Pamela Anderson is in denial, claims she isn’t broke


Last week, Star Magazine had a surprisingly no-bullsh-t piece about Pamela Anderson’s general financial situation. It seems Pamela owes more than $1.2 million in construction costs and back taxes, and Star had quotes from a few of the contractors who did work for Pamela and weren’t paid. Many of the companies have gone the legal route, and taken liens out on Pamela’s Malibu home. It’s totally possible that if this situation isn’t resolved, Pamela could lose her home.

Instead of just admitting that she’s in a financial pickle (or she could just, you know, keep her mouth shut), Pamela has decided to show us what denial looks like. Denial is not pretty. Denial is a busted face and big, ugly, fake bazongas. Here’s denial:

Pamela Anderson says she’s not bankrupt – thank you very much – and is firing back against allegations that she owes more than $1 million to contractors and back taxes.

“I’m financially secure and I want to thank everyone who expressed concern for me based on these rumors,” Anderson said in a statement Monday. “I am actually touched at how much concern has been expressed for me over this. It is true that I am in a dispute with some of the contractors working on my home. This is because after paying millions of dollars to build the house I continue to get bills from the contractors.”

L.A. County records show that five construction companies have filed liens for unpaid bills for remodeling work done on the star’s Malibu home, with one company claiming $674,043 alone for “labor and materials … to remodel main house, construct swimming pool, construct foundations for guest house.”

Repeated calls to the contractors were not returned.

“My lawyers are reviewing the work done to see if the bills are fair,” Anderson continues. “If they are, they’ll be paid. If they aren’t, they won’t be. I am just sorry [one of the contractors] went to the press, especially when I was working out of the country.”

County records also show that Anderson owes $252,360.39 in back state taxes and penalties for 2007.

Anderson added, “On a separate issue, mistakes may have been made in calculating taxes owed and we are now in the process of ensuring that any taxes owed are paid.”

[From People]

I would be perfectly willing to give someone other than Pam the benefit of the doubt. I might even give Pam the benefit of the doubt, had it just been one contractor who put a lien against her home. But there are like five contractors who haven’t got paid! That, plus the back taxes, it makes me think that Pamela has some serious financial worries. Last time I said that Pam should get her real estate license. My next suggestion is that she should make another sex tape with someone really unexpected (Sparkles Pattz!), and sell it for profit. Even though she looks busted, I’m sure a lot of guys still would pay for that sh-t.

Here’s Pamela Anderson makeup as she drives in Malibu on September 19th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. AlaskaJoey says:

    She does have very nice teeth considering how busted the rest of her is.

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    Kaiser, remember a few months ago when Courtney Love said Pam was broke? I read it right here–but I didn’t pay attention to it, because frankly, who does pay attention to CLove. Now I guess she was right!

  3. BW says:

    Except for the tattoos and the open sores, she actually kinda looks cute here. At least she’s wearing a bra.

  4. Sigh. says:

    There is this show called “Curse of the Lottery,” w/ a guy from Ky. who won $47m (before taxes).
    He lost his $1.2m home for non-payment of $8k in fees and he too made the exact same statement of oversight, unfair bookkeeping, etc and promised future payment.
    Long story long, the last time I read about him, he was in a county hospital with nothing but a blood-born disease (his drug habit didn’t help).

    Pam better get real and get out there and work it like Ed McMahon (RIP), cuz the gov’t is gonna get their $$, one way or another!

  5. latvian lady says:

    How can she be broke?! She must still be raking in royalties from Baywatch. That show was hugely popular even outside the US; it’s probably still being broadcast in the third world. The only explanation is that Pam must have poor financial managers. She was making at least a million a year in her prime. If she would have invested conservatively just a fraction of that she’d be set for life. I just cannot for the life of me understand how stupid stars are with their money…

  6. valupack says:

    I think she spent all her money on wife beater tanks and boob job revisions. Oh and coke

  7. Simba says:

    That’s horrible…our poor sweet pamela anderson. I don’t think she’s really broke. come on, shes got money somewhere tucked away! I wish her the best, she still looks great. Its amazing! i hope I age that gracefully!


  8. Broke or not – Pamela Anderson has seriously “hit the wall”. She needs to be saving her cash for her next plastic surgery (not spending it on remodeling her home). I have not seen a good photo of her in quite some time …

  9. RubyKaur says:

    She looks dirty to me….like she needs to shower. Oh, and what the heck happened to her nose? Maybe I just never noticed it cause her tit were so big…

  10. Heavenbound says:

    She looks awful. I do not agree with the comment on the teeth. she looks busted all over.

  11. GatsbyGal says:

    A barbed wire tattoo… really?

    You stay classy, Pam.

  12. Vermithrax says:

    I love all the broken/busted calls. Made one myself on DListed.

    That’s how I roll.

  13. Ameia says:

    I know for a fact that contractors, yes nearly ALL of them, tailor their bills according to the wallets of those who hire them.

    I don’t doubt for a second they’re milking those big boobs, not realizing silicone doesn’t lactate.

    All wealthy and famous people are subject to paying exponentially higher costs for anything that can subjectively be inflated.

  14. overit says:

    Gad she looks like she’s been ridden hard and put away sweaty…when you see pics of her from years ago when she was just starting out, you can’t believe it’s the same person.