Did SNL fire Casey Wilson for not losing 30 pounds? (Update: denied)


Late last week, it was announced that two of the most gifted comediennes of Saturday Night Live were abruptly fired. The two ladies were Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins, and their replacements were named the same day – two young talents named Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad. The firing of Casey and Michaela caused a stir for several reasons – first, they were both really, really talented. Michaela’s Hota Kotb is eerily dead-on, and she also does an amazing Barbara Walters. As for Casey Wilson, she seemed like a really funny Gennifer Goodwin – and her “cougar” in the “Cougar Den” was particularly brilliant. Her comedic timing and delivery are flawless, and I had both Casey and Michaela pegged as two more Amy Poehlers or Tina Feys.

Michaela was the only one to speak out about the firings, telling Entertainment Weekly that she was “shocked” but she was told by SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels that “he felt deep down that I should have my own show. And I agreed. SNL was a dream come true for me. It was a fantastic year. I don’t have any regrets… What he said is he’s trying to get what’s best for him and best for me. He said it had nothing to do with talent. And I’m just going to go on that. That was his only explanation. He’s looking at the whole mix of the show and maybe he feels that what I bring would be better served on a sitcom.”

While Michaela was talking, Casey Wilson was not. Now Ted Casablanca at E! News has a interesting take on why Casey was fired, and why she hasn’t said anything so far. Basically, Casablanca claims Casey was fired because she couldn’t or wouldn’t lose 30 pounds. I should say – Ted Casablanca is usually full of crap. But there’s something about this report that really seems like it could be true:

There’s some seriously unfunny stuff happening over at Saturday Night Live. First up, just like last year, they’ve added two pretty white chicks to the mostly white cast.

These gals might be deserving, but there are plenty of hilarious black and Asian and nonwhite comedians out there who would give the show more diversity. Not to mention, casting a black actress might mean they wouldn’t have to keep flying in former castmember Maya Rudolph to play Michelle Obama these next four to eight years.

Producers made room for these two predictably attractive babes by firing Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins. Watkins has been vocal, and pretty cheerful, about her exit from SNL, but Casey’s been completely quiet on the matter.

Could it be because of the totally bitchy and sexist way in which she was ousted from the sketch show?

Our inside comedy sources tell us SNL producers told the curvy Casey to lose 30 pounds during the show’s summer hiatus. They pretty much demanded it. And whether Wilson just couldn’t drop the weight or she just only wanted to give her middle finger some exercise, she didn’t drop a damn pound. And that’s when she was axed, we’re told.

The comedian was already on thin ice, since she never really developed a hit character on the show or struck a nerve with audiences during her two-season run. Case was aware she was one of the show’s least popular players—she even made a Funny or Die video about people not finding her funny (which, coincidentally, we find hilarious).

But insisting she drop pounds to be another stick-thin star? How pathetically prehistoric could Lorne Michaels & Co. possibly get? Casey was pretty much the only female castmember the show’s had in years who wasn’t a size 6 or smaller (a pregnant Amy Poehler notwithstanding). Whereas SNL’s been famous for highlighting obese men—John Belushi, Chris Farley, Horatio Sanz, Bobby Moynihan, to name a few.

Did Will Ferrell have to look good in a bikini for people to laugh at him? Hell no! So why should the women be treated any differently?

We’ve asked for a comment from the folks at SNL on this weighty issue, but they’re keeping mum for now.

Personally, we’ve seen Case play foul and ugly characters onstage live at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in H’wood, and the furthest thing from her mind was worrying if people found her sexy. Good for her—what’s so friggin’ funny about a perfect-looking woman anyway? Lorne needs to wake up and realize we tune in to SNL to laugh, not get turned on.

[From E! News]

If this is true, it is abhorrent. Of course I noticed that Casey wasn’t stick thin – but she’s still a very pretty, attractive, and most importantly, funny comedienne. If Lorne Michaels or one of SNL’s producers told – or ordered – Casey to lose weight, and she was fired because she failed to do so, I say she should sue. This isn’t the Zeigfeld Follies, and not every woman has to be built like a showgirl. The American people can handle one comedienne in the SNL cast who is larger than a size 6. The all-white stuff bothers me too – but as Casablanca points out, it’s not as if they fired two white comediennes so they could fill out the cast in a more racially diverse way. That, I might be able to understand. But this is just nasty.

UPDATE: An NBC spokesperson denied E!’s report to The Wrap, an industry website. Spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo says, “There’s absolutely no truth at all to the rumors regarding Casey Wilson… Her contract was simply not renewed.” Oh, so… it wasn’t that Casey was fat, it was that she sucked, I guess.

Here’s Casey Wilson at the New York Premiere of ‘Bride Wars’ at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York on January 1st. Images thanks to WENN.com and Fame Pictures .

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  1. bros says:

    casey wilson was a total dud on SNL. her skits were painful to watch. I couldnt even believe she was hired in the first place. I think it had nothing to do with weight and everything to do with her being absolutely unfunny. good riddance.

  2. Jen says:

    That show’s still on?? Huh.

  3. Persistent Cat says:

    I agree, I didn’t find her funny at all. The only time I laughed was when she’d say, “Facebook break.” But otherwise, painful and she just seemed out of place. The other one wasn’t all that great either, don’t see how you could compare them to Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. I found Molly Shannon less annoying.

    I didn’t bother reading the E stuff because these long copy and pastes are annoying. Just add what you didn’t cover.

  4. Jules says:

    Comparing Watkins and Wilson to Fey and Pohler is so out there, I have to wonder what was in your brotchen this morning. That’s like comparing ‘Ol Blue Eyes to William Hung.

  5. Spooge says:

    bummer… she was nice to look at. definitely not overweight.

  6. Tina says:

    She was not funny AT ALL…..Shes never once made me laugh

  7. Firestarter says:

    I haven’t watched SNL in years. Shouldn’t they let it die already?

  8. HEB says:

    If this is true, it SUCKS. Casey is gorgeous.

  9. lizzy says:

    I don’t think she was fired because she was larger than a size 6. She just wasn’t that funny and SNL cannot afford to lose the viewers they gained during the Obama campaign. They had a very successful year and the follow up year was not keeping pace.

    I DO think that Ted Casablanca is an ass for raising the “possibility” that she was fired for her size. He’s an ass. He’s the one who is making this a size issue and by doing so he is promoting a problem that is an epidemic in Hollywood.

  10. the original kate says:

    the girl in the goldy dress was told to lose 30 pounds? why? she looks fine. i don’t remember anyone asking chris farley or john belushi to lose weight.

  11. MeowMeow says:

    Yeah, I thought she was really pretty. A great, healthy figure. I thought she was pretty funny, too. Oh well.

  12. Persistent Cat says:

    I think they also drag that argument out whenever it happens. Was she fired for her weight? Was he fired because he’s gay? Was she fired for her outspokenness? It’s just a way to fill space.

  13. Roma says:

    Jenny Slate is hilarious, I can absolutely see why they brought her on board. I think they realized they needed to have younger talent on the show; they need some young females to play off of Andy Samberg. I mean, JT can only make so many cameos a year…

  14. chshc says:

    She sucked.. thats why.

  15. jl1 says:

    You would understand if they were fired because they were white? Are you crazy? Why is it a crime to be white in this country? It’s just as wrong to fire someone for being white as it is to fire someone for being black! Somewhere in the quest for equality, the line was way overshot, and now whites are becoming as bad off as blacks used to be. Neither way is o.k., and this horrid imbalance in either direction will only do severe damage to our country and our lives.

  16. jl1 says:

    I would like to clarify my previous statement: When I said “as bad off as blacks used to be” I am not referring to slavery or to abuse by police, etc. I AM referring to discrimination in the workplace (as Kaiser has highlighted), discrimination in school enrollments, and a general misplaced hatred of white people. There are just as many wonderful white people in this world as there are blacks, hispanics, asians, etc., and anyone who disagrees with that either doesn’t know that many white people, or is just plain ignorant.

  17. Pia says:

    jl 1, you think whites are just as discriminated against as blacks in the workplace?

    Incidentally, I doubt it had anything to do with race or weight. If the comedians are not pulling in viewers then they need to go. I haven’t watched SNL in years but based on the comments here it doesn’t look like these particular comedians were doing their job.

  18. Daniel says:

    I don’t think Casey was funny either. But I do think she’s an absolutely beautiful woman! No need to loose the weight IMO.

  19. Ellie says:

    …but she is not fat!

  20. Giz says:

    Being fired for being white–there’s a first!

  21. barneslr says:

    She is lovely, but the show really does suck now. They need to get rid of everyone on their cast and try to find some actually funny people to replace them. This show has had it’s ups and downs through the years but it has really bottomed out the past few. It’s time for them to shake it up and find some more REAL talent, like Myers and Murphy. Of course, it’s too much to hope that they make magic again like they did in the beginning, but there’s no reason that they can’t make it a good show again.

  22. Cuntastic says:

    She’s hot. I think she is funny, but it’s hard to be funny on SNL.

  23. cadiebelle says:

    She is very pretty – she is not fat, she has a round face. I don’t doubt they fired her because she is not anorexic.

  24. Patrice says:

    Ummm, maybe, just maybe, they fired her for never, not even ONCE being funny on the show? She was this generation of SNL cast memebers version of Horatio Sanz. I mean, all the girl ever did was bob her head up and down and agree with whatever the actual comedic actors would say. I wonders how the Hell she managed to pass an audition for the show from the first time I saw her on screen.

  25. RobbyC says:

    I love SNL and watch/DVR it EVERY week… This season was great, but I can’t say I will really miss Casey or the other one… New faces are always good, but only if they stand out. I don’t think anyone thought she was fat and think it is kind of funny that people are trusting a news “entertainment” anchor for their news!

  26. Kate says:

    I don’t thank she fat. People like Chris Farley and John Belushi now they should have been the ones naged about their weight

  27. sajpgopv says:

    to say casey wilson was fired because she is fat & ugly is ridiculous look at rachael dretch she is fat & ugly but she is hilarious thats why she was on for so long casey wilson has done some funny stuff but never on snl & that is why she was fired mickaela watkins on the other hand should never have been fired

  28. JK says:

    In what world would you call Casey Wilson overweight? She has a PERFECT body. Oh well, she is now being deliciously funny on Happy Endings, doing a brilliant job as Penny. Go Casey!