Britney Spears will sign the prenup after her conservatorship officially ends

(FILE) Britney Spears Is Engaged to Sam Asghari After Nearly 5 Years Together

Everything is coming up Free Britney! Last week, Jamie Spears filed papers to formally end his daughter’s conservatorship, and this week, Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart has responded to Jamie, basically detailing the best way to structure the transition from Britney’s full conservatorship to something a lot looser. The main priority for Rosengart and Britney is to get Jamie the f–k out of Britney’s estate entirely. Rosengart has indicated to the court and to the public that the financial side of the conservatorship has been a really bonkers grift for years, and that Jamie has always exerted too much control over Britney’s person and her money.

If Jamie Spears opened the door to end his daughter’s 13-year-long conservatorship, then Britney and her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, have just barreled through that door, because they’ve just filed documents setting the stage to end the conservatorship this Fall. Rosengart just filed legal docs in which he agrees with Jamie Spears on one point — the conservatorship no longer serves a legitimate purpose and should end immediately. Furthermore, Rosengart agrees with Jamie that the conservatorship should be terminated without any further medical evaluation … something Britney expressed to the judge back in June.

Rosengart says there have been changed circumstances that warrant the end of the conservatorship … namely, the judge already allowed Britney to select her own lawyer … the point being she has the “capacity and capability to identify, engage, and instruct counsel of her own choice.” In the docs, Rosengart quotes Jamie’s document, “If Ms. Spears wants to terminate the conservatorship and believes that she can handle her own life, Mr. Spears believes that she should get that chance.” In effect, Brit and her lawyer are saying, True That!

Britney is asking that a “termination plan” be formulated immediately so the conservatorship could wind down in its entirety. Now, the hearing a week from today is to get Jamie out of the conservatorship immediately, and Rosengart offered a litany of reasons why that must happen. He claims Jamie has raked in millions and he needs to be out immediately.

Rosengart says Jamie never had any business being a conservator … he has no training in economics or finance and his own finances were in disarray. Britney’s lawyer says the judge should appoint a conservator of her estate on a temporary basis to replace Jamie while a plan is put in place to end the conservatorship altogether.

[From TMZ]

I genuinely hope that Mathew Rosengart doesn’t turn out to be a villain, because I feel like he’s doing a bang-up job. Despite complaints from the Free Britney crowd, I also feel like Jodi Montgomery is doing a good job and Britney trusts her, which is one of the most important things. The biggest priority remains getting Jamie out and freeing Britney from having the legal status of a child. That will clear the path for her to marry Sam Asghari, and Rosengart also told the court that the prenup is being written up right now:

Rosengart links the urgency to removed the conservatorship to Britney’s recent engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and reveals that she does plan to get a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets.

“To all the reasons why immediate suspension always has been required, we now can add another essential one: as has been publicly reported, Ms. Spears recently became engaged,” state the court papers, obtained by E! News. “With Ms. Spears’s consent and pursuant to her instructions, Ms. Spears and the undersigned counsel are in the process of engaging a family law attorney to craft a prenuptial agreement.”

The filing continues, “The prenuptial agreement process will require communications with and cooperation from the Conservator of her Estate but, as referenced above and well-established in the record, given that Ms. Spears’ s relationship with that Conservator (her father) is broken, Mr. Spears’s continued involvement would impede the ability to negotiate and consummate a contract that all can agree is in Ms. Spears’s best interests.”

[From E! News]

Basically, this is all pretty precarious at the moment because legally – right now, at this moment – Britney still can’t technically make the decision to marry or sign a prenup or anything like that, because she’s still under the conservatorship. Rosengart’s first priority is getting Jamie out and ending this legal quagmire so that Britney can then sign a good prenup and be free to marry Sam. And lord, I hope it’s a good prenup.

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20 Responses to “Britney Spears will sign the prenup after her conservatorship officially ends”

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  1. Noki says:

    I hope its a solid prenup,i hate when prenups dont hold up and making them pointless. Also i hope all the leeches are well gone before Britney signs any new deals. If she wishes to get back to the industry she can make a ton of money with the right representatives(someone suggested Benny Medina). I am sure so many brands,beauty, media,vegas residency deals await her.

  2. Dana says:

    Jamie her father hand selected this boyfriend. He should not be trusted & he wants to be set for life with Britney’s money.


    • Noki says:

      Did Jamie actually select him as a boyfriend or just approve after the fact?

    • Oh_Hey says:

      I think your thinking of Jason Traywick – the guy one or two before that almost married Britney and became her co- conservator.

      That sitch always sounded bad news bears but Sam has been openly anti-Jamie essentially from the start.

    • HeyJude says:

      I’m pretty sure she met Sam through him being her trainer or through her visiting a gym for while. He’s posted lots of stuff against Jamie. If he was brought in by him, Jamie’s clearly lost control of him.

      Honestly, he doesn’t read like a plotter to me. He seems a little like a jock type who’s still sort of naive. I think Britney genuinely impresses him so he’ll be protective of her. He just probably wants to lift weights, go on hikes, and have some kids. It’s kind of quaint.

      He’s perfect for Britney in that way. I hope their story ends in many years together and great happiness because she surely deserves it.

      • Testington says:

        They met when he was in one of her music videos. Ya know like how she met Kevin when he was her backup dancer.

  3. taris says:

    sam has been vocal about his dislike of jamie, and he’s accused him of constantly throwing obstacles at his relationship with britney.
    i quite like him, and i think he and brit are a cute couple. but then, i’m a romantic at heart, so…

    the prenup is a great idea, anyhow.

  4. Miss M says:

    They met on the set of a video.

  5. forgotuser12 says:

    I wish her all the luck, she’s gonna need it. It’s so obvious this guy is a user and if he had any empathy he would of not proposed at a time when Britney is very vulnerable. I’m not exactly sure if she had a prenup with Kfed but he gets paid so much child support he doesn’t have to work. I really do hope I’m wrong and he’s in it for the real deal.

    • canichangemyname? says:

      My thinking was that they’ve been in this relationship for like 5 years. I figure they probably talked about it prior to this and agreed they’d get engaged officially once she was on the road to freedom. I doubt he sprung this on her without any discussion. Five years is a long time, it’s not like he just appeared out of nowhere the minute it looked like her dad was gonna let go. He’s been with her through this. I hope this all works out, I’m really happy for her.

  6. Molly says:

    I don’t trust this Sam guy AT ALL, but her new legal team seems to be top notch. I trust them to have her best interests protected.

  7. iconoclast59 says:

    Any CB lawyers (who went someplace other than Dick Wolf University) out there who can tell us: When Britney’s conservatorship ends, can she revisit the custody/support agreement she has with KFed? He seems to have done a decent job raising their sons, but it’s clear he’s also been in on the grift.

  8. Azure says:

    For anyone with a little time, Emily D. Baker, who was a former prosecutor, breaks down all the filings in Brittney’s case including this latest one. EDB is hilarious, breaks it down in plain English for all the Dick Wolf and non Dick Wolf alumni. She also translates all the shade hidden within these filings which is my fav part: Jamie GTFO, we got this including the pre-nup so….byyyyyyeeeee!!!

  9. JustMe says:

    I hope this ends well I follow her on Instagram and her videos are…disturbing. My husband is bipolar and her overtly sexual flashing and compulsive spinning dances scream manic to me . I hope someone still monitors her meds

    • Sigmund says:

      Right, because the only people who post naked pictures of themselves and dance on social media are bipolar.

      Seriously, even bipolar people (and there is no confirmation anywhere that Britney has been diagnosed) get to live their lives. It’s not a crime to have a mental illness, if she even does.

      • BrainFog 💉💉😷 says:

        Well said @sigmund. While I cannot say that I am not worried about her, doing silly dances and showing a lot of skin is basically the entirety of instagram and tiktok. I also dislike judging women on their sexual behaviour like this. Who defines what is “overtly” and what is not?

  10. canichangemyname? says:

    I’m really happy for her! It’s still so sad though – imagine basically losing 13 years of your young adulthood. I hope she’s able to make up for lost time. Maybe she’ll make some mistakes – I’m 45 and I still make some lol. But she’ll have the freedom to make not only mistakes but to have fun and make good decisions as well. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for her from here on out if she chooses to share that with us.

  11. Zen says:

    I think she really wants to have more children. The urgency of getting engaged now while the conservancy is ending probably is to do it while she is still young enough. The IUD was put in without her consent. With the end of the conservancy, she can have it removed abd get down to making gorgeous babies.

  12. Likeyoucare says:

    I really want her to be happy.
    Even in the near future, sam turn to be a bad guy atleast she experience it herself by trying to live by her own decision.

    • BrainFog 💉💉😷 says:

      This! People get lied to and cheated on all the time. It’s a very sad fact and what seems to be an inevitable part of life. She deserves to actually LIVE and to make experiences, good and bad. We all have to go through pain and disappointment sometimes.