Michael Vick gets Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett fired


I don’t really understand the intricacies of football, but I do know this: Michael Vick got Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett fired. In a manner of speaking at least. Baskett, who up until yesterday was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, was let go from the team in order to make room for Vick. Who is apparently incredibly popular amongst NFL fans – his jersey is the fourth best selling in the league.

Michael Vick can throw passes to his teammates instead of ball boys. The Philadelphia Eagles elevated Vick to the team’s 53-man roster Tuesday, a move that allows the quarterback to practice with the team. Wide receiver Hank Baskett was released to make room for Vick, who is eligible to play Sept. 27 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Vick will begin practicing with the team Wednesday, though he cannot play in Sunday’s home opener against the New Orleans Saints. Vick was suspended for the first two regular-season games as the final league penalty for his role in running a dogfighting ring.

…Vick was brought in to give the Eagles another dimension on offense. He ran Philadelphia’s version of the wildcat offense and took some snaps as a traditional QB under center in two preseason games. The Eagles were heavily criticized by animal rights activists for signing Vick less than a month after he finished serving 18 months in federal prison. Dozens of protesters voiced their outrage outside the team’s practice facility the day after Vick was signed, and many fans threatened to give up their tickets.

A month later, Vick’s jersey is the fourth-highest seller in the NFL behind Brett Favre, Jay Cutler and Troy Polamalu. The league rankings are based on the sales period from April 1 to Aug. 28, so Vick – and Favre, for that matter – had plenty of catching up to do since both joined their teams last month.

Baskett was one of seven receivers the Eagles carried on their 53-man roster through Week 1. He became expendable after Philadelphia selected Jeremy Maclin in the first round of April’s draft and added Brandon Gibson in the sixth round. Baskett had 72 catches for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns in 48 games with the Eagles.

[From the Huffington Post]

I feel badly for Hank. I don’t know why but I really like the guy. He just strikes me as genuine and all-around nice. Generally speaking I think Kendra Wilkinson is pretty lucky to have landed him. And to lose your spot on your team to slime like Michael Vick has got to make the whole thing sting even worse. It is unconscionable to say that the only thing that matters is that the guy’s a good football player. I don’t care how great his skills, you do something like Michael Vick did and you don’t deserve any second chances.

I’m guessing that Kendra and Hank aren’t exactly strapped for money, thanks to their reality show. And they’ve got their first baby due in January, so he’s got a lot of other things on his plate. Hopefully he’ll get picked up by another team that eventually kicks the Eagles’ ass.

Here are Hank and Kendra at the park with their dogs, Raskal and Martini, on July 25th. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. Seven says:

    Hide your Beagle Vicks an Eagle…

    I agree, Vick is slime and doesnt deserve a second chance.

  2. ash says:

    aw, that sucks.

  3. QB says:

    I don’t like Vick and I don’t know anything about football but this is comon practice in sport they let a player go to get one they think is better.

    So Vick got no one fired. Is the nature of their job. The good guy is not going to win the game the more talented one is going to.

  4. Fat Elvis says:

    I love football, but I find it truly despicable that the NFL let this piece of shit back onto the field.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    the funny part is that even though this guy was known (at least among football fans) before he married Kendra, I’ve been hearing him referred to as “the Playmate’s husband”.


  6. englishbreakfasttasteslikedarjeeling says:

    poor hank. he is just so adorable and it really seems like they are truly in love. i would be so pissed to be fired, let alone for that horrific example of a human.

  7. moo says:

    I wouldn’t buy tickets to see the Eagles. I hope this all comes back to haunt them….

  8. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Fat Elvis…..I couldn’t agree more and to think that someone actually gave him a second chance when he never gave those DOGS a second chance. It makes me so sick and so sad to see the times we are living. Someone will recognize the talents that Hank has and hopefully Hank will help bring them on to the Superbowl.

    Go F#@K yourself, Vick. And while you’re at it, GO TO HELL!

  9. princess pea says:

    You know, I hate what Vick did. I think he’s probably a pretty terrible human being for having done it. Heck, I’m not even a football fan.
    That said, Michael Vick went to jail, for longer than the minimum sentence, and served his time. He has fulfilled his legal obligations on this, and it shouldn’t determine whether or not he can work in the league. Maybe he’ll have no fans. If people boycott his team then they’ll drop him eventually. But the fact of his criminal record shouldn’t be a reason for him to not be playing for the NFL.

    You know there are plenty of felons in the NFL, right? Some of whom have killed people instead of dogs.

  10. Eka Allen says:

    @princess, Thank you I completely agree.

  11. lottaluvin says:

    Michael Vick is an ass. His contrite apologies were phony. I don’t care if the man did his time he never should have been let back the NFL. Isn’t there any standards other than being a good player?

  12. Fat Elvis says:

    princess pea: I wasn’t aware of any convicted murderers playing in the NFL, but then again, I’m not claiming they don’t exist. Could you or anyone else provide a link?

  13. mk says:

    Hank seems like a really sweet person. I hope he gets picked up by another team soon.

  14. manda says:

    that totally sucks!!!

  15. Vermithrax says:

    Bummer man. Hopefully he’ll get swiped up by another team.

  16. Lindsay says:

    They tried to trade him before they released him, so he probably had some idea that this would happen. I’m sure he will also get some sort of finical consideration since the Eagles broke their contract. But I’m sure it stung a little bit to be dropped like that.

    Vick is a terrible person, who keeps buying his jerseys? I guess at least his most of his ridiculous salary will be going to a good cause. I wonder if he will get company willing to sponsor him again or if his reputation is too tarnished. And as princess pointed out being a good person or even a law abiding citizen is not a requirement for playing football. But his case was very high profile, even for a professional athlete. Which is probably why he has been given a comparatively hard time.

    Fat Elvis – Here is one example http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/06/16/sportsline/main5091566.shtml. He was convicted of manslaughter. I can’t imagine there are any convicted murders, even a light sentence would be too long for them to come back and play again. Not that manslaughter is any less of destructive crime than murder.

  17. Vicnastee says:

    Mike Vick didn’t get Hank fired, not proforming got Hank fired!!!!!!!!

  18. Kate says:

    Actually, Hank was cut to make room for Jeff Garcia, not Michael Vick. Plus, Hank is a pretty crappy football player, by NFL standards. I appreciate the celebrity/sports cross-over here, but don’t post this stuff if you don’t know anything about football.

  19. truth says:

    Vick did his time. Who are we to keep persecuting a man. I love animals but not more than human beings. People please stop all the dramatics. This is a man trying to continue his JOB!!! I watch football to see Vick do what he does best — play really great football!!! Go Vick!!!

  20. truth says:

    Kate thank you for the comment. I see someone is a true follower and not just making a nasty comment.

  21. fizXgirl314 says:

    don’t most jobs ask you if you have any felony convictions? I assume they don’t ask this for their health but rather to weed out applicants. Which means that people can and do descriminate based on criminal records. I bet the average criminal has a lot harder time finding a job than this guy did… :/

  22. sallyjesserafael says:

    @ Fat Elvis Donte Stallworth hit a man and killed him while under the influence of marijuana and I believe alcohol was also a factor. He was convicted of manslaughter. Boom.

  23. julie says:

    plus ray lewis, with the ravens, though not convicted was indicted on murder and aggravated assault charges. He wasn’t convicted because people changed their testimony during trial. Rae Carruth, with the carolina panthers, was convicted of conspiring to murder his girlfriend and is currently in prison. And, as was already stated, Hank was released to make room for Garcia. McNabb broke a rib or two and they need someone to QB the team.

  24. alex says:

    I completely agree with you Princess. He made a mistake, a huge one at that and he paid for it. Some people make bigger mistakes than him and are given a second chance. Leave Vick alone. If you don’t want to watch the Eagles play then don’t, no one is forcing you all too.

  25. alex says:

    Thanks you Kate and Truth, well said

  26. coldengray says:

    Why should he be given a second chance? He certainly didnt give those dogs that “underperformed” a second chance. I wonder how he would feel if he was hung, drowned, or electrocuted for not performing to standard…. What a disgusting human being. Do you know, he personally hung 8 dogs- 3 of them survied that, so he electrocuted those. What a fabulous person to give a second chance to. I know these atrocities because I happen to have one of his dogs that was rescued. What a beautiful creature she is now… What horrors she had to endure. If you saw how she was when we got her- you wouldnt want to give this man a second chance- I promise you.

    I understand that the NFL allows murderers and DUI convicts to play this game as well. Shame on them. What kind of message is that sending to children or even to adults that post on this site? That it is ok to act like this, do your “time”, then get back into the game? Forget it. I think that the NFL and other sports games need to start raising the bar— allowing only the truly talented play that have no felony records!

    “we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy”.. I know that the NFL “has” to let him play due to the union strength. Shame on them- they need to start standing up to these thugs and saying “no more felonious behaviour- I dont care what you cost the franchise- you have to keep your nose clean or you are OUT”.

    Did you know that scientists can now prove that animal abusers and peodophiles (child molestors) have the exact same brain trauma? And some very important information that came out 2 years ago about this amazing discovery was that these people CAN NOT REHABILITATE. They will always crave that animal abuse. Or that bad touching of a child. Ick. These kind of people make me ill- I dont wish to give them any of my precious time unless it is to somehow figure out a way to get rid of them. They can not be a productive member of society without some sort of supervision. This is scary.

    For a little perspective, Even Ted Bundy was against dog fighting.

  27. praline pecan says:

    A mistake consistutes a single incident that you didn’t know was wrong, or didn’t think out. What Vick did was torture and murder, numerous times. That’s not a mistake.

  28. Kevin says:

    Hate to tell you but I called this a month ago.

  29. Fat Elvis says:

    Thanks to all for the examples — consider me educated. However, I do agree with praline pecan that a mistake (and don’t get me wrong, killing someone because you’re driving drunk is a horrendous crime) is vastly different from Vick’s ongoing, willful, and callous acts of brutality.

    That being said, I’m not trying to start a fight about “who’s worse” or anything, because I can understand both sides, but I personally think Vick is a sociopath who’s only regret is getting caught.

  30. J-Lin says:

    I love how great things keep happening to Vick and it pisses you all off.

    I hope he gets league MVP!!!!

    Go Vick!

  31. la chica says:

    very very very unfair to hold Vick responsible for Hank not being good enuf to hold onto his job. extremely unfair. makes for a provocative story but it ain’t the truth.

  32. Pickel says:


    get off your soapbox. While nobody will argue with you that animal abuse is despicable, bottom line is that people do worse to other people every single day than what Vick did to those dogs, and this is where people choose to get so riled up? We’re supposed to put animal abuse in the same category as a homeless person starving to death, a woman being beaten or otherwise abused by her husband/boyfriend, a child being molested, kids being orphaned all over the world due to AIDS ravaging the adults in their community? What the hell? Yeah, I know people get off on the whole “animals are people too” tirade but as a whole, that’s obviously not the case for the legal system or people convicted of abusing and/or killing animals would get more punishment than a fine, a small jail sentence, and/or a ban for a certain number of years from owning any animals. For you to equate animal abuse with the crime of child molestation seems like a huge enough step that you shouldn’t have any trouble posting where this “proof” exists…right? Yeah, because a child being abused is exactly the same as Michael Vick (or anyone else, for that matter) drowning a dog.

    And yeah, Ted Bundy was such a stand-up guy for defending poor, helpless animals…that totally redeems what he did to HUMAN BEINGS…::rolling eyes:: Sheesh…

  33. Georgia says:

    Too bad all the NFL dog lovers didn’t come out and say how disgusted they were by Vick’s dog killing. Vick probably wouldn’t be playing if there were just as many decent, non-felon NFL players that said they didn’t want him playing in their league as all the thugs that support Vick’s comeback.

    I can’t believe there isn’t even a celebrity that has talked about what a sociopath Vick is either!

    What kind of ‘code of conduct’ does the NFL have that allows convicted felons to play? All of them should be banned for life. Kids idolize athletes, and because of that, players should be held to the very highest standards of ‘conduct’. Killing humans or animals, violence of any type, DUI or drug felony convictions, guns, etc…they should all be automatic Banned For Life firings, no discussion.

  34. karsan says:

    This is a shame, hope he gets another job.

  35. Majors says:

    While we’re talking about “mistakes” and second chances. The CEO of the local ASPCA, who was pushing for Vick to be damn near lynched…left her dog in the hot car for 4 hours and it DIED. Not one damn thing happened to her. She wasn’t charged, she wasn’t fined, she wasn’t fired, she wasn’t even suspended. Now her crime was nowhere near as bad as what Vick was convicted of…but at LEAST he’s paid his debt. Get off his nuts. If they though Baskett was worth keeping, they’d have kept him. You can’t blame Vick for EVERYTHING. If you are not in support of him being allowed back into the league…stop watching football.

  36. Sani says:

    Too bad cute little Hank can’t help win a game…that’s why he’s out. NFL need players that can win games and Hank stinks at it.

  37. Jenna says:

    Wow. The story is fairly accurate. Good to see some sports topic on here.

  38. Firestarter says:

    Poor Michael Vick, went to prison for such a silly thing like little old dog fighting and cruelty to animals. What an injustice to such a kind and caring human being. I mean, what are the deaths of innocent animals, compared to the greatness of a pro football player? Oh, he made a tiny mistake, and he paid for it, heck, they were only DOGS! I am certain he is “sowwy” for what he did, and has learned from his mistakes. He deserves to play again and make millions of dollars, because, after all, he is a PRO athlete and he is “special”. Heck, they should erect a statue in his honor and have a ticker tape parade for him. Let’s give him a second chance, so what if those dogs he allowed to be killed didn’t get one, after all, they were only dogs. I hope he finds another hobby as gentle and sweet as his last one to occupy himself in the off season.

    Move on out Hank Baskett, Michael Vick is special, so you get the heave ho for being a decent player who respects the sport and from all accounts, behaves himself off the field, as well as on. Maybe the St.Louis Rams will give you a new home, or so says the rumor. To seal the deal, you might want to get involved in some criminal act, it seems that goes along way to getting you employed.

    Vick is a bastard! Whatever. “He paid for his mistake”, yeah, and when he gets in trouble for some other heinous act, I guess it will also get a pass. The topic of Vick pisses me off. Lets reward him for going to jail for a crime HE COMITTED!

  39. Aspie says:

    @ princess pea: Thank you, excellent point!

    Vick is not the anti-Christ. I’m sorry but killing dogs is not in the same league as killing humans. What he did was terrible but he served his time.

    Why is so hard for some to move on?

  40. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Is there a list of all the CRIMINALS in the NFL? Should they be able to play & be role models for youth? or have their own Division?

  41. valupack says:

    Michael Vick served prison time for lying under oath to federal agents-NOT for killing dogs. (which is bad enough).He plays for Philly which is the only NFL team that has a jail in their stadium-seems right doesn’t it?

  42. Angelica says:

    Sociopaths nearly always drag the companies down that they work at in
    terms of productivity.

    Then I am left to wonder if it’s
    not about productivity is the
    whole sport really not a sport at all just a spectacle?

  43. The Nightmare says:

    Valupack, that’s not true. Everything I’ve ever read said he was convicted of animal cruelty.

    If you want role models for your kids, be parents. Or watch college ball. The simple fact is that these people do exist, they do have successful lives despite the contempt they are held in by some people. that’s a life lesson as well. Trying to build a facade of ‘good guys’ for kids to look at is futile, and not true to reality.

  44. natalie says:


  45. Giz says:

    Princess you are correct.

    It’s amazing how some people are forgiven their tresspasses and other aren’t.

  46. 4Real says:

    Her boobs look funny.

  47. yae says:

    I’ve owned pitbulls for 22 years. I only own the best bloodlines. I never fight my dogs and my dogs adore children.

    Michael Vick is the kind of street trash we don’t tolerate. They were NEVER in the negative news til hip-hop made them into a drug guard breed. Statues have been erected in their honor as fearless war heroes in WWI & WW2

    Pitbulls were taken good care of by their owners until the “streets” thought it was cool to fight them for status. Pitbulls were known for a century for their love of children.

    Thanks, Michael Vick for being part of a Hollywood, Hip Hop idiot machine that has all but systematically WIPED out a fine American breed of canine.

    Really kiss my-ss.

    PS: For historical note. Pitbulls used to be owned by some of the most notable American aristocrats. Research the breed.

  48. p3rp3tu4 says:

    What is also disturbing about Dog Fighting is the probable/POSSIBLE groups, gangs, drugs, guns & what it does to the community, youth brought up with that around them & the glorification of it through /MUSIC, FASHION, MEDIA! on Albums etc

  49. mel says:

    No one talks about Cleveland Brown’s Dante Stallworth driving drunk and killing a pedestrician but you lynch Michael Vick for dog fighting. Dog fighting has been around for decades. Now I’m not condoning what he did but driving drunk and killing a human being is far more cruel that killing an animal.

  50. Aspen says:

    Yes, Majors, and I’ll raise you another example.

    People forgive all those mothers (and even feel sorry for them) who “forget” they have babies in the car, leave them in a hot parking lot for 8 hours of work, and allow their own children to die in an oven while they’re off doing other things.

    If you leave your dog in the car just to go inside to pay for gasoline (I do this with my beagle who loves to go for rides with me…and gas trips are short enough that she can come along without getting car sick or being left in the car alone for more than a minute), someone will butt their noses in and lecture you about how evil you are.

    Priorities, much?

    If Baskett was the least valuable asset, then I’m sorry for him, but I’m sure he’ll find work with another team.

    What really rankles me is that Vick has a job in the NFL…at ALL. Moral depravity USED to be censured by the public. Not anymore, I suppose. Who on EARTH would buy that man’s jersey?

  51. Kevin says:

    Hank, I married a skank, brick hands, Baskett just got signed by the Colts to a 1 year deal. I can’t wait to see Payton Manning hollering at Him for dropping passes on the sideline.

  52. kelly138 says:

    “Vick is a sociopath who’s only regret is getting caught”

    Yep. Perfectly put. And the whole “killing dogs isn’t the same as killing people argument” is a completely false dichotomy. It’s a ridiculous argument.

    So he served his time and deserves a second chance. Maybe he deserves a second chance working at a gas station. He doesn’t deserve a second chance in the NFL, making millions of dollars.

  53. Nev says:

    Wow Kevin I feel sorry for Peyton and the colts.

  54. Obvious says:

    I’ve never been a football fan but now I hate it. how can they just let vick back after what he did?

    Whether or not Baskett is better isn’t the point. Vick has been given a second chance he didn’t deserve.

  55. Katyusha says:

    While I understand that people don’t equate killing animals to killing people (I disagree), you guys are still ridiculous.

    Pickel, why don’t you get off YOUR soapbox. You’re clearly grasping at straws. I see homeless people all the time in Los Angeles, and I assure you, none of them are starving. Stop being so dramatic.
    Just because you (and others)don’t hold animals in a high regard as some people doesn’t mean the others don’t have a right to rate them with humans.
    I’ll tell you what…if there’s a building on fire and I have to save my dog or a stranger, I’m saving my dog.
    Who the hell are you to judge?

  56. Kelly says:

    People are saying “Vick did his time and their are other felons in the NFL let him go do his job..blah blah ”
    What if Michal Vick was just a regular business man that got convicted of dog fighting? Or any other felony. Do you think that the company he worked for would just take him back and everything be okay? I doubt it…

    Everyone deserves a second chance, but i just think it was tasteless and inconsiderate for them to sign him so fast after he got out.

  57. Please says:

    Everyone who is against Vick, I hope when your time comes at the gate of heaven you can tell your lord not to forgive you for any of your sins here on earth, and that you should go straight to hell.

    People make mistake, they are forgiving for it. There are people having many abortions, and worst things here on this planet, get over yourselves, and suck on something.

    Vick DESERVES his chance as does anyone who ask to be forgiving for a petty crime and paid for it. Boo hoo for Hank, who cares, if he is so good at what he does, he will be drafted by another team, otherwise he will just have to keep amusing you all with his reality show with playboy Kendra.

    GET A LIFE. And move on. What is it with the human race that acts so damn holy?

  58. coldengray says:

    Something that the Media and people seem to forget about- these dogs are still around. They are being cared for by very loving people in very loving homes. But it costs money to take care of them. Money for food. Money for vet visits. Money for surgeries to repair what this monster did to them. WE have to pay those bills- because he very nicely decided to declare bankruptcy. However, it is so awesome that he gets to keep 1 luxury car, his 8000+ sq foot house in Va, among other valuable assests. While we, who asked to help these animals are all let go as “past responsibilites”. Shame on this man.

    I do hope he has to answer some higher power- and that he has a very good reason for what he did. Somehow, I think because it was “part of his culture” isnt going to fly with the big Man upstairs….. My people came to this land and helped kill off native americans. You dont see me running around shanking the heck out of anyone with skin that isnt white. Seems to be wrong to kill any sort of living creature- I kind of figured this out on my own in pre-school when someone broke my crayons…. Miss Jenny said it wasnt nice to hit. I figured stabbing with scissors must not be an option either.

    If something is against the law— then why would you do it? DUI’s, beating your spouse, dogfighting… I am thinking that this man isnt done with his evil ways- I just hope that the next living creature he harms is himself. May he rot.

  59. notsoanonymous says:

    Poor Hank. I think from what I have seen on their show he is a cute and sweet guy.

    But am I the only one who noticed he is the Eagles receiver currently featured in an ad played during NFL games during which he is reaching for the touchdown pass and the ball slides RIGHT between his hands?

    I’m a Seahawks fan – I know all about butterfinger receivers! CATCH THAT BALL GD IT!

    Come on guys… he is an average player at best. 🙁

  60. RealTruth says:

    Vick is worse than scum in a toilet bowl. That man deserves nothing but a second chance to get eaten alive by all those dogs he drowned, fought, killed, and mutilated. It was not a “mistake” as some of these idoits have posted here it was a well thought out dog fighting ring that he woke up EVERY morning and participated in. A mistake is an error in judgement committed once maybe twice without much thought…Vick made no “mistake.” I hope suffers a very painful death and rots in hell afterwards. Karma is a bitch there is no doubt in my mind he has it coming…