No one in the Windsor clan even wants that stupid new royal yacht anyway

Royal Tour - Boat fishing trip at Skidegate Youth Centre, Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada, 30/09/16

Soon after Prince Philip’s passing in April, Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson announced plans to have the government build a new royal yacht, which would be named after Philip and would be operated by the Royal Navy. The Windsors haven’t had a royal yacht in almost twenty-five years, since the Royal Britannia was decommissioned in the 1990s. Philip was a Naval officer, he loved the Royal Britannia and he was sad when the government was like “no more yachts for you.” So it made some kind of sense that there was a plan to name a Naval vessel after Philip and all of that. The problem is that not even the spendthrift Windsors actually want Boris Johnson’s proposed yacht. Philip would have been the only one who would have enjoyed it. So now there’s a lot of Yacht Drama.

Prince Charles, Prince William and other senior members of the Royal family will not be able to use the new Royal Yacht Britannia for family trips following a row in Whitehall over the cost. The national flagship has cost the government £200m, and will be used as a ship rather than a luxury yacht, aimed at boosting Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit vision for the UK as a global trading nation.

But, a palace insider has claimed that the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge have no interest in the ship following a row between number 10 and the Ministry of Defence and the departments of business and trade, with the later reluctant to contribute.

Mr Johnson’s spending on the ship has come under fire in recent weeks, most recently by former Tory chancellor Ken Clarke who branded it ‘silly populist nonsense’. Lord Clarke’s criticism came as official figures showed that government borrowing stood at £24.3 billion in May – down from £43.8 billion a year earlier at the height of the pandemic, but still the second highest figure for the month on record and £18.9 billion more than in 2019.

The Conservative peer told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme that the new vessel is a ‘complete waste of time, silly populist nonsense’ and ‘we have no money’ for it.

A palace insider claimed that ‘no one’ at the palace wants the vessel. ‘Charles doesn’t want it,’ they told The Sunday Times. ‘William doesn’t want it. He has no interest in naval things at all. All this controversy just puts them off even more.’

It is believed the royals will use the ship to promote trade, but not privately as it previously did with the former Royal Yacht Britannia, decommissioned in 1997. Senior government sources have claimed that the Ministry of Defence have annoyed Mr Johnson with their criticism and continuing to refuse to foot the bill. It is thought that the MoD is threatening to scrap new navy ships or F-35s jets to pay for the ship. ‘Boris is furious about the whole thing,’ a source told The Sunday Times. ‘He loves the plan.’

[From The Daily Mail]

There are people in the Tory government arguing that the yacht will boost industry, tourism and global trade. Which doesn’t actually make much sense if it’s just going to be an expensive yacht which is rarely used and unwanted. I can actually see how William and Charles are on the same page with this, and this might even be one of those rare moments when the royals are reading the room better than the politicians. Chuck and Will know that if they do end up using the yacht for official business, they’re the ones who will get hit with the “why did you take the yacht, it’s such a waste of money, this is awful” criticism. Now, that being said, I bet William wishes he had his own yacht to sail off with his mistress.

Meanwhile, this was Kate as soon as she heard about the yacht. She had so much theme-dressing planned!

Royal couple visit Birmingham

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Scotland - Day Six

Prince William and Duchess Catherine visit Heidelberg

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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23 Responses to “No one in the Windsor clan even wants that stupid new royal yacht anyway”

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  1. DellT says:

    When Liz is gone, its all over. The “monarchy” circus does not interest the youth. Top dollar yachts, fake smiles and racism will not endear the remaining Royals to Generation Z. Meghan and Harry was the Monarchy’s best last chance.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Millennials and GenZs are already revolting and seriously questioning the need for tiaras and balcony scenes. The only royals they like ironically are the ex royals, the Sussexes. With the way that family can’t keep from leaking to the press, God help that family once the queen goes.

    • The Recluse says:

      Yep and it will be about time too.

  2. Eurydice says:

    Not sure about the DM’s verb tenses, but I don’t think the yacht has cost anything right now. The estimates to build it are 200+, but there aren’t any specs or plans and the project hasn’t been put out to bid yet. Still, what an opportunity to wear GOLD BUTTONS!!

    • Jane says:

      I read an article in the Guardian last week that reported that various government departments are refusing to pay for it out of their budgets, so if no one’s prepared to pay for it, it may not happen and instead quietly fade away.

    • Livvers says:

      As someone who used to work in a naval shipbuilding setting, I can say from experience that just the pre-tendering process alone can drag on forever and cost huge amounts of money. Even if the Ministry of Defence and a couple of other government offices are just passing the hot potato around right now hoping not to be “it,” it’s costing millions.

      • Impress says:

        I find ships so hard to comprehend and cannot even pretend to grasp what this all costs. Boris is insane for trying this.

  3. Elizabeth Regina says:

    The timing of the yacht was disastrous. Kids going hungry, disastrous covid plan, unemployment, monarchy imploding, the horniest and most corrupt government in history headed by a serial baby daddy but sure, a royal yacht is what we need. Ghastly!

    • Mac says:

      I continue to be amazed by Boris Johnson’s f*cking cluelessness.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Everybody knows that if there was a yacht, it would just become Andrew’s international waters out of legal jurisdiction pedo orgy palace.

      Surely nobody, even Boris, really thinks that the former Commonweatlth will be impressed and roll over in trade negotiations because they turn up in a gunboat, I mean yacht.

  4. Eleonor says:

    When you manage to make Chuck an Will agree you are doing something really wrong.

  5. Sofia says:

    Yeah, this yacht isn’t a good idea at all. Maybe we can circle back to this in a few years time but even then, I really don’t think a shiny new ship is needed.

  6. Michelle Connolly says:

    Fund. The. NHS.

  7. Over it says:

    Kaiser, those pictures.dying of laughter. She has seriously crazy ass syndrome. As for the top picture with them facing opposite directions, it pretty much sums up their marriage.

  8. MsIam says:

    Sorry to be petty but that gold button outfit that Kate is wearing, yikes! Anyway, I’m confused when it says that they will build a ship and not a yacht. Like a cruise ship? A freighter? Why would a government be involved with that when you have private businesses doing that already? And if it wouldn’t be exclusive to the royals then could anyone buy a ticket? Wouldn’t that compete with the cruise lines? I’m not from the UK so I’m confused!

  9. Jay says:

    A taxpayer- funded boondoggle, but the royals can’t use it for private vacations? What fun would that be?

    I find it interesting that William admits he has “no interest” in naval things at all. No doubt – it’s Kate that lights up whenever they do a yachting event. I’m sure he’d prefer to keep the private helicopter instead.

  10. JanetDR says:

    😂 That photo of Kate! 😂

  11. Lizzie says:

    They won’t use the yacht just like they don’t take helicopters.

    Hey Scotland, please stay with the UK to help fund the new royal yacht. LOL.

  12. Catherine says:

    I think it is BS that they didn’t want it. If they really didn’t want it; it wouldn’t even be a discussion. What neither Boris Johnson nor the BRF expected was that the various government departments would kick up such a public fuss against it. Usually, anything that affects the royals gets treated with kid gloves but I think this is just so offensive they feel empowered to speak up. Of course the royal family is leaking that they are against it but if they were really against it all it would take is one phone call to Johnson. The BRF has also been saying that they would take any additional money from the government to make up loss of income due to COVID but then last week it was announced that the government had approved a measure to subsidize the sovereign grant going forward. They guaranteed to get the same amount even if total income goes down which it is expected to. So they received £85m last year. They will not receive less than that no matter how deep the decline in income. Of course the media didn’t pay any attention to that. They were too busy pretending they didn’t know rhr difference between the fiscal year and the calendar year and trying it paint the Sussexes as liars.

    • Jay says:

      Excellent points – if individual departments in a right- leaning government are refusing to fund this, it says a lot. Maybe they can read the writing on the wall.

  13. Jodes says:

    If the boat is ever commissioned and launched by ffqc they could name it HRH Buttons McButtface in honour of her lynchpinning and steady rocking.

  14. Rnot says:

    That naval outfit… did she really outline her womb in gold buttons? What on Earth?