Gwyneth Paltrow & daughter Apple get piercings every year on Apple’s birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow is selling jewelry on Goop. The line is called G. Label Jewelry Collection and is available on the Goop website currently. To announce the collection, Gwyneth posted the Instagram above in which she is wearing the Apple Circle Pavé Drop earrings priced at $1,450. The earrings are named after her daughter, Apple Martin, whom Gwyneth said inspired the collection and helped in the design process. Gwyneth also indicated this was all motivated by their mother and daughter tradition of getting a new piercing every year for Apple’s birthday. Every year.

Gwyneth Paltrow and daughter Apple Martin share a special style tradition each year when the Goop founder celebrates her eldest child’s birthday.

The lookalike mother-daughter duo get a new piercing on Apple’s birthday, so it’s no wonder Paltrow, 48, dedicated a design from her new Goop G. Label Jewelry collection to Apple, 17.

“Every year on Apple’s birthday, we get a new piercing — it’s this little tradition we have,” Paltrow said on Instagram. “She was a big inspiration for this collection and helped me refine the designs. She’ll definitely be ‘borrowing’ her namesake earrings.”

In Apple’s honor, the lifestyle guru and entrepreneur created the Apple Circle Pavé Drop Earrings for the line, a trio of hoops featuring 44 diamonds, retailing for $1,450. The sentimental earrings are one of six of the classic investment pieces Paltrow designed for Goop’s debut jewelry collection.

“I don’t differentiate between day and night. If I invest in a great piece of jewelry, I’m going to wear it all the time: I’ll sleep in it, wear it on the red carpet and pick up [my son] Moses from school in it,” she said

Jewelry has always held a special place in Paltrow’s heart. When the actress looked back at her life through style in a Vogue video, she shared the heartwarming story behind the pieces she wore to the 1999 Oscars: Harry Winston diamond earrings and a matching choker necklace.

“I had borrowed [these] Harry Winston earrings and necklace for the Oscars, and then after I won, my dad, as a present, surprised me with them,” Paltrow explained. “Now I’m gonna cry. So, that was very sweet.”

[From People via Buzzfeed]

In my short tenure as a gossip blogger, I have seen my share of photos of Gwyneth Paltrow. You know what I have never noticed about Gwyneth? Multiple piercings. Up until I clicked on these jewelry shots, I’d never noticed any upper ear piercings. Apple turned 17 last month, when exactly did this tradition begin? Because there’s only one or two extra earrings in their ears and nothing in their noses. How many nipple rings does Gwynnie have? Also, I assume the nose and personal jewelry line will be the second rollout. Maybe Gwyneth can do a crossover and include a Christina Bar as a surprise in one of her vagina candles.

As for the G. Label Jewelry Collection, I like it. I can’t afford it, but I like the simplicity of the pieces. I’d wear everything but the ear cuff and that’s just because I am not a cuff person. Unlike Gwyneth, I do not sleep in my jewelry, and I frequently change mine out for day, night, diva, party, mood change, etc. But I also have very few investment pieces, so maybe my costume jewelry encourages switching it up more. I do like that Apple influenced the line and if she really did have a hand in refining the designs, good for her, she’s got a good eye. I’m sure they have gotten pierced on a couple of birthdays, I just doubt it has been every year or they would both look like pin cushions by now. But I’m all for family traditions and those inspiring creativity. I also love the story Gwyneth told about her dad buying her Oscar jewels as a surprise.



Photo credit: Instagram

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  1. Bookie says:

    I was thinking about getting a cartilage piercing and worried that I was too old (I’m 55). Then I saw Gwenyth had them, and went and got two of them. I’m embarrassed to admit that I copied her. The shame!!

    • Kristic says:

      My daughter and I got helix piercings on her 17th birthday. It hurt for months!

      • escondista says:

        I had my ears pierced from top to bottom and a septum in the 90s. They’re mostly closed now and I’m not sure i would repierce anything. i would honestly worry about infection and healing time at almost 40. 18 and 22 year olds still have magical recovery properties and I’m over here, living in fear of the the lawnmower throwing a surprise rock at me when i mow the lawn.

    • Diana says:

      I have the same helix piercings she has, didn’t know that she did until now. Eh. I’m 59, and I love how it looks.

      Those earrings that run $1,4K, are not all that.

    • Sondra Jackson says:

      I have tried cartilage piercings several times as an adult, each time my ear turned purple and blew up to twice it’s size. So I will stick with my double lobe piercings, which is too bad because I love how they look. So Enjoy

  2. nicegirl says:

    Apple is such a doll

  3. lassie says:

    Perhaps Gwyneth should have worn sunscreen on her décolletage.

    As a 52 year old woman, I’m understanding the look.

  4. nicegirl says:

    I don’t believe Goop on the ‘every bday piercing tradition’ story, either! I’m not seeing 17 piercings lol

    • Diana says:

      Right, nicegirl? I think it needs to be qualified – like, starting when she was 10 years old. But. even then, I don’t believe Goop has 7 piercings.

  5. Christina says:

    I think this has been happening every year since she was a teen. If they started at, say, when Apple turned 14-15 years old, the number of piercings makes more sense.

    • Kristen says:

      This would be my guess also. It’s likely as well a way that she can limit the number of piercings Apple can get until she’s 18 – like, you can get a new one every year on your birthday.

  6. Lemon says:

    I wish she would let her underage kids be kids and not be part of her vagina business, (though I actually like the jewelry.) Gwenyth seems like a lot of personality, so I hope Apple and Moses can spin off into their own universes as adults.

    But, I do believe Gwyneth hasn’t had much done, maybe some cheek fillers. She looks great, and I actually think it’s very refreshing to see a natural middle aged woman. Christy Turlington too. I think that’s a good and healthy example for their daughters.

    The piercing thing is kind of cute! My mom is 79 and we’re getting tattooed together.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah I feel like she’s trying to push Apple into some kind of stardom or business or something. She’s a kid, let her be a kid.

      I like the earrings. I don’t $1450 like them, and those must be the tiniest diamond chips. Kind of funny they airbrushed out her other piercing holes for the ad at the same time she’s talking about their tradition.

  7. Andie says:

    Pretty sure her tradition started a couple years ago, even though she didn’t say so outright. Whatever age Apple would start being interested in piercings. Orrrrr it’s an embellished tale to fit in nicely with her jewellery line (like maybe they did it last year and this year and now it’s a “tradition” lol)

  8. Justjj says:

    Ok, this is actually kind of cute of them. They look exactly alike!

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    If I spend $1,500 on a pair of earrings, you’re going to be able to see it lol. Go ahead ask. Have I ever spent that on a pair of earrings? No. Because I can’t. But if I had the money, it would be statement not dainty and tiny. I admit however, I’m five feet tall and choose one piece of large statement jewelry per outing with nothing else. If it’s earrings, no necklaces. If it’s necklaces, no earrings. My oversized watch arm is normally riddled with a variety of bracelets with statement rings on each hand. Two on left. One on right. I have double pierced ears and have avoided further holes, but if I ever lose the weight I’m trying to get rid of, I might reward my old self with cartilage numbers just because. And some ink. I have one tat which is hidden that I love. I think I might want to flip off my respectable decades of restraint and shock my boys. 😁

  10. Watson says:

    Love jewelry and am into these minimal designs. Would i purchase? If i had the money, yes!

  11. questions says:

    is her business doing ok during the pandemic? She doesn’t seem to be getting the same publicity as she used to even though I think she’s more “out there” recently with the more revealing photos on Instagram, the meme about Ben Affleck, and the promotion of Apple. I have to actively look up info on there whereas with other celebrities I don’t think I have to go searching for news about them.

    • Annaloo. says:

      Goop seems to start a lot of ideas (cruises, food delivery, jewelry line etc) in her business, but they seem to not stay for too long. I am a total goop watcher, and there are failed projects like Goop Men in her wake. She’s like a weird department store now.

      I don’t deny her hustle, but I can’t help but think the company is like many tech companies: riding on VC money, and not ultimately profitable until later when they have a sizeable following. I think she’s hustling for her audience through podcasts, social media, and whatever publicity she can get, ultimately she’s got a lot of irons in the fire for business that I think ultimately is struggling. She’s not the Honest company, nor is her empire the size of Martha Stewart…

      But it’s Gwyneth, her value has always been in who she’s networked to, so she’s not going away. To quote la Reina JLopez on her, some people get hot by association– and name-dropping, squad flag waving Gwyneth is def good at that. And yeah,she’s really putting Apple out there a lot, maybe trying to get a bite into that lucrative 14-25 bracket that doesn’t think when they spend…bc why would you start advertising and publicizing your 16 yr old daughter on the official? Christy Turlington isn’t doing that. And what 15 year old is buying $1500.earrrings or $125 facial products? Goop’s tiktok is crickets for a reason

      • sassafras says:

        Hm. I think there might just still be a sustainable business model in what she does. Small ventures/ capsule collections/ collaborations which don’t take a lot of warehouse space/ manpower. She can move with trends and can collect profits (if there are any) or losses and move on, each time getting fresh publicity with a new “project.” I see it as the wellness version of house flipping. We don’t call house flippers bad investors because they don’t hold onto a house for years. The point is the turnaround.

      • Granger says:

        I think she might be struggling a bit, but I’m not sure it matters. Her network is vast, and very, very, very, very wealthy, so she makes enough to keep going even when some of her ventures fall flat. She doesn’t work a ton anymore but she’s no B-lister who has to schill like crazy to sell her stuff or get anywhere. Her godfather is Steven Spielberg, whose wife is incredibly well-connected in Hollywood. Her friends are a mix of rich, famous women and super-rich, again well-connected New York business people/socialites. (Think Jessica Seinfeld — tons of money, thrilled to be able to call Goop her friend, lots of other rich friends who’d like to be drawn into that circle.) My point is she knows a lot of people who will gladly pay $1,450 for her latest jewelry design and tell all their friends to buy it too. I’m sure they keep her afloat so she can keep playing the part of crafty business woman.

  12. Katherine says:

    Ahh, cool, I took all of mine out – can’t stand the long healing, just bugs me and I begin to hate the look just because it’s too much work

  13. FHMom says:

    I laughed so hard at the photo of her topless with her arm across her breasts. Too funny. The jewelry is nice, but the prices are ridiculous for what you are getting. I can’t believe people buy her stuff.

  14. manda says:

    oh those ones in the top pic are neat looking. way too much for me! I lose earrings like it’s my job

  15. Jaded says:

    Holy sun damage on her chest. I’m 68 and my skin looks nowhere NEAR that bad. Piercings schmiercings…just another way for her to flog her overly priced jewelry.