Lamar Odom’s ex on hearing about his quickie marriage via text message

Khloe Kardashian and fiance Lamar Odom at the Lobster restaurant in Santa Monica for their wedding rehersal
Last week, Lamar Odom’s ex and the mother of his two surviving children, Liza Morales, gave an interview that was briefly published on E! Online in which she explained that she found out about his planned wedding to Khloe Kardashian via text message and said “I thought it was a joke.” (E! has since removed that article, probably because they air the Kardashians’ two reality shows and realized it might not be a great idea to point out that the wedding they’re so heavily promoting wasn’t that well thought out. You can still read Morales’ interview on this cache of the page.)

Morales told E! that a wedding wasn’t like “a fabulous pair of shoes” and required forethought and consideration. She said that she was surprised Odom was getting married because he’s been a “commitment phobe” in her experience and hadn’t married her after over a decade together, an engagement and three kids. She explained that she was speaking out on behalf of her two children with Odom, Destiny, 11, and Lamar Jr., 7, and was trying to protect them from the media. (Morales and Odom also had an infant son Jayden, who passed in 2006 at six months old from SIDs.) “[My daughter] can Google Khloe, she can Google her father, so this is really serious to me. I know some people think this is entertainment, but for me, this is a life-changing experience, and I have to protect my kids.”

Now that her words have been swept under the rug, Morales isn’t going away so easily. She also granted an interview to Radar Online in which she repeated the same claim – that she was told by text message and that she’s pissed. She’s a little more outspoken in this interview, and clearly states that she was discussing a reconciliation with Odom in August and that this whirlwind marriage is a huge shock:

“I’ll never forget receiving that text it simply read: Getting married soon – want the kids to meet my future wife,” she revealed. “I’ve know Lamar for 15 years and we had three children together and he was always a real commitment phobe so finding out that he was marrying Khloe Kardashian so soon was a bombshell to say the least.

Though Morales and Odom split two years ago, the two are “in constant contact.” In face, there was recent talk of a possible reunion.

“In August this year he was talking to me about rekindling our relationship and being a family again but I told him that our two kids, Destiny and Lamar Jr, are getting older and I didn’t want to confuse them any further. Unfortunately, he hasn’t actually seen them in the past three months and when it comes to being a father it’s time that he really stepped up to the plate in that respect.”

Tragically, Odom and Morales lost their 6-month-old son Jayden to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome — a loss she believes caused a deep rift between them that never really healed. Odom, who was born and raised in South Jamaica, took the death of his son very hard and Morales hopes that he has truly come to terms with Jayden’s passing.

“Lamar lost his own mother when he was just 12-years-old and he never had the greatest relationship with his father who is still alive,” she explained. “And when we lost Jayden it hit him really hard and that definitely had an effect on our relationship – it was a big part of us growing apart.”

Despite the disintegration of their relationship, Morales only wishes him the best: “I just hope that he has found true love now and that he has got married for the right reasons – not for Hollywood, publicity, money or fame. Lamar is basically a good guy who is very charismatic but he didn’t treat me well with regard to this marriage. I don’t know Khloe Kardashian, so, I can’t really comment on her and all that is important to me is my kids.”

While Odom and Kardashian prepare for a new life in California, Morales has relocated back to New York so that she can be around her family and friends during this difficult time. She also explained an incident last week when she got rid of some of the basketball star’s clothing.

“I did get rid of some of his clothes in the re-cycle bin but that was only to clear some space in the closet and to clear his energy from my place,” she explained. “Despite everything that has happened I would never stop Lamar from seeing our kids and I’ve already checked his basketball schedule and hopefully he will be able to see them when the Lakers are on the east coast. I’m just trying to do my best right now but it has been tough at times but my kids and family keep me strong. I’ve got no intentions of going back to Los Angeles now.”

[From Radar Online]

Maybe Morales will be able to find some peace now that she’s relocated to New York and has cleared out Odom’s things from her place. Can you imagine finding out by text message that the father of your children is marrying a woman he met a month ago? I don’t blame her for speaking out, and for doing it again so that she can get the message out there. For her kids’ sake, it wasn’t the best idea though. She’s talking to the press because she’s hurt, and that’s understandable. She’s not doing much to protect her kids by bringing them up.

Khloe Kardashian and fiance Lamar Odom at the Lobster restaurant in Santa Monica for their wedding rehersal


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  1. Kris says:

    Liza, stop wasting air on these two. Worry about your kids health and nothing else. Please, do EVERYONE a favor and not speak publicly of Lamar and Khloe again. Do not fan the flames again. They want you to give them press by speaking out. DON’T DO IT… PLEASE!!

  2. n says:

    she sounds like a great lady.
    he must be a good man if he was with her.

    i wish them all the best. life is short.
    grab happiness where and when you can, but above all, don’t hate. it’s only love that matters.

  3. smallwonder2738 says:

    Liza needs to get over it. Odom and her unfortunately didn’t work out. If she is so worried about her children, she needs to let this be so the media dies down. Congrats to her, now her kids can Google how ridiculous she is acting. Yes, it does affect her personal life because of her kids–if she is so concerned, why doesn’t she talk to Odom and Khloe about her concerns instead of the press? Her and Odom aren’t together, so she needs to realize that she can’t control Odom or who he choses to be with…end of story.

  4. Eileen Yover says:

    Geez you people don’t get it. This guy was probably the love of her life, had children with him, and waiting for him to marry her. They break it off and he hooksup with some chick and marries her in a month. That’s a slap in the face! AND her children are going to be hanging with some vapid reality chick who is obbessed with celebrity. Sounds like they are in for an interesting road ahead with daddy.

  5. truth says:

    liza should have gotten on birth control or made him wear a condom. she knew what she was doing 13 years ago by having kids with a “commitment phobe”. he did not love you liza. you are not the one. you were just a breeder to this man. you let him come back and forth with no standards. khole put a standard up and lamar agreed. yes he married her after a month. something you could not accomplish in 13 years. reality hurts. after the first kid liza you should have put your standards down to lamar. if he did not marry you then move on to a man that will.

  6. Eileen Yover says:

    truth: your comment made me LOL! Yeah because Hollywood SO honors the commitment of marriage! I give these two a year…and I’m being extremely generous.

  7. truth says:

    eileen i never said the marriage would last — lmao

  8. wow says:

    I still don’t see the physical appeal to this guy. But that’s okay because I’m not the one who’s he’s not-marrying-having kids with-or marrying someone else.

    With that being said though, I also don’t see why she is feeling butt-hurt about it being that she said they were no longer together for like two years. And they were (according to her mind you) just talking about maybe reconciling. Even if that were true, according to her, she was still against getting back together with him.

  9. Katyusha says:

    I think Liza should come to terms with the fact that maybe he just didn’t want to marry HER.
    It hurts, I know. But you gotta move on, sister.

  10. TinaWithPom says:

    The marriage sounds shaky at best. Nevertheless, I wish Khloe and Lamar luck… I think they’ll need it.

    As for Liza, I understand that she needed to vent. Fine. Now that she’s vented, she needs to move on.