!

    • SarahCS says:

      That’s what I thought! I was trying to work out if Dakota is some kind of giant and I’d just never noticed.

  3. SarahCS says:

    Now I’m telling myself George found out by turning up at a restaurant and they say something like ‘two nights in a row, you must love our food’ and the whole story comes out. Maybe with some cctv tapes.

    I have too much time on my hands.

  4. Sof says:

    That video was a bit awkward, it seemed as if Dakota was super nervous until the end.
    I can’t believe she couldn’t get a table either, but it’s funny she went with Clooney’s name, especially since she never met him. Unless this is like the limes story!

    I’ll never get over those pictures of Tippi’s wild cats in her home, how could anyone possibly think that was ok?

    • SomeChick says:

      The seventies was a very different time. We didn’t have to wear seatbelts either! (which, to be fair, is also pretty scary when you think about it.)

  5. lucy2 says:

    I’m sort of split on whether I like Dakota’s acting work or not, but she seems kind of fun and funny as a person.

  6. Dee Kay says:

    I really like Dakota Johnson as an actress. She is great in comedies, I recommend How to Be Single and The High Note if you are looking for dumb fun women-centric movies.

  7. Chanteloup says:

    I dunno, the whole ha ha I was lying thing isn’t funny to me. I don’t care if you love limes! but if you left that lie out there that long, why should I believe your 2nd story that actually you don’t, is true? I wouldn’t believe anything that came out of her mouth. Sorry, #HadMyFillOfLiars, got no time anymore.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      I…don’t think it’s that deep and found the story pretty funny. It was a harmless white lie about limes. And she admitted it. Jimmy wouldn’t have known if her PR hadn’t told him in the first place.

  8. Granger says:

    It’s a cute story — but come on, the people at the restaurant who accepted the fact that George was “on his way” must have known who Dakota was. Because if I showed up at a fancy restaurant, having made a reservation in a celebrity’s name, and said celeb was nowhere to be seen, I’d be on my ass on the sidewalk in seconds.

  9. Jules says:

    I want to know what she really thinks about Goopy Paltrow. She’s gotta have some good dirt…