A Summer Vibe: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez are waxed, vaxxed & relaxed

Jennifer Lopez leaves after a meeting at Windward School in LA

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez at Windward School in LA on Thursday. I don’t know what this is about, because I’m almost positive that her kids are in school in Miami. Jennifer and Marc Anthony share custody of Max and Emme, and I’d be willing to bet that Marc has the kids this week while Jennifer is in LA, and he’s making the school runs (if the kids are still in school in June? IDK). Is Jen thinking of transferring the kids to an LA school? She would only do that if she was planning on spending much more time in LA in the next school year. Ben Affleck is LA-based. So… um. We’ll see. I said this week that I have my fingers crossed for Bennifer to stay together for the September Met Gala. But it does seem like Jennifer is making plans for beyond that.

We can also assume from these photos that this is Jennifer’s postcoital Bennifer vibes: flowy dresses, summer whites, looking happy and relaxed. Speaking of, Ben was photographed leaving Jennifer’s LA home Thursday morning, after he spent the night there. This was his postcoital vibe:

Dude is waxed, vaxxed and relaxed. I feel like he was playing The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime” as he left her home. Page Six called this a “smirk” and his mood apparently lightened considerably when he got closer to the paparazzi. Summer Bennifer Vibez.

Jennifer Lopez leaves after a meeting at Windward School in LA

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. ThatgirlThere says:

    You just know he headed to the Dunkin drive-thru for an ice coffee after leaving Jenny Lolo’s.

  2. milliemollie says:

    Congrats on the sex, I guess. He should have waved at the paps with JLo’s panties in his hand so really everyone gets it.

    Can’t wait for Ben to start complaining about the tabloids and paparazzi again after being in cahoots with them.

    • Snuffles says:

      He’s practically singing that Lonely Island song “I Just Had Sex”! 🙄

    • Jegede says:

      @milliemollie – 😄😄😄😄. You know it!

    • Lena says:

      I noticed both windows rolled ALL the way down better for the pap pictures he knew he was about to roll into. And that smirk. Such a fame-ho.

      • LaurenMichelle says:

        In Ben’s defence, I saw a video of this. He was driving with his windows down and someone drove up beside him- yelling and taking pics! I doubt Ben wants to be hunted down while driving on a busy road. He looked over and gave them a smirk/smile.

      • a0 says:

        Yeah, the video tells a different story. He closes the window when they start yelling at him from the next lane.

    • Emily says:

      These comments are killing me.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I don’t think she would move her kids to LA just because of Ben Affleck. If she is moving them there, my guess is it was in the works well before this but may have been a factor in the Bennifer renaissance – “well I’ll be in LA on a more permanent basis next year.”

    But it does seem that they are moving right along into summer with this.

    • souperkay says:

      Marc Anthony did sell his Miami estate in May, so this move could be pre-Bennifer, in that the combined Anthony-Lopez extended family are separately together decamping to LA.

    • Jayna says:

      Was she living in Miami before moving in with A-Rod and it worked because Marc was down there, or did she move down there with A-Rod? Maybe the pandemic brought them there since the kids could be in virtual schooling. I just realized I am clueless about where Jennifer Lopez has been living over the past four years or so.

      • Mami says:

        So she and A-Rod have been together, what, 5 years? The kids definitely have been in school in Miami all that time. I’m not sure whether they attend the same school as A-Rod’s kids but his kids are def permanently in Miami. I was guessing J-Lo’s connection to Miami extends even further back– she owned a home a long time ago but also I think often rents– because it’s so close to PR, where Marc A spends a lot of time as well. But I also think she likes to be in NY/Long Island a lot. I remember them trying to buy a place on the Georgia coast, to get away from LA, and I recall them spending time in Boston quite a bit too. LA is more Ben’s place. Believe it or not, I bet she isn’t really suited for all LA, all the time.

      • a0 says:

        She was based in LA when she met A-Rod and moved for him

    • thaisajs says:

      Yeah, I have a really hard time believing she’ll move her kids and have them change schools because of Ben Affleck. If they move, it’ll be for a totally different reason. Maybe a move was already in the works. She knows what this is and I can’t see her upending her kids’ lives for what’s likely to be a short-lived pap-focused fling.

    • Hello Kitty says:

      You think Jlo is above schlepping her kids around the country for some D? That’s funny.

  4. Nomegusta says:

    Awww hell. We’re about to get Jenny from the Block part deux

  5. Me says:

    The second it looks like she thinks it’s serious, he’ll get cold feet and start looking for ways to destroy the relationship.

  6. Mia4s says:

    OK with all the time spent in lockdown I was having a hard enough time with remembering what day, month, year it is. And now these two are back at it?! Hello 2004, what day to have to move into my dorm?

    I will say I am glad that other than that weirdly timed “oh I’m back with my boyfriend!” tabloid drop (followed by nothing) Jennifer Garner has kept it quiet. There’s no win here except staying out of it. The gossipy part of me has to say though: your ex-husband after a decade, three kids, and a divorce you didn’t want, goes back to his previous super-famous fiancé? That’s rough. Sorry, but that is rough.

    • Amelie says:

      Meh, Jennifer Garner knows this isn’t going to last forever. Ben’s previous girlfriends didn’t last long either. He dated Lindsay Shookus for about a year and they were very off and on and Ana de Armas was only a year too. I think the affair with the nanny while they were separated was more embarrassing for her and dealing with Ben relapsing and heavily drinking for most of the marriage was more rough than Ben getting back together with J. Lo. I don’t think J. Lo ever dealt with a drinking Ben, she got a sober version of him during their very brief relationship (they were only together a year and a half the first go round). I 100% do not believe Bennifer II will last either. Out of all his relationships, Jen Garner has been Ben’s longest to date and I think will end up being his longest for the rest of his life.

  7. Noki says:

    He has dropped a ton of weight but weirdly his face looks bloated and bleary eyed. And people keep talking about Jlos clean living and how can she date a chain smoker. I truly dont think she imposes her style on anyone I mean look at the father of her children Marc a chain smoker and alledged drug user.

    • Esmom says:

      I think he looks a bit puffy around the eyes but that honestly could just be aging. Which is a b^tch, I am finding. It can catch a person off guard, lol.

      • ThatgirlThere says:

        I agree, I think that’s just aging and being on the cusp of 50 years old. He looks pretty good.

      • Miatagal says:

        Hey, he’s tall, handsome and fit. Way to rebound J. Lo!

    • Jules says:

      he looks worn out and exhausted. all these pap walks take energy.

  8. Carolnr says:

    Rumor has it…if it is to be believed, that Jennifer L. wants a photo-op looking like one blended family with Ben& Jen’s children. I remember years ago when Ben was interviewed he said that he& Jen G. had never sold baby photos of their children. Question is would Ben do this photo op? Even for Jennifer L.?
    Personally, I think it is way too soon to bring his or her children in to a relationship that is maybe 6 mos tops ( if that) even though they have a history together. The sadness in her daughter’s face when Jennifer L. & her children were papped boarding a plane to LA said it all!

    • milliemollie says:

      He has no problem to use his kids for pap walks, so who knows….
      He also did pap walks with his kids and Ana after only being together for a few months…

    • Renata says:

      The ONLY person who is going to use the Affleck kids for a photo op is Jen Garner. LOL. No one else allowed. Those kids are keeping her relevant and it’s going to stay that way, gosh dangit.

      • Theo says:

        Jen Garner is their mother. She is the parent who gives them safety and stability while their father is drinking, chasing girls etc. Better to leave all the children away from their adventures. They deserve better than this soapopera!

      • milliemollie says:

        Ben also uses the kids for photo ops. Let’s not pretend it’s only Garner who does pap walks with them.
        If he wants to play happy family with both his and JLo’s kids for the tabloids, then he’ll do it.

  9. Normades says:

    Her kids were close to ARod’s kids so that separation has to hurt.

    Personally unless you’re absolutely going to be living together I don’t think divorced parents should ever introduce their boy/girlfriends to their children. I hated meeting my mother’s boyfriends but it was even worse if I grew to like them and they broke up. One of my friends just broke up with her boyfriend and her boys cried when she told them because they had gotten close and really thought he was going to be their new dad.

    • Darla says:

      Oh that is painful to hear. You’re right.

    • Mami says:

      Yeah, I really think that the relationship and family bonding with A-Rod was real. I also think that this means she took his cheating very hard. We are used to seeing Ben as the self-destructive one, but I really think this is Jennifer hurting herself because she was hurt. By a butterface.

    • Jules says:

      This! Also, just a reminder that Affleck cheated on Jlo before their wedding… with strippers! I mean, come on, this is bad.

  10. souperkay says:

    I love and want that dress, so if anyone has any leads, I would appreciate it. Nothing on outfit id for it yet.

  11. Lizaa says:

    Can JLO not ever be single for a minute?
    Wonder how Ben’s kids feel..

  12. Kate says:

    Windward School, huh? They’ve been together for a month and she’s already planning on uprooting her kids’ lives and moving them to LA, away from their dad and friends? These people are insane. 😳

    • Lena says:

      I may be wrong since I tried my best to ignore the JRod because of all the red flags but I think they were in Miami because ARod’s daughters are based there with their mother. Jennifer seems like the type that moves her kids around based on the man she’s following not the other way around. Marc is like JLo – he has multiple houses and multiple bases & he tours a lot. Private schools in Los Angeles make their decisions in March so if they are enrolled there they had to have applied before last December pre-againiffer. Interestingly Legion has pap pictures of Jennifer garner touring Windward with her second daughter last March. Guess they are all the same age? Going into Jr high which I remember as the worse, most awkward time. Poor kids.

      • Kate says:

        Her kids have been going to a private school in Miami for a few years now, I think they were homeschooled before that. I’m sure they made friends and feel settled there. Marc Anthony has houses everywhere but he’s primarily based in Miami. It’s messed up to drag your kids wherever your new boyfriend lives.

    • a0 says:

      Doesn’t seem like Marc Anthony is very involved anyway. JLo has primary custody

  13. ME says:

    Maybe she is researching for her next movie role or something? Would she be looking at schools in LA without her kids there? I doubt it, but who knows. I like her dress and I don’t know why but I like that she’s back with Ben. It reminds me of better times lol.

  14. TQ says:

    @Kaiser, you nailed it! The smirk, probably playing The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime” as he left, ‘waxed, vaxxed and relaxed’! LMFAO!

    Good to see the chillax post-coital vibes from these two. Bless them (or should I say ‘bless their hearts’ h/t Jen Garner). Will still be a hot mess when he starts sabotaging the relationship (again). But am here for the summer fun!

    • iconoclast59 says:

      “Waxed, vaxxed, and relaxed” is pure genius. I’m definitely incorporating that into my vocabulary for 2021.

  15. Erica says:

    These two are so freaking ridiculous. I know everyone loves it because it’s Bennifer 2.0 but I just get 2nd hand embarrassment looking at all the pictures and videos of them. Both are just so desperate. I can’t imagine being with somebody for years, engaged, and then IMMEDIATELY after breaking up going back to the man that humiliated me in a very public way years ago. Neither one has any self -respect.

    • FHMom says:

      Me, too. I’m embarrassed for these people who are my age acting like asses. It’s cringy. JLo, or Jello, as I think of her since that hilarious SNL skit with Pete Davidson, needs to stand on her own two feet. And, Ben? I wouldn’t even want to be seen with him.

    • Amando says:

      Me too and I can’t believe people are rooting for JLo to get back with a troubled guy like Ben. She was lucky to get away from him the first time.

  16. Chica1971 says:

    Not to be judgmental but probably not a good idea to mix or have contact with new boyfriend yet. This is part two with kids who were attached to previous boyfriend and his kids

    • Erica says:

      Exactly. I didn’t meet my future step-dad and his 3 kids until my mom was SUPER serious with him. And we moved in with him because they were engaged and our lease on the apartment was up and my mom still didn’t sleep in the bed with him until they were married. She just didn’t think it felt right to do that with us 5 kids living in his house. I look back and laugh about that but I think it’s cute my mom felt like that. Wish J-Lo and Ben thought about their kids more than themselves.

  17. Case says:

    It’s ridiculous to think these are real adult humans acting this way, but I’m so here for it. The gossip is just too fun.

  18. Jaded says:

    If that isn’t a deliberate FFL (freshly f*cked look) I don’t know what is.

  19. Veronica S. says:

    Whatever, good for them if it makes them happy. Both of them have hot mess vibes, though JLO is better at putting some glamour on it. If this rebound works for them, so be it. It sure it has some back alley Hollywood fairy tale vibe to it.

  20. TeeMajor says:

    I am not believing this is serious, its to make both NOT look lonely.

    Wasn’t Ben embarrassing himself, messaging a 19yr old on some dating website last month??
    We all know that she cannot be alone for 5 mins.

    I’ll play along though, looking forward to Jenn’s outfit changes and if she will get him to clean his beard up and tame his hair. LOL!!

  21. Ola says:

    I genuinely think that this is a strategically planned longer term thing.

    It raises both of their profiles, mainly Ben who is in desperate need of a rebirth, but mostly fulfills the fans dream of the reunion. Jennifer is back on top as America’s most beloved.

    Hopefully they’re more strategic about it otherwise why bother and create a spectacle for a few months of fun?

    • Granger says:

      I just don’t get how this relationship can possibly raise Jennifer’s profile. She looks desperate and pathetic — back with the self-destructive idiot who hasn’t changed one bit since he humiliated her so many years ago.

      I’ve always had the impression she thinks she’s going to be the saviour who comes into a man’s life and changes him for the better — whether it’s making him faithful, or cleaning up his act.

  22. Jane Doe says:

    I’m around the same age as these people. I can’t imagine either looking for trouble in the form of a relationship, or why as an established celebrity you’d be into giving the impression that you’re attracted to chaos and drama to boost your “profile” at this big age.

  23. SusanRagain says:

    I say we start a club.
    “The Ignore Bennifer 2.0 and all The Kardashians Club”
    Maybe if we all avoid them, don’t click on any sites, etc.

    Will they die of from lack of attention? PR Thirst?
    I say let’s do it. lol