Head of Madonna’s charity resigns to live with Madge’s scamming trainer

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson, Madonna’s infamous scamming trainer, has stolen again. This time it isn’t money; instead she’s stolen the executive director of Madonna’s Raising Malawi organization, Philippe van den Bossche.

Thanks to Madonna, Philippe met Tracy. They apparently fell in love and he had to quit his job. Not because it was a conflict of interest or anything professional, according to him. But because he must spend all his time focusing on his relationship. Focusing on Tracy. They’ve probably got to be around each other all the time so she can make sure he doesn’t go above his 800 calories a day.

The boss of Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity has quit after falling for the star’s ubertrainer, Tracy Anderson. Executive director Philippe van den Bossche, who helped Madonna adopt her daughter, Mercy, is leaving the charity’s Los Angeles headquarters to live with petite but perfect Anderson in New York.

Super-fit Anderson — who’s credited with honing Madonna’s sculpted body — told Page Six: “Philippe and I have been together for eight months, and things are great. I live wherever Madonna is, so Philippe is moving from LA to New York.”

Anderson and van den Bossche became close during the Material Mom’s trips to Malawi to adopt David Banda and Mercy. But his departure has left Madonna less than pleased. Van den Bossche told us, “She was disappointed, as it is hard to find the right people to run the projects you deeply care about. But Madonna is a great friend, and she’s happy for Tracy and me.

“It was a hard decision to resign my position at Raising Malawi, but I feel it’s time to concentrate on my relationship and my future, now that I’ve found the right person.”

[From the NY Post]

Unfortunately, it sounds like this guy has fallen hard. And I’m guessing he forgot to do a little internet research first. Like the fact that Tracy took her ex-boyfriend/ex-business partner for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of custom exercise equipment he built for her. She’s left all sorts of financial disasters in her wake – leaving everyone else to clean it up.

Yet Tracy Anderson’s former business associates and fitness students in Indiana can’t stop talking about her. They say she sells herself with charisma and succeeds, time and time again, by giving the impression that she is already successful. Even when she was just starting out, Anderson hired a celebrity photographer for promotional photos, drove a luxury SUV through a neighborhood where her husband was thousands of dollars behind on homeowners-association dues, signed leases for businesses but didn’t pay the rent, and lived in a meticulously maintained Noblesville subdivision but didn’t pay the sewer bill. Former business associates say her studio was thousands of dollars behind in payroll taxes when she first traveled to London to sell Madonna on her fitness plan, but she stayed at a $1,500-a-night hotel. “With Tracy,” says a former business partner, Glynn Barber, “it’s all about perception.”

[From the Indianapolis Monthly]

As Celebitchy pointed out, Tracy has also been sued six times and cheated and stolen from her clients. According to the Indianapolis Monthy’s article about her, whether it’s a husband or a dollar, if Tracy can steal it she probably will. Part of me feels badly for Philippe van den Bossche. He’s clearly in love and has gotten taken in by a scam artist. On the other hand, it’s not like he’s some young dumb kid that doesn’t know better. Tracy’s reputation is legendary.

I’d love to say that someday this will all catch up with her. But it’s amazing that Tracy keeps getting business opportunity after business opportunity, and keeps scamming people. Apparently the rules that apply to the rest of us don’t apply to her.

Here’s Tracy spotted out and about in central London on June 22nd. Images thanks to INF Photo.
Tracy Anderson

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39 Responses to “Head of Madonna’s charity resigns to live with Madge’s scamming trainer”

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  1. ash says:

    gross, get a bra.

  2. Lem says:

    I don’t understand why he quit.

    perhaps he and chipmunk cheeks emptied the Malawian coffers so to speak???

  3. rzrlvr says:

    wow. She’s a midget.

  4. breederina says:

    Her work outs kick ass. Seriously. All the rest of it, feh.
    @Ash, if I still had a rack that firm and pert I’d be letting the girls roam free too. what do they mean petite BUT perfect ? Shouldn’t that be petite AND perfect ? Is being under 5’4” a physical infirmity at the NY Post ?

  5. Lady Jane says:

    I saw this video clip from Gwennie Paltrow’s Goop that this trainer did and all I could think was, admirable body but WHERE IS YOUR NECK? Shallow I know. But hey, I am posting on a gossip website, so really, how deep could I be? And seriously, she has absolutely no neck. When she eats, it must go straight into her stomach.

  6. yadira says:

    She looks sweaty and is dressed like she just worked out but…my mind is pondering “where is the sports bra”? and it must be cold outside.

  7. n says:

    wow — she does appear to be neck-deprived.

    poor thing.

  8. Celebitchy says:

    Ok, can someone please actually read the article and comment on it, thanks.

    This woman has been sued six times in Indiana. She left an entire fitness club that people pre-paid thousands for, leaving all her clients in the lurch. She left her husband for an also-married guy she owed tens of thousands of dollars to. She then scammed that guy out of more money to invest in her business, and then left him once she hit it big. Now she’s taken up with the head of Madonna’s charity, and he has resigned his post. Something is going on.

  9. yadira says:

    Sorry CB, I think we were all hyponotized by the ugliness this thing possesses.

    Ugly (woman?) inside and out.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Haha, CB! I was just going to comment on the pics too. *shameface*

    Tracey’s a fraud, and anyone involved in Madge’s Malawi charity is a involved in fraud too. Too much is sketchy with the financing and distribution of funds with that thing.

  11. Celebitchy says:

    Sorry, it’s just that this story needs much more attention. This woman is a scam artist of the highest order – or maybe not, since she’s been caught. She does try to trade on her looks though, so she’s definitely fair game.

    -edit- lol Kaiser! Go ahead and comment on the pics! I’m sorry I just can’t stand this woman and I think we go way too easy on her by just focusing on what a damn troll she is.

  12. Kaiser says:

    I just don’t get how someone like her, with a cute, athletic figure (and a troll-face) can convince women to Gristle themselves out.

  13. Celebitchy says:

    I don’t think she convinces Madonna to do it, because of that whole “don’t lift more than three pounds” bullsh*t. That irks me to no end because I follow the “lift as much as you can until you can’t lift it again” workout method. There is nothing wrong with being strong and it takes a lot to bulk up.

  14. Goddess711 says:

    How do you say it politically correct – “neck challenged” or “neck deficiency”?
    “perpetually nippled” would be good too. I don’t find her all that attractive. Sounds like she has “little people” syndrome too – oh, I’m sorry. “Vertically and morally challenged syndromes.”

  15. donya9 says:

    i’m sorry, but her lack of NECK area is all i can think about now…WOW. that looks crazy! but in the end, what goes around comes around…she’ll get hers one way or another…maybe madonna will make her life hell for stealing one of her slaves, i mean employees, from her. u know no one walks away from madonna w/out repercussions, lol!

  16. Birdie says:

    oh CB, its hard to comment on the article when the pictures are so fugly. one of the other pic you link to the “chipmunk cheeks” … It explains why her boobs are so perky! they are clearly fake.

    As for the article… I feel sorry for this Phillipe guy. I’m really surprised Gwynnie and Madonna keep this woman around. A trainer is a trainer, right? Why chose one with such a sordid past?

  17. Kevin says:

    Heck, if I had a nickel for every gym that went tits up here in Florida and left its membership in the lurch….I would have at least a couple bucks. (not quite the same thing I know). Ash, nothing wrong with those high beam headlights girl has going on there, but for some reason she reminds me of the female body builder character that Jim Carrey played in Living Colour.

  18. Tess says:

    No neck.

    Slack jaw.


  19. TwinkleToes says:

    Well, I’ve been following this story and have even seen that ex of hers go and comment on every blog imaginable. A gossip site named Jewssip.com did an exclusive with him (I don’t have the link, search their archives). The CB archives are telling also. CB commenters were the first to point out her jaw and neck seemed bulemic. So Tracy has control issues but what is puzzling is how she gets these guys to give her things. She isn’t a beauty, afterall. She must be very charismatic. What does she have? Does CB have a photo of this new guy? It can’t be the one in the above shot. That guy is too handsome for her.

  20. Lem says:

    I did read it.
    I did comment on it.

    if you’d rather I can go into what a b@tsh!t lunatic trainer she is, with her horrid advise! I thought Jaybird has the ‘she’s a scamming schmuck’ angle covered.
    I foresee the charity funds disappearing along with the man — whats-her-face still looking rosey to Madge and Goop.
    I just wish she’d stop getting attention as a trainer. She should only be mentioned as a scammer.

  21. Lem says:

    While I’m at it I’m calling out Jillian Micheals too! She should be ashamed of herself hocking ‘her own’ supplements.
    Many people believe in her and here she is selling her very own magic pills. GRR Makes my blood boil.
    There is no frickin magic pill. Jill knows that. She should hang her head in shame and fly in and train anyone who is dumb enough to fall for her pills.
    Stupid, greedy
    Deep Breaths………

  22. cindy says:

    It’s interesting how there is news of her cons yet there are stars who are dumb enough to invest time and money on her. You would think they would screen the people they surround themselves with a little better. Not to mention I wonder how she scammed that guy to fall in love with her. She’s not particularly pretty by any means. She is skinny but her body just doesn’t look spectacular by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder what he sees in her.

    CB: I remember an article you posted on Scientology a few weeks back that was quite scandalous. I’m surprised that your website was the only one I’ve seen mention it. I think at the time you thought the story was going to be quite big. Wonder what those people in that ridiculous cult did to shut that story down.

  23. Livia says:

    Tracy Anderson isn’t stupid. She probably forced this guy into quitting, so when she eventually does take him to the cleaners, it will be his own money she’s stealing, and not Madonna’s money by any association whatsoever. But I can only hope she royally fucks up, and that Madge’s attorneys one day give her the legal buttsecking she so royally deserves.

  24. Lantana says:

    No one is saying anything about the boyfriend. I think he’s pretty hot, in a manly sort of way. Kind of like if you went to a new dr and he walked in, it would be a nice surprise. Nobody else notice? (This only applies to women over 40 ;-)

  25. moo says:

    wow — she does appear to be neck-deprived.

    poor thing.

    that, and everything above it too! ugh.

  26. Nick says:

    Here is a link to a small photo gallery that goes with the Indianapolis Monthly article.


    My dad is friends of the family of the guy she ripped off for the exercise machines (from the Indy Monthly Article), Mosier Engenering is based out of my home town of Portland Indiana.

    I find it hard to believe madonna disgustingly muscled arms came from lifting less than 3 lbs…..craziness

  27. SolitaryAngel says:

    I read somewhere very recently that they STILL haven’t found out where all the money that was donated to the charity during that last high-profile fundraiser actually went…I think I’m beginning to figure it out.

    She should be lifting weights in jail–I can’t understand how she’s still free and roaming around.

  28. Elle says:

    Isn’t this charity a total scam? I read something not too long ago that the charity has yet to account for MILLIONS it made from a fundraiser, and they were being investigated, as a result. SO, I really doubt he quit just for his new girlfriend. MORE LIKELY, he doesn’t want to be the cat left holding the dirty bag. On a related note, he can now run for Governor of Alaska. haha

  29. RubyKaur says:

    lol @ n….too funny!

  30. hex says:

    I smell a scam. It sounds like a public excuse to close a charity they no longer need. The adoption went through.

  31. sandy says:

    hey, the keebler elf got a boob job

  32. blind item reader says:

    I think her time is coming.

    In the meantime, how does she sell her ridiculous routines to anyone? Just gauging from even her standing forward bends I’m surprised she hasn’t hurt someone yet.

  33. sml says:

    how can she get away with scamming state to state and not garner the attention of some kind of law enforcement agency?

    her actions are exacerbating the recession. someone please — put a stop to this woman’s financial scams and illegal activities!

    Thanks CB for bringing this woman’s extremely poor behavior to light. Shame on Madonna and Gwyneth for being so gullible that they can’t see through this loser. Just shows how vanity colors everything.

  34. Birdie says:

    JUST REMEMBERED THAT TRACY ANDERSON CLAIMED SHE STILL LIVED WITH HER SON’S FATHER (in Cookie Magazine)…. I wonder how awkward that gets with Phillipe.

  35. really says:

    This Tracy news is old hat.. i posted a comment with links from her hometown victims almost a year ago.. her wake of destruction is vast. Her time is coming as someone said.. I am just astounded how she was written up in Self and some other magazines (or mentioned at length) and those people do not seem to do basic internet searches I suppose.

    What I take issue with is someone with ZERO credentials, no formal training as a nutritionist (or trainer, for that matter) doling out misinformation and bad advice. 800 calories a day will put your body in starvation mode and eat muscle.. she’s just not an authority. She is a straight up sociopath. End of story. What do men see in this type who seem to get ensnared and literally drop their lives/money for her? She’s charming.. sociopaths are charming, that’s their ‘thing’. After dealing with one sociopath you pretty much know the red flags and personality ‘tells’ and well, some people aren’t so smart.

    BTW it’s ‘FEEL BAD FOR’ not ‘feel BADLY’. That is incorrect grammar.

  36. paranel says:

    She is an ugly midget. Madonna has a sculpted body? since when? her body looks ugly veiny and pasty like she has never seen the sun. 10 thumbs down.

  37. candygirl says:

    that sometimes happens with implants, they are always at attention…Pam Anderson has the same issue and she also works it for all it’s worth

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