The Duke & Duchess of Sussex are co-chairing the ‘Vax Live’ concert

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet guests during the interval of a commemorativ

I’m a broken record at this point, but I really do wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex still had an Instagram account. It would be great to hear updates on their lives and work from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Here’s a good example: I feel like both of them are probably vaccinated, but it would have been great to see them post some vaccine selfies, and they would have encouraged a lot of people to take it seriously and schedule their appointments. Here’s another example: they could have used their Instagram to announce their participation in and organization of “Vax Live,” a concert celebrating Covid vaccines and encouraging a more equitable distribution of vaccines.

I believe Prince Harry has done work with Global Citizen, and Meghan lived in Canada for years. It’s cool that they’re doing this, and that their names are being used in conjunction with Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, J. Balvin, Foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder, H.E.R., and a lot more. Harry and Meghan are listed (with their titles) as the Campaign Chairs, which means they’ve done some organizing behind the scenes, and their involvement probably got more celebrities involved. The corporate sponsorship for this is a big deal too: they’ve got corporations like Coca-Cola, P&G, Live Nation, Citi and Delta on board. *giggle* Wow this is a really big deal. I can’t believe they’re announcing it during the Keen Anniversary Week. Someone is going to be engorged with rage and jealousy.

Update: Scobie had the Sussexes’ statement.

Britain's Prince Harry gives a speech on stage before announcing the winners of the Health and Wellbeing category at the inaugural OnSide Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. OnSide is a charity whose purpose is to create stat

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Uuuuh! Someone in KP is positively incandescent with rage and I am here for it!

    • Nomegusta says:

      Prince Harry visited Dave Grohl when he was in the hospital after an injury, the story is adorable because both parties are adorable. And the Foo Fighters are awesome

      I hope KP is seething, lol William’s out here playing old McDonald and for what? That whole photo op was stupid😂

      • BABSORIG says:

        Foo fighters were also in the thick of things at launch of Invictus games 2014, them and Harry go way back. Like Gayle said, prince Harry is more connected that people know. Im ready for this VAXLIVE event and I’ll be tuning in. 🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️

      • anne55marie says:

        @Nomegusta + 100. Can’t & Unable are probably BIG mad at this news. They’re out petting sheep, mumbling something about “sustainability” and “farming,” meanwhile, the Sussexes are chairing a global event for an immediate, pressing cause. Just another example of why H&M’s decision to leave was absolutely the best decision. Not only to get away from the toxic, racist Palace and British tabs, but so they could actually accomplish REAL things, instead of being relegated to flower gathering and petting goats. KP would NEVER have allowed them to do this while they were full-time royals because they would have upstaged Bill & Cathy.

      • Lemons says:

        “Old McDonald…” I am dying 😭😭😭

        I mean, they always wanted to play “country bumpkin aristocrats”

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      I’m not sure why the blurb was written like this? Anyone who wishes to know what the Sussexes are up to, need only go to their website: archewellDOTcom.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t get their emails even though I’m on the list, so unless I check their website a few times a day (and I’m too busy here lol) then I miss things.

      • Lemons says:

        @Becks1, I don’t get their emails either, but I’m sure this is done on purpose. They allow the organization to get the exposure on social media.

      • Christine says:

        Becks and Lemons, I don’t get emails either. I am with you, I love that they give this power to the organizations they are passionate about!!

      • Mooshe1 says:

        They do updates on Archewell but they’re for big announcements like this, it’s like she said with IG (I don’t think they’ll ever do Twitter) they can drop little things here and there without doing press releases

  2. Snuffles says:

    I bet they have gotten vaccinated and were saving pictures and videos of the moment for this special.

    And I told y’all they would be doing stuff with the Biden’s and Kamala! This is happening a bit sooner than I thought, but it’s for a wonderful cause!

    I feel like they helped recruit J Lo, The Foo Fighters, and Chrissy Teigen. And I doubt it was hard to get others on board.

  3. MaryContrary says:

    Service IS universal. Way to go -continuing to use their platform to help the world.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Look at those celebs! Look at the politicians (Biden, Trudeau, Macron)! they are in the big leagues and they aren’t fooling around. This is a great project and its obvious they were super involved in it, so happy to see it.

    I do agree about the social media, so often I see something on twitter like “wow, knew they were working on something” and I’m always like WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?! I get that this way drives traffic to the various accounts, especially when its a charity, but still, I think their own social media is going to be essential in the future.

    • Cecilia says:

      I do hope that at some point they get their own social media but if you look at their previous experience and the work/comments they’ve made about the past year or so that could be a while. I don’t think that they’ll come back until twitter & instagram have taken the appropriate measures for a healthier online world. An i think that they’re in part avoiding it to prevent being called hypocrites. That being said maybe an archewell app would do? Where you can get direct updates and stuff

      • swirlmamad says:

        An app would be a great idea! I agree that they are going to be very wary of opening up on social media again and will avoid it until they have absolutely no choice….they were burned so badly before.

      • Cessily says:

        Hopefully they invent one that prevents screenshots!

    • Shahad says:

      You mean the world leaders who have the power to to force pharmaceutical companies to drop their patents and share vaccines with the rest of the world? But of course they want cool points hanging with Harry and Meghan and other celebs as these big name people beg for charity from the rich on behalf of poor countries.

      So I have mixed feelings about this whole thing .

      • Lemons says:

        To be honest, I think this would be possible in certain countries if they are considering the “public good”/public health. But I think most governments will just ensure that it is accessible and is covered by insurance.

      • Chelsea says:

        Even if they drop the patents there is still the huge issues of raw materials and manufacturing capability needed which is what i think this event is getting after as the money will go to COVAX. The US and France made new announcements recently about diverting vaccine materials with the US earmarking 60 million doses of Astrazenaca for other countries on top of the $ already donated to COVAX but there is still more that can and should be done by private philanthropists and wealthier governments like the US, UK, and France.

        But on the patent thing: can governments compel private companies share their patents? I know they can coerce them into prioritize their countries’ orders over another and control exports and imports but can they control intellectual copyright without compensating them?

      • Shahad says:

        Read this article on how Covax came about and who was responsible for blocking the sharing of patents for COVID vaccines while scientists and public health experts had a lot good will and we’re open to sharing their patents .

        Also some vaccines were developed with the help of government funding and government laboratories. So yes they can be compelled to drop patents.

        Actually nearly 70% of all medicines in US were not developed by pharma companies . They are developed by PHD students at universities.

  5. Laalaa says:

    I just… celebitchy became all about the royals, can we diversify a bit? :( #longtimereader

    • Becks1 says:

      Okay so yes there are a lot of royal stories, but just looking at the main page I see two stories about the Kardashians, two Oscar stories, a story about the J&J vaccine, and a story about Captain America 4. and something about Jana Kramer but I have no clue who she is so I don’t click on those stories.

      The royal stories get a ton of comments and clicks and relatively-pro Sussex commentary is something that the site has become known for. If you want more focus on other stories, comment and click there.

      • Laalaa says:

        Thank you for the comment, I will do that!
        And yes, it’s true there are other articles, but tbh – I have not even seen those you mentioned because there are so many royal ones so my brain doesn’t even recognize others anymore :-/

      • swirlmamad says:

        Agree — I personally started coming here regularly mainly because it is the one place I can get positive info about the Sussexes — there literally aren’t any other entertainment/celebrity blogs that aren’t bashing them left and right. I can get my news on other celebs on any other site.

    • Watson says:

      LaaLaa i started commenting more on the non royal things to give those articles a push now. I’m cool with articles on the royals cause since covid started gossip is slow, but even i get royal fatigue!

      • Bettyrose says:

        I admit I’m here for the royal stories. When I first started reading CB W & K had just gotten back together. I didn’t know much about them. I was more interested in reading about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan but the RF articles hooked me and became an addiction. When Meghan came on the scene, the RF became my #1 gossip interest. But yeah the pandemic has slowed celeb gossip and yet RF gossip has been on fire this year.

        ETA: I didn’t mean to respond directly to you Watson. Just commenting on the topic in general.

    • lucky says:

      I agree.

      I have also chalked it up to the pandemic, so less celebrity news in general, and the blow up of Sussex/Oprah.

      But there are days when there is barely another non-royal story.

      • Becks1 says:

        This is a big part of it IMO. There just isn’t a lot of celebrity gossip out there right now. I think as the pandemic winds down we’ll get more fun stories like X celeb and Y celeb were spotted together at the local fro-yo place, what does it MEAN?!?!?!

        The royals however have been a hot mess over the last year, so there’s still lots to discuss.

        I also think Kaiser breaks stories down into multiple posts so the comments stay orderly lol.

      • lucky says:

        @Becks1, it is going to be glorious. So many alcohol and drama soaked shenanigans. Roaring 20′s here we come?

        Also, don’t mean I want anyone to suffer, just some distraction from my own boring life!

      • Lola says:

        There have actually been tons of other stories that just don’t get covered here whatsoever.

        This particular site is just all royals all the time, so when it gets tedious (which it absolutely does) I just go elsewhere.

        Unrelatedly, someone mentioned the old message board Groupie Central on the Moby story. Now that was a REAL gossip website like nothing I know of nowadays.

        All these gossip blogs do really is discuss the various sides of stories that get planted by celeb PR and published in mainstream media – pro and con. There is no ACTUAL gossip, like nothing that’s a real secret, that they don’t want the public to know about. That wasn’t planted by a PR person.

        There’s a gigantic amount of really good gossip out there and Groupie Central was AMAZZZZINGGGG for it. I know way better gossip about early 2000′s figures than anyone around here nowadays despite the profileration of social media, everyone with cameras, etc.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      I do believe there are tabs to click specifying “royals” so….

    • Amy Bee says:

      @laalaa: It is very easy to avoid royal stories on this site and all you have to do is go to the home page and the non-royal stories are laid out for your pleasure.

    • FancyHat says:

      This is the only site on the internet that allows pro-Sussex comments and isn’t filled with racist bile.

      • Cessily says:

        Very true and refreshing.. I get tired of any pro comment or even just reposting something inspiring from them is attacked to the point reason is long gone.
        But after the Latest world event set with so many world leaders (which don’t include the Cambridge’s) cue the “thought she was to preggers to do anything” or “she couldn’t fly here but she can do that?” It is coming, that it is so blatant is heartbreaking.

    • June-O says:

      @Laalaa, I agree that there’s a lot of royal coverage (although I appreciate the refreshing tone found in the write ups and the informative comments), but it’s weird to bring this up on a post that’s about actual celebrities and a stellar cause, because this is the kind of royal content I hope we see more of going forward. The post about the Cambridges visiting a farm, though? That might be a better place to spark this discussion.

      • Cessily says:

        The story is probably posted under various people who are named in it, many follow the Royal page only and are commenting under the Royal page for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, Not for Selena or Jennifer Lopez who are wonderful singers but other than Selenas transplant story (which was personal) I don’t follow them.

    • BABSORIG says:

      @Laalaa, do you just like to complain or what? Like, thre are TONS of stories on this website that aren’t royal related, are you for real? If you really care about yr own mental health, why click on royal related stories if the bother you so?🙄🙄

      • Watson says:

        Babsorig: LaaLaa had a valid comment that was pretty innocuous as an observation. Royal coverage has gone up exponentially over the months and has changed a lot of the Celebitchy vibe. No need to be caustic about it.

    • Eurydice says:

      I come here just so I can see the words “engorged with rage” every day. Somehow, that makes me smile.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Me too!! I love how this is all coming down on them like a house on fire!! I also like to see how there are people here who don’t buy into the poor Baldimort and Keen Doucheness dialogue as its utter BS as well as the Midd’s and the CarolE with an E exposing all of her frail and frightened cards. I also find it delightful that I am not the only one that thinks that Baldimort and Keen Doucheness are the worst people to be considered the darlings of Britain when they clearly are not. When I would comment on Daily Fail, I would have my comments removed due to an outrage for standing up against them and pointing out the hypocrisy, but that’s the Daily Fail for you. They censor opinions that are not inline with their narrative. Also, I am deeply saddened by everything that Harry and Meghan went through and it was heartbreaking and continues to be awful but they still plant these BS sugar pieces as if it will change history. Plus I am not on Twitter that much anymore.

    • Dizzy says:

      I agree so, so much! Long time reader here. I remember the good old days when we were reading about all the fun celebitchy gossip. Too much about the Royals. And there’s a lot speculation about who said what to whom and what so and so thinks about whosits. It’s a lot of speculation and guess work…. not fun. And the comments on here are nasty.
      Enough already. Let’s get back to having fun.

    • Moxylady says:

      I mean…. covid has crippled the entertainment industry. So it is what it is friend.

  6. Case says:

    I don’t get why they don’t have an Instagram. I understand ditching the Sussex Royal one but I feel like they really need some sort of presence there.

    • Snuffles says:

      I feel like once the world opens up again, post baby where they can fully go out and about again, they will set up social media for Archewell.

      • MsIam says:

        I think that’s when they will start their new account and I wouldn’t be surprised if baby pictures are the first post. Although the Sussexes aren’t going to plaster their kids pictures everywhere, I think a major announcement like that would be appropriate.

    • SH says:

      Part of it is they’ve taken a stance on social media companies needing to reform and are funding research into it. Their stance is less compromised by not having social media. They have a higher bar to clear because not everyone has the British media ready to write stories about hypocrisy for criticizing social media while still using social media. They also aren’t providing less free content to the British media. And finally they can also use the carrot of rejoining say instagram if agreed upon changes are made. Then instagram gets the big positive global press release about them re-joining instagram for example.

      • Jegede says:

        @SH – Exactly.

        This is part of their message for necessary changes to social media platform.

        The need to stamp out abuse, trolling and harassment.

        Personally, I’m fine with them NOT having an Insta page.👌👌
        (And just dipping with surprises. Catching the BM & RRs totally off-guard.😉)

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s a good point. I could see them re-entering social media (or IG at least) when some changes have been made – maybe stricter rules about banning or faster action for reported accounts.

        With twitter, I’ve been reporting tweets and accounts as abusive or harmful to the sussexes and I think most of the time Twitter ends up agreeing with me (I only report the really nasty ones that I wont even repeat here) but it takes SO LONG. Like I’ll get a notice that they banned the person I reported and I can’t remember why I reported them bc it was well over a month ago or longer. They need faster responses.

      • Ginger says:

        Good point. I actually don’t really miss them on social media. I did at first but they are getting their message out so I am fine with how things are.

    • Plums says:

      they might do in the future, but it’s really interesting to look at Meghan’s experience with social media in particular. When she was an up and coming actress and had an influencer-y lifestyle blog passion project going on, she was all about social media and talked about how amazing a tool it was for connecting with people all the time.

      After the tabloid character assassination began in earnest and social media about her got infested by on-demand troll bot armies, she was basically experiencing the dark side of it for the first time, and I think it genuinely soured her on the entire concept, in it’s current form anyway. We’ll see if they reestablish a presence, but I honestly don’t know about it.

    • Amelia says:

      Notice how there’s been no leaks at all regarding this. Not one word from Stinky Wootton or Camel Toe.

      • vs says:

        I think that’s one of the best part about this….it also does show that the rf is made up of incompetent people! how come every single thing about their business ends up in tabloids? look at how many people are involved in this project and not a single leak until they are ready to tell the world?

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Did you see all the trolls on their social media?

  7. Nev says:


  8. Myra says:

    I love the fact that they were working quietly behind the scene raising funds directly with the private sector. They really are powerful players.

  9. mariahlee says:

    This is impressive. Very excited to see Meg again! I get my second dose next week and it’s such a relief for me. It’s society’s shame that access has been so exclusive thus far.

    Also, as a former Selena stan it’s so weird to see my former fave and my new fave (Meghan) doing something together lol

  10. MsIam says:

    How in the world did Harry find time to do this, I mean he’s soooo unhappy and missing his “real” family in the UK? Even some folks on here were whining (trolling) about “When will the Sussexes DO something?”. The Sussexes just keep on winning .

  11. Jen says:

    This sounds like great fun with a positive message. But I feel it won’t reach those who are not keen to get the vaccine. We need a Ted Nugent type of concert for that. Everyone needs to get the vaccine if we are going to immobilize this virus!

    • MsIam says:

      They only need to reach another 20 per cent here in the US. And things just opened up widely for younger people. It looks like that is who they are going after.

    • Mich says:

      It isn’t just about getting vaccines to the hesitant. It is about getting them to countries who are currently shut out from accessing them.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mich, Yes! They have also raised funds for vaccine for countries who don’t have the funds–I think this is really wonderful. The Sussexes are amazing humanitarians. They don’t just identify a problem, but they figure out a way to do something about it. That’s huge no matter what issue they work on. Also, I think this will encourage some others to get vaccinated. Since it’ll be shown in other countries, we’re talking about a wide audience. They are truly inspiring.

  12. Woke says:

    I don’t envy the person who will be in charge of their account if they decide to come back on social media. The amount of abuse we see as simple fans is exhausting I can’t imagine being on the receiving end.

    • Becks1 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut off comments on their IG.

      • L84Tea says:

        They really need to. Despite all the positive commenters, there’s just too many trolls who live to dump on them and will undoubtedly go there and spend their days trolling and harassing them.

    • Snuffles says:

      Just disable comments.

      • Cessily says:

        You still have the screen shot reposts with whatever sick thing people come up with.. truthfully the headache doesn’t seem worth it.

    • Nyro says:

      I have a feeling they’re going to go after the monetized online haters before they open up social media accounts again. If they do it now, that’s just one more way for a creep like Murky Meg, Yankee Wallet, or UKRoyaltea, etc. to make money off of them. HM could disable comments and then a hater could just open up an IG, repost and distort everything, and then let the hate fly in the comments. I think you’re going to see a lawsuit against one of their big online abusers and that will make it safer for them to come back to social media.

      • L84Tea says:

        Oh wow, I didn’t even think about that. There would definitely be copycat IG’s. That’s depressing.

    • Cessily says:

      Until laws regarding social media change I don’t see them returning to any social media. I can’t blame them. I have not opened my accounts in over 6months it was always exhausting to read the hate (about everything) circulating the newsfeed.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Woke, I’ve thought about this and I think if they want to have anything like social media it should be their own. I mean part of archewell, for example, but they can make it clear haters will be deleted and banned. It means having moderators 24/7, but if they have total control of it so that constructive comments remaind, but the hate isn’t allowed. Other than that, they have to wait until the existing social media cleans up their acts. Or, perhaps someone can create a new place for civil discourse. Wouldn’t that be something!

  13. Midge says:

    The Sussex’s will continue to be involved in big projects that garner worldwide attention while Wil and kate cut ribbons in the midlands. As the saying goes, they could’ve had a bad bitch. Harry and Meghan will continue to outshine the BRF and expose just how ineffectual and irrelevant (and overpaid) they truly are.

    • Blairski says:

      It continues to astound me how much W&K and their crack PR Team are missing opportunities to be seen as global leaders. Promoting worldwide vaccine adoption is _the_ international issue, and should have been a no-brainer to have W&K out promoting vaccines to the commonwealth countries. But, nope. So of course the Sussexes can just do what they do best, which is lead with their hearts.

      • June-O says:

        I honestly doubt it has even occurred to anyone on the W&K team to get involved in anything like this. They’re all self-centred right wingers who lack authentic compassion, and more importantly have a virulent fear of anything that looks “political”, i.e. left-of-centre. Their base is anti-lockdown, anti-vaxx, Little Brexit Britain, and they don’t dare do anything to mess with that.

  14. Sofia says:

    Good for them. Always lovely to see them in their element i.e working

  15. Sunday says:

    This is wonderful, can’t wait to watch!!

    I get the sentiment re: social media, but it makes much more sense for them to continue releasing info as they’ve been doing, through releases to reputable news orgs & on charity profiles. If they had their own social media it would just open up a new source of fodder for the tabloids – every single new post would be picked apart through dozens of insane articles, obscuring any message they were trying to get across and feeding the media beast they’re currently starving out. Now, without their own social, the tabloids don’t even report on anything good they’re doing which, good! They don’t need them, they have coverage in everything from the NY Times to Reuters to People. Plus, when the deranged royalists attack charity profiles for posting about the Sussexes, yes it’s awful but it also plainly exposes their abuse for the world to see – there’s no hiding from that.

    • Jegede says:


      The Sussexes now move in tight, loyal circles.

      No social media, means no Daily heil, or Scum, to use the Sussex social posting for deranged stories. Making them money in clicks & revenue.

    • Monica says:

      I agree, Sunday. I love that they’re leaving everyone wanting more.

  16. Watson says:

    They posted this on People Magazine, and all those other famous people have Instagram and Twitter feeds to promote this so i don’t think they need Instagram engagement per se.

    Also ironic that Biden is on this vaccination equity event cause america was hoarding AstraZeneca vaccines they weren’t even using. THey have only recently pledged to release these vaccines…how many lives could have been saved had they just donated them upfront? They weren’t even being used!

    • Snuffles says:

      Probably because they were/are encouraging Americans to get the vaccine first. As the President of the US, his priority was always going to be Americans. Now that we are well on our way, we can help out the rest of the world.

      • Watson says:

        I am fine with using Biden using trumps “America first” policy. However the US has more than enough vaccine for its countrymen which is why there was no rush to approve the AstraZeneca or use it. It was hoarded.

    • heygingersnaps says:

      Has the AstraZeneca vaccine already received approval for use in the US? If it hasn’t then it can’t be used until it’s been approved.
      Biden inherited a shambles (to say the least) from the dump admin so who knows what they’ve done with vaccine orders.
      Countries need to put orders beforehand doesn’t mean they will immediately have it.

      • Snuffles says:

        No, AstraZeneca hasn’t been approved yet. It will be soon.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ heygingersnaps, I read at length about the disasters that Drumps administration left for Biden. They had also destroyed a considerable amount of presidential files that were determined to be stored in the presidential files but they destroyed the evidence of all of the criminal actions that Drumpf and his cronies committed. As for the prior administration coronavirus task force, there was nothing of substance remaining since they weren’t proactive in any efforts to distribute and/or a plan for vaccine promotion. Biden walked in with blank pages and had to start from zero. Also it was discovered that late in his final quarter when states were begging for money, the prior administration instructed states to spend the allotted $200 million first before they would consider allocating more money which governors had a long fight just for the $200 million.

      • windyriver says:

        Interestingly, Biden didn’t walk in with blank pages; in addition to the pandemic task force, the Obama administration left a detailed “pandemic playbook” for the Trump administration – which 45 ignored. Biden and Obama did a video about it shortly before the November election. Among other things, the manual mentions the SARS family of viruses, of which Covid is a part. What no longer was in place when Biden took office were previously established connections/relationships/contingency contracts with organizations and companies needed to back up a timely and effective response to any pandemic.

    • equality says:

      It would look sort of shoddy to donate a vaccine to another country if the FDA is reluctant to approve it here.

      • Snuffles says:

        Exactly. They’re not hoarding. The drug is unapproved in the US and they won’t send anything out that hasn’t been vetted and approved by the FDA.

      • Cessily says:

        Do we actually have it or are orders reserved for fda clearance? If the orders are being reserved for fda approval that I’d the fault of the manufacturer who should be shipping it to the countries who have given the approval of the astra Zeneca vaccine.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        equality, Exactly! The FDA says there is missing data and that’ what is taking so long. They have given emergency approvals for the 3 vaccines used in the US and once they have the information, they will likely approve this one too. I know there were articles in March that President Biden was going to give 4,000,000 AZ vaccines to Canada and Mexico. I assume that happened? I think he’s doing what he can. I also saw an article that Pfizer was going to ramp up production for Canada. North Dakota also started vaccinating Canadian truck drives who cross the border. I think the US is really trying as much as possible to help out, but there’s only so much that can be done. I feel for you–our vaccination program started very slowly because Trump didn’t both to order vaccines, or have a distribution plan, or, well anything. To the Canadians on this site: Hang in there, I really think things are going to pick up, and once they do you’ll see things really ramp up.

    • Oh-Dear says:

      Trump signed contracts with the manufacturers that prevented the US from sharing surplus. I saw a tweet with the contract statement yesterday so it is out there….

    • bloemheks says:

      It’s an uphill battle. Trump, in collusion with the vaccine manufacturers, did everything he could to make sharing as difficult as possible.

  17. Over it says:

    I just admire and love haz and Megs. They get shit done while salty white folks isle stays incandescent with rage.

  18. Nyro says:

    Big things only. If they were still with the royals, they still would have gotten this opportunity due to Harry and Megan’s connections and impact. But Keen and Light Bulb would have been right there with them, soaking up the global spotlight by riding HM’s coattails. I’m so glad they’re on their own and that those dullards can no longer use them for shine. I love it. The other two are apparently at some farm riding around on a tractor today while HM are working with world leaders and A-list stars to get folks around the planet vaccinated. The contrast couldn’t be more evident. Two local yokels vs. two global movers and shakers. Haha!! Happy Keen Anniversary Week, folks!

  19. Loretta says:

    This is great!

  20. Amy Bee says:

    I’m happy to see Harry and Meghan get on board this issue but it wouldn’t have been necessary if the richer countries weren’t hoarding the vaccines and they would allow the WTO to give the permission, to all pharmaceutical companies and to those countries that have the capability, to produce vaccines.

  21. Lizzie says:

    Meanwhile back at KP – rage, rage, rage. Apparently Harry survived his family being ‘frosty’.

  22. EllleE says:

    It is my hope that the Sussexes operate outside of all Zuckerberg platforms bc he built that wall in Hawaii. Jerk.

  23. lanne says:

    This is the royal’s problem right here. No matter what they do, the Sussexes will outshine them. The Sussexes have no reason to coordinate projects and plans with the royals now. This means the royals run the risk that every. single. thing, they do will be overshadowed and drowned out. This is bad, bad, bad for the royals. But it’s also the bed they and the British tabloids made for themselves. I hope the tabloids enjoy the dust kicked up under the Sussexes feet, because that’s all they are going to get. Hoes gonna be MAADDDD! Will-di Amin’s gonna blow a gasket!

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      I hope the shutter-island snr royals had something planned for May 8/9 and are now contemplating a reschedule.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Ianne, wouldn’t it make sense for the BM to start up with lots of articles on the brf? Just ignore the Sussexes altogether. They make up much of their stories, so all they need do is start typing. The brf will be highlighted, the BM could start trying to make that family more likeable and in the public eye. Does this EVER occur to them?

  24. EliseM says:

    I, for one, am so glad they are here in the States. What a force to have for all that is good!

  25. FancyHat says:

    This is such a great cause and something they wouldn’t have been able to do had they still been senior royals as it is too political.

    William is going to go incandescent with rage and blow out all the light bulbs in his mansion

  26. Chelsea says:

    I had a feeling they might do something like this but with the surge of cases in India this is so needed and timely. I really do appreciate the way that with this campaign, like their participation in the No Hate For Profit movement last summer, they are directly reaching out to corporations to push them to get involved. It’s a fantastic use of their soft power and yet another example of how shortsighted the BRF was to let them go.

    Also; can we talk about how insanely leak proof their operation is? The way they have been able to launch so many huge projects with virtually no leaks is remarkable. Huge shout out to their team for their discipline and discretion.

  27. Nomegusta says:

    Looking at Selena Gomez’s engagement on her tweets, I had no idea she still had such reach. Good for her, she’ll be a great asset to the event

  28. IRMAVEP says:

    Knock it out of the ballpark Meghan and Harry. Show the world, and especially the UK, that you are well and happy and successful and living the life you want, not bowed down by the petty constraints of jealous relatives and viper courtiers. As for the vindictive incandescent one and his shallow spouse, they can eat decade-old bitter-herb wedding cake, and froth and fume to their hearts’ content.

  29. Greywacke says:

    Wait for the RRs to find fault with H&M for their involvement with this project in 3 3 1….

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      How DARE they???? “W&K went to a farm and pet sheep and got on a tractor and it’s their anniversary week and that awful Harry and Meghan are up staging them with their do good programs, not fair!!”
      *stamping of feet”

      • Amelia says:

        *Cue Pearl clutching and sputtering* blah blah…disgrace…blah blah… outrage…
        Actually make that bah bah….disgrace….bah bah… outrage…

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        MerlinsMom1018, you forgot to work in the word “woke”, “cause we all know they’ll use that in some sentence!

  30. Jaded says:

    Well…what a pie in the face for Keen and Mean. They visit some sheep and the Sussexes organize an international celebrity-fest to drive vaccinations.

    “I’ll see your sheep and raise you a Vax-Live Concert!” Ha!!

  31. aquarius64 says:

    This is a wonderful event. I wonder if Meghan speaks about being pregnant and getting the shot. That is still a question for expectant mothers and Meghan’s words would be powerful. You know the RRs and BB WISH they were converting this event; but they are stuck with Old MacBilly has a farm, ee-i-ee-i-ooh!

  32. Sid says:

    I really liike the causes the Sussexes are aligning themselves with, and how they go about it.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Same. It’s good to see them focusing on serious causes and lending their name to it. While we think things are opening up in the US, other countries are still having surges and need more vaccines. We’re not out of the woods yet. The Sussexes are always working and building.

  33. candy says:

    This is SOOOO important.

  34. Jules says:

    They got big name artists like one of The Prince’s Trust concerts from the ‘80s. Harry and Meghan could have taken over that. Charles’ loss.

    • Lizzie says:

      Willnot could have taken over too, but turned it down. He could give Harry a run for his money but said, nope, I am the ffk and I don’t have to do anything. Well, at least he could have tried

  35. Christine says:

    Why do I feel proud of Harry and Meghan, like they are my own children??? I LOVE all the work they are doing, and it’s even more meaningful, since they aren’t getting paid for showing up, they are actually living the way they have always said they wanted to, and it is glorious.

  36. MangoAngelesque says:

    Meanwhile the Other Brother and his contract wife traumatised a lamb and swatted at golf balls to show how happily committed to duty deeply in love they are

  37. Catherine says:

    I really, really miss SussexRoyal instagram but I don’t see a problem with them not having a social media presence right now. They way they have been announcing things drives attention to the organizations that they are working with so it’s a way of benefiting the causes/organizations. I also don’t think that everyone needs to post I got the vaccine photos. There is nothing wrong with it but there have been a lot of people doing that. Instead they have been working behind the scenes to improve equitable access to vaccines across the globe. That is commendable. It reminds me of how they were working on the Stop Funding Hate campaign/boycott before it was publicized. I love how they put in actual work behind the scenes. The problem with them having social media is that it had become clear with SussexRoyal that there was a coordinated effort to smear them on their own platform. Their Instagram was being swarmed by haters. While they are establishing themselves why deal with that? Why provide people with a means to publicly demean/defame you? Instead of using resources having someone monitoring social media for hate. They can expend that energy elsewhere. I think their website will continue to evolve and improve.

  38. Didi says:

    By actively campaigning and lobbying for vaccine equity, the Sussexes are helping several Commonwealth countries. What is the British Royal Family doing to help?