George Clooney: I’d rather have a rectal exam than a Facebook page

VFF man who stares at goats premiere 090909

These pictures are from a few days ago, but here you go. George Clooney allowed his new “girlfriend” Elisabetta Canalis to walk the red carpet with him at the Venice premiere of Men Who Stare At Goats. Elisabetta is wearing a beautiful teal silk Roberto Cavalli dress, and looking very much like Cindy Crawford. She seemed to dominate the premiere, I think. All eyes were on her, and Clooney seemed to be “presenting” her to the world. You know what’s funny? After Elisabetta showed up at this premiere, she hasn’t been seen since! She didn’t walk the red carpet for the Toronto premiere of Up In The Air, and there are only vague rumors of her being Toronto. Did Clooney lock her up somewhere? Hmm…

Elisabetta seems to be getting the “thumbs up” from Matt Damon in a new People Magazine interview, so I suppose Clooney must have let her out of the Toronto dungeon for a short time. Matt said, “She is a really, really wonderful woman…It’s nice to see my friend so happy.” Yeah… Matt’s seen it all before. He’s not holding his breath, waiting for Clooney to settle down. By the way, remember how Matt claims he started the latest round of “Clooney’s gay!” rumors? I saw a short little clip on E! of Clooney on the red carpet saying that he planning something huge to get back at Matt. You know it’s going to be epic. I just hope no one dies.

Finally, we have George discussing his hatred for social networking sites – he said this at a press conference in Toronto: “I would rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page.” This isn’t so surprising – George is rather famously anti-technology (in his personal life). Last year he did an Esquire cover interview where he and the reporter basically sat around watching YouTube videos, like the one for “2 Girls 1 Cup”. It was a funny interview – and I really like George’s line about Facebook.

Here are George and Elisabetta at the Venice Film Festival premiere of “The Men Who Stare at Goats” on September 8th, and George making some crazy faces at the Toronto Film Festival press conference for ‘Up In The Air’ on Saturday. Images thanks to .

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22 Responses to “George Clooney: I’d rather have a rectal exam than a Facebook page”

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  1. maddie says:

    Clooney !!

    Get over yourself

  2. Anna says:

    Omg, George! I always knew I hated all that crap too, I just never had the words to put it so very perfectly. Now I do. Thanks George! This might be my favourite quote of the year.

  3. Aviatrix says:

    Nice beard. I’m sure George has no probs whatsoever with a rectal exam.

  4. Firestarter says:

    I bet he would!

  5. viper says:

    Hey I dont own a facebook. Or a Twitter page, that doesnt make me stuck up. That makes me an individual that isn’t going for asinine trends.

  6. clare says:

    At his age, I hope he is keeping up with his rectal exams!

  7. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Oh, I’ll just BET HE WOULD!

  8. vokable says:

    e is gay and she is payed for him

  9. Rosanna says:

    Oh my gosh how I LOVE this man! Elisabetta is one lucky chick.

  10. Giz says:

    Well George I’d rather have a million dollars than a rectal exam. Maybe we can work something out!

    I love George Clooney…really I do!

  11. Beth says:

    Matt and his family spent time with George in Lake Como during the summer. He met Elisabetta then.

  12. lilred says:

    dang, I’m loving that dress.

  13. mrbaskums says:

    Facebook is the equivalent to giving someone your social security number. Don’t people realize that whatever personal information they put on the internet stays there forever and can be accessed by anyone? Right, nope they sure don’t.

  14. DD says:

    people Facebook is just a social networking site. It’s the users of Facebook that give it a stupid reputation. Really the act of owning a Facebook account is not pathetic. It’s the way you use Facebook that can be pathetic. Trust me I was in George’s camp before I actually got an account myself and realized it’s not as outrageous and stupid as I thought. It’s just a simple technology with features to communicate, it’s useful to some and abused by others. Facebook is nothing special or out of the ordinary really.

  15. wow says:

    She’s still around. This one actually works, so she’s been in Italy doing her work for Italian MTV. She is a typical Clooney girl, but I love her for him.

    lol @ his facebook quote. It would be even funnier if it turns out that his girl had one or a myspace or twitter.

  16. MWC says:

    Clooney’s on Facebook. Once a week he posts a couple of photos to please his own ego. He conveniently posts them when there is a lot of traffic.

    He started 2 Fan Pages and then joined them.

    He is so lame! Can’t stand him!

  17. Meh says:

    Yes, Elizabetta has her own page.

    Also remember the quote where he said actors look down on reality TV people and his last girlfriend,Sarah Larson’s one claim to fame was that she had won a reality show. He always seems to say something that he thinks is hilarious while at the same time dissing the woman in his life. It’s all mememe with Clooney.

  18. Sakota says:

    Clooney all to easily forgets that no matter what, he’s still just an actor. That’s all. Nothing more than a gigilo with pretensions to being an artist and a warrior for the latest trendy cause.

  19. 4Real says:

    Hmm, did Clooney make a Freudian slip….rectal exam….hmmmm

  20. jvon says:

    Oddly, I also would rather George Clooney had a rectal exam than a facebook page.

  21. tasteT says:

    he says little things to let us know..

    I am SURE he’d rather a rectal exam

  22. Jimmy Mitchell says:

    I need help to save 30 kid with gm1 disease I need to raid $600,000