‘A Quiet Place 2’ has biggest opening of pandemic, signals movie theaters are back

A Quiet Place 2 had its release date pushed back multiple times, but finally came out this weekend. It’s doing incredibly well with critics and audiences with a 91% critics score and a 94% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. More than that, it’s currently only available in theaters and so many people went to see it. It made an estimated $57 million over the Memorial Day weekend, which is consistent with what it was expected to make before the pandemic hit. In fact it had the biggest opening weekend of the pandemic!

The movie business is breathing a little easier after Paramount’s “A Quiet Place Part II” roared to $57 million over the Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a sign that cinemas are back after more than a year of pandemic era closures, capacity restrictions, and skittish customers.

But the public health situation is changing dramatically, at least in this country, and that’s fueling optimism among exhibitors and studios. More than 60% of U.S. adults have had a least one shot of the vaccine and there is even some research that suggests 70% of Americans could be vaccinated by the summer. Last week, AMC, Regal and Cinemark announced that they will no longer require fully vaccinated guests to wear face masks.

What makes “A Quiet Place Part II’s” results particularly notable is that they are roughly in line with what the movie was projected to make prior to the pandemic.

“We’re happy for the industry,” said Chris Aronson, Paramount’s distribution chief. “We’re happy for movie theaters. This is a referendum on the future of moviegoing, so there’s a lot to celebrate.”

[From Variety]

I saw A Quiet Place 2 at the earliest matinee on Sunday. It was my first time back at the movies and it was so worth the experience! About half of the three other groups of people were masked. I sat in a side section and kept my mask on most of the time. The movie was so good and was a rare sequel that didn’t feel phoned in. I was surprised at how entertaining and well written it was. This is great news that movies seem to be coming back, but I like the option of renting first run films at home too. I hope that more movies are available at home even after the theaters open. Also I’m disappointed that masks aren’t required at these major theater chains, but am not surprised. That’s mostly on the CDC.

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  1. Jenns says:

    I saw it yesterday. I was so happy walking through the lobby of the theater that I was practically skipping. I wore my mask most of the time(except when I was eating), although most people were not. However, it didn’t bother me because everyone was well spaced out.

    As for the film, I really enjoyed. It was a solid sequel. And Cillian Murphy makes everything better. He and Millicent Simmonds were great together.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Do I need to read this plot on Wikipedia or is it not as scary as it seems? (I have not seen the first one.)

    I like the premier/early/whatever we’re calling it access to movies, because with small kids we aren’t going to be able to see every movie we want in the theater – so if there’s a movie I want to see but can’t bring the kids, why not make it available for me to watch at home for a price? the other option is that I wait 6 months to see it on HBO or wherever, why not try to get me to pay more for it? I wonder in general how those early access movies do though financially.

  3. lucy2 says:

    That’s a pretty good opening. I haven’t been back to a theater yet, but probably in the next few months. I would feel a lot more comfortable if the mask mandate hadn’t been dropped. Most people around here are still wearing them, but those who aren’t seem weirdly aggressive and smug about it, and I just have the feeling they’re the same group who believed covid was a hoax/masks don’t work/vaccines are bad.

  4. nicegirl says:

    Love this, and also that so many of us read the plot line of films prior to viewing. I’m one as well. I will definitely see this movie, but am waiting to rent it at home, as mentioned. I’m so glad the industry is rebounding, thank goodness.

  5. Chantalle says:

    Cillian is always awesome! He is one of my top favorites. I am happy for John and Emily.

  6. Ferdinand says:

    I like the idea of having new releases at home. I loved what HBO and WB did for their platform. Unfortunately I do not live in the USA so here I have to wait 34 days after theatrical release to get the new movies in the platform.
    Other services like Disney+ are charging ridiculous amounts to rent the new releases, I could buy the movie in Blu-ray or even 4K disk with what they’re asking for watching at home.

    I loved going to the movies, back in the day I’d go up to 3 times per week. It is my addiction. I want to watch A Quiet Place 2 so bad, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to the cinema. Went to a small gathering last weekend, 8 vaccinated people, open air and still felt uneasy.

  7. Case says:

    I’m happy that movie theaters are getting their audiences back. I love going to the movies! I don’t think I’m comfortable doing that just yet, but I look forward to the day I feel comfortable returning. I took myself to see Emma with Anya Taylor-Joy about a week before lockdowns started and it was such a wonderful experience. I miss it.

    In the meantime, I split HBO Max with a friend and get new releases for a $6 monthly subscription. I’m excited to watch In the Heights that way next week!

  8. olliesmom says:

    I saw it yesterday (in a small city in eastern Iowa) and there were only four other people in the theatre with me at the 1:10 pm showing. I kind of teared up when they showed a welcome back message on the screen between the previews and the movie.

    I really liked the movie. I thought that it was as good (if not better) than the first one. I jumped a few times and it was tense. That poor family. Those kids really stepped up. I’m thinking that the way it ended that there will be A Quiet Place III?

  9. The lady says:

    I saw AQP2 on Friday at 4:00pm and I LOVED IT! It was my first trip to the theater in about two years and I missed popcorn so much! It was just an added benefit that the movie was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Double bonus that the mister and I finally had a real date again. Fully endorse seeing this movie.

  10. Imara219 says:

    Paw Patrol: The Movie is coming out this fall and that will most likely be the 1st time I go to theaters. I would prefer not to do that. My hubby really wants to see FastFurious9 at the movies but I’m like…..good luck with that dude. I’m not going to see 3 hrs of Fast9 in the theaters.

  11. Aimee says:

    We went yesterday. First time back in 15 months! The movie was great and the experience was even better. We missed going to the movies so much!

  12. olliesmom says:

    I thought Cillian Murphy’s character was interesting and really added something to the story and I liked how they brought him into the story and set that up in the flashback scenes. And, yes, his scenes with Millicent were really good. They really had some chemistry. I was taken aback by what a beautiful young woman Millicent has become. And such poise and maturity. She has a great acting career ahead of her.

  13. Jayna says:

    Someone I worked with today told me he and his wife saw it and really enjoyed it. I told him I’ve waited for a film like this to be my first back to the movie theater this summer. I assumed a holiday weekend (Monday off) would be busy at the movie theaters in Florida. He said they went Sunday afternoon and were the only people at the showing. Yahoo. We’ll go see it at an afternoon showing during the weekday next week so there will be very few people then. I can’t wait for movie popcorn. It’s been so long.

    As far as masks, I’m shocked my area is still doing so good with masks. I’m so happy about that. Publix, 99 percent at my store coming in wear masks. CVS, the same. For my job, I had to go to a neurosurgeon’s office today in a big highrise, and the door was locked. You had to knock to be let in. They had two waiting rooms, one large, one smaller, and only allowed a certain amount of people in the waiting rooms at a time, very spread out, masks required, and temperture taken. Then on the way home I wanted a BLT sandwich. Perkins Restaurant makes a great one. The last time I stopped in at Perkins for a BLT sandwich to go was the beginning of the pandemic. I had to sit and wait for the order, and every older white person that came in had Trump hats on. I counted about 20 that walked in while I had to wait. I felt physically ill seeing all of those Trumpers in one place. So when I went in to pick up my order today, I wondered if everyone would be maskless, but everyone wore a mask upon entering the restaurant and when at the cash register. All servers had masks on. It will be interesting to see what the movie theater is like. But that’s why I want to go on a weekday afternoon, so we dont’ have to be remotely near anyone.