The palace is very concerned that the Sussexes have set up a ‘rival court’ lol

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak at the 2021 Global Citizen Live Festival

In the first day or two of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s New York tour, I saw a headline and clip from one of the British papers, something about how “the palace is watching Harry and Meghan’s tour very carefully” and how it’s very important for Sussex-palace relations that H&M’s tour “go well.” I didn’t really understand what the hell they were talking about – Harry and Meghan offered to be half-in the institution and they were told no. So they went and began doing their own thing. The palace has no say in the Sussexes’ lives or their work anymore. And clearly, as we can see from their New York tour, they are perfectly capable of handling themselves without the palace’s interference. If anything, they seemed less stressed as they were doing what they wanted, on their own time, without being stabbed in the back by the Royal Rota or spies within their own staff. So now the narrative is: the palace is super-concerned that Harry and Meghan have set up a rival court. LOL, these people are so dumb.

Harry and Meghan plan more “royal-style” tours after New York — sparking Palace concern. The couple headlined a star-studded Covid vaccine gala in Central Park last night. Their three-day tour, which saw them meet politicians and schoolkids, was said to have all the “hallmarks of a royal visit”. But insiders revealed the Palace fear the Sussexes have set up a “rival court” to William and Kate.

A source said: “There are going to be some very nervous glances from the Palace because Harry and Meghan are effectively following the royal model. The Palace will be anxious the causes they support and people they hang around with does nothing to embarrass the Queen. Kate and Wills show how the job of working royals is done. They won’t be impressed with Harry and Meghan acting as quasi-royals and courting publicity after claiming they quit for privacy.”

The couple’s biographer Omid Scobie has said the Sussexes plan an “era of visibility” this autumn. The source said: “This will be a regular thing and not just in the US.”

[From The Sun]

These idiots thought that Harry and Meghan would languish in obscurity in America. LMAO. That’s how bad the Windsors are at all of this. Once Harry and Meghan were cut loose, of course they were going to set up a rival court!! That was one of the most obvious predictions ever! And again, it’s mind-blowing to see how short-sighted everyone was on Salt Island. This really is Business 101: better inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in. The palace kicked out Harry and Meghan – they are outside the tent and of course that sh-t looks bad for the Windsors. It’s looked bad for three years! And all of the embiggening of Will and Kate just emphasizes how dull they are.

PS… “This will be a regular thing and not just in the US” hahahahaha.

TENNIS : Wimbledon 2021 - 06/07/2021

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are seen after a visit to One World Observatory with Governor Hochul and Mayor de Blasio

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Jessie Quinton says:

    The Sussexes are playing 3D chess while the Cambridges are playing Chutes and Ladders.

    • Jan90067 says:


      “Kate and Wills show how the job of working royals is done” Mhmmm… sure they do. They show exactly how cheap, racist, lazy, and xenophobic the royals are.

      So if this is the case, I guess EVERY person/dignitary visiting another country is aping the royals by visiting a local school, restaurant, going to the UN, giving a speech.

      • Nic919 says:

        The sad part if that all the other royals like Charles, Camilla Anne, Sophie and Edward do more than the Cambridges and they don’t just go to sporting events and mumble a few words. The Cambridges are the laziest of that family. If it wasn’t for rank, they would have been dropped years ago.

        They are making their worst people at the job the most visible.

      • JL says:

        I think they ARE setting up a “rival court”, and the British royal system SHOULD be worried. They’re “aping the royals”, but far more efficiently, despite only having a fraction of the staff, money, and historical backing. If M&H can manage to acquire glamorous clothes, show up at important events, and shake hands/kiss babies/give supportive hugs on their own dime, it’s going to make the royal family look INFINITELY worse.

      • windyriver says:

        @Nic919 – that’s it in a nutshell. Made a similar comment the other day about H&M’s time as working royals, and how the need to prop up lazy W&K reduced everything to the lowest common denominator work wise, but you’re right about the family as a whole, and said it better.

    • Dtab says:

      Here in Ireland we call it Snakes and Ladders, which seems even more apporopiate

      • Lady D says:

        Same with my part of Canada. I’ve never seen a Chutes and Ladders game. It’s always been snakes.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        The US board game I remembered features slides (chutes) and ladders, not snakes. I just looked it up and the game is Indian is origin which obviously made its way to the UK through colonization. They got rid of the snakes for the US edition as supposedly children were not a huge fan of them.

      • Margaret says:

        Interesting. Here in Australia where we have large numbers of some of the most venomous and dangerous snakes in the world to scare young and old alike, it is snakes and ladders.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Perfect summation!

    • Seraphina says:

      @Jessie Quinton, that was BRILLANT. I choked on my egg roll as I ate lunch.

    • Christina says:

      No lies told, @jessie Quinton.

      They are the real deal as humanitarians, as much as the RR and various palaces want them to just go away or fail.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Of all the comments ever, that might be the most perfect comment. Chutes and Ladders with Kate grinning like a loon as she slides down the ladder at a bunch of terrified children.

  2. SarahLee says:

    They have not set up a “court.” It’s called a Foundation with people who plan travel and engagements. It’s that service that Harry mentioned which can be done by anyone – not just someone from the Royal Family. That’s what they really can’t stand. William clapped back on that notion and Harry says “Someone hold my beer. Let’s who Old Baldy how it’s done.”

    • Pao says:

      They really haven’t because what the royals do any ordinary celeb can do too without the taxpayer money. But the RF is determined to make this a competition. And going by the frantic articles that were produced over the weekend its a competition they are loosing.

      • Sid says:

        Exactly Pao. I have seen plenty of musical artists and actors do the kind of thing the Sussexes did over the weekend. Visiting schools, charities, and meeting with political officials is not the exclusive domain of the BRF, no matter how far up themselves they are.

      • HeatherC says:

        Exactly! Didn’t Ed Sheeran (a singer AND celebrity) have to last minute sub in for RepliKate for a gala or something? Showing that yes, anyone can do their job because it isn’t even a job. Ed Sheeran can do his real job (performing, writing, recording) AND RepliKate’s job with no issue!

    • Noki says:

      I loved their response ‘service is universal’ ofcourse it is, the courtiers acted like they can only be of use under their thumbs. Smh

    • Seaflower says:

      And they have been more successful with their foundation in 12 months that W&K have been in 10 years… just saying.

    • Sienna says:

      I hate the comment: “ They won’t be impressed with Harry and Meghan acting as quasi-royals”
      They ARE still royal. Harry is a blood prince. He’s just no longer actively working for the firm, because the RF wanted it this way!

    • Debbie says:

      Exactly, Sarahleee: They have not set up a rival court. That notion is just the RF and RR’s fears talking. That column above had so many inaccuracies but allow me to translate because I speak Gibberish. Basically, they were saying the palace FEARS that the Sussexes will plan other tours like we saw this weekend. The Sun has no idea what the Sussexes’ plans are. And calling Harry and Meghan’s NY tour a “royal-style” tour is just the RR trying to attach the royal family to H & M’s actions when they no longer represent the crown. I don’t know, I guess they were really shocked that H & M could carry it off w/o the palace behind them, hence the “sparking Palace concern” line. Also, to call what happened these past few days the “hallmarks of a royal visit” — Well, they’re royal, what do you expect? But insiders revealed THE PALACE FEAR the Sussexes have set up a “rival court” to William and Kate — I’ll allow that last sentence. In sum, they are SCARED. Just admit your fear and get help that’s all. No need for childish name calling and fingerpointing.

    • Truthiness says:

      I think a foundation is above and beyond the idea of the court. No one tells a foundation they can’t release a capsule collection that will benefit women needing job interview clothes. No one tells a foundation not to coordinate a cookbook to benefit those devastated by a tragic fire. The Sussexes can soar higher now, writing their own rules. The Brit Media can write vulgar takes but they’ve been left behind in the dust. #Go Home and Write About the Cambridges.

      • Cathy says:

        You nailed it, Truthiness. The Sussexes pulled off a classic Royal Tour on their own, without the Palace’s “protocol experts”. So much less fuss, bother and expense. They can write their own speeches without being edited by the Little Grey Men, choose their own stops along the way, figure out their own wardrobes, and make it work so brilliantly that the bureaucrats are now having nightmares. Their speech together sounded like it was straight from the heart, not carefully vetted to be generic and inoffensive…and yet they offended no-one.
        They proved that it IS possible to live a life of service outside the Royal Bubble. And now the Little Grey Men look like fools for throwing such an amazing asset away. They also look unnecessary…if Harry and Meghan can do this without them, what are they being paid for?

  3. Pao says:

    They could have had all the control in the world had they agreed to half in half out. Oh well, *shrugs shoulders*

    A blessing in disguise that they didn’t though.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I don’t even think the BRF realises how BAD they look to the rest of the world. Driving the Sussexes out and continuously smearing them, Andy Pandy’s shennignans, Brexit, the highest death rate for covid, refusing to share vaccines, the awful tabloids etc have all combined to let the world see the Uk for what it really is. The glitter has really fallen off the turd.

    • A says:

      They still want them ‘half in, half out’, just not the halves H&M are willing to give. The BRF wants control without the responsibility of keeping them safe or making them feel valued. All these stories and leaks still talk like they’re still ‘in’, you know? ‘Oh they had a meeting at the UN the same day Kate drove by a daycare how dare they steal her spotlight’ ‘Oh Harry didn’t tell the Queen he was planning to sneeze while in view of a British flag- you see how he hates his family’

      • L4frimaire says:

        This is what bothers me so much about the UK coverage. They still have this possessive abusive attitude as though they are still working royals who are beholden to the courtiers and UK press. They can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that they can meet with major organizations, politicians and charities while not representing any government. They really don’t get it.

      • Lorelei says:

        @A for some reason I’m laughing so hard at “Kate drove by a daycare.” Her engagements are so short that she probably could get away with staying in the car, and just having it slow down a bit.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Ok, officially confused. The palace wanted the H&M tour to “go well” – so they wouldn’t embarrass the Queen? And now that it went well, that’s a bad thing because they’re setting up a “rival court”?

    Also, a great big horse laugh at “Kate and Wills show how the job of working royals is done.” Indeed, they do – and that’s why Harry and Meghan are in America.

    • Pao says:

      Watching football and playing tennis is hard work. Didn’t you know?

      Do you note that every single time they compare william&kate to meghan&harry, apparently w&k represent how royalty should be done but they never actually mention anything specific that w&k are better in? Royal reporters are just talking to talk at this point

      • JT says:

        The Keens show how royaling is done….by disappearing for months on end. Ok then.

      • Lady Digby says:

        Let’s be frank if the positions were reversed W+K would NOT be doing anything other than enjoying their family wealth. Apart from sport neither is dedicated to any form of public service or charity work.

    • Becks1 says:

      To me, that was the most telling line, because what we see is Harry and Meghan showing how royal work “should” be done, while William and Kate watch football and tennis and sometimes play tennis and call it “work.”

      I think that’s part of the worry here – not that H&M are going mess things up, or embarrass anyone or whatever – but that they’re going to change expectations for the Cambridges. “Well what are the working royals doing???” Using their children from PR at a pub, you know, Windsor family tradition.

      The more successful H&M are the more focus is going to be on what William and Kate actually DO – and we all know they do very little. So the fear is that yes, William and Kate show “how royal work IS done” but Harry and Meghan are showing how it could be done.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, yes, you said it way better than I did.

      • Merricat says:

        Yep, right on.

      • Pao says:

        @Becks1: I honestly believe that the Cambs will never have to worry about people asking these questions with regards to them because:
        1. People don’t care enough about them to get angry at them and
        2. Even when its justified, somehow people are afraid to criticize them. And im not talking about the press, but ordinary brits. Every time they genuinely screw up, and are rightly criticized there is a plethora of people saying “oh just leave them alone”. William and kate can simply do no wrong? So idk what they’re so scared of

      • JT says:

        @Pao At this point, nobody caring enough to be outraged about the Keens is a sign of their irrelevancy. It is now day 5 of people bitching about Meghan’s coats, with no signs of slowing down. People are still mad that Harry is eating seasoned food, while nobody even cares that two future kings and the Savior of the monarchy were all seen out at lunch.

      • Pao says:

        @JT: but that is exactly what william and kate want. They don’t want anybody to care about their comings and goings. They are absolutely fine with nobody caring about their work. As long as people still like them. Which, clearly they still do.

      • JT says:

        They don’t want people to care about their work, because they do so little, but they absolutely want people to care about them and just as much as people care about H&M. Their little one sided competition is proof of that. They want to be adored and they want to be on the international stage.

      • Harper says:

        The problem will always be how much William cares about H&M’s success. William’s immediate future will be more of the same … reluctantly showing up to engagements, juggling his gardening and legal efforts, fielding calls from the Rota Rats for old crumbs of gossip about that devil woman Meghan and trading access to the kids when he has none. All in all, feeling like he’s very important and a very proper royal sort of person.

        I think it will continue to get worse for TOB, with H&M being out and about more post-pandemic, covering up the real reason for the move from Anmer to Windsor area, and Harry’s book always on the horizon. There is still the bullying case yet to be resolved by Meghan’s lawyers who will not just let it go.

      • Silent Star says:

        Yes exactly: They are embarrassing the Palace by being effective and doing much more meaningful work in comparison.

        If “Kate and Wills show how the job of working royals is done”, then the embarrassment is entirely of their own doing.

      • Debbie says:

        Regarding the part about what the Sussexes do and “not embarrassing the queen.” That sounds suspiciously like the rhetoric the RR wrote right after H & M left England in 2020. It seems they’ve talked themselves full-circle.

      • Christine says:


    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Embarrass the queen? The queen hangs around lovingly with a(n alleged) rapist and sex trafficker. How could anything Harry and Meghan do embarrass Elizabeth, more than she has embarrassed herself and the rest of the family? What about the racism and grift in the royal family? Harry and Meghan should be worried about the rest of the royal family embarrassing THEM.

      • Lorelei says:

        Seriously. The Queen was photographed sitting in a car with Andrew on their way to church (lol) GRINNING, the day after Jeffrey Epstein died. The Queen embarrasses herself just fine on her own. And I cannot think of a single thing the Sussexes have ever done that’s “embarrassing.” They told Oprah the truth, which of course the BRF disliked, but only because it embarrassed them by exposing their behavior.

        But sure, let the fussy little courtiers pretend they still have a shred of control of the Sussexes.

  5. 809Matriarch says:

    It is funny and sad at the same time. The Kate and Will are setting an example of the proper way to do “royalty?”

    They must have forgotten the spectacle of the so called round table Kate had with FLOTUS where she mumbled and displayed arm spasms she sounded like she had Tourette’s as she kept repeating “early years – important.”

    Combine that with the unwanted, uninvited super spreader train tour last year that had the citizens of Wales/Scotland REPORTING THEM TO THE POLICE for breaking lock down. The piece de resistance was Bulliam JOKING ABOUT COVID. Sure – they are the greatest examples of how to behave ROYALLY – not.

    • HeatherC says:

      Did the British Media try to say the meeting with FLOTUS and RepliKate was a resounding success? LOL

    • Becks1 says:

      And also – people in the US are going to lose interest in the royals. We have our own royals now. Who would I rather pass on the street randomly, Kate or Meghan? Meghan. What is the point of having the royals come to NYC or wherever for a “royal tour” when we have Harry and Meghan who will come and actually work while giving us some great photo ops?

      • Simone says:

        Not just in the US. Why would you want W & K or C & C touring your commonwealth country when the UK didn’t want to share their vaccines with you & TQ – the head of the Commonwealth – & her heirs didn’t advocate on your behalf? On top of that, they expect you to pay for their tour & present them with a thankyou gift. You will want Harry & Meghan to come visit you instead. They’ll actually make the visit worth your while. Harry & Meghan are wedging the royals beautifully.

      • Merricat says:

        Lol, and our royals support themselves. Perfect.

      • teecee says:

        I would love for Kate and William to come to NYC because now that people know what they did to Meghan, there would certainly be demonstrations against them. It would be hilarious to see the coverage (everywhere but the UK) of the young royals being protested as the embodiment of racism and white supremecy.

    • Lizzie says:

      I guess they also forgot the Scotland covid train tour when the countries asked them not to come. The queen snubbed them when they returned and there was a photo op for the ‘magnificent seven’.

    • Marivic says:

      Kate’s meeting with Jill Biden was really laughable. She was in complete display of her insecurities. Very tentative and not confident at all. That’s why bully Bill cannot hide the fact that he’s never proud of her. He feels embarrassed he has a lightweight for a wife. The both of them cannot carry successful royal tours and engagements as Meghan and Harry do. Their royal engagements are a dud.

      • Cathy says:

        They’re both “lightweights”, Marivic. Awkward and tentative. Everyone knows they don’t make their own decisions. Harry and Meghan aren’t controlled any more, and they come across as authentic and caring, because that’s what they are. They’re both powerful public speakers, and they have a kind of charisma and energy William and Catherine just can’t match.

  6. Simone says:

    They should be worried. The UK is in crisis – petrol (gas) & food shortages. The Cambridges are about to helicopter back from Norfolk to drive in a motorcade to a black tie premiere. Meanwhile, children may not be able to attend in-person school because the petrol crisis means they can’t get there. The royals aren’t capable of showing real compassion or doing their part during a crisis & Meghan & Harry aren’t a good target to unite the UK when they have nothing to do with Brexit & the problems it is causing at home. Someone will snap a photo of Will & Kate in their helicopter soon.

    • lanne says:

      I’m guessing the countries that are being denied vaccines by the UK aren’t going to want to pay for royal visits. I don’t think that the courteirs or the ratchets realize this. They still think that brown folks want to be “dazzled” by white folks wearing jewels.

      Um, no.

  7. Nina says:

    A court that’s successful would welcome the competition to step up their game. H&M would be seen as competitors to learn from and also as partners in areas that the have in common with BRF. If Will and Kate were smart they would use Meghan and Harry’s influence in US to step up their own profile there. They could do projects together and everyone would benefit.

    But no, better to be petty, small and shortsighted

    • JT says:

      Only the Keens would benefit from being associated with Harry and Meghan, as W&K would take credit for their work and they would have use of H&M’s international platform. I think for the Sussexes, laughing it up and doing projects with them would have people questioning their credibility, especially with Will Di Amin having concerns about Archie’s skin color. Besides, H&M don’t need Dull and Duller for anything as this weekend just proved. That would just be going backwards.

  8. Truth says:

    Hearing Charles will try to bring them back in when he is King to get rid of the “competition”. Don’t know how that will happen. They (Windsors) mucked it up so bad….

    • Jan90067 says:

      That’d be a real feat, when he’s put out there that there is NO WAY he will allow Archie and Lili to have titles/protection. When he set H&M afloat w/out security OR money after their location was leaked (by him or TOBB). When he said NOTHING after his grandson was compared to a chimp, and Archie’s skin color was questioned. When he (because let’s face it, he is in de facto heading up the RF now) denied Meghan’s cry for help when she was suicidal.

      While I know Harry said he’d like to try and repair his relationship with his father.. I don’t see how that can be forgiven.

      I also can’t see H&M coming back to the fold for *any* reason after these things.

      • HeatherC says:

        Neither do I. Even if they wanted to go back and “support” Charles or whatever (eye roll, not happening) Harry and Meghan, being smart and strategic, would be fully cognizant that Charles is old and William is up next. And William would go out of his way while the Sussexes are under his power to make sure they were miserable and “humbled”

      • Keri says:

        Exactly I am a black woman and that could have been my son being compared to a chimp. Considering how hurt I still feel by that as a nobody, I doubt his actual parents will ever forgive that single act. For those kids they’ll never go back.

    • MF1 says:

      LOL to the idea of Charles bringing H&M back into the fold. No f*cking way is Harry ever going back to the hellhole that is royal life.

      • molly says:

        I actually feel a little bit bad for Will and Kate that they felt they *HAD* to parade out the kids for lunch this weekend after all the attention H&M got in New York. Whether it was the palace, the press, or their own insecurity, meat had to be thrown.

        It’s exactly the dancing puppet life William said he hated as a child himself, and he’s doing it again to his own kids.

      • mandl says:

        The idea that Charles will bring them back into the fold when he’s King is saying it was the Queen who wanted them gone… which we know is false as the only one Harry and Meghan seem to speak to is the Queen!

      • elle says:

        Harry might be guilted into helping out but Meghan would tell them all to fudge off. She endured enough at the hands of that family and as for their children .. well Mama bear would go rabid at anyone who tried to get access to her babies

      • Debbie says:

        Molly: I know exactly what you meant but whenever I see comments like that in reaction to what’s happened I always remember the poem “Southern Cop” by Sterling A. Brown. Therefore, let us pity Ty Kendricks, I mean Will & Kate.

      • NewKay_ says:

        @molly- family cycles can be broken. William doesn’t have to do the dancing puppy life. He chooses to.

    • Debbie says:

      Even if that idea were being discussed or floated, it’s the sort of idea that only benefits the BRF in that it eliminates their competition. It doesn’t cure any of the underlying problems which led to H & M leaving, or anything they stated during the Oprah interview – sorry, I guess I mean “the bombshell Oprah interview.” Apparently, Oprah has changed her name to Bombshell Oprah, I hear.

    • Lizzie says:

      I would love to hear how Charles would entice them back? I don’t know what he would have to offer them. They pretty much have a dream life right now and Bill and Cathy are probably envious and that is causing the fury meanness.

  9. Stacy Dresden says:

    Ok I just came here to LOL. How incredibly petty and stupid to refer to what H & M are doing with their lives as “setting up a rival court”. OMG.

    • STRIPE says:

      This! It’s not a “court”….it’s a humanitarian foundation, a major production deal, and a major podcasting deal, and all the hires that come along with that. Ya know, people doing actual work creating value? Not just courtiers whispering to tabloids and fussing about “protocol”

      • MrsRobinson says:

        I agree. It’s somewhat insulting to H&M to call all they’ve been doing just a “rival court.” By the time they’re done it’ll look like so much more than what the current monarchy delivers (it already does, but looking forward to what else is coming).

  10. Bookie says:

    I am so looking forward to this fall and seeing the Sussexes go global on their own.

    I wish we would get more “street style” Meghan. I can’t afford to copy her new clothes. :(

    • MF1 says:

      Agree about “street style” Meghan. I’ve always thought she does casual style better than formal looks. She does the effortless chic thing very well.

  11. Ann says:

    I don’t think Harry and Meghan are comparing themselves to William and Kate at all. They’re independent global superstars doing their own thing and they’re doing it very well.

    • Pinellas Pixie says:

      Agreed. The Sussexes live rent free in the heads of the RF but the RF could not be farther from H&M’s thoughts. They have no interest in what Will and Kate do although I think they may giggle like we do at the sad attempts to copy cat. When the Sussexes left that salty, damaging isle, they wiped the dust from their feet. I imagine the last time they will be there is when The Queen passes, there is nothing on that island for any of them.

      • booboocita says:

        I’m wondering what will happen when Chucky is crowned (assuming he gets that far). Would Harry show up? Would he even be invited? If he were invited, would Meghan be invited too? I can’t imagine them being invited; their very presence would overshadow Chucky, and he HATES that. And if they were invited, I imagine the courtiers would try to relegate them to some back row in Westminster Abbey, out of sight, which Harry won’t countenance. Hmmmm.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Ann, yes!!! Harry and Meghan very rarely think about TOB and KKween!! They are living their lives as they wish and aren’t out there to “compete”. They are just living their lives authentically, which is much more than the rest of the family does.

      And if we are supposed to believe in any manner that W&K are the true definition of what Royals do, then everyone should be ready for another 20 years of laziness and lavish spending, with nothing to show for it. It’s just eating TOB alive that Harry has the platform that he desperately wants, but doesn’t want to do the work necessary for it!!

    • L4frimaire says:

      I agree. Harry and Meghan’s work is so different from what the Cambridge’s do. They actually have to build an organization from the ground up which provides a livelihood. What surprised me is that for someone so anxious to wear the crown, William hasn’t exactly leaned into the leadership and diplomacy that is expected from a head of state. Neither is selling access to oligarchs and despots like his dad anything worth emulating. I do notice how both these future kings are so anxious to get their own little tv production deals. They really should have a better sense of self and purpose, rather than defining themselves by what the Sussexes are doing.

  12. Nicki says:

    So stupid. Harry and Meghan were so effortlessly charismatic, they had to be punished and then banished. And that banishment was supposed to end their charisma? Now H and M are on the global stage with real activism and real money behind their work. Of course they’re eclipsing the ribbon cutting and tennis playing of the British royals. Actions always speak louder than words.

  13. Nemo says:

    “The Palace will be anxious the causes they support and people they hang around with does nothing to embarrass the Queen.”


    This should have been addressed to Chuck and Dirty Uncle Andy.

    The hypocrisy of it all. Smh

    • Eurydice says:

      Ding, ding, ding! Exactly.

    • Emma says:

      It is completely senseless and gaslighting to suggest Harry and Meghan might “embarrass” the queen in light of Andrew, Philip, and Charles. She’s not embarrassed.

      • Amy Too says:

        But also, what happens when the Queen dies? She’s going to die within a couple of years, she’s super old. And yet, they’re attempting to set up what seems like a life long line of potential criticism of the Sussexes based on how whatever they do will affect or reflect on the Queen. That’s basically all they’ve got, this sort of “we’re watching you, don’t upset the Queen” potential-criticism because the Sussexes are killing it and doing so well. This whole “reflect well on the Queen” thing seems like it’s a placeholder for future criticism. They’re setting it up now and hope to use this particular brand of criticism, but every time the Sussexes do something it’s wildly successful, properly charitable, thoughtful, professional, and perfectly executed, so they can’t use the actual criticism yet, but they still want to use the option of maybe criticizing them in the future on this front as a way to keep Harry and Meghan “in line” (or at least look make it look like Harry and Meghan are still somehow taking orders from the monarchy). But again, the Queen is going to be gone quite soon. Then what? No one is going to be sympathetic to the “make sure you don’t embarrass King Charles” line of criticism. The implied threat that “something bad” will happen to the Sussexes if they make the Queen sad is not going to work in the same way for Charles. It’s not A) going to keep the Sussexes in line because Harry has no reason to protect and revere his dad like he does the Queen or B) resonate with readers and keep them on their edge of their seats, feeling like they must monitor very closely any and all things that the Sussexes do for possible hints of offense towards the Queen. The whole “rival court” “why aren’t you using your talents on behalf of the Queen?” thing isn’t going to upset people when it’s Sussexes vs Charles, because no one likes Charles and he’s not Harry’s sweet old granny. He’s Harry’s jerk of an absentee father who abused his mother, didn’t get the boys the help they needed after their mom died, introduced his mistress into their lives, consistently threw them under the bus in the press, and enriched himself with shady financial dealings while at the same time cutting off the Sussexes’ security and leaving them financially adrift in a foreign country, during a pandemic, with his baby grandson whom he likely made racist comments about and whom he will be changing the rules for so that said grandson will never be identified as a Prince.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      They conveniently use the image of the queen when they want to browbeat the subjects into submission or even show loving kindness.

      do nothing to embarrass the queen
      you should not disrespect the queen
      it is your duty to queen and country
      the queen requires your obedience and service etc.
      the queen has declared a public holiday
      the queen will be providing a free bun and coke to all schoolchildren
      the queen will provide a book to all students

      truth is, Harry knows the queen demands nothing but an evening with her corgis and favorite grandson. The gig is up.

    • Deering24 says:

      Well, geez—is there anything relevant and productive cause that doesn’t “embarrass the queen?” 🙄🙄

  14. Michelle Connolly says:

    “Causes they support and people they hang around with does nothing to embarrass the Queen” – hanging around with paedophiles like her son does, are they? Give me strength.

    • JT says:

      This is what gets me. The queen is embarrassing her damn self by allowing Andrew the Rapist to hide underneath her skirt, evading the law. Charles selling CBEs and citizenship like Tic Tacs to sketchy “businessman” is embarrassing. Honoring the queen’s values my ass. She’s the one who needs to take a page out of H&M’s book and get some standards.

    • MsIam says:

      Make that “sons”. Chuck runs with some of that same bunch too.

  15. STRIPE says:

    Be careful what you wish for, Wills. You just might get it!

    H&M have everything it takes to do what Diana was on her way to doing, but they’ll be able to do it even bigger and better together.

  16. Colleen says:

    “The royal-style”. Yes because the royals invented visiting places and doing things. 😒

  17. Jen says:

    LOL the palace did this to themselves. They literally have no one else to blame for Harry and Megs being so popular.

    • Surly Gale says:

      This is true. Before H&M I was vaguely interested because in my mother’s home, we were raised to respect the Queen and England’s traditions. Eg: I always stood for God Save the Queen. Since H&M and because of the treatment we WATCHED them receive, and because of the cruelty, I became a H&M fan. To DEFEND Meghan. The RF’s shenanigans increased, my respect for them decreased to the point where I no longer stand for God Save the Queen.
      The “Queen’s values” used to mean something, we were raised to believe. But those values mean NOTHING to the values I hold dear, because her values have nothing to do with the 10 Commandments, which is what Christian moral values are supposed to be based on (GOP same same). So I don’t WANT Harry and Meghan to rep the QUEEN’S values. I want them repping the 10 Commandments, which they are doing publicly and admirably. And for which I am deeply, truly grateful. If they ever have an anthem, I’ll be standing straight and tall and singing at the top of my lungs in support.

      • Dee Kay says:

        @SurlyGale: H+M have an anthem, it’s “This little light of mine/I’m gonna let it shine”!! :) :) :) There must have been trouble already before the wedding because they picked it as one of their wedding songs to tell the RF, “Nope! We’re not going to dim ourselves, you’re going to have to accept it sooner or later.”

      • Virginia says:


      • Pinellas Pixie says:

        Actually, Harry and Meghan follow the teachings of Jesus and the Beatitudes which is love, compassion, and mercy.

  18. Zebz says:

    These people are dumb as hell. What the heck did they think would happen when they rejected the half in deal?? That Harry and Meghan would fall off the face of the earth?? They’re just mad that the smear campaign reversed and made them more iconic than they would’ve been had she not constantly been in the news.

    William has stated in the past it was his dream to work for the un and move to the USA now look. Harry is living his dream with his (Harry AND Williams) dream woman. What a mess.

    • SarahCS says:

      ‘What the heck did they think would happen when they rejected the half in deal?? That Harry and Meghan would fall off the face of the earth?? ‘

      Honestly, I think that’s genuinely what they believed. They are painfully stupid and full of themselves (anointed by god remember) and surrounded by sycophants. They thought this would be Edward all over again, living it large in obscurity. W&K can only dream of being able to do that with no expectation of ‘work’ on their part.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Well they obviously thought Harry would come to his senses that’s why they imposed the one year review. Remember they still probably think Meghan is just a phase for him. They also Probably thought with cutting Harry off financially & him having to rely on his inheritance to pay security that he wouldn’t be able to cope so would come back. I think the Netflix deal & achieving financial independence within like 9 months of stepping back, was a big slap in the face for that reason.

        Anyway we’ve seen royals like Beatrice meet heads of state when she was on work trips & obviously Diana did following her divorce. Through Invictus (remember NYC is pitching to host 2025 Invictus games) they probably will continue to meet heads of states, government officials etc, through his role as African Parks president or with Archewell’s funding of relief centres in different areas etc- they will do trips abroad etc. This isn’t unique to royals- see people like Oprah, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie etc.

        And Harry & Meghan opened their own purses with donation to Melba’s emergency covid fund & providing resources to the school in Harlem etc so that definitely wasn’t in the royal tradition!!

    • Debbie says:

      Actually, I think that when the palace rejected the 1/2-in & 1/2-out proposal, they may have thought that Harry and Meg would remain in the royal fold, except not speak out and generally be 50% of themselves. “Do as they’re told” essentially, and let W & K shine (dimly) or whatever it is that they do. I don’t think the rf contemplated H & M leaving, much less thriving w/o their influence. Tough luck to the rf, I say.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    I mean, they got a taste of this when Diana left the family and was doing her own thing so I’m not getting why the Palace is in shock and despair that Harry and Meghan are doing the same thing. When they rejected the half in proposal they should have been prepared for this to happen. They just thought Harry and Meghan would fail and go crawling back to the UK.

    • Talia says:

      Diana was being comprehensively trashed in the U.K. press up to the day she died. The swerve to Beloved Icon didn’t happen until after her death.

      There was no internet back then (or at least not nearly to the same extent) and no guarantee Diana would have succeeded away from the RF. I hope she would but the RF were doing everything possible to stop her.

      They thought they could do the same to H&M but firstly, they didn’t account for the papers not being the only route to information and secondly, they didn’t count on H&M being better at the PR game (or at least being willing to listen to advisors who knew how to counter Windsor slurs).

      I have no doubt that if Meghan hadn’t put her mental health out there, they’d have tried the ‘it’s so sad about her mental issues’ that they successfully used against Diana.

      • Christine says:

        So much this! We all saw those headlines with Diana, they could have pulled up old articles and subbed “Meghan” for “Diana”, no need for new journalism! Meghan was so smart, and brave, to open up about it herself.

  20. Rapunzel says:

    Rival courts implies they’re playing in the same league. Which they are not. And that’s what bothers them.

    • JT says:

      Exactly. There is no comparison between H&M and whatever the hell the palace is doing. The gold standard advisors are still trying to use chubby fingers as a defense against rape. The firm should be lucky to even be compared to H&M in the first place. None of the Maga7 could command the attention that Harry and Meghan did this weekend or ever.

      • HeatherC says:

        Edward and Sophie were in Northern Ireland I believe. And I think Charles and Camilla (or one of them) was in France too? Not that you would know it from the coverage they received from their own media.

      • Debbie says:

        The BRF and RR think that by co-opting labels, some of which are American expressions, they can meet the moment; hence, we have “the dream team” of lawyers, the “gold standard” advisors, the “Magnificent 7″ the “Fab 4″, to name a few. Well, allow me to introduce you to Sofie “the secret weapon” no one knows about.

  21. Oh_Hey says:

    This was all super obvious from jump…to everyone but the brain trust at the BRF.
    What did they think would happen – that the two biggest, splashiest workhorses in the RF would just disappear? Charities love them because they get the word out and bring in donations. People like them because they are modern and open and genuinely interested in them and the work. Out of the younger royals they are the only ones that worked for their keep and had Archie been born a bit later their work numbers would have been closer to Anne and the older

    Just constant foolery on the salt isle.

  22. MY3CENTS says:

    Of course they should be worried. They’re doing what the royals should be doing a trillion times better while not being supported by the taxpayers. They’re showing us how irrelevant and unneeded the monarchy really is. They should be afraid.

  23. The Hench says:

    I suspect that William is too arrogant to be frightened but he should be. Over time the gap between the two couples is going to keep on widening and it will become more and more obvious who is actually using their privilege and position to help others and who is just using their privilege and position. Not to mention that once H&M get up to speed then their prolific actions will highlight the lack of work from those the taxpayers are still supporting.

    H&M are doing more than ‘setting up a rival court’. They are illustrating the very pointlessness of having a royal family.

    ETA I posted then saw @MY3CENTS just said exactly the same above but better than me – lol.

  24. BlueSky says:

    This is nothing more than the British press and BRF not being in control. H&M aren’t stupid.
    They seem very methodical in causes they support. I love the comment about not embarrassing TQ but I guess one prince being sued for sexual abuse and the other prince involved in a money for access scheme is fine???

    • Pinellas Pixie says:

      Their calm acceptance of Andy’s sexual assault allegations and Chuck’s honors for cash deals must just be considered business as usual for the RF. They are so unbothered by all of that. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan actually accomplishing things and truly helping people must be new for the RF as they seem to be flummoxed about how and why that works and why anyone would be bothered.

  25. Snuffles says:

    First of all, just about anyone could rival the Cambridges. They are literally the laziest royals of all time, and I’m including other countries. Secondly, it’s not really the royal model because the royals don’t donate personal funds and donate goods and services in a well thought out manner. They pose for photo ops, mumble a few words, then retreat to their separate residences. Their modeling themselves after high profile philanthropists like Jose Andres, Angelina Jolie or the Obamas. Thirdly, for the love of God, Omid is not their personal biographer! But go ahead and keep raising his profile and help him sell his book.

    And finally, yeah baby! Bring on more public appearances!

  26. JT says:

    This just sounds like the palace trying to latch on to H&M’s success by making it seem like they are working like the royals do. If that was the case than the firm wouldn’t be overshadowed all the time or in fear that they can’t control H&M because they would be on equal footing. They sure as hell would have to be selling Will Jung Un as a global statesman because he would be seen as such already.

  27. Zut Alors says:

    The Palace can go take a long walk off a short pier.

  28. Jaded says:

    What the what… “royal-style tours”? No, this is international philanthropy, not walking along a street or riding in a carriage waving at the peons. Honestly this sh*t gets stupider and stupider. They are NOT “following the royal model”, which seems to be “do as little as possible but live in insane luxury that everyone else pays for”.

    I hope Keen and Mean are foaming at the mouth with jealousy, this only makes them look worse.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Jaded- to them,broyal style tour= traveled and got attention.

      They’re so jealous that H&M were welcomed like dignitaries and stayed in a 5 star luxury hotel while getting press coverage for their every event.

    • Legalese says:

      I disagree to an extent. Yes, they were doing normal things that philanthropists and well-known figures do, but it was clear pretty they were trying to emulate the royal tours to an extent – for example, they distinctly chose to travel in a convoy of Range Rovers (a hallmark of every royal tour), even though luxury car services in NY are Suburbans/Escalades and the Ranger Rovers had to be special request (even for Meghan’s baby shower, she didn’t do this). They were definitely going for a certain look.

      But all that’s to say I think it’s absolutely genius and I love it. Of course they were always going to keep doing their thing! And it sends the message that nothing has been taken away from them by the monarchy – they get to do the same exact thing they were doing before, just not on the taxpayer’s time and with zero control by the RF.

      • Mimi says:

        LMAO at this comment. Everyone is buying and using Range Rovers now and no special requests are needed. They are a dime a dozen in my state and I assure you very few in America associate them with the royals. I rarely see anyone driving Suburbans or Escalades as they are seen as big, outdated tanks.

      • Debbie says:

        That “convoy” you mention is not exactly empty. They have security officers and assistants, when needed. Also, they use the rangers in California as well, when Prince Harry went to the airport for Philip’s funeral. Not exactly a royal status symbol as people use them all the time.

      • Jaded says:

        Emulate a royal tour with their choice of vehicle? That’s a big stretch. Range Rovers are all over Canada where I live and I never associate them with royalty. They’re simply well-made, dependable and have plug-in/hybrid models. Furthermore, your comment about “it sends the message that nothing has been taken away from them by the monarchy” is 100% wrong. They had their work, their dreams, their safety and their dignity taken away by the monarchy. What they’ve accomplished they’ve accomplished on their own, unlike the blood-sucking BRF.

  29. S808 says:

    i don’t think M&H are setting up a rival court, but what did they would happen? During the summit i’m sure Harry laid out at least some of their plans. When their half in and out plan was rejected (thank GOODNESS for that), did the BRF think they’d just disappear? They really underestimated H&M at every turn.

  30. ecsMom says:

    I just can’t. What a place of entitlement this comes from. It’s not about you, what they are doing has nothing to do with royalty. Their causes and work have nothing to do with British Royalty any more than Angelina Jolie’s work, the Gates, the Obama, the Clintons, Beyonce, Oprah!!

    Helping the lesser among us is not owned by England, it does not need to be approved by them, they were untethered by royal constraints and now it upsets them they are popular. BRF is confined by not being able to support something that may appear as political (and in this current political climate helping the poor will always be seen political) and then upset when it’s well received.

    They are so desperate to be seen as relevant, they are the only ones calling a royal tour, the US isn’t because a royal tour is looked as a joke and meaningless because it can never have teeth. Not that we don’t enjoy seeing royalty, but it has no substance or global impact of their own doing.

    And I AM SO TIRED of the left for privacy narrative. FALSE!! They left because they were being silenced against horrible accusations and no one helped them. They left to be heard.

    • The Hench says:

      “They left to be heard”. YES! Exactly. Perfect summation.

    • Debbie says:

      I think the BM and BRF did everything in that article but scream, “Unfair! Only we are supposed to go on tours, meet with heads of states, get attention and be well received!” Such whinners.

  31. Merricat says:

    I guess it’s confusing to the rota and the royal family that there’s something bigger than they are. Meghan and Harry aren’t setting up a court. They are setting up work for their foundation. The court lives off taxpayers and thinks of “work” as something that happens in two-hour increments with photographers. The foundation generates income and change for issues that are vital to society. Pretty simple, even for the intellectually underserved.

  32. Neners says:

    Just the drip, drip, drip of propaganda lies.

    1) Harry and Meghan didn’t leave the RF for privacy. They never at any point claimed this. But the Sun is well aware of that.

    2) William and Kate do NOT model how the “job” should be done, hence the panic in the palace. But the Sun is well aware of that.

    3) The real risk is that Harry and Meghan are more effective as private citizens paying their own way than the royals are at their supposed philanthropy. But the Sun is well aware of that.

    It’s a pack of lies. And the Sun knows it but will keep repeating them as long as it’s profitable to.

    • Christine says:

      The fact that they put the word “job” in a sentence with Wills and Kate shows how unhinged they are all becoming. If that’s a “job”, I am a puffer fish. Don’t even get me started on “working royals” being used to describe them. That is the biggest joke of all.

  33. Chelsea says:

    This is one of those articles where you can tell pretty clearly that the “source” is very clearly a royal reporter. They all very stupidly expected the Sussexes to fail without the Rota exclusively covering them and without having their HRHs or royal patronages. Granted the Firm was definitely just as stupid but the way this is phrased(a source feels the palace will feel) is telling.

    That said their assumption that when H&M left that they would be fighting for relevancy and Meghan would try(and in their minds) fail at going back to acting while Harry sat at home was always dumb but they should’ve realized how dumb it was when the Sussexes hired Melinda Gates right hand woman Catherine St Laurent as their Chief of Staff last year and recalibrated. She transfered into an advisory role now but that was an early indicator of the type of talent they were looking for and also the type of public figures they wanted to be. (Catherine’s replacement Mandana Dayani is an even bigger powerhouse with an insane roledex-check her recent voter reg vidoes-who was obviously not going to work for mediocre people with no big aspirations).

  34. Chantal says:

    Between H&M being referred to as the Montecito Royals and Meghan as Madame Duchess, the BRF really should be worried and losing sleep. Because of their philanthropy and charisma, H&M keep getting rock star level applause and more global support. The Smear campaign keeps backfiring, simultaneously elevating them even more while inadvertently promoting their causes. The BM aren’t really crying about a rival court. They secretly love this. They don’t care how bad it makes them or the BRF look. They love that it means more clickbait articles/more money, more distractions from what the BRF are really up to, and despite their laziness and meaningless comparisons to the Sussexes, it will keep their precious W&K in the UK spotlight.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Chantal what they don’t seem to understand is when Americans use terms like “Montecino Royals” or “Madame Duchess,” it’s in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. It’s absolutely being said affectionately— we all saw this weekend how popular and well-liked they are. It’s fun calling them America’s Royalty, but no one is serious. People called the Kennedys the same thing; it just means a family we like and hold in high esteem. Most Americans are thrilled Harry lives here now.

      However, the RF seems to take everything very literally and very personally, and they’re basically done as far as the American market goes, imo. If there were two magazines side-by-side in the US, one with Kate on the cover and one with Meghan, we all know which one would sell out. They’ve taken for granted for decades that Americans are fascinated by/obsessed with them, and we were, but they don’t seem to realize that a LOT of that was about Diana, not “the crown” (🙄), and now that the Sussexes are here, they’re the royals who we’re going to follow. They’re “our” royals and we love it and them. They’re more glamorous, more interesting, more *everything.* The tabloids can say whatever they want, but Harry IS a “blood prince” and that will never change.

      And if “Kate and Wills show how the job of working,” is done, then they’ve just told the UK taxpayers exactly what to expect from the royal family going forward: minimal work — none of any substance— in between frequent, long vacations in which they can expect their Head of State to regularly disappear for almost two months at a time, and the tolerance of degenerates like Andrew who consider themselves above the law. If the British taxpayers are okay with that, then I guess the monarchy will continue to limp along, but their reputation has taken a huge hit worldwide, one they aren’t going to be able to recover from. No one is ever going to care more about anything any of them are doing more than we do the Sussexes ever again. The Cambridges don’t excite or inspire anyone, they’re not revered, they’re just…there.

      The whole world will stop and pay attention when the Queen dies. That will obviously be huge and dominate news for a while, and almost everyone will watch the funeral. But after that? Thoughts and prayers to the “magnificent seven.”

  35. Charm says:

    THANK! YOU! for saying this.

    I have nothing but contempt for ANYONE and EVERYONE who buys into & advances the narrative that H&M are “setting up a rival court” in America.

    H&M will continue to live their lives and have their being in the world as if their brief sojourn in that Institution in the UK never happened.

    ArchewellDOTcom spells out in no uncertain terms exactly how H&M plan to do their philanthropic & humanitarian work around the globe, as well as some of their personal income-generating work (naturally, I dont expect that we’ll see ALL their personal business….like their investments, etc.)

    But we already know that thru their work with WCK they WILL be visiting the places where they have set up physical structures in several countries and I expect that they will also be doing visits on behalf of the UN (just as M did when she previously worked with them.) and i also expect that we’ll see both H&M and perhaps their kids, visit those parts of Africa that H has projects (including the 11 countries in Africa that are part of African Parks, of which H is President!!!)

    The BRF and its puppets better gird their loins and hold on to their pearls. LMFAO

  36. Lizzie says:

    A rival court would indicate Harry wanted Bill’s place but Harry has said he never wanted to be king.
    H&M are global superstars while Bill and Cathy are a study in failure to launch. Nothing more than that.
    Harry has not said one word against his brother, yet the rf and rr continually call Harry drug-addicted, damaged goods, dumb, enthralled by his wife, and the list goes on and on.

  37. Feebee says:

    If they want to look at it as “rival courts” so be it. In this scenario H&M are like Serena Williams while W&K are Maria Sharapova.

  38. MsIam says:

    The Sussexes are the very definition of privacy. Outside of working events, I doubt if they’ve been seen 10 times in public. We never hear about who they socialize with, where they vacation, nothing. Meghan has given what, two interviews in almost two years. Harry maybe three or four but even those he’s talking about causes they support, the only personal one was the Oprah interview. For public figures I’d say that’s pretty private these days.

  39. RoyalBlue says:

    Cain is nervous of the rival court, but this is only a popularity contest in his head. Ain’t nobody got time to waste on you boo!

  40. Over it says:

    Lolololol. Well I don’t think Harry and Meghan need or want a rival Windsor court, the keenbridges court only exists within the uk . Harry and Meghan have outgrown the uk. They have the entire world paying them attention. The keenbridges wish they had an ounce of that star power and popularity.
    Let me see if I understand this correctly, kate the dull commoner Doolittle along with her work shy incandescent husband is supposed to teach Harry the blood prince and his wife who has been advocating for girls and female empowerment for years how to do things properly? Kate and Willy royal tours are nothing more than tax payers funded vacations disguised as royal tours. When Meghan and Harry show up, they bring gifts from themselves and their foundation and companies they partner with to help people who desperately need it. The keenbridges only take and give nothing in return.

  41. Liz in A says:

    Their press people and “inside sources” are just stunningly so bad at this, how can they possibly think they’re doing the royals well with comments like Kate and Wills show how it’s done”. Much as I KNOW this I still gasped laughing at how desperate and ineffectual it makes Will and Kate look.

  42. Here4Tea says:

    Harry and Meghan hitting NYC has been the best thing to happen to the Royal Rota since Sussexit. They can scrutinise every word, every gesture, every outfit. How much [of her own money] did Meghan’s clothes cost? How dare she wear diamonds? How dare they have personal security? How dare they share themselves with anyone but us? When it comes to jilted lovers, the Rota make Miss Havisham seem rational.

  43. deering24 says:

    For crying out loud. How medieval can you get? It would be easier to exit the Russian mob than leave the BRF, apparently. 🙄🤪

  44. ceb says:

    poor royal family, if only this almost exact situation happened less than 30 years ago so they wouldn’t be so caught off guard :( (((

  45. Jay says:

    I’m wonder how pleased the royal family will be that somebody has stated this “rivalry” so explicitly? As a monarch, If you are admitting that the other court is in fact your “rival”, you have already lost. And lols forever to well tread talking point “they said they wanted PRIvACy, so how come they keep appearing in public??? So embarrassing.

  46. Lizzie says:

    I think the real concern is H&M are proving the BRF are themselves irrelevant. Completely and utterly. They tried to ostracize Harry and he is now a global superstar. They have zero power to influence. And it’s all displayed on a world stage.

    • Christine says:

      It’s almost Shakespearean in nature, and I LOVE IT.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Christine, I said the same exact thing to my husband this weekend— it IS Shakespearean!

        I just love that at their very last stop in NYC, they got the kind of applause they deserved. You could tell they (well, M at least) were a little nervous walking out onto the stage, but it was clear within seconds that the crowd was going wild over them. That moment when Meghan leaned her head onto Harry’s shoulder, with a bit of visible relief, was ICONIC.

        They know *for sure* now that in no way did everyone fall for that petty, awful smear campaign.

  47. J ferber says:

    The “rival court” narrative is obviously very threatening to the crown. I remember Diana dying very shortly after the “rival court” spectre terrified the queen and Charles. As ever, Sussexes, remember, Blanche Dubois relied on the kindness of strangers, very decidedly not family ( refer to A Streetcar Named Desire).

    • Charm says:

      A perfect, timely and sobering reminder indeed, @J ferber.

      It would not be surprising to learn that the Henchmen Cohort of the British royal FIRM (aided and abetted by senior member of the British royal FAMILY) on seeing, this past weekend, a GLIMPSE into the trajectory of H&M, have upped their plans to identify ways in which they can plausibly deny interference with said trajectory.

    • Keri says:

      If anything happens to Meghan or Harry then the brf will know that it is truly 2021. Natural or not, the whole world will come for them. They better pray they live very very long lives

      • Moxylady says:

        Agreed. If anything happens to Harry, Meghan, Archie, Lili or Doria…. People will tear down the palace with their bare hands and then use the rocks to stone the cold hearted RF. It would end the monarchy. I doubt the RF would even be able to stay in the UK. The people would come for them. They would never have a moments peace for the entirety of the rest of their lives.
        They had all better live very very long happy lives.

  48. February-Pisces says:

    Who are the real winners here, the ones worried about the ‘rival court’ or the ones happily getting on with the job? It’s funny that the palace are worried about harry and meghans success, yet harry and Meghan don’t seem too concerned about the palace’s success. That tells you exactly who’s winning.

    • Lorelei says:

      Exactly. The BRF might need a reminder that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

      The Sussexes are living their lives. The BRF and their accomplices in the media are…sitting there, bitter, just *waiting* for a new Sussex headline to come out so they can react immediately with petty, nasty articles detailing all the reasons why whatever the Sussexes just announced is bad. It’s so pathetic.

      I’ve seen it mentioned that the Cambridges should “up their game,” but tbh I don’t think it would matter? It’s too late. Even if the smear campaign never even happened, Harry and Meghan always would have been more popular, successful, and in-demand than William and Kate simply because they’re more dynamic and more interesting. I mean, I guess the Cambridges can’t help if they’re duller than dishwater. But they are, and I can’t think of anything they could possibly do that would inspire the kind of reception the Sussexes just received in NYC.

      Maybe if William and Kate been harder working, more visible and more accessible for the past ten years, and were already firmly well-liked, it would have been a slightly more even playing field, but they chose to hide away and mix with the peasants as little as humanly possible ever since they were married, so when Meghan came along, she and Harry were such a breath of fresh air.

      Kate should be grateful (and I’m not even being snarky, I mean it!) that she had almost ten years of being the “glamorous” one, the youngest and prettiest, the royal who got the most attention from the press and the public. She had a good run, but…it’s over, and she needs to come to terms with that.

      They need to move on. Never ONCE did they consider that the rest of the world saw much more in Harry than they did, so they were totally unprepared and caught off guard for this situation.

      The Cambridges, bless their hearts, still seem to be under the illusion that there is a “competition” going on between the two couples, but the Sussexes won so long ago that they’ve already forgotten about it.

  49. Seraphina says:

    In the simplest of forms, this statement shows that the Sussexes are seen as something the BRF wishes they could be. When jealously over powers your emotions (an then your mental state) you tend to view the person as a rival because you want what they have. And unfortunately for for the entire BRF, they cannot have what H&M have. Some of the power couple’s qualities are honed and sharpened, but what makes them extraordinary is that the other qualities are God given. They are born with them – empathy, emotional intelligence and the desire to do good. And that goodness also makes certain people jealous – because maybe deep down inside they know they aren’t. And to add salt to the wound H&M make it look effortless.

  50. Keri says:

    They give themselves too much credit. The boring British monarchy would never come up with an event like that. Even the physical stage alone is waaaaay above their comprehension. I’m thinking a hall with a small inactive audience and absolutely no content or reach is more their speed.

  51. Bren says:

    The royal family overestimated their brand and influence. I bet it’s humiliating (and humbling though they’ll never admit it) to watch Harry & Meghan thrive outside their archaic model. Harry and Meghan are creating a new and modern approach to charity while all eyes are on them and it’s nothing the royal family can do to stop them.

  52. Pinellas Pixie says:

    If Harry and Meghan are setting up a rival court and working like royals, does that mean that they, too, will be opening supermarkets, playing sports, and glaring at each other from a distance? Just asking bc I didn’t see them doing that in NYC and, based on the Keenbridges, I thought that was royals do.

  53. Lizzie says:

    If the rf had just wished Harry well from the beginning there might be some goodwill right now. Like doing events together occasionally. But no, their pride was too hurt to do the right thing and now they double down on being sore losers.

  54. Normades says:

    Do Wills and Kate even have a court? Since the Tof and Rose thing they seem out with the Aristico crowd and don’t hang with any British celebrities. They don’t seem to have any friends.

  55. Isabella says:

    The DM has to claim worry about the Sussexes all the time, because Kate and William are so boring. Same with Charles & Camilla who will take over when the queen dies (not Will and Kate).

    Without their kids, Will and Kate would be even more boring; so they have to trot them out. At least they dressed them like normal children for the last shot.

  56. Detnow359 says:

    The pandemic slowed down their 2020 plans. At this point the pandemic restrictions aren’t as limiting and their baby is several months old so they will definitely be more visible. Game on!

  57. Eurydice says:

    Piers Morgan is on the “rival court” band wagon (if he isn’t the one driving it). He must be eating his Bile Flavored Salty Flakes, because his vitriol is back to form.

    Next will be Terrible Tom, complaining that if Meghan could go to NYC, why couldn’t she fly to Mexico. And maybe how she’s endangering his grandchildren by leaving the house.

  58. Liz version 700 says:

    They set up a family. A family that also runs a foundation. Let me explain the difference for any RR weirdos who are spying on us lol. A Court is full of people who hate each other even though they are married and/or/also related. They live in tacky dusty salty castles and eat bland food and cut ribbons while wearing clothing that looks like it came from a grannytastic thrift store for charities that go bankrupt because their “help” is so pointless and they lack enough empathy to do more. They are also all pasty white which is the preferred color for royals in dusty salty regions.

    A multicultural and multiracial family who runs a foundation among their other jobs lives in a house built after 1500 with 17 (count em 17) bathrooms, a pool, tennis courts and so many fireplaces you could invite a scout troop to make s’mores in the parlor. This family loves each other, their kind relatives and their children who they do not pimp out for the RR. And gasp, they love clothes and they look amazing as they hug and kiss and send salty Piers Morgan a little deeper into insanity every day.

    Their foundation contributes millions of dollars in directed money and specifically researched gifts to enable charities to survive and thrive under difficult circumstances. They focus on charities that are often overlooked and not at the front of the line for Royal ribbon cuttings due to their focus on communities of color, women or other marginalized communities. They have an effect and their impact is measurable. People who like them respect them for their charitable goals, their obviously genuine feelings and their hot as hell clothes. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  59. Margaret says:

    The British royals and all their hangers-on need to stop obsessing with Harry and Meghan. The Windsors made it clear it was play by their rules or you can’t play the game at all, and H&M made their decision and left and got on with their own lives. Clearly the Windsors are pretty full of themselves and aren’t used to being rejected and they are having trouble coping with the situation. It’s not a “rival” court, it’s just people living their lives outside the royal microcosm – in that huge world most of us inhabit where what the monarch and other central characters think and want is not paramount and does not dictate what we do with our time and how we do it. The Windsors need to accept it and get on with opening things and cutting ribbons and the other stuff they do that in their opinion justifies their existence and stop worrying about what Harry and Meghan are doing.

  60. nina says:

    Classic case of be careful what you wish for. PWT wanted them gone, they left, living their own life doing things on their terms and there’s not a thing the BRF can do about it. Congratulations, PWT, you played yourself.

  61. Noor says:

    First quote from The Sun article that boggles the mind:
    “The Palace will be anxious the causes they support and people they hang around with does nothing to embarrass the Queen.”

    The Queen has enough scandals and embarrassments past and present in her royal family to worry about Prince Harry and Meghan

    Second quote from the Sun:
    “Kate and Wills show how the job of working royals is done.”

    Really ?? Kate was on vacation for 66 days this year . They are doing less than the elderly Queen and Prince Charles.

    • Lorelei says:

      Yeah, the Queen must be super embarrassed that Harry and Meghan are…advocating that the vaccine be available for more people during a deadly pandemic. How embarrassing for her!

      You can’t make this stuff up.

  62. blunt talker says:

    The one central theme I read from the above posters-The salty isle keeps writing and smearing on Harry and Meghan-The Sussex never responds to their daily bullshit-Because of this daily bitching and crying across the pond-this makes what the Sussex said in the Oprah interview more real to people-The British media or tabloids constant smearing makes what has been said in the interview true-why are you spending so much time trying to smear and hurt this couple with two small children-they left your country and are making their own way in the real world-they are not bothering or discussing you any longer-they have moved on with their own lives-If all the royalists care so much about the monarchy surviving-they should put more effort in helping it survive-not stewing in their own shit about Harry and Meghan.-I just read somewhere they have raised 1.5 billion dollars from this global citizen program.

  63. Eulalia says:

    The palace is just mad that their new “Fab Four” (Charles/Camilla & Will/Kate) are never going to be received well in the US ever again. Not after everything that has come to light with the Sussexes and, I mean… they’re not the most inspiring people either. Look at them – two senior citizens who have been universally hated for almost 40 years, a sentient thumb with dentures, and a Sad Girl robo-doll that’s missing a voice box and can’t compute emotions.