The Queen was informed about Lilibet Diana’s arrival & name ahead of the public

Royal Ascot, Portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second behind TRH Harry the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex named their daughter Lilibet Diana, knowing that they would just call her Lili. Their daughter’s legal name would always have that connection to Harry’s grandmother, as it was Queen Elizabeth’s nickname throughout her life, from childhood to the death of her husband (who seemed to have been the last person in her life to use the name). Harry didn’t need the Queen’s permission to use the name, but most royals like to inform the Queen of their baby name choices before the actual announcement. That’s what has been done for many years – Windsors seeking the Queen’s stamp of approval. So there’s a dumb amount of drama about whether Harry did inform the Queen about the baby-name choice.

Prince Harry called up the Queen for permission to name his daughter Lilibet, which is the monarch’s nickname, Page Six is told. Harry, 36, remains close to his grandmother, despite quitting the royal family in 2020 amid the “Megxit” storm and giving recent interviews filled with accusations, including claims of racism, against Buckingham Palace.

Although a royal commentator called the choice of name “rude” and “demeaning” — and insisted that only the late Prince Philip called Her Majesty Lilibet — we’re told that Harry absolutely sought permission before his baby’s birth.

Royal sources have confirmed that Harry called Queen Elizabeth II before his wife, Meghan Markle, gave birth in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital on June 4. But another royal source said, “It will have likely been a call saying that she’s arrived and we’d plan to name her after you — it’s not really something one can say no to. I doubt they asked — more likely informed.”

[From Page Six]

This was the version going around the UK papers yesterday, that Harry did tell the Queen, but it was “informing” the Queen, rather than seeking her approval or permission. People Magazine also confirmed that Harry spoke to the Queen soon after Meghan gave birth:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry waited two days to share news of their daughter’s arrival with the world, but Queen Elizabeth was among the first to know.

The monarch, 95, was informed of baby Lilibet Diana’s arrival ahead of the public, PEOPLE confirms. Meghan and Harry’s second child — a little sister to 2-year-old Archie! — was born on Friday, June 4, although the official announcement came on Sunday.

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex relocated to California last year, it’s unclear when the Queen will get to meet her 11th great-grandchild. Although Prince Harry is expected to return to the U.K. for the July 1 unveiling of the Kensington Palace statue in honor of his late mother, Princess Diana, Meghan and their two children won’t be making the trip. Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, may decide to spend the holidays in the U.K. at the end of this year, or they may wait until next summer to join the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, marking 70 years of her service to the throne.

[From People]

I would be completely shocked if the Sussexes went to the UK for the Christmas holiday, but whatever. Who knows. I do think it’s interesting that the Montecito royals made sure to confirm to People Magazine that Harry had informed his grandmother before the announcement came out. It still feels like Harry and Meghan have an inside track – perhaps the Queen’s burner number – to speak to Liz, and that she doesn’t always inform her aides and courtiers about Harry’s calls.

According to Katie Nicholl, Harry “did speak to her about it and the family were all notified ahead of the birth that Harry did have that conversation, I understand, with his grandmother to make sure that he had her blessing in the naming of their daughter. Everyone’s hope is that this little baby is going to be [a] rift healer.” Yeah, I think Nicholl is talking out of her ass. I don’t think anyone but Liz was informed of the birth or the name ahead of the Sunday announcement.

Royal baby

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reunite With Prince William and Kate Middleton for Final Royal Engagement

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  1. Merricat says:

    Agreed. Elizabeth knew, and she kept it to herself, lol. The rest of them knew nothing until the rest of the world found out.

    • Cecilia says:

      I find this actually very interesting because it seems like the queen knows exactly who the snakes at the palace are.

      Wonder why she hasn’t gotten rid of them

      • equality says:

        It is puzzling how the secretaries get so much power, like when the Queen suddenly had a schedule conflict and couldn’t meet with Harry.

      • Princess Peach says:

        I think she always relied on Phillip to be the family enforcer. Seems like the wheels basically came off after he retired.

      • Merricat says:

        I think Harry says “Keep it under your hat, Granny,” and she giggles and says “Yes, of course.” And it’s all sort of thrilling for her, because she’s defying the rules.

      • LadyMTL says:

        I honestly think it’s because she DGAF any more. She’s in her 90’s, the situation in the palace has probably been toxic for a long time, and she just doesn’t have the energy / desire to clean house at this point.

        That aside, I am chuckling at the idea of her walking around with a huge landline phone tucked in her purse, in case Harry wants to get in touch. 😛

      • Nyro says:

        Merricat, ITA. She’s super elderly and doesn’t have a lot going on, especially as it’s still a pandemic going on. I imagine she has a burner phone and that she lives for those clandestine phone calls and zooms from Montecito and keeping secrets from the courtiers and the families. She must feel like a kid again, sneaking around the palace for a quiet place to talk. Lol

      • HeyJude says:

        Well for one she’s 95, she’s pretty reliant on those around her at this point for her basic day-to-day care.

        For another I don’t think she particularly likes Charles, he really acts like a twit at times and has for most of his life. I can see her not caring to tell him because she of all people know he’s a cad and will run to the press.

        Then Charles Jr. and Camilla Jr. (Will and Kate) will also come sniffing around for drama and impress on granny the black child can’t be named after her, what about the the higher line of succession- it looks bad for them to have such a junior royal named after her, wah wah wah!

        She’s 95, she don’t need all that shit.

      • Lyn O'Callaghan says:

        Cecelia it has long been said of the Queen, that she will always go out of her way to avoid confrontation. Early on in their marriage it was agreed that Phillip would have the final say in family matters, and it seems she is content with the palace courtiers running their mouths along with everything else. If she was really bothered by their behaviour, she could find an excuse to push them out, after all they are required to sign confidentiality agreements so going to the press to whinge and whine isn’t an option.

      • MA says:

        I think the courtiers “run” the Queen, she doesn’t run them. I’ve never watched the crown but remember reading there was a scene where the powers that be forced her to take one courtier over another? Not sure if this is true. She’s this naive, isolated, not particularly bright or strong minded and person who relies on her team to tell her what to do since she was a young impressionable woman. I think with Charles we will see it play out differently

      • Enny says:

        @HeyJude the revelations about just how close Harry and his Granny are make so much sense in light of his current bad relationship with Chuck. Harry had what Chuck never could – a warm, truly loving relationship with the two people Chuck could never get to love him back. Chuck is INSANELY jealous of Harry.

    • goofpuff says:

      I can completely see the Queen knowing and not telling anyone. And doing that would give her GREAT PLEASURE. Also I see her really loving the name because it has special meaning to her and will live on after her in a granddaughter. We know that Harry and Meghan talk about speaking with the Queen and Phillip regularly and are very close to them so I can see this happening.

    • ➕💯 MERRICAT. I think Harry has given every indication that he loves and respects his granny. I would place good money on a bet that there were several conversations with his granny leading up to the birth and the name choice and then a call immediately after the birth to announce it to her. Im betting the Sussexes’ relationship with his granny are just fine and dandy, no matter how Levin or Nicoll, et. al., are —- as usual —- spinning it and making it up as they go along. I think the 🐀Rota (and most of Harry’s family) can’t stand it that the Sussexes have a good relationship with the Queen. 🤣

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I agree!! They are in constant contact with his grandmother and they have spoken as to how close they are with her and PP as well before his death. Harry certainly spoke with her in regards to Lili’s name and sought he approval. I am certain she is thrilled with her new great -grand daughters name, an ode to her in a very special way!!

      • The Recluse says:

        I think so too.
        It’s interesting how all these outsiders claim to know exactly what the Queen thinks and feels when it’s extremely likely that they have no idea whatsoever. But they will keep yapping.

    • Myra says:

      The idea of the queen keeping secrets from her courtiers pleases me so much.

    • Eurydice says:

      I’ve always wondered about what Harry said in the Oprah interview – that he and Meghan had had plans to see the Queen after they announced the stepping back and that the plans had been abruptly canceled and how TQ was suddenly too busy to see them. I’ve wondered who is in control, if TQ regretted that and if she decided to keep in touch without the courtiers getting in the way.

      • equality says:

        When you give a secretary power over your entire schedule, you give up control of your life. Between the government deciding do this or that and the men in gray deciding who does what and when, it makes sense that Harry talked like the Queen was more controlled than in control.

      • HeyJude says:

        She’s 95, I’m sorry but no matter how cognizant she is a 95-year-old is just plain too physically limited endurance wise to be “in control”.

        All these nasty things we hear supposedly done by the Queen, being too busy to see him, not letting the wreath be laid, etc. are 100% coming from her couturiers or de facto regent Charles, who have way too much power because of her age.

        Otherwise, Harry and Meghan would not still be in as close contact with her as they revealed they were in the Oprah interview and by naming their daughter after her.

        They just wouldn’t be that close. They’ve very deliberately distanced themselves from all the toxic people in their lives, and the Queen did not make that exclusionary cut. H&M’s judgement is usually right on the money, so I trust them on this.

    • Sylvia says:

      Q knows about H&M’s anger about Meghan’s illtreatment, the leaks. She knows damn well the effect them telling the world about racism in the RF had. So she had to make sure no to anger them again, by leaking this news. If she did, H&M would most probably be done with the Windows clan Betty is old but not stupid.

  2. Amelia says:

    I hate Katie Nicholls. When you learn of all the sh*t she’s done over the past years (check Byline investigations) it makes you hate her even more.

    • Vivica says:

      Can we get an article that outlines who each of the “royal reporters” are and their backstory? Let’s start digging into every misstep they have made over the years.

  3. Snuffles says:

    At least the Queen can keep a secret. The rest of them go running to the tabs the moment they hear anything. I still maintain they were fed false information about the baby being due on Philip’s birthday and that a C-Section was scheduled.

    • harperc says:

      The queen is the only one in that family who does not attack other family members via the media. Her kids and grandkids have various RRs on speed dial whenever they have a squabble with a parent/child/spouse, but she at least keeps her mouth shut. And it seems like she doesn’t even tell her courtiers anything either.

      Harry hooked her up with her senior citizen-friendly cell phone before he left and she’s good.

      • Amy Too says:

        You know, that’s true. I wonder how the whole leaking to royals reporters constantly as a way to “talk” to your siblings and children ended up starting. Did it start with Charles and Diana? Was Charles the first one to forge extra close “relationships” and alliances with certain RRs as a way to 1) hide his affairs 2) embiggen himself bc he has a fragile ego and 3) ensure he’d be able to fight back via the press and have the press protect him when everything with Diana went down? And then it branched out to other RF members because they also wanted a way to get their sides of stories out and/or smear others? And then the courtiers and “palace insiders” just sort of started going rogue? Instead of being given an assignment to go tell so and so reporter this thing that Charles wants the press to know, now they’ve all created their own relationships with various reporters and just leak whenever they want to. They’ve found it gives them power and creates drama and I can imagine that when you’re up close and personal with the royals they loose their mystique and you see them for who they are and can no longer respect them, so why not just spend your work days creating drama or trying to take down whichever royal you’re currently mad at?

        Someone started it and now the “secret contract” with the tabloid press is completely out of control, to the point where the tabs are using the family as opposed to the family using the tabs when they wanted something. The access for cover ups, the leaks about someone else in order to not have to give access about yourselves, the way that none of them actually seem to speak to each other anymore bc they can just get their messages out through the papers and then those messages which get twisted and editorialized become so toxic that it leads to irreparable family damage…. it’s totally out of control. And I think THAT whole thing is mainly what Harry found so objectionable.

        But the Queen didn’t start it and she doesn’t use it. Maybe that’s also why he didn’t expect the Queen to “stand up for him” in the press by letting it be known how she supported him or by refuting certain stories about how the Sussexes were upsetting/disrespecting the Queen. She doesn’t do that and he just didn’t even think to expect that she would. And he wasn’t going to ask her to start because the whole concept of giving tabloids exclusives (good or bad, supportive of the Sussexes or not) is the whole thing he’s trying to end?

      • MissMarirose says:

        I can just picture Queen Elizabeth hiding a Junebug cell phone inside a priceless vase. lol

      • Eurydice says:

        @MissMarirose – love the picture. “Uh, Ma’am, that vase is ringing…” “Vase? What vase?” “Very good, Ma’am.”

      • Lionel says:

        @Amy too: It’s been going on for at least 100 years! Queen Mary was known to call reporters on occasion (and famously gave permission to euthanize her husband for more favorably-timed press coverage.) Princess Margaret called reporters all the time, unknown to the contemporary public. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor cultivated contacts in the American press. I don’t know about earlier royals, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised to hear that members of Queen Victoria’s enormous family started or carried on the tradition, as Prince Albert in particular was pretty savvy about optics in his time.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        if the only person in the firm Harry is sharing info with is his granny, she will know who in her circle that would be in the know due to proximity/position is betraying her should any information that was provided to her be leaked. My guess is that most of Harry’s communications with her are initiated by her and/or by appointment she demands be set up to limit interference from courtiers and such

      • Sylvia says:

        Emy Too, your train of thought have some logic, but you need to know that it was the Queen who, with the advice of PP and her sr courtiers, closed the deal with the press to set up the royal rota system – a system for press excess to follow, to report on and to first inform the public about matters re the RF. Only right-wing press organizations and their reporters, certain fothographers and the state financed tv & radio (BBC) are involved. No liberal press involved in the rota, except for some independent hoppers on figures, who doesn’t have the same rota privileges.

        Betty always knew what coverage she wanted for the monarchy and her family; sycophantic, no liberal critical questioning or scrunity.

        That rota thing was set up over 43 years ago. Nothing has really changed since then, only small adjustments after Diana’ s death. This woman doesn’t like to change anything and doesn’t like to fight to make things right that are or have become wrong. She prefers the status quo.

    • Sylvia says:

      Emy Too, your train of thought have some logic, but you need to know that it was the Queen who, with the advice of PP and her sr courtiers, closed the deal with the press to set up the royal rota system – a system for press access to follow, to report on and to first inform the public about matters re the RF. Only right-wing press organizations and their reporters, certain fothographers and the state financed tv & radio (BBC) are involved. No liberal press involved in the rota, except for some independent hoppers on figures, who doesn’t have the same rota privileges.

      Betty always knew what coverage she wanted for the monarchy and her family; sycophantic, no liberal critical questioning or scrunity.

      That rota thing was set up over 43 years ago. Nothing has really changed since then, only small adjustments after Diana’ s death. This woman doesn’t like to change anything and doesn’t like to fight to make things right that are or have become wrong. She prefers the status quo.

  4. Becks1 says:

    omg the royal insiders are SO salty about the name. “I doubt they asked, just informed.” It’s really a sign that Harry loves and respects his grandmother and that goes against the public narrative that the RRs have been pushing for the past year.

    • Chicken Tetrazzini! says:

      The woman has everything in the world. I imagine that gestures like this mean much more to her than any present or amount of money ever could and that’s something that the royal insiders just do not understand.

  5. Cecilia says:

    I call her Katie “liar” Nichols for a reason…

    That being said, if harry informed the queen of the name and the queen had said no, im pretty sure her name wouldn’t have been lilibet. So the detractors in the UK can shut their mouths.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol, the idea that the queen was “too polite” to object. That’s her beloved nickname, if she didn’t want them to use it, she would have said so.

      • harperc says:

        She’s polite enough to say she objects to something without saying “I object”.

        Too many people forget that manners is about smoothing social interactions, and saying “no” can be unpleasant, so that’s when being polite can be really helpful.

        And if anything else, Harry would know whether the queen was really happy about something or “being polite”.

      • Sure says:

        Don’t forget that she ditched being “too polite” when she refused Harry’s request to have a wreath laid at the cenotaph on remembrance day. If she can do that to an ex-serviceman who fought in her name then she can refuse a grandson’s request to name his child after her.

      • Lionel says:

        And remember when she was sort of rude to Kate at her wedding dress display? She said something like “oh, I don’t care for this at all” and Kate’s face fell. I don’t think the Q has any qualms about stating her opinion/preferences.

    • Amelia says:

      Right? They’re always boasting about how much they know about the Royal Family, going around and calling themselves “Royal experts” (four of them faced the music tho when Josh Pieters and Archie Manners exposed them before the Oprah Interview 😂) and yet they forget the fact that every royal child born (especially those in the direct line of succession) must get their names approved by the Queen. Idiots. 🙄🙄

  6. AVEA says:

    Can they leave the 4 day old infant alone and not place “rift healing” expectations on her? It’s up to the people who created the rift to bridge it, and that would be certain keen™ royals located in the UK, NOT little Lilibet Diana

    • Nina says:

      No, they want pictures and the pictures that will be worth a boatload of money will be those of Lili with her dad’s side of the family. Because then they can write yards of drivel about it too. It will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come,

  7. L84Tea says:

    They want the Queen to hate Harry (and Meghan) sooooo bad. It’s really grinding their gears that Harry is clearly still on good terms with her.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      ^ This! Sooooo this.
      Its why they all hide under her knickers and shout the Harry is “DISRESPECTING DA QWEEEEN!”

      • L84Tea says:

        I get the feeling that some of the RR’s are almost a little secretly ticked at Liz–like they wish they could say to her, ‘Oh will you just publicly admonish them already!’ They keep so desperately trying to angle their articles as H&M disrespecting the Queen, but when they come out and drop these little truth bombs about zooming with her and sending Archie waffle makers, it blows their plans up.

    • Cecilia says:

      Exactly! They HATE it that the queen is apparently still on good terms with them because that makes it a lot harder to project their feelings onto her.

    • Amy says:

      Honestly I think that’s what KN is trying to imply, same with all the insiders and courtiers. They want people to think the Queen hates HM as much as they do. That’s also why Buckingham Palace wouldn’t confirm much yesterday. Everyone really hates that the Queen likes HM and has a good relationship with them. Using the nickname proves that, so the nutbags RRs and courtiers are working overtime to destroy that.

      • Jais says:

        I mean as long as they imply it over and over in the papers and on GMB etc that could become the narrative, or at least for the people who really want to believe the Queen hates Harry and Meghan. Even when confronted with the truth, they twist and distort. All it shows is the story they want lol

      • Cecilia says:

        I know this idea seems far fetched since the queen did absolutely nothing to stop the attacks on meghan but again, I honestly this she likes meghan more than kate.

        I don’t think its a coincidence that meg had her first solo engagement with the queen before kate did. And so soon after marrying in.

      • Demi says:

        @Cecilia it’s not far-fetched we know Kate only sucks up to the queen so that she could borrow jewelry Meghan respects the queen as Harry’s grandma & the queen genuinely reciprocates as seen on the train tour.

      • Cessily says:

        I imagine that being asked for a waffle maker was extremely refreshing for her. It sounds like the most sincere relationship she has with her adult family members is with the Sussex’s. As for not responding to the press attacks, I think in her own way she is, the comment about being loved family members and now the naming of her granddaughter with a cherished nickname and her knowing is her approval and statement. She is 95 and I do not believe she is in charge so maybe this is her way of support. Not knowing the personal dynamics between the Sussex’s and the Queen I can only think that if H&M honor and respect her so much that they named their precious daughter after her she must have some redeeming qualities and on this I will trust H&M. As for the christening I believe that her being 95 will play into H&M’s decision. I can see them having a private low key (and very controlled) service. Not being working Royals they would have control of the guests and photos allowed or released. I do not think it would be advisable for any 95 year old to fly so far and I imagine that after his grandfathers death they will want her to meet her newest granddaughter. (I would bet that the queen has already seen her also through FaceTime or zoom). I would not be surprised if they do have the service (in England, Scotland or Ireland) with the queen, Doria and godparents but it will be the Sussex’s team handling the details since they are proven professionals. I also can see this as being the loudest statement she could make to the firm, PC and PW. I have a feeling that they are the ones who pushed the hateful narrative but pointing that out and public censure would surely end the Monarchy.. she isn’t going to do that. I think that PC and PW will do that all on their own after she is gone and she may see the writing on the wall.
        This is just my personal opinion not a statement of fact, if you disagree that is 👌🏼 I just feel that the Sussex’s know that at 95 next year might be to late, and they seem to have remained close despite of everything. The tabloid attacks seem to focus on causing division between the Sussex’s and the Queen there is an agenda there I can not help but believe comes from behind the scenes from the firm sanctioned by PC and or PW.

  8. ABritGuest says:

    Apparently European royals call her Aunt Lilibet and Felipe referred to her as that when him & Letizia passed on their condolences for ‘Uncle’ Philip’s death. Also saw that Diana (and therefore likely the Spencer family) referred to Elizabeth as Aunt Lilibet as a youngster & before she even married Charles.

    I’m fascinated by how Elizabeth is keeping in contact with the ‘exiled’ Sussexes without the courtiers leaking this contact to the press unless it suits the narrative to keep narrative up that she’s on the outs with them. After all the courtiers had leaked of Meghan’s mental health issues but that was kept out the press until after they stepped down.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah the narrative that Philip was the last person to call her by that name is false.

    • MsIam says:

      Right, there was an article on Yahoo saying that the Queen signed her name as Lilibet in letters to family members. So Angela Levin out here banging her “disrespect” drum because “no one but Phillip called her Lilibet!” sounds completely unhinged. It would be nice if that caused news outlets to stop sticking a microphone in her face but I’m sure that won’t happen. Sigh….

      • 809Matriarch says:

        It is very telling that the UK press hang their narratives on the commentary of people who quite obviously have seriously unhinged issues. Piers, Angela Levin, Camilla Tominey and let’s not forget Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle. All of these creepy commentators have illogical axes to grind and should be drummed out of all media platforms. Folks like Dickie Arbiter and his snarky daughter as well as the other clowns that got caught on tape lying about watching an interview are agenda driven media hoars who aren’t crazy but extremely obvious.

    • lanne says:

      The European royals have called her Lili bet for generations. The daughter of the 2nd to the last Russian Tsar, Olga Alexandrovna, met Elizabeth and Phillip in 1960 right before she died impoverished in Canada. She talked about meeting Cousin Lillibet during a British tour of Canada— they actually met with her even though she was living in obscurity. Angela Levin doesn’t know shot. That miserable cow is blinded by her racist hatred and jealousy. If she actually had a real job sh3 would be fired for incompetence.

  9. Layla says:

    They’re at it again with the stupid jubilee. It’s the Diana statue all over again. 🙄

    • L84Tea says:

      It’s strange how the subject of the statue unveiling seems to have been completely dropped.

      • JT says:

        Maybe they know that he won’t attend. There still hasn’t been any confirmation that he will be there or they would be milking by now.

      • Lady D says:

        They are all over the statue thing. Now it’s “the queen is extending an olive branch and has invited Harry for tea during the statue unveiling.” Now the RR’s can scream about Harry snubbing the queen by not coming.

  10. Truthiness says:

    We have seen Harry’s mad people skills in all of his adult life and we’ve seen his special bond with both the Queen and Philip. Remember the cute Invictus commercial Harry and QEll filmed together. It’s ridiculous to think he would never speak about using the name without discussing it first.

    • PPO says:

      absolutely right – ridiculous to think he wouldn’t speak to her. From the Oprah interview:
      “No, I would never blindside my grandmother, I have too much respect for her.”

  11. Snuffles says:

    General question. I know the Queen is super old a no longer wants to travel at least for work. Like, she will no longer do international tours, but do you think she would ever travel to California if it was strictly private?

  12. Jessica says:

    Even I know there’s almost zero chance that Harry named his daughter that without his grandmother’s permission. There’s no way. It’s too intimate and personal a name to NOT ask.

  13. GrnieWnie says:

    I love how the press is always blown away whenever there’s any indication that Harry’s relationship with granny is exactly as he portrays it in the press. It’s almost as though what he says is…truthful and credible.

  14. ElleE says:

    This is what estrangement looks like folks. The only way this happens is with the loving support of a spouse. M’s family is the typical divorced family where one parent ultimately feels like the child actually divorced the parent (even through the kid tried to keep up the “child” role of the bargain) and treats the child the way s/he treated the spouse that walked. End of.

    Harry’s family? Who knows what the story is, but some spouses would paper over anything to keep up appearances, and ask/expect the adult subject of familial abuse to keep putting up with it, just a few times a year, just to avoid conflict. Meghan is willing to hop on planes with false flight plans filed, under the cover of darkness and have secret births to avoid that family which is frightening.

    When my mom had my brother email me the day after my wedding to tell me everything I did wrong at my own wedding, my husband said, “so, we’ll never see those people again “. Lol (we have)

  15. Lauren says:

    To me, this is all just confirmation that Betty has only the title left and is essentially told what to do by the courtiers (some hand picked by Chuck) which in turn don’t really tell her just what the F her family is up to. I get that as head of the family she should be more involved in the workings of her family, but she washed her hands off that decades ago and left it in the hands of her husband, she isn’t about to start caring in her 90’s. Philip retired from it all just before Harry and Meghan married and at that point, I can see just why it all went to hell and why the Sussexes bear no grudge to Betty or Philip and why they would name their baby after her and tell her as soon as the child was born.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Lauren: This is why I think it was Charles who vetoed Harry’s participation in the Remembrance Day Service last year not the Queen. If she was still in charge, I think she would have had no problem with the wreath being laid on Harry’s behalf at the cenotaph.

      • Truthiness says:

        Great point. If Charles was throwning a fit over it, she’s not going to micro manage. The decision may have been made “in her name.” She could very well allow Charles veto power over matters of his sons and that’s how her schedule became “too full” when the Sussexes wanted to withdraw directly to her.

    • Nina says:

      I agree that she left the family matters to Phillip but whatever her failings were in the past, I give a 95-year-old lady a pass. Harry and Meghan do. To them, she’s their granny and that’s all that counts for them.

  16. Over it says:

    I was watching something on you tube and the video that followed was a clip from good morning Britain where that unhinged deranged Angela was on and she should be mediated. The black woman that was on made me so happy. When the white man who said he wrote some book and talked about his upbringing. Like he is saying he can call his parents bad parents in his book to sell books and speak his truth, but then he thinks that Harry and Meghan naming their daughter after the queen is their way of saying sorry for speaking their truth. The black woman bless her said . No they don’t need to apologize because they did nothing wrong
    Like wtf is wrong with white brits. You smeared and abused a pregnant, woman, even before and after she was pregnant. You racially attacked her and now you think her and her husband should apologize and not you Dicks who did it to really. White British can just go f themselves. Also I think that other white one that use to be on with piss Morgan is also a racist snake.

    Then it was the loose women turn. The black woman on the show I get she is threading the line to keep her job, however sometimes I really wish these people would stand up for the nasty racist disgraceful behavior that their white co- workers send Megs way. And these white peoples should not be on television, all of them have a face for radio.

    • Oh-Dear says:

      my mom was talking to a neighbour who had grown up in England. Mom asked her neighbour if people over in England hated Megan as much as it seems they do. The neighbour said yes, they hate Americans so she would always have been criticized. She said here is also classism underlying those that hate Megan – British society is still very rooted in the class system while in North America there is still the perception of social mobility and admiration for those who gain wealth and status in their lifetimes. When people succeed in moving into the higher classes they are derided in England and admired in the US and Canada. Both Megan and Kate are criticized for moving up the classes in British society, I am surprised Autumn wasn’t that I can remember.

      • Lionel says:

        This is true. Anyone who thinks some of the animosity towards and bullying of Meghan wasn’t rooted in plain old anti-Americanism has never been an American living in England.

  17. Lemons says:

    Can you imagine being a great-grandmother pressed that your grandchild wants to name his kid using your nickname? Like…who in their right minds would get upset over this?

    Some people’s brains are programmed differently, I guess.

  18. Nyro says:

    They’re all seething because now Lilibet is THE princess. She is the only granddaughter of Diana the world knows. They’re really just upset that Mumbles didn’t have the audacity give Charlotte the Queen’s name as her first name. They can’t get over Meghan’s audacity and how her daughter is now basically the only little princess who matters. They’re angry at Mumbles for being timid and unwilling to rock the boat and they’re sad and embarrassed for The Forgotten Three, particularly poor Charlotte. Now they’re all angry and jealous of a baby. Lol

    • Nina says:

      This. Harry and Meghan outshine them without even trying. Just going about their daily lives. PWT really is the dull brother.

    • Amelia says:

      I honestly would not be surprised if in the next few days we get some sort of “pap shot” of the Cambridges, with Princess Charlotte front and centre 🙄. We’ve already got William blabbing on about his ponies

      • Nyro says:

        The derangers are already flooding their pages with Charlotte pics and making sure to use her full name. LOL

    • Lex says:

      This is a bit odd lol

      • Beach Dreams says:

        She’s not wrong though. Looking at the ongoing hysteria from them proves the point.

      • Nyro says:

        It’s the truth. All of this teeth gnashing and the rage is about Charlotte’s fate being sealed as a non-factor, living in Lilibet Diana’s long shadow. Just as her mother will spend the rest of her days in Megan’s shadow. Two generations of California women keeping their foot on their necks. It’s c what’s going to happen and all the deranged know it. The Middleton women won’t catch a break for the next 90 years. This is why they’re even angrier and much more raged filled than they were when Archie was born.

    • ElleE says:

      @Nyro OMG – your comment. Baby Lili will outlive all of us with that name: Lilibet. Most in her lifetime won’t make the connection between her namesake and the Queen and yet…she’ll have the name…a California Princess named for her great grandmother, the longest reigning monarch and her grandmother, Diana Spencer. And she doesn’t have to do photo ops or stupid calendars or stand on balconies and point at planes and horses or live in drafty, dark castles. That’s gotta hurt.

    • YassQueen says:

      No need to put down one child to uplift another. Just stick to Harry-Meagan vs Kate-William or royal family. Maybe those two little girls will be friends one day.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    I think Lili’s birth has made the press and the courtiers realise that the Queen is keeping information from them regarding Harry and his family. I guess it’s the least she can do since she is not in control and she is unable to do anything else.

  20. Sofia says:

    Oh I think they definitely asked. As for the informed bit and how she couldn’t say no, I bet if she wanted to, she would have said that. She would have found a way to say no without saying no.

  21. KansasGal says:

    Doria Ragland is SO BEAUTIFUL. And a class act. That’s all I wanted to say.

    • Amy T says:

      While everyone in the UK is tossing a mad fit, Doria is in Montecito, cooking and helping her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren do whatever they’re needing at the moment. Makes me smile.

      • Chrissy (The Original) says:

        She’s so classy and beautiful and now, a Grandma of two. I wonder if she’ll get a nickname. It’s funny that you never hear a peep from Doria. She’s strength personified IMO.

  22. MangoAngelesque says:

    Honestly, I do hope H&M get to go visit the Queen and let their kids see their English Granny, if only because both Harry and Meghan could not possibly be making it more clear that they have tremendous affection for her, regardless of how those of us not in that family feel. Plus, she’s closing in on a century, and I can’t imagine Harry would cope well with losing her without having spent much time with her, and a woman that age really isn’t going to be making long-haul flights anymore.

    Not to mention the fact that them visiting the Queen, and her keeping the details away from her courtiers, just enjoying time with their little family, would absolutely enrage all the “But they SNUB the poor BLINDSIDED Queen with their RUDENESS!!” hucksters.

  23. aquarius64 says:

    I figured Harry and Meghan let the queen know about Lili’s birth and cleared it with her about the use of the name ahead of the world. Rota rats are mad the announcement was embargoed, American media got it first, and will get the pictures first.

    Lili may have a reference after Doria. There is a Lillie in the Ragland family and H and M may be calling her Lili regularly for that reason.

    • anotherlily says:

      Doria’s great-aunt Mrs Lillie Evans was married to a successful baseball player. She had a career as a realtor and when she died she left her house to Doria’s father who then left it to Doria. A Daily Mail article (4th June 2018) about Meghan’s ancestors includes a photo of Lillie Evans. Doria is said to be the image of her great aunt. Meghan was 22 when Lillie Evans died so she would have known her.

      • Nedsdag says:

        And speaking of baseball, Meghan and Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Mookie Betts are related.

  24. TheOriginalMia says:

    I think it’s hilarious that the Queen not only knew of Lili’s name and birth, but that she kept it to herself. No leaks to the tabs. Nothing. I bet KP & the tabs are furious.

  25. Chantalle says:

    People are either badmouthing the queen or Harry. I think Harry and his grandmother have a great understanding of each other. I think they are much closer than people think. I also think the queen is closer to Harry than to Charles and Williams. He was very young when his mother died, the queen was his support. It is obvious that Harry holds a lot of resentments against his father about many things beside his mum. He is no longer holding the pain.

    • april says:

      Yes, I agree that he and his grandmother hold a special bond. I’m also glad Harry sought permission to use the baby’s name.

  26. Eurydice says:

    FOX has a story that H&M “introduced” Lilibet to the Queen by video chat as soon as they came home from the hospital.

  27. Over it says:

    I just saw a clip with Dr. shola on Jeremy somebody. I don’t know why these people I don’t know and their shows keep popping up on my phone. Anyway I absolutely love shola . She tries to educate these racist bitches but they are so woven in their racism it’s impossible. I feel like it must take all her energy and control not to get up and bitch slap these kkk fools. Love love shoal. Keep up the fight, one day in will hopefully penetrate one of these bigots skulls. Loved how she reminded the troll that she is British too and that ain’t no one asked if Kate and william ask permission for them to name Charlotte Elizabeth.

  28. Izzy says:

    I mean, we KNOW Nicholl is talking out of her ass. She always is when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Montecito.

  29. Marivic says:

    One royal rota clown says on Twitter that the Sussexes didn’t ask permission from the Queen for the use of her pet name Lilibet. In UK, is that kind of permission needed? I thought what’s important is that Harry and Meghan adore the Queen that they want to honor her so they named their beloved daughter after her. Isn’t that enough? Why is it such a big issue ? Lili is not even a week’s old and she’s already controversial. Take a seat and calm down rota clowns.