Angelina Jolie presented diplomas in a beekeeper’s kit to Bee School graduates

Angelina Jolie has been the face of Guerlain for years now. It’s been a great partnership for her – Guerlain makes great ads with Jolie, and they’ve partnered with her on some charitable endeavors. Guerlain apparently approached Angelina about another partnership this year: a bee partnership. Guerlain began working with UNESCO’s “Women For Bees” initiative and Angelina became “the face” of that work. She’s the godmother to Women For Bees, and she cares a lot about teaching women to operate their own professional apiaries. Which leads into this: Angelina went to France to hand out diplomas to the first graduating class of Bee School.

Angelina Jolie managed to make a full beekeeper’s suit look glamorous as she presented graduates of the French Apidology Observatory with their diplomas Wednesday. Jolie partnered with French fragrance and cosmetics house Guerlain for the “Women for bees” project, along with UNESCO and the Observatoire Français d’Apidologie.

Per UNESCO, “ten women from five biosphere reserves will be welcomed to a 30-day accelerated training course at OFA’s Domaine de la Sainte-Baume (Provence, France) every year. Over five years, 50 participants will learn the theoretical and practical bases of beekeeping, including the running of a professional apiary.”

“At the end of the training, participants will have acquired all the protocols allowing them to sustain the life of their bee colonies and to become fully professional beekeeper-entrepreneurs, and members of an international network of female beekeepers.”

The program began on June 21, which means Jolie was presenting the inaugural class of the program with their credentials. She wore a tan dress and sandals for the presentation part of the ceremony, switching into the more familiar beekeeping outfit — which she paired with a set of chic boots.

[From Page Six]

Page Six had the exclusive photos, which I’ve linked to below. She seemed jazzed to be in a beekeeper’s kit and you can see her examining the hives and chatting with the graduates. It’s so cool that UNESCO is doing this accelerated training course and I hope they offer the class in other countries too! More people would be into beekeeping if it meant they got to spend an afternoon with Angelina.

IG courtesy of National Geographic.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    Kate is going to be so pissed that Angelina got that beekeeper’s suit photo-op and that she didn’t think of it first

  2. Piratewench says:

    She really does look lovely in the beekeeper suit. Wow.
    Bees are so important. There are less and less bees. I live in the same area where I always have, northeast, and I had so many bee stings as a child from walking barefoot in the clover flowers. My kids run around barefoot all the time in our clover covered yard and have yet to have even one bee sting. It’s disturbing how much they have disappeared in 39 years time. We have plenty of carpenter bees around (the big ones that don’t sting) but honeybees are a rare sighting. It’s unsettling.

    • JC says:

      In Stannis Baratheon voice:

    • Venus says:

      Plant native plants in your garden or yard — there are lots of area-specific resources available online. It makes a ton of difference and doesn’t have to look “weedy”. Native plants can be as beautiful as the usual nursery plants, and provide food and shelter for bees and native insects as well!

      Since you’re in the northeast, check out the suggestions here:

      • Piratewench says:

        Thank you! We allow our yard to grow however nature intends, we don’t plant grass and we only maintain a small part of it being mowed. Mostly it’s a little forest. All the surrounding yards are manicured and have perfect, sprawling lawns of fancy looking grass, with mulched beds and all that
        Our yard attracts lots of animals. We have a skunk, raccoons, possum, many squirrels and birds. We only prune back a little here and there when things are out of control. We let nature take its course and allow habitat for the animals, and our kids love exploring our natural yard. I’ll check the link and see what we can bring in next spring. Thank you!

  3. Lily P says:

    I absolutely adore bumble bees, I’m lucky enough to have three nests of different breeds in my garden this year. Little fuzzy cute things everywhere! 🐝

  4. Darla says:

    This is amazing, what a great thing to do.

    • Call_Me_Al says:

      Yeah, sounds like a great way to support women-owned business and bees! She’s very inventive in the way she supports different initiatives.

  5. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    She’s gorgeous.
    I would look like an escapee from the local “ahem” rest home if I tried that.

  6. Rae says:

    I love her.

  7. MangoAngelesque says:

    I can’t help but remember Jonny’s Sherlock and all his bees…he’d be so proud…

    *innocent buzzing* 🐝

  8. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    Love the tan dress she wore for the graduation ceremony. She looks so happy and relaxed.

  9. Jess says:

    I love Angelina but that Instagram video is terrifying. Is it in slow motion? It feels like a deep fake

  10. Lively says: