Dr. Jill Biden arranged for ‘valentines’ to be placed on the White House lawn

Biden Departs for Walter Reed National Military Center

Dr. Jill Biden did something special for her husband and for the nation to celebrate Valentine’s Day (which is Sunday). She had special heart-shaped “valentines” erected on the White House lawn, with words like Healing, Unity, Strength, Compassion, Courage and Love written on them. It was all a big surprise to President Biden. This morning, she brought out her husband and the dogs to look at her work. Thus, we have this video of the Bidens and their dogs and nearly the whole thing makes me so happy.

First of all: President Joe in his jeans and his president’s bomber jacket, collar up, looking like he could be in Top Gun. And he’s wearing a mask, still, because even though he’s vaccinated, he still wants to give the visual of mask-wearing to Americans. Now, the dogs. Major Biden is the younger dog, Champ is the older dog. Champ is about 12 years old and you can absolutely tell that the poor puppy is feeling his age. The way he hobbles over to his mom and dad! SOB. It’s cold and his arthritis is probably particularly bad. I love that Jill is such a good dog-mom that she goes over to him to pet her old Good Boy. And then Major crashes over and he’s like “pay attention to meeeee!!” Poor Champ though.

This display is so nice and warm. It’s such a mom thing and it’s such a teacher thing.

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex attend the 91st Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in London, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019.

major biden2

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram, Avalon Red.

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  1. Brubs says:

    very cheesy but you know… sweet

    • local russian hill says:

      it’s not cheesy, it’s amazing. my mom and dad were teachers. and my mom would do stuff like this.

      • sa says:

        Cheesy and amazing aren’t mutually exclusive.

        I agree with @Brubs, it’s kind of cheesy and also sweet. My mom was also a school teacher and this is exactly the kind of thing she would do.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Yeah, it’s a little cheesy, but that’s hardly a bad thing in this case.
        I love having a present and engaged FLOTUS again.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I kinda love it to. It has a tiny cringe factor to it, but on the other hand it’s exactly what we all need. Thumbs up.

      • Sojaschnitzel says:

        * too. Sorry. It’s late (here).

      • Eleonor says:

        I think it’s nice, I agree about the cringe factor, at the same time we are all exhausted, and we all need compassion, and love.
        And I am missing hugging the people I love, so it’s cheesy, and cringy, but it’s what we need.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think the simplicity is very charming.

    • Traveler says:

      After 4 years of hate I’m ready for a little cheese.

      • Giddy says:

        Agree!!! Bring it on! Dr. Jill substituted words like Unity, Kindness, and Healing, for the candy messages like Be Mine, and I love it! She is already demonstrating her personal style, and it shows her personal warmth. I love it!l

  2. Grant says:

    We don’t deserve her.

    • AnnaKist says:

      After what America has been through? Yes, you do deserve her. And if we can borrow her sometime, that would be wonderful.
      Love these photos.

  3. Insomniac says:

    So FLOTUS Jill Biden has already done more in a few weeks to reach out to the nation than Melania Trump did during her entire four-year tenure, right? And man, it’s so nice to see a First Couple show genuine affection again.

  4. just a small town girl says:

    I work in education with a ton of teachers and this is absolutely a teacher thing to do. It’s adorable, if cheesy and silly. It’s nice. Love Biden’s absolute dad-jeans and reassuring vibe.

    • UptownGirl says:

      I do too! They seem like such an approachable couple, humble and kind. I find it endearing that Dr. Jill put all these signs up for every American as a sign of love and kindness!! And what a gentleman he is for giving up his coffee too!! They are the epitome of a loving couple and are both truly lovely and kind!! I think they are so cute!!

  5. booboocita says:

    And with one silly but heartfelt gesture, Dr Biden has done more to make the White House a warm and welcoming place than her predecessor did in four years. Then again, her predecessor really didn’t care, do U?

    • Teresa says:

      The juxtaposition between the two is insane. I am loving the Biden presidency. It doesn’t feel like you’re slowly dying all day every day.

    • Jennifer says:

      That is all I will remember about Melania. “I really don’t care, do U”? Summed it all up.

  6. AppleTart says:

    I think it’s sweet and it shows a family that actually love each other and want to be kind and send positive messages to the country. It’s the thought that counts.

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    Even after we get vaccinated…we STILL need to mask up to protect ourselves against new variants of Covid that are out there that we know about…and the new variants that will be coming down the pike…this is what we have to deal with because there has been SO MUCH Covid out here…for SO LONG…

    The Bidens have ALWAYS been lovely people…it’s good to see that reflected from the Whitehouse ❣ Tears jumped in my eyes when I saw POTUS give the Reporter his coffee…cause it’s ALWAYS…the little things that tells you how a person will handle the big things!

  8. Noodle says:

    They are such decent, kind people. I love that he gave his coffee to the reporter; he probably shouldn’t have because of germs and whatnot, but he’s such a good man for doing that.

  9. TeamAwesome says:

    Dr. Jill, much like Leslie Knope, must have a printer on retainer.

  10. Hannah Young says:

    So cheesy and such a teacher thing to do. I rolled my eyes, but then I remembered how I regretted not making Christmas ornaments last year (I’m an atheist) – my son has been making them every year at school since nursery school and with distant learning, he didn’t make one for 2020. They are just so sweet to look at, especially all together, and he’s just at the cusp of that age where he won’t want to do it anymore without it being a school assignment.

  11. Jayna says:

    That was very heartwarming. Champ broke my heart in this video. He’s getting old. It took me back to when my beloved dog was elderly.

    • windyriver says:

      Biden said Champ is almost 14. The really cold weather we’ve been having here in the east not ideal for the poor guy, but hopefully he and Major will have lots of fun around the WH in the spring.

    • Petrichor says:

      I’m weeping. We had to say goodbye to our 14-year-old Aussie shepherd on Monday. Champ has the same old dog energy that mine had—still happy and alert, but with a failing body. That made it so hard to say goodbye—his personality had not dimmed one bit, but he was tired and ready to go.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        My heart goes out to you. You helped your good boy when he needed you most, to be there with him to the end of his journey. Thank you for listening to your boy when he told you he was ready to go. Thank you for not walking away, even though it can be painful to go through. I’m sure he loves you as much as you love him, and a dog in a loving home is such a blessing. No doubt, he knew he was loved.

        I give you many, many hugs. I found that talking to them as if they are still there can really help with the grief. It gives an outlet to the love that is trapped in your heart that has no where to go.

      • Chanteloup says:

        Thank you for responding to this in such a lovely way, I’m crying and didn’t have the words yet

        We’re so lucky to have them as long as we do <3

      • Teebee says:

        I am so sorry for you for the loss of your beloved pet! We have a beautiful female Aussie shep too, she’s 11.5, still vital and active. But her eyes are clouding and she develops a limp every now and then. We are feeling her mortality as the years pass. We have a 4 year old cross breed who is devoted to her. It will be harder on her than us when we lose Yoshi, I treasure these dogs like my children.

        Dogs are just… everything.

        I love the Bidens.

      • Petrichor says:

        Thank you to all of you for your kind and heartfelt replies. Our hearts are broken, but it’s a small price for the years of joy we were gifted by our beautiful boy.

        Teebee, our Aussie didn’t start slowing down until he was 11 either. And even then, he was mischievous and up to shenanigans right up to his last day. Like I said, his personality never dimmed. 💔

      • Traveler says:

        @Petrichor, I’m so sorry for your loss.
        @Tiffany, what a lovely, lovely message. It made me cry.
        I’ve rescued many dogs and have gone through many losses and I will always remember the pure, unconditional love (and goofiness) each brought into my life.
        I never forget the sadness of no longer having them here. I keep saying – no more, I can’t go through it again – then there is another little soul that needs a home. I have a little guy at my feet right now.
        Take care.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        What a beautiful and moving thread. When my dog Millie died, I waited a full year before getting a new pup because I felt disloyal. Now I realize that long, lonely wait wasn’t really necessary. It’s not disloyal to get another pup as soon as you feel ready after losing a beloved dog. My little dog Petal made my life feel complete again, and I still think of Millie every single day.

      • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

        I lost my beloved Aussie in 2014 and I’m sitting here weeping for you. He was precious and MINE… but he loved my husband when I met him and was gentle and loving with my son. Man… I would love to have just one more day to play with him.

  12. Izzy says:

    It’s so nice to have a warm and caring First Lady again.

  13. sa says:

    I love, love, love that they got Major for Champ. Loving your dog enough to take on the responsibility of a second dog to help your aging dog feel young is just lovely.

    • TaraBest says:

      My boyfriend has been working on me to get a puppy for a while now and I’ve been resisting. The fact that my dog will be 15 this year and I’m trying to keep him active and happy for as long as possible is what’s going to break me! I’m still rooting for a slightly older dog, rather than a puppy though :-)

  14. LightPurple says:

    Champ and Major bring me so much joy.

  15. ChloeCat says:

    It’s so nice to see decent people back in the White House. President Biden just talking casually with the pups around instead of a hate spewing orange menace, what a relief. The valentines are adorable, too!

  16. AnnaKist says:

    They make a lovely couple. I know he’s a politician, and that requires a certain kind of tenacity, especially as he’s been in the game for so long, but I do believe the Bidens are very decent, honourable people, and their smiles are genuine. I think he’s the polar opposite of the gronk you’ve just chucked out, and hopefully, the new administration, in next four years, can restore at least some of what that whining lunatic tore apart. I think I won’t even bother using the old twat’s name ever again.

  17. Willow says:

    The Bidens are wearing masks because vaccinated people can still infect unvaccinated people! It’s really important that people know that.

    • Chanteloup says:

      And even when we’re all vaccinated, if that day ever comes, cant wait – Not only are the vaccines not 100% infallible, we now have new virulent strains so easily transmitted – It’s going to take a while and a lot of cooperation to beat this!!! thanks to the unhinged lunatic that’s been in power for the past 4 years

  18. molly says:

    I love that they were placed to be in the background of all the tv spots for the day. It’s such a silly, happy thing to do.

  19. Tiffany says:

    It really is the little things and damn if this didn’t warm the area where my heart is suppose to be.

    Also, those are some beautiful dogs.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is very cute and I love that he gave the coffee to the reporter.

    Am sure there will be outrage from GOP for him wearing JEANS AND A LEATHER JACKET – will it be the tan suit drama all over again?!?!

  21. Bookie says:

    That’s so corny – but then I started to tear up. How nice and refreshing to have decency in the White House again.

  22. Leskat says:

    I love this sweet, silly, loving gesture. I just finished reading “Melania and Me” and the author claims she couldn’t even get Melania to agree to a simple Valentine’s dinner with Donald because it was stupid. And I don’t even really have a dog in this fight because I’m Canadian, but it’s so refreshing to see a First Couple who has actual love and admiration for each other.

  23. A Guest says:

    I will take sweet and cheesy any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    BTW – Go to You Tube and search “Joe Biden dog talking” for a hilarious video of Champ. He’s Joe’s best buddy.

  24. Babz says:

    What a sweet thing to do!! I love this couple, because they are decent, honest, and caring. And a First Doggo sighting is always the best, but sweet Champ is showing his age. Getting Major was the exact right thing to do for him. Honest, true love and devotion have returned to the White House, and I am thankful for that.

  25. TheOriginalMia says:

    Very sweet! So nice to have a First Couple who actually love each other and want to share that love with the country.

  26. LightPurple says:

    If you haven’t already seen it, although I can watch it a million times, the Bidens dogs put out a Christmas video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpd9WA3-rHo

  27. Reece says:

    I am not a Valentine’s Day person at all but this had me all like “GIANT CANDY HEARTS” and “he gave his coffee away” 😭😍😭 at 8 am. They’re so cute!

  28. Alexandra says:

    Oh my God I love this and I love Champ and Major!!! My German Shepard Lucky and I wish everybody a happy Valentine’s Day! XO

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I love this. I know people are saying it’s silly. But you know what? There’s so much damn seriousness and sadness in the world right now that this pure, sweet gesture is so appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Biden, for continuing to show you care.

    And poor Champ. Sweet boy is hurting. Hope he’ll be ok.

  30. Nic919 says:

    I like how Joe gives a reporter his coffee, which he swears he didn’t take a sip, after she said jokingly “next time bring us coffee”.

  31. Betsy says:

    If the last four years have given me an appreciation for anything, it’s for good, decent people.

  32. JanetDR says:

    I love this so much 💗 It’s more than normal, it’s what it should be. Conversation hearts and good doggies forever!

  33. Leigh says:

    What teacher doesn’t love a good yard card? Lol

  34. Other Renee says:

    I am totally here for the cheese! I absolutely love it. Made me smile.

  35. CrazyHeCallsMe says:

    Finally a decent, loving family back in the White House. Does my heart good. This is a cheesy and amazing Valentine gift to the country. Thanks Jill and Joe. (And I’m loving Joe’s dad jeans.)

  36. Sigmund says:

    HE GAVE THE REPORTER HIS COFFEE. I am in tears. I don’t care if this was cheesy, I thought it was sweet. I am so glad he’s our president.

  37. jwoolman says:

    Those candy hearts with sappy messages on them are firmly connected with school in my mind (that’s where they were exchanged every year), so this update is very appropriate from Jill Biden.

  38. Lissdogmom02 says:

    Ahh it’s sweet. So much better than the weird decorations of the last administration. It’s a very thoughtful thing to do. The dogs are adorable. This makes me smile, the world can use this kind of goodwill.

  39. KPS says:

    Loved everything about this! The big hearts on the lawn, Joe in his jeans and bomber jacket, Dr Jill with her mug o coffee, two adorable dogs and Joe handing the reporter his coffee. This makes my day! Wow just wow!

  40. Gab says:

    I do like hearts…

  41. LillyfromLilooet says:

    What a welcome change.

  42. Abby says:

    Why am I tearing up! I love that he’s wearing jeans and a bomber jacket, they’ve got their coffee (she has a ceramic cup!) their dogs are hanging out and they’re being respectful with masks. Just like some normal grandparents. I just love them so much.

    ETA: just saw where he gave away his coffee. The contrast in how they treat the media bowls me over sometimes. … this is so healing.

  43. Holly hobby says:

    Aw Dr. Jill ❤️ I’d take her class if I were still school aged. It’s nice to have normal people living at the wh again.

  44. KNy says:

    They are so wholesome.

  45. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    A stroll through the lawn together with the dogs, sipping coffee… What a beautiful display of the simplicity and necessity of companionship, hope and encouragement. It’s lovely.

  46. Mimi says:

    I love Jill flotus❤️❤️❤️

  47. Mimi says:

    They just seem so .. normal … and it’s wonderful to see. I love it I just love it

  48. newmenow says:

    Think it’s sweet. After the awful Trump years, any and every show of anyone acting like a decent adult helps!
    Major, you young pup, be careful around Pres. Joe, we need him at work.
    And aww, for Champ. He is a good boy, Sweet older dog.

    Sigh. What nice change from the cold blooded Melania and her “I don’t care, do you?” jacket.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

  49. Kim says:

    I didn’t find it cheesy at all…but I’m a second grade teacher. Haha.

    • Gingerbee says:

      I agree Kim. That was such a thoughtful gesture.

      Shout out to all the teachers. I still have the card that my daughter made when she was in kindergarten.

  50. Normades says:

    Everything about this is adorable and wholesome from Joe’s bomber jacket and Dad jeans to the dogs to giving the reporter his coffee. This is exactly what America needs after the nonstop immoral grossness of the last President.

  51. Dee says: