Courtney Love banned from London hotel after starting fire


What is it with famous people smashing up their hotel rooms as a celebration? When I’m in the mood to celebrate something, I call some friends and go out for a nice dinner. When Courtney Love is in the mood to celebrate her birthday, she smashes some lamps in her hotel room. Riiiiiight, because that makes you feel good? She also “accidentally” started a fire at one of the fanciest hotels in London, and now they won’t let her stay there again. Courtney is rightly upset of course.

Courtney Love has been given a lifetime ban from her favorite London haunt after taking her rock n’ roll behavior too far on a recent trip.

The singer/songwriter reportedly started a fire by accident in her £1,630-per-night suite after leaving a cigarette burning, which resulted in the room having to be completely redecorated. Managers at the famed London landmark have reportedly tired of her antics, and blacklisted the former Hole singer from their establishment.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Courtney is desperate to stay in Claridge’s again, but when her people tried to get her a suite it was a no go. Even the best known fixers in the business can’t get her in there.

“When Courtney’s name was mentioned they were told it was fully booked. But when her people rang up again requesting the same dates under a different name they were told there were a number of suites available.”

Love is also reportedly to have smashed up a room in July in a Covent Garden hotel while celebrating her birthday.

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That woman has such serious mental illness I don’t even know where to start. She should be kept chained to a radiator at all times. Not as punishment, but just for the general safety of others. What does she actually do anymore? I don’t think Hole has had a hit single since 1996 or something. I think she’s pretty much known as Kurt Cobain’s widow and an unrepentant drug addict. That’d make me want to smash up some hotel rooms too.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Courtney at Theo Fennell’s Show Off Cocktail Party on September 27th. Images thanks to PR Photos.


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