Donald Trump got booed for gently recommending vaccines to morons

Trump delivers update on Operation Warp Speed

Last week, we talked about how Donald Trump’s political allies have been trying to talk sense into the bloated orange monster and convince him to do something big to advocate for vaccines and masks. Trump kept refusing to do anything, because he doesn’t want to do Joe Biden any “favors” and because Trump, like all sh-tbag Republicans, is terrified of his own “base” of wingnuts. Trump thinks that if he advocates for masks and vaccines, his own MAGA Army might turn on him. To be fair, he’s probably right to be concerned, I guess. Over the weekend, Trump threw himself a Nazi rally in Alabama and he suggested that people should get vaccinated. People booed him.

In case you don’t want to watch that mess, he said:

“And you know what? I believe totally in your freedoms. I do. You’ve got to do what you have to do,” Trump said. “But I recommend take the vaccines. I did it. It’s good. Take the vaccines.”

Some boos rang out from the crowd, who were largely maskless.

“No, that’s OK. That’s all right. You got your freedoms… But I happened to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. OK? I’ll call up Alabama, I’ll say, hey, you know what? But [the vaccine] is working. But you do have your freedoms you have to keep. You have to maintain that.”

[From NBC News]

Trump talks to his own supporters like they’re dumb, dangerous children. He’s trying to placate their stupidity – “I believe totally in your freedoms” – while also gently recommending the vaccine. I don’t feel sorry for this Nazi dance he’s doing – like everything else, he opened this dumbf–k can of worms. To mix metaphors, he can’t put the genie back in the bottle. And I’m not sure he even wants to.

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  1. CherHorowitz says:

    Ahhhh. I’d forgotten he existed for a minute there. Shame.

    • EnormousCoat says:

      Yeah, deplatforming has really been great. He has no currency anymore. And Rs are steadily killing off the base by spreading COVID misinformation.

    • Dierski says:

      Same here @CherHorowitz! Its nice we can do that these days… just breathe and forget about that piece of orange trash for a minute.

    • PeacefulParsley says:

      Meanwhile he’s been quietly amassing a political war chest of $102million as of June 30. He’s courting the mouth-breathers and they are paying up. (Sometimes unwittingly, with recurring donations from people who don’t understand what “recurring” means.)

      • EnormousCoat says:

        Yeah but that money is all for his mounting debts. There are going to be charges coming, too.

    • wow says:

      Ha! I nearly didn’t have that stress recognition.

      Serious question tho—do MAGA & Q folks suspect a culling of the species (via cyber brainwashing) that is actually aimed at THEIR OWN demographic?

  2. Gil says:

    If he doesn’t convince those morons to the get the jab who is gonna vote for him during the next term? The COVID numbers are specially bad in red states. I think the orange cheeto is recommending the jab out of self preservation.

    • Mac says:

      Killing your voters is such a bad strategy, especially in swing districts.

    • Golly Gee says:

      That was my thought too. But then what are DeSantis and Abbott thinking? They seem happy to risk their base. Quick mental calculation: on the one hand they’ll have the anti-maskers’ vote, on the other hand covid is killing off the anti-vaxxers, who, let’s be honest are also anti-maskers. My brain hurts and my heart hurts (for the innocent children) when I think about these sociopaths.

    • Emma says:

      Unfortunately, I doubt their numbers will be that hard hit. Gerrymandering and voter suppression will keep the right-wingers in power for a long time. I count my blessings to live in a deep blue state.

      My brainwashed right-wing fundamentalist elderly parents are currently going through COVID (traveled to Wyoming, which is a hot spot) but don’t have a very bad case. My mom was harder hit but she just has fatigue and aches. So it will just reinforce their conspiracy theories. (I’ve tried to talk to them, as has my brother. They just shut us down. I help coordinate COVID vaccine clinics at work.)

  3. Noki says:

    And do those morons know that Trump and his family were probably one of the first people on the planet to get the jab. But ofcourse they lie to these illetrate trainwrecks.

    • Swack says:

      They don’t realize it and he perpetuates it by stating: “I happened to take the vaccine” – like he walked into a room and someone just happen to jab him with the shot. Not once but twice. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  4. fluffy_bunny says:

    What exactly are they “saving” America from? We need to be saved from their sheer stupidity.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I have a couple old classmates who routinely post memes about how the country needs saving from Biden. But they literally cannot articulate a single reason why they supposedly think this. People are just mindlessly fear mongering, mindlessly stoking anger and hate and division and reckless irresponsibility. I just can’t anymore.

      • Lady D says:

        My area has the most Covid cases in BC, and my little town has the most unvacinated 18-49yo’s in the province. Yesterday our Health Minister mandated double doses of the vaccine by the end of October if you want to patronize restaurants, bars, gyms, museums, hockey games, casinos, concerts or anywhere people gather. Without proof of double dose, you will not be allowed into any of these places. They expect to start this mandate with restaurant workers. I feel for those workers. They are not going to have it easy.
        When this mandate came out, I watched someone I used to respect refer to us as Chinada. The idiots are everywhere.

    • Mac says:

      I really wish the media would press harder on MAGA office holders so their constituents can see that they have no idea what they are talking about.

      • Trillion says:

        the media is going for clicks and advertising $. Real journalism is lower on the list.

  5. Ferdinand says:

    At least Faucci knows how to come down a ramp.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    Dump ain’t gonna react well to his base booing him but then again if he kills them all off who is going to vote for him or the Rethugs?!?!

  7. Deb says:

    Frankenstein’s monster has finally turned on its creator. 😂 someone explain it to Donnie Baggypants

  8. Robyn says:

    Is anyone surprised? If you thought FDA approval might move the needle, take a quick look at your social media this morning. Nope. Folks are even screaming about the FDA on my town FB…in Canada 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • pottymouth pup says:

      I love the people saying the FDA and pharma rushed approval of the vaccine & there isn’t enough data to support the safety & efficacy of it while also arguing there’s ample evidence of the efficacy of ivermectin and that it’s 100% safe for humans to use formulations created specifically for livestock

  9. Erin says:

    Why does he keep being alive?

    • Golly Gee says:

      He’s not. He’s being animated using a series of levers and strings, and is kept upright by a giant hand shoved up his behind.

  10. Gab says:

    I don’t understand this. For people that like Trump wouldn’t they think pushing the vaccine through quickly was the Trump administration’s biggest accomplishment? I thought they wanted the vaccine while Trump was in office.

  11. Lynne says:

    Is no surprise….Trump said at a Nevada Rally in early 2016 and it is recorded, easy to google.
    “I love the poorly educated” and they cheered him saying that. They are still idiots.

  12. Lizzie says:

    The irony is these people claiming they are not sheep and won’t take the vaccine, don’t recognize they ARE the sheep mindlessly following internet nonsense instead of going to the cdc website. Each time one of them says they are not sheep, I silently say to my self ‘your kids can put that on your tombstone’.

  13. Lizzie says:

    Cnn interviewed a lady at the rally and asked if she will get the vaccine now. She said she is tired of talking about it and just wants to follow God. So will she get the vaccine now?, ‘no, I’m not a sheep’. Not sure the chapter and verse where she found that gem.

    • Erin says:

      That’s where most of the anti vaxers that I see are at now. It started out as following trump off the cliff but now it has pivoted to being all about their “faith” in God protecting them. Oh and vaccines and masks are demonic because, reasons.

      • Golly Gee says:

        And yet there are many pastors who believed that God would protect them and yet they died of Covid. I guess they just didn’t believe sincerely enough, didn’t pray hard enough. There’s always a rationalization that will keep fanatics from facing the truth. It’s the same with Q anon. Isn’t Trump supposed to be president again by mid August? Well, it could be September. 🙄

      • AMA1977 says:

        I will never understand how these morons have spun things to themselves so that instead of rejoicing in God’s gift of a vaccine (if that’s your viewpoint, it’s not mine, I think human ingenuity and hard work gave us the gift of the vaccine), they consider this remarkable advancement the tool of some evil force. Do they also renounce automobiles, air conditioning, running water, and refrigeration? All created by science and man. And they go to the hospital when they inevitably get sick with the virus, so…science=evil when it’s preventive, but holy when your stupidity catches up with you???

        I am just white-knuckling until my not-quite-nine-year-old can get vaccinated, and if they all kill themselves off “not being sheep” after that, IDGAF.

      • olliesmom says:

        I consider these vaccines actual miracles.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Yes it’s interesting how the faith in God and in ones natural immune system flies out the window at the onset of shortness of breath – then they are begging those despised science- based health care professionals for whatever artificial or experimental remedies exist. I’d have more respect for these people if they’d suffer and die in their own beds, and leave the hospitals functional for the rest of society.

    • Trillion says:

      A Christian claiming to be “not a sheep”. oh the irony…..

  14. Lululu says:

    Unfortunately, he just moved to fringe platforms where there are zero dissenting voices, and the people who follow him just went along with him. The only thing that changed is that those of us who disagree don’t have as much access, which is less stressful, but I wonder if it’s a good thing.

  15. The Recluse says:


  16. jferber says:

    Because even trump is no longer fuckhead enough for what he spawned. A cruel irony.