Jamie Dornan had to buy Trolls World Tour five times for his daughters: relatable?

Jamie Dornan at 'A Private War' premiere, BFI London Film Festival
Jamie Dornan hasn’t been on my radar much. I didn’t watch The Fall as I’m not into crime shows (they’re so depressing to me) and I’ve only seen clips of the ridiculous 50 Shades movies. I’ve been noticing him more lately as he’s been posting wholesome dad content on Instagram. I also remember when he said that he lobbied to be in Trolls World Tour just so he could impress his daughters. Jamie and his wife of seven years, composer Amelia Warner, have three daughters: Dulcie, 7, Elva, 5, and Alberta, who is about two. Jamie and his wife post photos of their girls but they don’t show their faces at all. In a new interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Jamie was so funny and charming that I’m now a fan. His accent is as gorgeous as he is and he told a story I could relate to very much. He said that he hyped Trolls World Tour so much to his daughters that they wanted to watch it over and over again when it first came out. You could only pay a premium for the movie at that point as it was one of the first VOD releases post lockdown. He ended up paying about 25 dollars each to rent it four or five times. He also said that things are stressful with three kids under eight at home and that he’s trying to learn patience. Jamie is from Ireland and is living in England with his family.

On how lockdown is going
There’s times when it’s incredible and you’re so thankful for the time and there’s times when it’s just the opposite of that you know and you just want to run away from them. We are in the true thick of it, three under eight. We’re doing the homeschooling. The word I’m always trying to instill to the kids is patience. I’ve never had to tell myself more [to be patient].

On buying Trolls for his daughters a bunch of times
I did it for [my daughters] I basically pleaded with Universal Pictures to put me in that picture. I was like ‘it’s coming out in two weeks guys, daddy’s going to be in this movie.’ So excited, pandemonium excitement in the house. It comes out, it’s the day, I’m like ‘I’ll buy it on iTunes,’ it’s like 17 pounds, it’s like 25 dollars, so I… buy it. You can only get it for 24 hours. The next day ‘can we watch trolls again?’

‘Sure, we’ll have to buy it again.’ I think I bought it four or five times. After like a week I got a thing from my agent going ‘oh by the way Universal were in touch saying that there’s a code that you use whenever you want to watch Trolls.’ Oh great I’ve already spent like three hundred dollars. In my defense at this point you couldn’t buy it you could only rent it for 24 hours.

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]

I’m so glad that they didn’t have expensive movies on demand when my kid was little or I would have ended up in this trap too! I never considered this about the movies on demand and surely so many more kids movies will be following this formula. My son’s favorite movies when he was little were Robots with Ewan McGregor and Shark Tale with Will Smith. Both were a few years old at that point and they were decent stories that I didn’t mind watching over and over again. I miss so many parts of his childhood, but not having to watch shows on repeat. That was a pain.

Jamie is promoting Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar, which is his first comedy and costars Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. It’s out next week on demand. The trailer makes it look kind of strange like I thought it was set in the 80s at first but that’s just the lead characters’ style. Jamie posted a clip that made me laugh, but I’ll wait until the reviews are in before I rent it. Like Jamie I have a hard time spending $25 for a movie at home. I know I should support the arts and sometimes I do, but I also want theaters to come back!

Here’s that interview:

Death And Nightingales Photocall at SOHO Hotel, London

photos credit: Avalon.red and via Instagram

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  1. LizzyM says:

    His daughters are named Alberta, Dulcie and Elva. The eldest is not named Amelia, that’s just his wife :)

  2. OzJennifer says:

    Mathematics. It has an ‘s’ at the end! Therefore shortened version (at least in many not-USA countries) = maths, not math. It’s not that hard to understand Jimmy!

    • SarahCS says:

      YES. This is one American-ism I’ve never understood. MathS.

    • Willow says:

      Mathematics – ematics = math, following the rules of subtraction. Therefore, the ‘s’ is indeed a mystery. Of course, expecting language to be logical is an exercise in futility.

    • Malificent says:

      Languages evolve in different directions. There is no such thing as an incorrect dialect.

      • Sa says:

        Thank you! I get equally annoyed at people who think how we way something in America is “right” and therefore any other way is wrong and those who always think the way Americans say things is wrong. Different ways of saying something doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong, it just means there’s more than one way to say something.

  3. Swack says:

    Can’t you just outright buy the movie on the streaming device you get it on? Pretty sure my daughter bought it on Amazon Prime (not rented as he did). I don’t know as I use my daughters’ streaming apps.

    • TIFFANY says:

      They have the right to pull them at anytime ( when the rights contract runs out and Amazon chooses not to renew). So technically you are not buying them.

      • Nicole says:

        This is why you always buy the DVD and CD and don’t stream.

      • Tiffany says:

        @ Nicole.

        Yuuuuuuupppppppppppppppppp…..*pops mouth*

      • Rapunzel says:

        Tiffany- what? I’ve bought things on Amazon, and then the rights were pulled, but I still had what I bought even though it wasn’t on Amazon.

        Edit to add: so apparently the fine print allows this, but I’ve never had it happen to me, even with videos Amazon lost licensing rights to after I purchased. Can’t speak for other streaming services.

  4. chimes@midnight says:

    My mom and I are avid movie goers, it is our special thing (picking out the best seats, getting there early, etc). We’ve discussed what movies we would shell out $20 or $25 to watch at home and came up with one each: Godzilla vs Kong (only if we can’t see it in a real theatre) and In the Heights.

  5. Stelly says:

    My 5 year old always wants to watch the same movies over and over again too! Watching Frozen repeatedly has actually taught her some good vocabulary. The other day she said, What mum, you don’t trust my judgement? I was like What?! and she said she learned it from Frozen. Also I loved The Fall and highly recommend it. It’s pretty creepy but he’s great in it and so is Gillian Anderson.

  6. Stacy Dresden says:

    He’s so hot and I love the accent

  7. Mar says:

    This happened to us with Trolls World Tour. We rented it and then I just caved and bought it when I was able to. My kid watched it four or five times in the span of two days so at least we got our money’s worth for the rental ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • AMA1977 says:

      We did the same, rented it the day it came out and watched it twice, then bought it again when the time limit had fallen off because she wanted to watch it again. Side note, the original Trolls movie has such a sweet, earnest message and still makes me tear up when I watch it EVERY time. Trolls World Tour was fun, fluffy entertainment, but didn’t have the same impact of the first IMO. And I REALLY expected the first one to be just awful, so I was very pleasantly surprised by how charming it is.

      My other favorite kid movies that I will watch anytime, anywhere are Zootopia and Sing! I am excited but nervous about the Sing! sequel coming up because I’m convinced they won’t be able to replicate the beauty of the original. Maybe they will.


    He was absolutely chilling in The Fall, made me respect him as an actor. I am never going to see the 50 Shades movies but I might see this new one.

  9. Claudia says:

    He and his family are lovely. His wife used to be an actress, now she’s composing music scores for films, very successfully. And he’s amazing in The Fall (with his natural accent, too!).

  10. Dollycoa says:

    I’d have been bankrupted by Cars, Cars II and Planes if Id have had to buy it every time my son wanted to watch it when he was little! As it is, I had to buy the DVD twice after he chewed it!

    • AMA1977 says:

      My now-thirteen year-old also LOOOOOVED Cars! It was on repeat at our house for years. He loved “Lightming Naqueem” and Mater back in the good ol’ days of DVDs!!

      • Dollycoa says:

        Every time I talk about Cars, I have an earworm of the tune they played during the races because my son used to sing it all the time! He’s nearly 10!