Julianne Hough’s niece claims Aunt Julianne hooked up with Leonardo DiCaprio

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Julianne Hough apparently has a teenaged niece named Star. I’ll spare you the details of how Page Six combed through this girl’s social media accounts to find evidence of the familial connection, suffice to say that Julianne and Star are related and it does seem to be an aunt/niece relationship. Star is a TikToker and she has no respect!!! Star decided to spill some details about her auntie’s sexual history and no one involved wants this information out there. Apparently, Julianne Hough banged Leonardo DiCaprio at some point and she told her niece that Leo was bad in bed. OMG.

He may be “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but he’s a real dog in bed. Hollywood lothario Leonardo DiCaprio’s lovemaking skills were called into question on TikTok when the niece of one of his alleged conquests revealed he was lousy in the sack.

“My aunt has slept with Leonardo DiCaprio,” Julianne Hough’s teen niece Star claimed on the social media app earlier this month. “Apparently, he’s not good in bed, though.”

The youngster called the romantic talents of the legendary head of the “P—y Posse” into question in response to a video challenge that called for relatives of famous celebs to speak up. She also name-dropped a few other stars she’s met through her famous aunt and uncle, Derek Hough, including Nina Dobrev, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. In the clip — which has now been deleted — Julianne’s niece said the former “Dancing With the Stars” judge also “knows Ben Barnes.”

While Julianne, 32, and DiCaprio, 46, have never publicly confirmed they hooked up, a 2013 Star magazine article claims the famous pair were once spotted getting “cozy” at Coachella.

“They flirted up a storm,” a spy told the publication at the time. “They were putting their hands all over each other. At one point he whispered something in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.” The insider added, “They were so into each other, they ignored everyone else around them.”

Julianne’s niece insisted she was “not lying” at the top of her video, adding, “You can look it up.”

[From Page Six]

Julianne Hough is 32 years old right now, which would have made her 25 years old in the spring of 2013. Which is Leo’s age cut-off, or is that only for official girlfriends? Official girlfriends get dumped on or around their 25th birthdays. But maybe he has one-night-stands with 25 year-olds or 26-year-olds, in a pinch. Plus, Julianne definitely looks like his type – blonde, pretty, great figure, kind of interchangeable with several of his model girlfriends over the years. What I’m saying is that I believe Leo and Julianne might have had a brief hookup. And I believe he’s bad in bed. What I can’t believe – what I don’t want to believe – is that Julianne told her niece about it and the niece put it on TikTok! Whew, Aunt Julianne was probably screaming down the phone, “take that down!”

Julianne Hough attends The 2nd Annual Girl Up Girlhero Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 13th, 2019


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  1. Watson says:

    Who in their right mind looks at this dude and thinks he puts any effort at all into sex or his girlfriends? Lolol

    • Darla says:


    • Lex says:

      There’s been a rumor for years that he wear headphones while doing the deed, and it’s always in the same position. It’s completely bizarre, but it’s all I think about now when I see him.

    • SarahCS says:

      EXACTLY. This is not about what the woman is getting out of it.

      • Christa says:

        He seems lazy. Not surprised. The interesting part is that these young GFs stick around. It would make sense if they didn’t care about sex. But I bet bet he cares and makes them have boring lazy sex on the daily. Ew.

    • observer says:

      my exact thoughts any time i read anything about leo

      weirdly i have always had a skeezy feeling from him, even when i was a teenage girl and a new movie called “romeo & juliet” came out, with all the other girls i knew going mad for him… i got really turned off. and i had a very active interest in attractive boys (and girls) at that time, so it wasn’t my development lacking. just a gut feeling that remarkably predicted exactly the kind of person he probably is

  2. OriginalLala says:

    Men with egos as big as most celebrities’ are rarely great in bed

    • Meg says:

      jude law & ralph fines -i think those two men take being promiscuous and desirable to women to heart and make a point to be ‘well received ‘ lol.
      Now im remembering a twitter convo of fans guessing which male celebs give oral with no complaints and do so enthusiastically lol

  3. lunchcoma says:

    I fully believe it happened, and I don’t think anyone ever doubted he was bad in bed. Honestly, I suspect a lot of famous men are.

    I’m not sure when she told Star this, but she’s still only 16. Doesn’t seem very smart on Julianne’s part to share these details, unless she’s doing it on purpose to get attention.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I kinda doubt Julianne told Star. My guess is Star probably heard the adults discussing it. Like, overheard Aunt Julianne tell her mom about it.

      • goofpuff says:

        I agree. She probably heard her Aunt discussing it with her other Aunts/Uncles. I mean I have to say lol we do forget sometimes that kids listen to everything we say when we talk.

      • schmootc says:

        I could totally see this being the case. And if their family is like other Mormon families I know, there are a crapton of kids and it’s probably difficult to avoid them all the time and have any kind of private adult conversation.

  4. Ann says:

    I 100% believe Leo is bad in bed. I have never found him sexy but he’s been told he is sexy basically his whole life. He never had to work to get laid. That alone makes me think he’s not a good lover.

  5. K says:

    Hahaha! I’m so not surprised. He has “lazy in bed ” stamped on his forehead

  6. Kimberly says:

    I don’t believe that J told her niece directly..the clout chasing kid may have overheard someone talking about it….still that kid sucks

  7. Charfromdarock says:

    Lol. Who would ever think Leo is good in bed?

  8. Maria says:

    I thought Julianne Hough was way older than 32.
    Also this isn’t really a juicy tidbit lol.
    That’s all I’ve got.

    • Christa says:

      It must have occurred when he was impaired. He definitely does not date women anywhere near his own age.

  9. AAa says:

    I believe it. Most are drunks, drug abusers and has ego big as the world. Women flock to them for fame and money. Most have small little buddy’s like Pitt (pics prove it).

  10. twinkle says:

    well given Leo’s coachella dance moves, i don’t want to be anywhere near him in a bedroom.

  11. Midge says:

    I’ve been hearing this for 20 years. Multiple sources.

  12. Willow says:

    So Star was up late at night in her PJs, sitting at the top of the stairs, spying on a drunk ladies night, and heard some really good tea. She’s probably been dying to tell someone this for years! Can you blame her? The adults forgot that little pitchers have big ears.

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He and Tom Cruise give me the same massive narcissistic compensations for colossal inadequacies. They should frak each other and be done with mere mortals.

    • What...now? says:

      You know, Cher was asked once who her top Five were in bed and she didn’t go into any details, but she did say Tom Cruise was definitely one of top 3 guys she’s ever slept with–EVER.
      This being probably back in the 80s. . .maybe before Xenu took hold of him. . .??

      • Lex says:

        Doesn’t mean much though. She could’ve just had all terrible shags her whole life. There can still be a best in a bad bunch… or vice versa… they could’ve all been fantastic.

        But really… everyone has different preferences and likes. If you starfish and let someone give you bad sex then that’s on you as well. It isn’t a one person act.

  14. Smalltowngirl says:

    I have aunts who are about 10-15 years older than me and would absolutely share this info with me in my late teen years. But Star could also have overheard an adult conversation, I got lots of juicy info that way.

    • Julia K says:

      So right. My mother was one of seven sisters. When they got together to dish, they held court at the big oak kitchen table. What we cousins heard could curl your toes. Good times.

  15. b says:

    Most likely he just wanted to bust a nut in some simmering snizz,a dripping honey pot. and that’s exactly what he did. He went through the motions to drop a load of his potion in her slippery love slot. Then figured she was satiated because she just banged Leonardo DiCaprio.

    • jeannate says:

      Not even this sexy creative writing can redeem the clit shrinking that occurs when Leo gets undressed. Nope. I think their model bodies just want to curl inside themselves.

  16. MikroMouse says:

    If only the girl had spilled more tea about Ben Barnes… now, that I would have liked more! There so little gossip about that man…