Kanye West apologizes for interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech at VMAs

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Kanye West has topped himself in this, his third instance storming the stage and protesting at an awards ceremony. Last night at the VMAs Kanye went on stage while Taylor Swift, 19, was accepting her award for best female video for You Belong With Me. Usually Kanye is bitching about how he was robbed of an award, like in 2004 when he complained at the AMAs that he should have won best new artist or at the MTV Europe VMAs in 2006 when he interrupted Justice and Simians’ acceptance speech to protest that he should have won the award for best video for Touch The Sky because it “cost a million dollars” to make. This time, he really topped himself by interrupting a 19 year old girl to speak out for a surprised-looking Beyonce. Kanye said to Taylor “I’m really happy for you, I’m going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” Taylor had just said it was a dream come true to win the award and that “I always dreamed about what it would be like to win one of these… I sing country music so thank you so much.” After Kanye interrupted her, Taylor just kind of looked mortified and stood there holding the mic without saying anything.

What’s more is that Kanye’s protest was premature, because Beyonce did take home a moonman that night for video of the year for Single Ladies. Beyonce graciously invited Taylor on the stage with her to apologize for Kanye so rudely interrupting her speech, and said “I remember being 17 years old, up for my first MTV award with Destiny’s Child and it was one of the most exciting moments of my life, so I would like for Taylor to come out and have her moment.”

Kanye West ruined Taylor Swift’s big moment at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

As the 19-year-old singer accepted the Best Female Video award for “You Belong With Me,” the rapper, 32 — who had been drinking Hennessy on the red carpet — appeared on stage and stated that Beyonce should have won for “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

“Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you, and I’m going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time,” he shouted. “One of the best videos of all time!”

Swift looked stunned and speechless.

The cameras panned to Beyonce, who looked stunned as well.

The crowed then booed West off stage and the show immediately cut to commercial.

After the break, host Russell Brand praised both performers.

“What we’re celebrating tonight is love!” he said. “Mutual love for everybody. Taylor Swift. Beyonce… Love for all of you!”

Later in the show, when Diddy introduced the nominees for Best Male Video, he mentioned West’s name and the crowd booed.

Diddy looked stunned. “What happened?” he asked. “What did I say?”

“Taylor!” fans then chanted.

At the end of the show, Beyonce let Swift have her moment when Beyonce won Video of the Year. She got on stage and asked Swift to join her. “I remember being 17-years old, up for my first MTV award for Destiny’s Child and it was one of the most exciting moments of my life,” she began. “So I would like for Taylor to come out and have her moment.”

Swift walked on stage and smiled as the crowd cheered.

“Maybe we could try this again?” Swift said, before thanking her brother and fans.

The crowd continued to cheer.

[From US Weekly]

In 2007, Kanye reportedly swore up and down that he was “done with MTV” after they relegated his performance at the 2007 to a party suite instead of letting him perform Stronger on the main stage. This was after he’d had at least two instances of outbursts at award ceremonies, so you can understand why MTV was reluctant to put him in the main show. Maybe this time MTV will do the job for him and tell Kanye they’re done with him. They did kick his ass out last night after his little speech.

Kanye has apologized for interrupting Taylor Swift’s moment, and supposedly wrote on his blog (this is edited into lower and upper case) that “Beyoncé’s video was the best of this decade!!!! I’m sorry to my fans if I let you guys down!!!! I’m sorry to my friends at MTV. I will apologize to Taylor 2mrw. Welcome to the real world!!!! Everybody wanna booooo me but I’m a fan of real pop culture!!!… I’m still happy for Taylor!!!! Boooyaaawwww!!!! You are very very talented!!! I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me … That’s what it is!!!!!!! I’m not crazy y’all, i’m just real. Sorry for that!!! I really feel bad for Taylor and I’m sincerely sorry!!! Much respect!!!!!””

The thing is, that blog entry has since been removed.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

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  1. Kaboom says:

    Security wasn’t on the wheel there .. that’s a classic case of what a taser is for. And it would have been more entertaining than his rant, too.

  2. smallwonder2738 says:

    Is Kanye serious?! I admit, he does make SOME good music… but he is not God. He would throw a royal fit if someone did that to him–or Beyonce I guess. I am so tired of his ‘bow down to thee’ attitude.

    This man just can’t seem to get enough attention… and I agree Kaboom, a taser would have made an amazing show—and given him the ‘all eyes on me’ attention he craves!

    Taylor Swift finally got her moment and he trashed it. I’ve never seen her video, but I know she is a beautiful, down to earth talented artist, she deserves it.

    Kanye is the classiest douchtastic diva, ever.

  3. mila says:

    I felt so sorry for this girl…that was rude and stupid and Kanye did it only because he needs to be in the spotlight- even if it means humiliation of another human being

  4. YT says:

    This is one time I would be all for some physical abuse on Kanye. He’s an egotistical bully who stole Taylor’s big moment. Thankfully Beyonce did what she could to make the evening better for Taylor.

    Taylor had unbelievable poise and grace during everything, especially to be able to perform after Kanye’s outburst.

  5. justme says:

    Like I didn’t already have enough reasons to hate this guy.

  6. dee says:

    Biggest Ahole at the awards.
    What a terrible thing to do to this young artist.

  7. embertine says:

    Kanye West needs to just go away. Just go.

    I’m glad that the two ladies concerned behaved so well, and it was gracious of B to insist on getting Taylor up. Well handled, girls.

  8. Vibius says:

    Wow. Who would’ve known. Kanye West is a douche-bag?

  9. Nev says:

    I’m glad he apologized but I don’t trust MTV. They probably set this up in their usual way up being over the top. I wonder how he got by security? MTV wants to be talked about the next morning by every one so they pull the shocking stunts to start it up.

  10. ash says:

    MAN I felt so bad for her. When are they going to learn to stop inviting Kanye to live events? That’s pretty lame to take the spotlight of a 19 year old girl. That was real big of you Kanye – jeez get some balls.

    Try pulling that stunt with Lady Gaga, I think she would have went postal on you with one of her ridiculous costumes.

    Stay classy Beyonce and Taylor.

  11. BitterBetty says:

    wow, that guy needs some serious medicating! what an asshole!

  12. YoMomma says:

    Beyonce has earned my respect for this simple act of kindness.

    As for Kayne, what was he on? I agree with “Kaboom,s” comment. This is what tasers are for. Tasering Kayne’s interruption would have been the highlight of the show.

  13. mel says:

    What an $sswhole!

    They should band him from future shows.

  14. Skins says:

    What a lowlife! I guess the has-been thought by acting all radical he could get himself some publicity. Nobody cares Kenye or whatever your name is, just GO AWAY

  15. Beth says:

    I don’t know what Kanye’s point is about interrupting other artists. After doing this five or six other times he should learn something. It isn’t cute and makes him look dumb. However I do agree that Single Ladies should have won. There’s nothing special or original about Taylor’s video.

  16. Kevin says:

    Taylor Swift is one of the few things right with the music industry. Writes most of her own music, plays the guitar very competently and sings very well. The polar opposite of Heidi. If Kanye would have glued some checkers to his empty dome that haircut would have been perfect.

  17. Leticia says:

    He is selective in who he steals the spotlight from. I would love for him to charge the stage when 50 Cent is on and see 50 knock him on his rear. That would be entertainment.

  18. leuce7 says:

    Props to Beyoncé. That was super classy, thoughtful, and generous.

    Kanye needs to get over himself. I hope Taylor Swift is bolstered by all the outpouring of support for her moment and her talent.

  19. Texas Gal says:

    I was like mothereffer but after the initial shock I wondered if it was all real. Mtv is notorious for staging these kind of situations it just seemed all too convenient.

  20. bright says:

    kanye is a nut, he did a crazy joe wilson type of thing last night to a 19 y.o. girl thank god beyonce is a beautiful person who did the right thing.

  21. bros says:

    what a dumb f*cking carpet head (what the F is that pattern in his head) loser turdburgler. what is wrong with him? he just doesnt get it! way to go Beyonce for being gracious and trying to right his wrong and handing the spotlight back to taylor. why does this little stupid man feel that its up to him to set the record straight about what is what at EVERY awards show? MTV should issue an apology for their lapse in security and judgment letting this buffoon anywhere near the stage.

  22. Gigohead says:

    Kaboom was right. Kanye needs to be tasered! Please taser the Bro!!!! He was SOOOOO out of line!!! Why can’t a hard working little girl get an award!! Kanye feels all ego-bloated music stars like him are the only one to get awards.

  23. nanster says:

    Everyone – please stop buying Kanye’s music. He needs to go away – NOW. As just me said, “like I didn’t already have enough reasons to hate this guy.” My sentiments exactly. I am not trying to make this a racial thing, but this probably wouldn’t have ever happened if Taylor Swift wasn’t a young white girl. I applaud Taylor and Beyonce for handling themselves with class and grace.

  24. stunned says:

    Beyonce sat there and smiled the entire time. . . I think she only tried to make it right “after” she saw how the fans reacted.

  25. Taylor Fan says:

    I hate that Kayne took away her moment to shine, I like that Beyonce did the right thing, even though I’m not sure she wanted too. Taylor Swift is a breathe of fresh air, she’s humble, ladylike and genuine. We need more examples like her. What exactly was so great about Beyonce’s video?? I found it unoriginal as with most of her songs. But Kudos to her for making right!!

  26. crash2GO2 says:

    Kudos to the ladies for being the civilized human beings of the evening.

  27. Nev says:

    MTV and Kanye won the night because the next day Kanye’s name was first out of every one’s mouth. I thought Janet Jackson had a very moving performance but all the blog sights care about was Kanye. You wonder how Kanye keep getting rich, well this is it. MTV know what they are doing with this Kanye act.

  28. raejillian says:

    on the mtv site it says that taylor and er mother were crying back stage – how pathetic is a man when he has to ruin a 19 year old young womans night (not to mention date a hooker.)

  29. Fat Elvis says:

    Is this guy serious? At this point, he seems more like a bad parody than a real person/artist. What a fool.

  30. maddie says:

    Pleas don’t blame Kanye West, put the blame on where it belongs.

    On the music industry that coddles bad behaviors with rewards, we see it happen all the time, how many times did he Kanye attack a papzi (yes I know they do deserve it sometimes) beating them up jerking the camera out of their hands and smashing it.

    How many times did he do one of his bum rushes and no one calls him on it.

    Maybe if people in the know will stop inviting his crazyness to invents things like this wouldn’t happen.

    I’m not sure what set him off on this path of self destruction but it’s sad to see how someone who is at the top of his game can be so delusional to the point that us peons know that something is off with him.

    He like the toxic family member that will not go away and keeps getting invite to family functions.

  31. LuLu says:

    I was shocked last night when I watched what happened. Kanye needs to be banned from all awards shows! He has no manners. If he doesn’t like who wins or if he doesn’t win he whines like a little tit baby. I remember a few years ago he whined because he believed he deserved an MTV Video Award and did not win and swore he would never do MTV again. Too bad he didn’t stick to that promise. Years ago at the American Music Awards, Gretchen Wilson won new artist. Kanye thought he should have won and I remember him bitching because he didn’t win. Unless Kanye can learn to play nice, he should not be nominated or be allowed to attend any award show. His mama clearly did not raise him right; she didn’t teach him any manners. He robbed Taylor of her moment and Beyonce looked clearly uncomfortable about his ranting. Obviously Beyonce showed us what a class act she truly is when she won and gave Taylor her moment to shine. Go away Kanye!!

  32. Guest says:

    a bigger ass than serena…seriously.

  33. Eileen Yover says:

    Seriously too much of an ass for me to even waste my brain with a good response so I’ll use Katy Perry’s Twitter, she nailed it:

    Fuck U Kanye. It’s Like U Stepped On A Kitten.

    SO TRUE!!

  34. QB says:

    I’m surprise to how well Taylor hande it. Becuase I would have hit Kanye with the award in the head while puching him down the stairs and crying.

  35. Vibius says:

    You should add (Retracted) after the title to avoid giving anyone the wrong impression.

  36. lulu says:

    who the hell does he think he is, how dare he intrupt anyone else, the point is it was voted for and she won, why does he seem to think that his opinion is more important than anyone elses, arrogant prick. Poor girl, the memory of her first win will be ruined by this tw*t

  37. ash says:

    For the ones doubting Beyonce…. what does she have to prove? She’s won tons of awards. I thought her little speech was very sincere and gave Taylor her shot at her first VMA.

  38. Jazz says:

    I’m with Kaboom, a taser would of been highly entertaining! It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a MTV stunt. Kayne should of just kept quiet, let her have her moment and blog about it later like he usually does. Artists should make music because they love it, because it’s their passion, not to win awards. Awards aren’t a measure of talent anyway.

  39. Stephie says:

    I think Taylor handled herself with much grace. I’m glad she had a chance later to say what she wanted to say. Didn’t look to me like Beyonce’ was all that embarrassed. Whether she did it willingly or not, at least she shared a bit of her “moment” with Taylor. Kanye is scum. Don’t care a thing about him.

  40. hmm says:

    Kanye won because no one is talking about anything else; and really why is anyone surprised by his actions? He always finds a way to be the story and last night was no different. Unfortunately for him he chose the most harmless person at the awards to make his nonsensical point and he comes across as a drunken bully picking on a little girl.

  41. Dee says:

    Kanye is an ahole! and PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE im sick and tired of hearing that Beyonce saved the fkn night! she had no choice ! she did it to get more attention and because the fans were booing HELLOOOOO ppl wake the fk up!

  42. Firestarter says:

    I hate MTV, but I doubt that it was set up. Kanye is a terrible p[erson who thinks he is entitled to do whatever it is he likes, without any reprocussions.

    For the poster that said Swift didn’t deserve it, well she did deserve the award. Beyonce was recognized with the big award of the night, so where is the harm that a young, clean cut and fairly new artist gets recognized for her accomplishments.

    Kanye should be ashamed of himself for that kind of drunken baffoonery and he should not only be black listed from awards shows from now on, but never recognized for anything that he puts out, good or bad. He is a pox on the music industry and should be shot down by the public for his terrible and consistently bad behavior.

  43. Whitney says:

    @nanster i hate when people say “not to make this racial, but (insert racial comment here)” if you hate to make it racial, don’t. What line of reasoning leads you to believe this wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t a “little white girl”? Youtube is full of N*gger this N*gger that comments regarding Kanye’s behavior. Why exacerbate an already tacky situation? This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Kanye being an asshole.

  44. Sudini says:

    Kanye has always been an ass, but this is just cruelty. That beautiful artist had such an honest and grateful few seconds up there on that stage, only to be humiliated in the very next breath by a man who I believe suffers from psychosis. He’s so delusional and narcissistic, and I also think he’s been spinning more out of control since the loss of his mother, which is sad in and of itself, but no excuse for this behaviour. I hope he really gets a severe lesson in humility out of this, and that Taylor is able to remember her moment as being truly deserved. And I LOVE Beyonce for being so incredibly gracious and loving. She and Taylor added a surplus of class to what was a very classless moment.

  45. Ash says:

    To the poster who said Beyonce was smiling the whole time Kayne was talking, I don’t think that was the case of all. She has a total “What the hell?” horrified look on her face. She is in complete shock.

    I have never been a Beyonce fan at all. However, she has earned some respect in my book because what she did for Taylor was seriously classy.

    Kayne can keep digging his own hole and I am happy that the attendees of the VMAs did not condone his behavior at all. And props to MTV for throwing his ass out.

  46. mollination says:

    This is the first time I have ever liked Beyonce. That moment was so sweet.

    Poor little taylor. Imagine being 19 years old in front of all those people and thinking they are all against you. Someone as established as Kanye comes up, she probably thought he was speaking for everyone (because he would have never done that to someone more established — like beyonce for instance), and thinking all your idols think you’re a fraud.

    I’m so glad the crowd chanted for her and that Beyonce gave her the respect that was earlier stolen from her.

  47. maddie says:

    I’m not sure why some of you are trying to throw Beyoncé under the bus she had nothing to do with Kanye antics.

    I pretty sure she was just as stunned as the rest of you, what did you all want her to do, run up there, after him and tackle him?

  48. Nony says:

    Wait, that’s an apology???

    Doesn’t read like one to me. Reads like just more self-centred attention generating to me.

    If he ever gets to be at a big event again, someone with a tazer should be assigned to him. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  49. Firestarter says:

    I agree, I think Beyonce was genuinely horrified that Kanye did that and I certainly didn’t notice her smiling through the episode. What was she supposed to have done right then, get up and tell Kanye off.

    I thought what she did showed class and was rather sweet. Beyonce hardly needs any more press then she already gets, so I think her actions were genuine and think she behaved and reacted very well.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    maddie: Pleas don’t blame Kanye West, put the blame on where it belongs.

    You have got to be kidding. The blame belongs on Kanye West. He’s a grown man and he is responsible for his actions. He acted like a world-class piece of shit and his “apology” was a joke.

    Major props to Beyonce for her gracious and generous act in giving Taylor back her moment that Kanye stole from her. Kanye could learn from Beyonce what true class really is.

  51. gg says:

    We know it wasn’t an MTV stunt, because this shitbag has done this before, and more than once.

    Please BOYCOTT THIS IMBECILIC DOUCHEBAG, and MTV, please, please, please BAN his presence at all future events. PLEASE ?!
    This immaturity has got to stop before he runs up there one night and tases somebody for winning something HE, on his drunken brandy-swilling lowbrow high horse, doesn’t think they need.

    I mean, surely somebody with a brain could figure if he swaggered in, chugging an already half-empty bottle of Courvasier, there just might be a flippin problem later, ay?

    I don’t even understand how this fatfaced hooker Amber creature can stand him. Surely she can get another dumbass sugardaddy?? 😕

  52. DoMaJoReMc says:

    That ass-wipe, Kanye West, need look no further than his favorite, Beyonce, to see what real class, grace, and kindness is. Although, I am quite sure he isn’t looking for what all those traits are…he doesn’t care. What Beyonce did for Taylor was as sweet as could be, and I don’t feel as though she thought she HAD to do it. I think she felt like she NEEDED to do it. She put herself right into those shoes of Taylor’s and did the right thing.

    And to ‘stunned’, I think if you look closely you will see the look of mortification on Beyonce’s face when it was all going down. Sort of like “WTF?”

  53. gossip_ho says:

    f***ing Kanye needs to get a grip…how could he do that a teenager? shame on you Kanye!

  54. OXA says:

    Last year I thought he could not disgust me any worse but he outdid himself again. He should be ignored by the public and black balled by the industry.

  55. Iggles says:

    Whitney – In reading these comments I was optimistic to see the discussion hadn’t degenerated to racial slurs. Apparently, there were some which were deleted by the time I came to this thread.

    I agree with everything you wrote. I am sick of white racists reverting to the N word when anything they dislike occurs and a black person is involved.

    It’s 2009 and this incident proves to all the hold out that YES we live in a racist society. Believe me, blacks have never been as naive to believe the post racial hype.

    I, like any sane human being was disgusted at what Kanye did. Katy Perry is right, it was like stepping on a kitten. Yet, why do some people feel justified in slinging racist slurs around? Do they think Kanye speaks for all black people? Then what about Beyonce? Is her kindness and sensitivity toward Taylor get canceled out?

    Why is it anytime 1 black person does something wrong the entire racial group is attacked? Why is it that after 400 years we are not allowed to be individuals? — a privilege that all white people are given at birth!

    Call Kanye an idiot. An arrogrant jerk. A bully. A loser. Etc. I’ll agree with you!! But calling him the N word has no place in this. Using the N word is a personal attack on all blacks in America. I can’t describe what it feel like to read or hear that word thrown around.

    Screw Kanye! And screw racists that have no right to associate me with him!

  56. maddie says:


    I think you took the wrong way.

    I say don’t blame him because he been acting like a butthole for years and his peers do nothing.

    He did the same thing last year when he didn’t win. threw a tantrum like he normally does and he is invited back again and again.

    He should have been nipped in the bud ages ago, so yes he is a grown a88 man, but MTV knows what he does and what he did last year and his grown A88 should not have been sitting in the audience period.

    As soon as people like him are held to an accountability that the rest of are, I lay the blame where it belongs, with MTV.

    Now all of us know that if this was business awards dinner and a co-worker pulled this crap he would be packing a card board box the next morning being escorted out by two security guards.

  57. Trillion says:

    One person’s social disgrace gave two people an opportunity to show him up. Plus it gave the show something for us to remember and talk about. So it was an overall win. Oh, and Kanye got his name on everyone’s lips. Effective jerk.

  58. Dan says:

    wow, beyonce did somthing nice and not self-serving for once? kudos, for a moment here i actually like her!

  59. Hieronymus Grex says:

    While I do think Taylor Swift is the a part of the on-going campaign of death by homogenization for country music where we will be forced to to listen to a bland indistinct genre-less paplum; she doesn’t deserve to get stage-jumped by this a$shole.

    Would someone please tell me what Kanye’s done that’s actual noteworthy as an artist in the last year? Can he not be invited to anymore video awards shows?

  60. ! says:

    Maddie, please put the responsibility where it belongs…firmly on Kanye’s shoulders. No one can make us do anything, no matter how conditioned we are in the end its still our choice and no one else’s.

  61. MichelleMuko says:

    Kanye is Kanye and he ups the ratings of any awards show with his stunts. People need to get over the fact that this white country girl was upstaged. If it had been Mary J would any of you have cared? Think about that before you go on about how race has nothing to do with your reactions.

  62. maddie says:

    Good lord I did put the blame on Kanye I said he was a grown a88 man but it’s also MTV’s fault for inviting him back after last year hissy fit he threw when he didn’t win.
    All of this could have been avoided period.

    Just like normal people wouldn’t invite certain people, who are trouble makers, to events because they are always causing a scene.

    He’s an A88hole plain and simple.
    He proves it every time he opens his mouth.

  63. barneslr says:

    He’s such a loser. Why is he allowed to go to these award shows? If I were an event organizer, he would be banned. If he wants to rant, he can do it elsewhere.

    Seems to me that he realizes his 15 minutes are just about up, so he’s trying to keep his name out there. For some, any attention-even this kind of negative attention for being a moron-is good attention.

  64. The Nightmare says:

    @Iggles, you shouldn’t read the comments on Youtube. Those are the worst possible representation of humanity even on the internet. i don’t think they and their comments should be evidence (or proof as you suggest that it is) for the mentality of society as a whole. they are notorious for being brain dead and hateful anyway.

    This became racial as far as I can tell by a few screaming morons and is then media driven. They don’t report on incidents to open discussions for people to learn things, they just look to get a reaction, any reaction. And race was the name of the game this time around. I don’t think concluding that we live in a racist society (which is effectively calling everyone in it racist) is fair. A few people will be yes, but from the rational, reasonably intelligent posters and bloggers out there (and here, kudos people and admin that deletes the morons) I think its just as safe to say that there are a good many people out there who are not racist, can and are calling this incident what it is without race being part of it. The Internet and Hollywood media are the worst possible representations of society. Please don’t take it so seriously or personally.

  65. hunnybe says:

    @ Whitney and Iggles I agree.I find it unbelievably cowardly when closet racist hide behind their computer and say things that they would never say in person.It is to the point that I question the motive of white people simply because that person smiling in your face may have been one of the commenters saying N*gger this and n*gger that.Such a pity.

  66. Miss Wanderlust says:

    This VMA should have been a real tribute to MJ and now everyone is talking about Kanye ?
    I have a real strange feeling about this story.

    My theory is: Kanye wants to quit the music business and go out with a bang and become a fashiondesigner because he can talk shit all the time and no one is going to bother him….look at Karl Lagerfeld !

    It wouldn’t suprise me if this was all a setup by MTV and some smart spindoctors to keep their show still relevant and exciting after 25 years or Kanye is still an asshole and i am totally wrong ????

    And a little tip (if he ever gets invited to a next awardshow)place him on a balcony with his mouth wired….he already experienced it once(the wire thing)!

  67. Nony says:

    If it had been Mary J would any of you have cared? Think about that before you go on about how race has nothing to do with your reactions.

    Of course I would have cared. Why the assumption that I wouldn’t?
    Asswipe behaviour is asswipe behaviour. I suspect Mary J would have managed to be a little less shellshocked and a bit more assertive though, given that she’s been in the business a lot longer.

    And now I’m dying to see him try the same thing with Lil’ Kim. Or Madonna. Or a similarly seasoned take-no-shit artist.

    I think mostly people are tripping over the fact that he did this to a wide-eyed 19-year old newbie, on her first big awards event.

  68. Andrea says:

    anybody seeing any race card action in this? would kanye pull that crap if it were a black artist? and if someone else pulled that crap on a black artist, a white someone, wouldnt kanye have something to say about it? if taylor swift were black and kanye were white, people would be all over this as a race thing. i think there are shades of a reverse race thing going on with kanye. and i hardly think taylor needs kanye screaming about how talented she is in his “apology”. the world does not need kanye freaking west to say it to know that she is talented. he and jamie foxx need to take their giant egos and go away already.

  69. Heidi says:

    Kayne West deserves a giant beatdown for this type of behavior. He’s the most selfish bastard ever.

  70. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh come one people-the fact that the word racial is even on here is ridiculous! It has nothing to do with any other issue except that Kanye is a big baby. This isn’t his first fit at an award show-nor will it be his last I suspect. He’s an insecure no-talent egotistical jackass. We are better than that (I thought).

  71. Karin says:

    What a talentless waste of space the man is! Check out ‘katy brand kanye west’ on youtube and laugh out loud at one of the best parodies on his ‘singing’.

  72. Firestarter says:

    Give me a break Michelle! I would have thought Kanye’s behavior was wrong no matter if the artist had been white, black, asian, hispanic or from Mars. What Kanye did was rude and uncalled for, and it seems to me your comment is a little racist in tone, which is also not called for. Bad behavior knows no race!

  73. Terri Bedwell says:

    Kanye needs to be banned from all future awards shows for life.

  74. the original kate says:

    kanye is nuts but taylor handled it well, poor thing. beyonce showed a great deal of class by sharing her moment with taylor. not a huge beyonce fan but i will give her credit, it was a classy move. also, you never see photos of either taylor or beyonce panty-less, arrested for DUI, throwing a drunken tantrum and no sex tapes have surfaced. they are doing something right and should just keep doing it. kanye can go home and rant and rave at the tv.

  75. Annicka says:

    He really is a despicable troll. I can’t find any of his recent blogs, or I’d comment on those. How immature for a man in his 30s to humiliate a teenager like that. I hope he feels ashamed of himself, but I don’t think he does. I think he probably feels sorry for himself.

    If nothing else, let this backlash be Taylor’s revenge.

  76. RubyKaur says:

    Ugh, someone, please contain the Bit@h. He’s just too intense.

  77. kelly says:

    kelly clarkston has a great response to kanye…

    Dear Kanye,

    What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough?? Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we’re all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like shit. I mean, I’ve seen you do some pretty shitty things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, asshole ways. It’s absolutely fascinating how much I don’t like you. I like everyone. I even like my asshole ex that cheated on me over you…which is pretty odd since I don’t even personally know you. The best part of this evening is that you weren’t even up for THIS award and yet you still have a problem with the outcome. Is winning a moon man that much of a life goal?? You can have mine if it will shut you up. Is it that important, really??

    I was actually nominated in the same category that Taylor won and I was excited for her…so why can’t you be?? I’m not even mad at you for being an asshole…I just pity you because you’re a sad human being.

    On a side note, Beyonce has always been a class act and proved again tonight that she still is. Go TEXAS!!

    Taylor Swift, you outsell him ….that’s why he’s bitter. You know I love your work! Keep it up girl!

    KC 🙂

  78. Firestarter says:

    Thanks for posing that Kelly. Very interesting!

  79. Sijo says:

    This is what happens once someone gets their arse kissed so much, they assume they can do anything and they’ll get away with it.

    This is old hat for him by now, he’ll do it again next year.

  80. Maria86 says:

    MTV has endorsed such class acts as Tom Green and Jackass. I’m sure Kanye West was a blip on their radar, as far as their invite list was concerned.

    Sure, he’ll make headlines today but doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll make record sales tomorrow. Well. We’ll see. The world continues to amaze me sometimes.

  81. beckylou says:

    Kanye is a douche and what he did was deplorable – anyway you slice it. But he wouldn’t have done what he did and it wouldn’t have gotten nearly the same reaction from people if Taylor Swift wasn’t a young white woman. What he did was definitely calculated to make the greatest impact possible. And to those of you who think this incident has nothing to do with race – you are very naive.

  82. debra taylor says:

    he is as bad as john myers and always has to be seen, you are such a dick. and your mother would have been ashamed of you, i would if you were my son. why don’t you do crap like that when you are the one up there to receive an adward, just speak up like you did and say well, thank you but i think so and so was much better than me…. don’t use her spotlight to get attention !!!

  83. JB says:

    What a turd. Beyonce looked totally mortified, and I have a lot of respect for her having Taylor come back up and give her acceptance speech.

    They both handled it with class, but Kanya can go eat a bag of d!cks. Seriously.

  84. farleece says:

    I’ve often wondered if aside from being a drunk, Kanye is also manic-depressive.

  85. viper says:

    Boyonce is the classiest woman around. Sje know show to work the system and really does have a beautiful heart and souls and you can see it in those wonderfully beautiful brown eyes of hers.

    I hate what that classless wesker did to Taylor that was beyond uncalled for. Taking away something liek that from somebody is just awful.

    I wanted to hug taylor right there when she was just standing there afterwards like she was about to cry! …or kick that fuckers ass for doing that to her… as if beyonce needs somebody like him to do anything like that. Beyonce stands alone and she doesnt need such praise. That woman I can see performing for a very long time an dI really dont mind it.

  86. gg says:

    ITA with Firestarter. Thank you Nightmare and Noni for stating the obvious.

    If anyone thinks this is a race issue they’re a racist. There, I said it. Kanye is a stupid drunken idiot, whatever color he or Swift or Beyonce happen to be. Leave the racist talk alone because it’s BS.

  87. gg says:

    And how sweet is the expression on the header photo of Taylor looking at Kanye! 😆 “Whaaaaaa the faaaa …? (tucks hair behind ear in disbelief)

  88. TaylorB says:

    I feel bad for Ms Smith, she is just a kid and was clearly stunned and didn’t know how to react. In that respect Mr West was lucky, Pink was also up for that award. I suspect if he pulled that rude nonsense with her todays headlines would read…

    “Kanye West, hospitalized after being rended anally with the business end of a VMA award”

  89. gg says:

    Man I would sure love to see Pink kick his ass. He’s not very big. You have to wonder what Amber said to him after they were hauled out.

  90. JaundiceMachine says:

    Wait . . . The VMAs are relevant?

  91. Mayhem says:

    Kanye West – Taylor Swift is calling your bullyass out for Bully Beatdown. Are you man enough?

  92. hmm says:

    I’m with Iggles and the others who have noticed that the reaction to this story (thankfully not here for the most part) has been a degneration into racial eptithets being spewed at Kanye. It is possible to state your disagreement with his actions without using the N-word. And Andrea, Kanye doesn’t care who he insults and it is beyond silly to act like he chose her because she’s white. He’s had feuds with more than a few black people, so stop trying to make his actions racial. At some point it would be nice if when a black person acted like an ass the entire black community wasn’t indicted by association; and even nicer if people could voice their disagreement with a black person without resorting to racist name calling. That being said, I’m really proud of the responses on this board.

  93. Mischief says:

    I cannot stand this guy! Who the f*ck does he think he is!? I used to like his stuff but after seeing how he continually behaves I’ve changed my mind. Aren’t the all the award ceremonies mean to be a show of support for fellow musicians regardless of whether you like their stuff or not. I watched in disbelief last night when he got on on stage. Where was the fricken security?? After Greenday inviting everyone to get on stage, Kanyes effort and Lil Mama deciding she wanted to be a part of Jay-Z & Alicia Keys gig. Tis a shame no one got up there and knocked Kanye the f*ck out! He should take his meds, lay off the booze and disappear for a while.

  94. abbizmal says:

    Kanye is a narcissistic douchebag for doing this to sweet Taylor Swift. I admire Taylor for handling it so well. I would’ve called him a few things after the shock wore off, but she has more class than that. I respect Beyonce as well for letting Taylor have her moment. I’m sure it was embarrassing to both Beyonce and Taylor. I thought that idiot was done with MTV.

  95. Harmony says:

    I will absolutely, without a doubt, never EVER buy one of that repulsive excuse for a human beings songs again. Taylor is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  96. GatsbyGal says:

    Maybe now EVERYONE will realize what a serious mental case this guy is. There is seriously something wrong with him to think that it’s okay to act this way. Yeah he said sorry, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still thought it was a good idea to begin with. I’m glad they kicked him out of the building. If I were Taylor Swift, I would’ve shoved him and took the mic back and then called him a prick right there on stage, but she’s a better person than me obviously.

    Also, I like how Kanye has to tell us on his blog that he’s not crazy, yet every sentence ends with like a dozen exclamation marks after it.

    Hey Kanye!!!!! Guess what!!!! This makes you look like you belong in a padded cell!!!!!

  97. Abby says:

    I can’t believe that he basically told her she should give up her VMA to Beyonce because that’s what he did for Outkast – in the midst of his supposed apology!!!! He’s such a POS.

  98. Reality says:

    #81 Beckylou is right. Of course it’s about race. Kanye West makes everything about race.

    Enough with the Beyonce is so “classy” and was so “mortified.” These are the same two adjectives every news channel has been using, blah blah blah. Like a bunch of parrots just repeating the words you hear on the news.

    Beyonce may or may not be classy. However, if she didn’t let TS have the stage she would’ve been slammed. She had no choice. And she didn’t look so “mortified.” She looked surprised. She looked pleased/flattered, along with a socially acceptable frown tossed in.

  99. Firestarter says:

    Sorry to break it to you Reality, but if you want to get technical, you have parrotted a few things in your post as well. Did you ever think that maybe a lot of the people posting did not hear this on the news or bother to read the other comments before they posted what they did. Be nice and don’t slam others for what they wrote or their opinions. Obviously many people have the same opinions on the subject.

  100. daniel says:

    hopefully this ends the career of that ass hat Kanye.

  101. lurker says:

    What an ass (whom I’d love to see Tasered by the way)!!! Kelly Clarkson’s response was great, and I agree with most of the posts here.

    I am voting for a ban on Kanye (maybe then he’ll go away)…anyone with me?

  102. jtxl says:

    Kanye is an idiot- I don’t know his music so I don’t care about that. One thing I know is the Beyonce video because it has been crammed down our throats. SORRY everyone I just don’t get it… the song stinks and is that lawn mower pull string move supposed to be dancing?

  103. Madchen says:

    I didn’t have time to read the whole thread, so apologies if this is redundant. I hope Kande Ass is sittin’ in the auditorium when Taylor wins another moonman for the song she writes about him and his bad behavior. You know she’ll write about it!

    And LOL to TaylorB about the Pink comment. That woulda been something. “Next time maybe,” she says optimistically.

  104. loldongs says:

    Classless hack.

    He’d never attempt that if it were any sort of man instead of a timid young woman.

    What a coward, he deserves to be smacked like the bitch he is.

  105. I Choose Me says:

    The only award show Kanye should be invited to from now on, is the one where they present The Asshole of the Decade Award. He’s a shoe-in for the win.

  106. ! says:

    To those of you saying it isn’t about race, let me remind you of the 2007 interview he gave in which he described telling Gnarlz Barkley (one big black dude) that he’d rush the stage to take away an award from,…The Dixie Chicks. Three white women.

    You guys SURE Kanye doesn’t get a little irked when a white person wins over a black person? I mean honestly.

  107. green eye biach says:

    KW is a prick!!! thats why i would never buy his music

  108. Snoopchew says:

    This was all about Beyonce P/R to give her a chance to be a hero.
    And what a better way than to put a 19 year old rookie up for grabs.
    Kanye was in character (the one he loves to be in) so the scene was set.
    Congratulations Beyonce. You made it about you just like everything should be.

  109. gg says:

    Quit slamming Beyonce, she didn’t even make a speech. X-P

  110. Dentist Dan says:

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