Debbie Harry in Zac Posen at the Met Gala: nailed the theme?

I know people have mixed opinions about Zac Posen, but I’ve loved his Met Gala looks ever since he created that light up ball gown for Claire Danes in 2016. He picked an American original to dress this year, Debbie Harry, and I loved the result. This was one of several denim dresses, with Lupita Nyong’o in another notable look.

Zac explained to Keke Palmer that he brought these jeans with him on a trip or something and worked them for a while to create the jacket bust of the dress. Look at the framing on that red and off-white striped skirt and how it trails in the back. This is fabulous and he picked the perfect model, punk pioneer Blondie. I love this!

Paloma Elsesser was also in Zac Posen, in this fishtail red dress with a heart bodice made of delicately folded layers. Look at how the material continues from the tie at the shoulder down along one arm. Posen’s dresses have impressive details



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in Brother Vellies, in a white gown with the message “Tax The Rich” in red on the back. It feels like this could have been a bit less, how do I say this, easy to mock? It costs at least $30k to attend the Met Gala, that’s all I’m saying. She did address this on her Instagram though, saying she was invited. That makes sense.


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Carolyn Maloney, another NY Congresswoman, was one of the first arrivals in this Equal Rights for Women dress. She understood the assignment!
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  1. Missjo says:

    Miz Harry looked Phenomenal!!!

  2. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    Paloma Elsesser has easily my favourite look of all the gowns on MG this year.
    I like these classic, shape-showing dresses the most, and the colour is gorgeous and suits her.

    • josephine says:

      She looked like a sophisticated wonder woman!!

    • Size Does Matter says:

      This dress is a master class on how any size woman can look stunning.

    • Anners says:

      I was not previously familiar with Paloma Elsessor and I’d be very happy to see more of her – she is breathtakingly gorgeous. And (as a plus sized woman) it’s refreshing to see other women whose bodies are more similar to mine be seen as normal and beautiful. More please!

  3. Jezz says:

    Blondie and AOC won the Met!

    • MF1 says:

      They totally did. AOC is my best dressed because of how she approached the theme. She said that as a Latina, she felt the best way to dress to the theme was to take on the institution. That’s very much what POC do in America so I loved her dress.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Absolutely. That’s how you do it.

    • Anne Call says:

      AOC won everything. The perfect dress for the event and so appropriate for what America faces and must fix. Also, no one invited pays for a ticket. This was the appropriate venue for this message-just so on point.

  4. Noki says:

    Debbie looks gorgeous,now thats how you age gracefully.

  5. Becks1 says:

    Debbie Harry looks gorgeous, I love how the red and white is framed out on a hoop skirt, it reminds me of Little House on the Prairie (in a good all-american kind of way.)

    • LadyMTL says:

      Yes Debbie Harry got it right, unlike a lot of the other women who just put on a pretty dress and called it a day (it’s the Costume Gala, dangnabbit! Go nuts!)
      The hoop skirt combined with the jean jacket…old and modern America. I wish more celebs had gone this route.

    • Anners says:

      LOVED this take on the theme! I loved the denim jacket, which seems quintessentially American and modern, and how the stripes on the old fashioned hoop skirt are a bit tattered and imperfect (kind of like the US has taken a beating in the past few years and your history isn’t perfect) but there’s this strange juxtaposition like, ‘yes, our past is flawed, but there are some beautiful things in there, too, and we have hope for the future still.’ I’m not sure I’m articulating my thoughts too clearly, but as a non-american this is what I saw in her outfit and I loved it.

  6. Bettyrose says:

    Debbie Harry nailed the theme by existing. ❤️

  7. August Rain says:

    The ubiquitous US flag is a no-no for me, even on an iconic Debbie Harry.
    AOC for the win. Simple and, let’s face it, very against 70% of the Met Gala guests. And no, I don’t see any contradiction here. Fighting the system from within.

    • PPP says:

      I don’t even think it’s fighting the system from within. Billionaires are on a whole different level that someone who makes less than 200,000 a year, I mean she isn’t even a millionaire, she’s still pretty solidly in the middle class. I’m a minimum wage essential worker and I can recognize that. Tone policing is not helpful here. Reminds me of the Russell Brand “When I complained about inequality and I was poor they called me bitter, when I complained about inequality when I was rich they called me a hypocrite, seems like they just don’t want me to complain about inequality at all…” Not an exact quote but you get the idea.

      • August Rain says:

        Very true, that quote. It’s a very simple way to shut people up: you complain about fossil fossil use, yet you take the plane; you worry about micro-plastics but you buy plastic wrapped food… Guiltying people is not the way to go, we all do our best and, to be honest, when you are aware of the contradictions you have to undergo to keep on making a living, it can be even more painful and alienating. But closing one’s eyes is not an option.
        But by fighting the system from within I meant that she is going there as a middle-class woman telling the rich, in their own territory, to get a grip. I didn’t say she was there as a millionaire.

    • Ange says:

      Well it wasn’t technically the flag anyway

  8. LightPurple says:

    Debbie looks awesome. The denim top is styled like the leather biker jackets she loves to wear and that skirt is incredible.

    Carolyn Maloney and AOC look great and are having lots of fun with it. The right-wing pundits like Ben Shapiro,, Charlie Kirk, and Junior Trump, who all openly lust for AOC, were flipping out last night at this look.

    • Truthiness says:

      Yes, Deborah Harry, AOC, Carolyn Mahoney and Amanda Gorman are some of my favorites – dressed on theme, stayed true to themselves and had fun with it. Cara Delavigne’s “Peg the Patriarchy” was cheeky fun too. Wtf with Don Jr and Ben Shapiro, do they have google alerts for AOC so they can quick make up some garbage? They clearly did not notice the guest list was skewed to include those under 30, you tubers, tik tok creators and up and comers that are clearly not in the 1%. Plus the fact that protesting has been in the American lexicon since at least the Boston Tea Party, it’s not new to add it to clothing (hello 1960s).

  9. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    Yes! Debbie Harry and Zac Posen for the win!

  10. Monica says:

    Madonna, take note.

  11. rainbowkitty says:

    Debbie nailed it for sure. This is what I expected from Rihanna.

  12. L says:

    Debbie for the win!! And Rihanna in the navy – gorgeous!

  13. cabooklover says:

    Debbie Harry’s dress was AH MAH ZING!!

  14. GrnieWnie says:

    Too literal. Too literal=less creative interpretation involved.

    Also, the Met Gala probably reserves tickets for politicians. They’re there as part of their jobs, not a campaign.

  15. girl_ninja says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to work on having a bill or two passed like congressperson Lauren Underwood who came in the same class as AOC.

    • Jayne says:


    • Marie says:

      Yes, just because you are invited, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to attend. Especially when there were protesters outside the gala. Read the room. Our public servants aren’t celebrities, and they need to start legislating instead of being mouth pieces. I don’t think she owned anyone last night except herself.

      • sally says:

        This. I have seen so many defences of her saying that she didn’t pay for the dress, but she just could not have gone? It feels performative and hollow, she’s positioning herself as this voice against the establishment yet is happy to jump at the chance to party with them. And the American obsession with “celebrity politicians” is sad and disturbing.

      • Robert says:

        And how many people who don’t keep up with politics but do celebs saw this. Maybe it got some of them thinking. You can’t just stay in your little bubble and change the world. You have to be a part of the world. And unfortunately Wintour and her group are a big part of the world and have a lot of influence.

      • Molly says:

        Ocasio-Cortez attended a politically charged and internationally renowned event held annually in the city that elected her to the U.S. Congress. She didn’t crash some Hollywood event — she was invited as a resident of New York City and congressional representative.

        She has *every right* — some might even say obligation — to utilize the platform afforded her by such a high profile hometown event.

  16. Truthiness says:

    I can’t decide if AOC’s dress uses the Chik Fil A font, or maybe a font from the cover of a Dr. Suess book.

  17. Scal says:

    AOC should have declined the invitation. And I say that as someone that likes her. It was tacky and the $5k dress didn’t help.

    Debbie Harry and iman were the best dressed. I loved Harry’s hoop skirt. It’s a coture costume party-not a red carpet!

    • Carmen says:

      Why should she have declined it? It was a fun event and she and Carolyn Mahoney both got their messages across.

  18. Ray says:

    I think what people don’t understand about AOC is that she is saying tax herself and like that is the point??

  19. Athena says:

    AOC represents NY in Congress and this is a quintessential NY event, and she brought in some humor.
    I thought Debbie Harris nailed the theme.

    • Molly says:

      Exactly! People finger-wagging at her for attending are just looking for something to complain about.

  20. Jess says:

    I’m still catching up on all the outfits but so far Debbie’s dress is my favorite, but Paloma! Omg she looks amazing!!!!

  21. Murphy says:

    Isn’t the 30K for a charity in the state she represents? It’s not like she spent it on cheeseburgers and hookers like others we know.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      The Met Gala is a fundraiser for the Costume Institute which is the fashion department of the museum.

      • ME says:

        Is that really a “charity” though? How many millions are raised each year for the Costume Institute in New York City? What do they do with all that money? Who does it help? I’m genuinely asking.

      • Carmen says:

        @ME: the Costume Institute is the only department of the Met that depends solely on private donations. The Gala is what keeps it in operation.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The money helps store and preserve clothing history. Clothing is an artifact, like other pieces of history that aren’t wearable. Keeping textiles in condition so they don’t disintegrate is a big task. They are at risk from body oils, temperatures, bugs that like fabric, etc.

  22. Carmen says:

    AOC’s dress was drop-dead gorgeous and she was wearing the hell out of it.

  23. K says:

    DH is effing fabulous!

  24. Sof says:

    Debbie is such an icon, I don’t get why people are constantly posting pictures of her youth, she is still amazing! (I know it’s sad that she had some work done, but still)

  25. J ferber says:

    Everyone looked really good. Bravo. And tax the damn rich!

  26. dj says:

    I usually do not like much of Zac Posen but when he gets it right. He gets it right! Everyone looks great. I think Debbie is my favorite gown but damn. That woman in red (not familiar) is breathtaking! I love that gown. I showed my husband and he stopped on her and said she was gorgeous.

  27. SomeChick says:

    Zac Posen is an absolute genius at fit. I would love a custom Zac dress!

    I hope Debbie Harry gets to keep wearing that jacket. amazing lewk & so on point.

  28. Valerie says:

    Debbie looks amazing. I didn’t think of the US flag when I saw it, even if that’s what it’s supposed to be. It just made me think of the collectable Christmas Barbie that I had as a kid.