“Hailey Bieber’s coat does look like a comfortable bath mat” links

Hailey Bieber and Justine Skye are spotted out together in New York City

Hailey Bieber’s coat does look super-cozy, but it also looks like a terrible bath mat. I wonder if there are other colors? [Go Fug Yourself]
There are no Black members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The HFPA organizes the Golden Globes and determines the nominees. That’s one of the reasons why the Globes are consistently so racist. [LaineyGossip]
Tiger Woods released a statement from the hospital. [Just Jared]
Animals being interviewed with a tiny microphone. [OMG Blog]
The USWNT, Black Lives Matter and kneeling for the Anthem. [Pajiba]
Mitt Romney thinks Donald Trump would “win in a landslide” if he ran in 2024 – but Romney is just talking about Trump winning the GOP presidential nomination . [Towleroad]
Meek Mill apologized to Vanessa Bryant. [Dlisted]
Generation X didn’t solve any of the dumb culture wars. [Jezebel]
Michael B. Jordan speaks about grief & mourning Chadwick Boseman. [Buzzfeed]
Krys Marshall looks so glam in Dior. [RCFA]
Is Kenan Thompson leaving SNL? [Seriously OMG]

Hailey Bieber and Justine Skye are spotted out together in New York City

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34 Responses to ““Hailey Bieber’s coat does look like a comfortable bath mat” links”

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  1. Tiffany says:

    As someone who has had a plenty of bathmats she wish were coats, I ain’t mad at the description.

    • Madelaine says:

      Terrible bath mats are often used to conceal the early signs of pregnancy, especially among those who can afford better.

  2. Willow says:

    I had a coat like that in the 2nd grade, except in was blue with gold buttons down the front. I loved that coat. I walked home in the blizzard of ’78 in that coat. By the time I got home I was so completely covered in snow it was solid white. My dad was just walking out the door to find me because I was taking so long to get home. I said ‘Dad! I have my fuzzy blue coat on! Of course I’m fine!’

  3. SpankyB says:

    I’d look like Sasquatch in that coat.

  4. manda says:

    Hailey Beiber’s jeans and shoes are hideous. I just don’t get this new aesthetic, the jeans in style now are soooooo unflattering. I mean, she is a beautiful woman with a lovely figure; the pants do nothing for her. Fashion is cyclical, I get that, but eww can we leave some things in the past?

    • esso says:

      they’re regular blue jeans that look fine and comfortable. WTH is wrong with you, she’s literally just wearing blue jeans and white sneakers….she’s not going out on some runway

      • original_kellybean says:

        Manda was just giving her opinion of Hailey’s clothes. Relax. She can have an opinion on fashion. The jeans and shoes are FUGLY.

  5. Louise177 says:

    Must be the color of the coat. I’ve seen it before in other colors and they didn’t look this much like bath mats.

  6. Stacy Dresden says:

    No black members of the HFPA. Wow. Disgusting!!!

  7. tealily says:

    Oh, Tiger.

  8. Lissdogmom02 says:

    I have a little shorter version in pink that I love, it’s like wearing a blanket. My friend Jen said it looked like I was wearing a mini bathrobe lol 😂 I do not care it’s quite cozy.

  9. booboocita says:

    Hailey looks like a teddy bear. I love it. I’d wear that with a big red bow or scarf tied around my neck, just to emphasize the look.

  10. NYStateofMind says:

    I have no idea why this girl is admired or famous. What is it she does exactly?

  11. tempest prognosticator says:

    Hailey’s coat looks comfortable while still managing to be hideous.

  12. LL says:

    I’ve been noticing that a bunch of different characters on the British soap Hollyoaks have been wearing those coats for a while. They have them in brighter colours that make them look like muppets (pink, blue, green, etc).

    They look cozy, however, as someone from a place with a lot of rain, I hope this doesn’t become a major trend.

  13. The Recluse says:

    Looks warm, but how many muppets died to make that coat?!
    Couldn’t resist. Whenever I see a fluffy coat like that I picture the Cookie Monster et al. It’s kind of cute in a childhood kind of way.

  14. Liz version 700 says:

    I have a bathrobe that looks like that coat from Amazon and lord it is comfy! I should recommend it for the Amazon lists 😀

  15. Jane Smith says:

    Her coat looks liked someone skinned Fozzy Bear. It looks cozy, but it is not for me. I can’t wear a muppet.

  16. Silent Star says:

    I love Hailey’s coat. Reminds me of a teddy bear. It’s the pants and shoes that make it look sloppy.

    And I just looked up that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has 90 members. NINETY. And not a single black person? Yeah that’s more than just an accident.

  17. Natasha says:

    I’d rather have the canada goose coat on the guy in front of her- those are *WARM AF*!

  18. Jess says:

    She has terrible style