Jermaine Jackson’s MJ tribute postponed for 8 months, moved to London

Jermaine Jackson’s concert in memory of his murdered brother Michae will now be postponed until next year, and the venue has been changed from Vienna to London. What’s more is that most of the artists he claimed in his press conference on Tuesday on were confirmed for the show have issued statements that they’re not actually confirmed.

The big-on-talk but short-on-delivery Michael Jackson tribute concert scheduled to take place in Vienna later this month has been postponed to June 2010 and relocated to London, with Jermaine Jackson blaming the move on scheduling conflicts with would-be headliners.

Organizers had been taken to task for its less than all-star lineup—25 acts were promised, only 13 had been named and arguably the three biggest, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige and Natalie Cole, weren’t exactly locked in.

“Numerous stars were just not able to change their schedules to make a live appearance at the Vienna event possible,” Jackson said this morning.

“Now we have eight months to put this monumental show together and not just eight weeks.”

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Jermaine now has eight months to perfect that proposed ghastly virtual duet with his brother. Paula Abdul dancing with MC Skat Cat would be less inappropriate. At least get Janet to handle that portion!

The problem is that most of the musicians Jermaine claimed had signed up for the tribute concert have issued statements to the contrary. You know it’s bad if you can’t land Ike Turner protege Chris Brown. That bitch is lucky to be scheduling Home Depot openings at this point.

Blige’s publicist says she has another commitment. A person close to the situation told The Associated Press in Los Angeles that Brown won’t perform either and a spokeswoman for Natalie Cole suggested she, too, is iffy.

[From AP]

Why are the Jackson family’s activities always so shady? Couldn’t they at least pull this one off without looking sketchy? How about approaching the artists FIRST, or was Jermaine trying to guilt them into appearing? Any business person worth their weight knows that you secure the contracts first before shooting your mouth off. Yes, everyone loved Michael, or at least respected his contribution to popular entertainment, but the rest of his family isn’t going to inspire that sort of devotion. As we can see from Jermaine’s business dealings, they’re not entirely above-board. I just feel sorry for ticket holders at this point.

Jermaine Jackson is shown at a press conference in London on 9/9/09. Credit:

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  1. Jeane says:

    WHY WHY does this man have a painted hairline… that is just… …

  2. Sleepy says:

    I’m kind of happy this has blown up in Jermaine’s face honestly. I always got the impression this show was more about promoting himself than a tribute to Michael. I’m looking forward to the MTV VMA tribute with Janet on Sunday. I’m sure she’ll do it very, very well and with the respect Michael deserved as her brother and as an entertainer.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    Serves him right that this isn’t going as planned.

    Also, is that shoe polish all over his head? Or is his hair a tattoo??

  4. Diane says:

    I believe Jermaine is stuck in 1985 thinking there is some interest in him because he’s a Jackson. It will take some major talent to have this concert, certainly far more than Jermaine and a hologram.

  5. Eden says:

    What a parasite!!! I think a tribute at the VMA is fine, Michael Jackson was an amazing entertainer. HOWEVER, a tribute to him as a person is skeptical. I just wish his family would have put this much effort into helping him with his tumultuous problems instead of waiting to pay tribute to him in his death. It is repulsive how they are being paid for interviews, magazine covers, etc…to talk about their brother, how completely disgusting and despicable. PARASITES!!!

  6. Shay says:

    Thing is it isn’t the family it’s Jermaine. He always has some underhanded plan and he adds the families name to it.

  7. gg says:

    WTF is it with this guy? How stupid do you have to be to do something this naive?? HOW long has he been in show business again ???

    And WTF is UP with the molded, plastic “hair”??? 😕

  8. Miss Wanderlust says:

    The man is Delusional with a capital D !!! He looks like a cartoon character with that painted hairline ! Glad i was born with a vagina because my parents seriously wanted to name me after him if i were a boy(singing….i think i couldn’t understand…)LOL

  9. Giz says:

    Great statement about the hair. Jermaine looks like he had his hair markered-in. He appears to be just as eager to cash in on the poor Michael’s death as daddy.

    What I found rather interesting (and bothersome) was Jermaine always stating in public that he always had Michael’s back. Which leads me to believe he didn’t. Maybe he is trying to relieve some of his guilt while profitting as well. …I could be wrong.

  10. Fat Elvis says:

    I’m sorry, but whatever opinions I have on the tribute have been completely sidelined by this man’s hair. Can someone please explain what in the HELL is happening on his head? Seriously, is it paint? Some kind of tinted gel or something? Christ, it’s hideous.

  11. Giz says:

    On further inspection,his hairline is painted, markered or whatever on. Geez! So much for taking him seriously. First Mac Daddy. He looks like he morphed from Who killed Roger Rabbit. Oy, these folks just get freakier by the minute. Is it no wonder poor Michael was such a head case?

  12. Loops says:

    Ohh please leave it alone Jermaine, the amount of tabloid coverage this is getting is just silly. DISASTER IS WRITTEN ALL OVER THIS CONCERT.

  13. BW says:

    The man obviously has a bad case of Vitiligo. He’s wearing brown makeup that is turning orange on his face. His hair is cropped so close on the sides that if he didn’t put black makeup there, it would be obvious his skin had turned white. I hope there are better options for handling this condition than this.

  14. driver66 says:

    Opposite shoe sign deserves a little exploration and some inner reflection. ,

  15. BM says:

    #13- He does NOT have vitiligo.. it’s called a TATTOO because he is obviously BALDING.. the Jacksons obviously have some weird fasination with hair and tattooing hair loss.. and his face is that color because it’s makeup duh..