Blog tramps cash in

We all know how Jessica Cutler, Washingtons-o-fun, got a book deal for her quickie blog that detailed how she took cash and food for sex while cheating on her boyfriend. Now Cutler and a slew of other slutty bloggers are getting fat TV deals too.

Cutler’s story is going to be turned into a half hour series for HBO that will be produced by Sarah Jessica Parker. Given HBO’s record, it should unfortunately be a funny interpretation of her debauchery. Cutler, 27, is serving as a consultant on the project.

Fellow slutty blogger Stephanie Klein, 30, got a six figure two book deal, and will now bring her misadventures to NBC in the form of another half hour comedy. Klein responds to the inevitable comparisons to Carrie Bradshaw:

Klein says of comparisons to the fictional Bradshaw, “Here’s the hard part: Mine is real life. But yes, people relate to the friendships and the relationships and the honesty and the feeling in the way that you see Carrie complaining about Big.”

When she moves to Austin with her fiancee next month, Klein will begin writing the NBC pilot, which will include many elements that Carrie’s life did not, such as the relationship with her father.

One of Klein’s tales involves a 2004 hookup with a guy she met in a bar. When they were about to have sex he complained about being out of Astroglide and tried to use Pam cooking spray as a lube substitute. In order to read the rest of the story, which probably involves burning genitals, you have to buy her memoir.

Brooke Parkhurst, 26, of the uniquely named “Belle in the Big Apple” blog, is finishing up her first novel based on her success getting rich old men to want to screw her:

“You keep testing a man’s limits to see when it crosses over from being sexy and coquettish to being a tease,” she reflects. “But similar to ‘Sex and the City,’ there aren’t really heavy sex scenes. It cuts away when the straps start to fall and that’s my style.”

At least she has some dignity. Parkhurst is now shopping around for a TV deal.

Sluttly single women are the new reality TV.

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