Catherine Zeta-Jones: I would have eye makeup with me if I were stranded on an island

Catherine Zeta-ones did an hour long live pitch for the launch of the cosmetics branch of her brand, Casa Zeta-Jones. You can watch it here, on talkshop. I found it fascinating that she could sit there for an hour and talk just to the camera about makeup and her products, but I could probably do that too. I love talking about makeup, hair and skincare as you know. So much of what Catherine said resonated with me in that she doesn’t go without makeup and she loves wearing it. I’ve been like that since I was young too. She was so into makeup and talking about it and I found it mesmerizing. I came away wanting to buy everything, which is ridiculous but true. This woman could sell me anything.

My mom is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and always loved makeup. She literally wouldn’t put out the garbage without putting her makeup on. She had a wonderful glamour and was an inspiration to me.

My love affair with makeup started very young. My mother was very welcoming when I started to work and put makeup on. She was the first one to say ‘go on, go and get my makeup bag and make me up.’ It was something I did with my mother and I do with my daughter now. We take it in turns [making each other up].

I’m a kind of woman who thinks I need makeup and I enjoy putting makeup on. When I’m not working with some of the great makeup artists in the world, I really love wearing makeup just in my day to day life. It’s not a big drama, it’s not a big event. I put it on and I’m good to go. If I were stranded on a desert island, I would surely have to have some creature comforts. Those creature comforts would certainly be a mascara, an eye pencil or two, because I know if my eyes are on, I’m on.

I love my packaging. It’s going to be about me me, I’m usually not that bad. I want things to be seen on my makeup counter or if I’m digging into my pouch, I want bring out something that looks nice. Beautiful shiny box with beautiful gold font. It says on here Casa Zeta-Jones. Genius! You know how I came up with the name Casa Zeta-Jones? I came up with it in the sauna. Some of my amazing ideas come from the sauna when I’m sweating like a roast piglet. I wanted to use my initials CZJ and something that was my name but not really my name.

I was doing my makeup in the back of the car and [the driver said] ‘do you think we should pull over,’ and I said ‘I can do this on a roller coaster, I swear.’

[From Talkshop stream]

She’s told that story about coming up with the name in the sauna before, but I loved hearing it again, especially when she called herself genius for her brand name! She was haughty as hell because she’s Catherine Zeta-Jones, but everything she said rang true to me and I came away from this wanting to buy her makeup. She loves makeup, she owns that and now she’s capitalizing on that like a boss. When she started talking about her eye pencils being the perfect soft pencil and non-harsh color for all eye colors I wanted them! Plus she peppered her talk with little tangents and cute anecdotes. “When you’re doing a smokey eye there has to be some light in there otherwise it gets too racoon-eyes. I love raccoons. I didn’t like the one that was on my garbage cans the other nights. I swear to God it was the size of a small bear.” She’s amazing!

I’ve said this for years, but I don’t leave the house without makeup. I’ve dated guys for months who have slept over and have never seen me without makeup. I don’t think of it as being insecure, it’s more like I know what I know what I like and I stick with that. A therapist once told me to let my boyfriend see me without makeup and I told her no because I didn’t see the point. I probably needed that advice but CZJ is helping me feel secure in my love of makeup. If only some of her extreme self esteem would rub off on me.



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  1. Delphine says:

    I was the same way about makeup until the pandemic. I love makeup, I believe it makes me look better, and I used to wear it everyday no matter what. Almost a year into quarantine and now I go weeks without putting it on. I think it’s a sign of depression tbh.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I did that at the beginning, and stopped blowing my hair dry and took off my red toenail polish to “let them breathe” and I felt AWFUL about myself every time I passed a mirror. I started putting on my everyday makeup (5 minute face, lol!) almost every day again, and I blow my hair out 1-2 times a week. My toes are red again, too. It helps me feel put together and like “myself.” I still take a makeup break 1-2 days a week and my hair is in a ponytail more days than it’s not, but I feel much better when I take a few minutes most days to give myself a little bit of polish.

      • Sandy says:

        I found a happy medium – sunscreen, a quick smudgy eye pencil, and some mascara. It makes me feel human, but not as time-consuming as my pre-pandemic “face.”

        Also, ALWAYS red toenail polish. It just makes me happy.

  2. april says:

    I use eyeliner under my bottom eyelashes and lipstick everyday. If I only use those two things, i look 100% better than with nothing. It only takes seconds to put on both.

  3. Southern Fried says:

    I used to be that way, always a bit of liner and mascara, lip color but since realizing my dream to live at the beach, no more. Only for special occasions, back in the day, lol, before COVID. CZJ herself seems delightful.

  4. Julia K says:

    Loved her in Chicago. She can sing and dance so well. Nice voice and wonder why she never pursued a music career.

  5. ChloeCat says:

    My mom instilled in me a love of makeup I have to this day. I’m so pale I fade into the woodwork without eye makeup. However, I can’t take CZJ. She is haughty & fake as hell. And did she have cheek implants? Something is looking rather off.

  6. Chaine says:

    I want her to differentiate her makeup from all the other celebrity makeups. Why should I buy her eye palettes over Rihanna, or Kylie, or Jessica Alba’s? It reminds me of when every celeb had a branded perfume… I’m willing to bet a lot of the celebrity stuff is made by the same manufacturer in same factory and in similar formulations.

  7. DiegoInSF says:

    I also love makeup, and even though I’ve been working from home, I use it because my work is very camera-on encouraged. It makes me feel energized and ready to face the day, some people have been are you wearing makeup, I haven’t in months! – I want to be like, good for you, but I enjoy putting it on and wearing it. On the main picture of her laughing like a woman with a salad but with eyeliner pencils instead, her makeup looks very very dry though, don’t know that she’s the best person to sell makeup, she’s never been like JLo, like everyone envies her makeup or skin.

  8. Jaded says:

    I’ve rarely put make-up on during the pandemic. I decided to glam myself up a couple of weeks ago and put on the full whack. I didn’t recognize myself and Mr. Jaded’s eyes popped out of his head. It did help alleviate covid gloom though. I even put on jewelry too!

  9. AlpineWitch says:

    I have always hated make-up and as a consequence I am really bad at putting it on as well. I used to wear it because I was supposed to at work and same story for some special events.

    One of the few positives of the pandemic, for me, was that almost everybody I know stopped putting it on so I didn’t feel guilty anymore.

  10. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She used to be so beautiful, and now she looks like a Real Housewife.