Adam Demos on filming Sex/Life’s sex scenes: ‘it’s so mechanical’

At the end of June, Netflix released a trashy, B-movie styled train wreck series called Sex/Life. And yes I spent a full day watching the entire series which culminated in episode three. No I will not give the timestamp because then I’d be telling on myself. Australian hottie Adam Demos, whom I started liking after seeing him in Falling Inn Love with Christina Milian, attracted me to the series. Adam’s privates made a cameo in the show which is what everyone has been talking about AND there was more gratuitous sex in Sex/Life than Bridgerton and Game of Thrones combined (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but I stand by it). While on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Adam discussed how filming the sex scenes in Sex/Life is not as sexy as it seems. In fact, doing sex scenes are extremely mechanical according to Adam. Below are a few more highlights via E! Online:

“It’s not, I mean, hopefully it looks convincing, but it’s so mechanical, it’s ridiculous,” Adam shared.

He explained that it’s not as glamourous as some might think, saying, “People ask if you get carried away, but you’ve got sound guys and cameramen right around you with the big beards. That’s a bit of a turn off.”

The hosts then asked if his co-star was nude while he was there filming. “No, not at all,” Adam replied. “It’s a closed set, but you’ve got modesty… I look like a Ken doll, which is embarrassing.”

However, the Falling Inn Love star was, in fact, nude for his spiciest moments.

Sex/Life creator Stacy Rukeyser, who previously worked with Adam as a writer and producer on UnREAL, told Collider that no, “That’s not a body double” in that shower scene. “I mean, people usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic?” Stacy said, though she didn’t quite answer that one, saying, “And I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it, which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination.”

[From E! Online]

I’m going to keep it a buck, the sex scenes in this show LOOKED mechanical. There were times when you can tell that Adam and Sarah are actually a couple because there was a lot of chemistry but 90% of the time I felt like I was watching a soft pr0n that was filmed in an alley. I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t look away. The life of a suburban mom is a literal nightmare to me and this show definitely put me off it for all eternity. Also, Adam is a whole snack (like seriously, what is in the water in Australia?) and Sarah Shahi is a very lucky woman.

I am so tired of actors having to talk about filming sex scenes when they are doing their promo tours. Like seriously, many of them have already answered this question. Filming sex scenes is uncomfortable and not sexy at all. And even when an intimacy coach is deployed and everyone is being professional, it is still unsexy. Anyways, I love how Adam took the questioning in stride. I also think it is tacky that folks are asking if the full frontal was all him. Why does it matter? Just enjoy the damn show. Sex/Life is based on an actual diary so I wonder if Netflix will bring it back for a season two. If they do, I hope the acting and writing is better because a pretty face can only take the show so far.



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photos credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

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  1. LORENA says:

    This show was terrible and the ending was terrible too

  2. Mtec says:

    I hate to crush dreams, but i have a friend who worked on the show. It’s 100% a prosthetic, the intimacy coordinator put it on him. I don’t know what they’re getting out of lying about it.

    • Cee says:

      Have more people watching the show to keep the numbers up and get a second season? That’s where my logic takes me lol

      • Mtec says:

        LOLL @Cee touché
        I’m just surprised they’re trynna lie about it cause a lot of people in production knew. So it’s a pretty easy thing to debunk.

  3. Brandi says:

    The show is called Sex/Life, and is known for basically being softcore, yet you dont like that the actor was asked about filming sex scenes? What else is he supposed to be asked about – the terrible writing?

  4. dea says:

    God, this guy has such a punchable face, something about his (awful) hair style, nose and ears combo. His mug just pisses me off lol, maybe because he looks like Alex Pettyfer? idk

    • Veronika says:

      OMG, yes! That’s who he reminds me of.
      Extremely punchable.

    • NiqGee says:

      This is exactly who he reminded me of…LOL

      I think they should play siblings in something…tv show, movie, I don’t care. I want to see them be ridiculous, punchable and attractive with each other.

    • elle says:

      This is the first I’ve ever seen or heard of this person, but by the time I scrolled to that final photo… COSIGN.

  5. Scarlett says:

    There are no words to describe just how much I hated that movie, Ep 4 is where I called it quits, and I AM a suburban housewife lol.

  6. Songs(Oritdidnthappen) says:

    I’m going to “get off my lawn” a little and say that I’m fecking tired of the competition between movie networks and streaming networks to produce sexier hotter sex scenes. I’d love to watch a well made drama produced by a prestige network that isn’t chocked full of T&A (and D). If I want to watch p*rn, I can watch p*rn. And there should be a nice niche between NBC procedural and actual p*rn for people like me.

  7. Cee says:

    This was such a toxic story OMG. The PHD candidate in psychology needed actual therapy. In fact, every single character needs therapy. Even little Hudson who, at times, I found absolutely creepy!

    The acting was sooooo cringe. Especially Demos’.

    • TeamAwesome says:


    • Ann says:

      YES to the Hudson comment!!!!

    • Cee says:

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who found him creepy lol

    • Mimi says:

      Yes!! Hudson was always creeping in the background lol

    • NiqGee says:

      This! Exactly this!
      The kid was creepy. The husband was milquetoast. She was terrible. Her mid-life crisis was that she wanted her old life back where she was a woman with agency and goals, not that she wanted her old d*ck back. How would a psychology PhD candidate not recognise that? And her friend should have noticed it too. It’s the job not the d*ck.

      I liked her friend though. Only person I liked. Admittedly, I’m not finished with the series so her character could go south after that, but she’s it for now.

  8. questions says:

    This show is so ridiculous. I couldn’t believe they got real actors for it. I don’t think there was anything else to ask about but the sex scenes. There didn’t seem to be much writing going on.

    I did wonder if the actors were going out in real life because they seemed to prove Joey Tribiani’s theory on Friends (i.e real life couples don’t produce any heat).

  9. Case says:

    I can’t watch shows like this with so many gratuitous scenes. I found Bridgerton embarrassing to watch for the same reason. I don’t get the appeal.

    • BrainFog says:

      Me neither. If I want to watch sexy stuff, I watch pron. I don’t understand the market for this.

    • ... says:

      Sex is an important part of life for most people and it deserves to be shown, just like any other part of the human experience.

      I mean, I don’t seek media with explicit sex scenes, but if they happen and it’s not r@pe then it’s all good. IDK why people make a huge deal about sex scenes. Do y’all want to go back to the times of the Hays Code or what?

    • Thirtynine says:

      Agreed. Way too much. Better writing and less sex scenes please!

  10. Caroline says:

    This show was objectively bad, but I had so much fun watching it. I’ve loved him since he was on UnReal.

  11. Meredith says:

    I watched the whole thing and I want those 9 hours back. It was basically skinamax but on Netflix, same horrible acting and same horrible sex scenes. I hated all the characters, especially the serial killer son. And the first thing I thought of when I saw the peen was a geoduck.

    And who leaves their sex journal on a computer without a password or hiding the file?!

    Jezebel had a good article about the show and how everyone was horrible.

  12. The Voice says:

    I don’t watch a show like this for the writing, the acting, or the realism. It’s a total escape, over-the-top, and so good. Beautiful people experiencing a range of emotions, building up tension, and having a release and some sex thrown in – what’s not to love? I don’t watch p0rn (is it sad that I don’t know how to access it?) so this works for me! I’ll take more sex over violence on TV any day. And if Billie can get turned on/get off so easily, bravo to her!

    My only complaint besides Adam Demos’ punchable face was Billie just being so tormented and scatter-brained. I’m like, lady, own it. You want both. If that’s really how you feel, then be at peace with it and figure out if it can work with the people in your life. Bring on season 2!

  13. Superkatt says:

    Am I the only one fixated by her large nipples ? Every episode I HAd to ask. Are those Damn things real ?
    Forget the penis !! Dem nipples tho

    • The Voice says:

      That didn’t even occur to me! Maybe because that’s what my nipples looked like when I was breastfeeding. Long pencil eraser nipples. They were real so I could accept that these were as well.

  14. questions says:

    I was surprised the two men didn’t ditch the lady and just go for a beer. I think in soap operas we usually see the Adam Demos character written as a woman stalking a family man and she’s usually seen as crazy.

    • The Voice says:

      You’re right! Maybe that’s why I like this… it flipped the script and made the married lady (a mother, even!) the desirable one to an unattached guy. And it gave the husband a complex.

      • inka says:

        Exactly! A woman would be considered crazy but overall it flipped the script. Overall I don’t hate it at all! Also it shows how you can create a mini monster/broken man – husband.

  15. Bobbie says:

    I could “suffer” through mechanical sex with him. :)