Jon Gosselin: kids don’t have work permits needed to film show, it’s over

Segment of Jon Gosselin’s Larry King interview. The full interview is below

Jon Gosselin and his giant vacant eyes were on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. (You can watch the whole interview as a podcast, view the whole video below, or read the transcript.) He explained that he read online that he would no longer be a part of the show and that no one told him ahead of time. He also said that Kate didn’t tell him about it and that he hasn’t spoken to her in three weeks. I still can’t stand the guy, but I have to admit that he did convince me that he believes the reality show is no longer healthy for his children. He got really passionate about it, and what’s more is that he actually admitted that he was a passive person and called himself an “avoider.” By no stretch of the imagination do I like this guy, but I did come away thinking that he’s doing the right thing for his kids. I don’t believe that his only motivation for sending TLC a cease and desist was protecting his children, though. I still think he’s trying to assert his authority after being marginalized by TLC.

As we mentioned yesterday, after Jon was cut from his family’s reality show he sent TLC a legal letter stating that they were no longer allowed to film the show on his property. TLC suspended production on the newly renamed “Kate Plus 8” and issued a statement
that Jon’s behavior was “erratic” and “opportunistic.”

In this Larry King Live appearance, Jon and his lawyer discussed their reasoning for demanding that production be halted, and they also gave some background to their feud with TLC. Jon’s lawyer claims that TLC knew ahead of time that Jon was about to stop the show with an announcement on Larry King Live, and that’s why they tried to preempt him by cutting him from the show. TLC and Kate say that Jon only tried to stop the show because he was kicked off, and that he was filming as of last Friday and never said a thing about it. I think that it was a reactionary response, because Jon’s lawyer kind of backtracked a little later in the interview when talking about when they made that decision.

Jon’s lawyer also claims that TLC “exploited” the Gosselin family with a sophisticated contract and low pay. Jon and Kate made a total of $1 million last year combined while TLC made an estimated $186 million in just one quarter off of their show. TLC also never obtained work permits for the kids nor did they set up a trust for them, and they maintain that was Jon and Kate’s responsibility. As far as Jon is concerned this show is over. His lawyer is confident that once Jon asserts his parental rights the show will not be able to continue at all:

On why his kids should not be on the show
Jon Gosselin: I’m asking not to be on the show and I’m asking my children not to be on the show. I mean, I don’t want them to film anymore. I don’t think it’s healthy for them. And I — the reason I don’t think it’s healthy for them is that we’re going through a divorce right now. And I don’t think it should be televised. And I think my kids should be taken off the show.

Jon’s lawyer claims that TLC knew they were about to halt production
Jon’s Lawyer, Mark Jay Heller: As a matter of law, when an individual has joint custody, there is no decision that can be made without his consent. And the truth of the matter is, Larry, we had asked weeks ago for this production to stop. And the minute TLC learned we were coming on Larry King’s show and we were going to announce on the show that we were putting the brakes on the divorce and putting the brakes on the show and disclose the reasons why, which would have been very embarrassing to them, as you’ll learn later on in this program, they decided to save their face and preempt this individual by coming out and firing him before it became public that he fired the show.

What really happened is previous to that announcement, [that Jon was off the show] I notified [TLC] that Jon was going to go on the show [Larry King Live] and he was going to ask that the show be terminated (INAUDIBLE)…

And not only was he going to say that on the show, but he was going to tell the reasons why. And on September 25th, their lawyer sent me a letter in which they said — when they learned we were going to go on the show, Jon should not proceed with his appearance. And when we told them we were going to still appear and we were going to, in essence, terminate the show, they then said yesterday we’d better do something first.

TLC tried to tell Jon not to party
Jon Gosselin: I don’t get along to the people at TLC… Since January, I started getting calls from the executives, which is so rare. You really don’t really hear from them. [They said] that I’m in breach of contract and, you know, I can’t go out. They put me on house arrest. They gave me a bodyguard for three weeks…. It’s house arrest. They give you — I had 24-7 bodyguards.

On the children’s lack of a contract or work permits
KING: Are you saying, Mark, that this contract is null and — are you saying this isn’t a contract?

HELLER: This is a null contract for the following reason. As mentioned earlier, at the time that these two struggling people were desperate for money, TLC came with a cadre of lawyers, the most sophisticated contract you’ve ever seen and said sign. They had no manager. He had no lawyer. He had no idea of what he was signing.

What’s more upsetting is the contract provided that there was no compensation specifically for the kids. These kids have been working for the past four years without any specified contract being attributed them.

KING: But wouldn’t it be in violation of a child labor law…

HELLER: Well, that…

KING: …to have a contract with a kid?

HELLER: …that’s precisely so. And the investigation has been undertaken by the Labor Department, which may expose the respective parties to almost $2 million of fines because they require a permit. TLC, contrary to what was represented to Jon, never got a permit for the kids to act; never got pay permit for the location and these provisions render it as against public policy.

Jon’s lawyer on how the show is over now
Jon’s Lawyer, Mark Jay Heller: I can assure your viewers and you that this show will definitely not go forward with the eight children under any circumstance, because I have confidence in the courts. Every child is a ward of the court. And they will never subject the children to this show if the father believes it’s detrimental.

Jon’s lawyer kind of backtracks about why they decided to issue TLC a cease and desist
Jon’s Lawyer, Mark Jay Heller: From the very first week that I became Jon’s attorney, I had an explosive discussion with them as soon as I learned about how they had exploited Jon and his wife when they executed this contract. And I told them that this had to be addressed immediately and they stopped communicating with me. I’ve been talking about pulling the plug on this show ever since I became counsel. And Jon made a decision and I followed it.


They also had Kate Gosselin’s divorce lawyer on via satellite, and he said that he thought the children don’t need work permits and that “one parent can’t unilaterally make the decision not to have the children go forward.”

Larry King also asked Jon about all his affairs, and his answers were somewhat evasive but less dodgy than I expected. On his first “alleged” affair with Deanna Hummel, he said that she just drove him home when he was too drunk to drive and that “We were just friends.” On Kate Major, he half admitted sleeping with her and said “The things I’ve done in the past are mistakes.” On nanny Stephanie Santoro, he denied the affair and said “Not true. Again, I made mistakes. I trusted people. I’m a genuine person. I give everyone a chance. Some people just take advantage.” He also repeated his claim that he loves Hailey and hinted that he’s cheated on her. “I apologize to Haley. I have made mistakes.”

Jon said that he’s sincere in his effort to forge a better relationship with Kate for the sake of their children. He hasn’t seen or spoken with her in three and a half weeks, but he said that he does text her and that he tried to delay their divorce in an effort to work with her. “Listen, we know we’re not going to be husband and wife anymore. But we’re always going to be mom and dad. We have to work together against this. We have to pull our kids off of television and work this out as a family. ”

This whole thing is kind of mind blowing and there are a lot of details to keep track of. I don’t side with either party because they’re both wrong in distinct, well-documented ways. The show needs to end, though, and if Jon Gosselin is putting the breaks on that’s only going to benefit his children. As he said they don’t need to be filmed dealing with their parents’ divorce. Maybe their parents should stop talking to the press so much too. At least a few of those eight kids are going to read all this crap as soon as they’re able.

Jon Gosselin’s full Larry King Interview:

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  1. Judy says:

    I thought Jon made a much more favorable impression last night than his attorney did.

  2. mollyb says:

    I would have a lot more respect for his stance on behalf of his children’s welfare (a stance which I think is absolutely correct) if this self-righteous move didn’t come AFTER he was cut from the gravy train.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    So are they going to make a new reality show all about Kate now and her attempts to find love again? I’m thinking “Kate Plus Date”, get it? And then when that show doesn’t work out, she’ll get super depressed and start eating to fill the void, and THEN they can make “Kate Plus Weight!”

  4. HEB says:

    I love that he admits posting that sign…with all the typos. Nice.

  5. e says:

    There is no way that I believe that he is doing this because he cares about his kids. If he really cared he would stop acting like a complete fool all over town. And what about the reality show he has in the works. He talks about how he hates the publicity but then he is working on a reality show? The kids probably will not be featured but the show will still affect them. He is a freaking douche CB and I am dissapointed that you could even believe one word that comes out of his mouth.

  6. Merridith says:

    Jon Gosselin = LOSER

  7. bros says:

    this was a brilliant move by jon-PR savvy. its got kate on the defensive, talking about how she checks in with them every day before filming to see if they still want to do it. bitch, please.

    either way, this is what most people wanted, and he comes out looking like the rational one doing what is ACTUALLY right for the kids, no matter what his motivation.

    check and mate.

  8. stacy says:

    im happy that the welfare of the children is in the spotlight, but Jon is such a douche anyway i dont think the kids are going to get the attention that they need. Daddy’s “playboy” ways are going to overshadow them for a really long time. Poor kids!

  9. e says:

    What would actually be better for the kids is not having these two as parents but unfortunately they are stuck with them. I really don’t think this will hurt Kate that much in the long run. Let’s face it – as obnoxious as she is she is still more marketable than Jon. Also, people in the industry seem to want to work with her more. Even her diva behavior won’t hurt her that much because most of those people act like divas behind the scenes. She will just get some other show that does not include filming the kids…someone has to have a job to feed all those mouths and so far Jon does not seem like the working type.

  10. dawn says:

    He is a lying scheming douche bag who couldn’t care less aout the family. Did you here the lawyer they are trying this in the court of opinion. they know if they go to a real court Jon is gone. He so needs to grow up and be a man

  11. pebbles says:

    Granted, he’s an ass, but if this stops production, I’m Team Jon.

  12. HarbinsMom says:

    He HIMSELF said earlier in the year, when there was such an uproar about the kids not having a work contract under PA law, said they didn’t need one, there was nothing wrong with them filming. I don’t for ONE minute believe this guy. His PR and lawyer machine have tried to tame him down in the last few weeks(the reason Hailey has been conspicuously absent), to gain favorable public opinion. He didn’t snow me one bit. He’s still slimy and smarmy. This is just another *poor, pitiful me* act. Now, he’s just using his KIDS which is despicable.

  13. boo says:

    If it’s true TLC raked in 186 million in one quarter alone and these children don’t have a trust fund set up for them, then the very least TLC should do is put at least 10 million in a fund for them and take it from there. That is astounding, again if it is true. I wonder if the Gosselins own the house outright. I know they’ve received a ton of perks but still, 186mill in one quarter??????

  14. Linda says:

    Whatever led Jon to this place – the fact remains that this is the right place to be in – getting those kids off the show.

    Any wonder why TLC is ticked off – they made $186 million yet didn’t bother setting up a trust for any of those kids or getting work permits! These kids are being used by TLC and their parents – while we cannot get their parents out of their lives – we can at least get TLC out of their lives.

    Go Jon – I could care less about the motivation behind this – objectively we can all see that these kids have no business continuing this charade of a show. These kids shouldn’t have to live their lives so TLC can make millions.

    Also, I really believe Jon had a wake up call when Kate said the marriage was over in October – he was passive and he avoided things – he went along to keep peace and put up with a lot of shit from Kate through the years. People do stupid things when they are going through a break up.

  15. Beth says:

    Saying Jon is doing this for the kids is ridiculous. He has been saying forever that the kids like filming. If he was so concerned, he would have ended the show earlier. It’s not a coincidence that he pulled this stunt when he was fired. Also based on other divorces (Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards) the show could still continue but it would be a court issue. Besides trying to do something called “The Divorce Dad’s Club” doesn’t leave me the impression the kids won’t be involved, even limited, in some way. Also I don’t know if shows, films, etc are responsible for setting up trust funds for kids. That is something the parents should be doing.

  16. QB says:

    Minors need work permit , they need a work permit. He made a good argument.Plus everyone knows that being on TV nevers end up being good for the kids but also it does not help to have to mediawhores for parents that are more worry about themself then the kids.

    Who is watching the kids??? I would not be surprise if later we find out that Jon & Kate only spend time with the kids while there is cameras around or paparazzi.

  17. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, this is such a passive aggressive move. What an asshole to do this right after he was cut. Granted, the show is not good for the kids, but now how aer they going to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to? I mean, perhaps being poor as fuck will be more detrimental to the kids’ psyche than continuing their show…

  18. Birdie says:

    The divorce – in and of itself- doesn’t hurt kids. So I really don’t understand’s Jon’s reasoning that the show needs to end because of the divorce. There are many divorced families, and the kids are healthy, happy and well-loved.

    I am bothered by how obviously transparent the inauthenticity of his statements are. He is a liar, a hypocrite, and in the end doing more harm than any good for his children. He literally accepted the show, and the money from the show, right up until he was cut out.

    What really hurts the kids in he long run is dad going on an ill advised publicity campaign against their mother and their childhood. At the end of the day, these kids have already spent so much time with TLC crew, they probably accept it as part of their life. That’s how kids are they accept whatever their reality is. Jon saying that they’ve been exploited will only hurt and confuse them when they get older. The mixed messages this guy sends are disgusting. This is what hurts the kids. Jon has been on tv saying he “despises” the kid’s mother, saying he loves his 22 year old girlfriend more than their mother. It hurts the kids when Dad is seen out and about all over the country having drunken sexual relations random groupies.

    I understand that people feel this is a train wreck and the show needs to end. The only thing is, I feel that the financial incentives speak for themselves. With 8 mouths to feed, I understand Kate’s desire to keep working on the show. At the end of the day, the kids are just being kids, they aren’t being harassed or forced to work long rigid hours. They are just being filmed living and doing what they would be doing whether or not there were cameras around.

  19. Sudini says:

    I have a lot of trouble giving Jon ANY credit here. Yes, a BY-PRODUCT of his latest ass-faced stunt is that his children’s welfare is being considered.
    But the fact remains that Jon’s real motivation for pulling the plug was the fact that he’s not longer getting a paycheck. If his contract were still in place, he would not be on such a high horse about his kids right now. He’d be cashing that check as always.

    He shouldn’t get any credit here.

  20. Sudini says:

    Right on Birdie 🙂

  21. Zanna says:

    Wait, Celebitchy…you believe he believes the show is not good for the kids? Are you kidding? If he said this from the BEGINNING when he wasn’t being a media whore maybe I would have bought that. But the ONLY reason he’s stepping up now is because he got cut. It’s not about the kids. It’s about revenge.

    Although the show is not good for the children (and the parents AND TLC should know that); his motives here are clear.

    He should go work for Massegill.

  22. Harmony says:

    that first sentence (“Jon Gosselin and his giant vacant eyes were on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. “) is GOLD. Lmao you crack me up

  23. Anastasia says:

    It’s about time. YES, the show does need to end. Those kids’ private lives have been taped and aired and exploited for financial gain for 90% of their short lives and even though the way he came to this conclusion was long and convoluted, he IS right that the show needs to end.

    It should have ended years ago. Shame on the parents for agreeing to it, shame on TLC for doing the show, and shame on Kate for wanting the kiddy gravy train to continue.

    Hopefully she can find something to do to support the lifestyle she’s accustomed to that doesn’t involve exploiting the kids (and it’ll flop because she’s not interesting, intelligent or funny).

  24. Judy says:

    Don’t care what his motives are–he’s doing the right thing for those children–and that’s all that counts. And there are legal implications involved in what TLC did.

  25. Guest says:

    Jon AND kate are so fos…

  26. nancy says:

    jon doing it for his kids? another lie coming out of his lazy ass mouth. was he doing it for the kids when he brought a bar maid home to babysit them? how about the threesome in vegas? how about taking them down to the fence to talk with strangers? going on national tv and saying he despises kate and never loved her the way he loves hailey. the kids hearing stories about their dad is more detrimental to their health than being on tv.

  27. grisgris says:

    Dude, if you want to end the show for the good of the kids – end it – have your lawyers do what they do and carry about your business in private. The fact that he needs to grandstand and planned to make an “announcement” on Larry King makes it obvious that everything this fool does is for money and publicity.

  28. oxa says:

    I cannot believe the way Jon was ATTACKED on Larry King. It doesn’t matter what he is accused of, He should have been treated with the same respect that Kate was granted on Larry King. Jon’s biggest problem is that he can’t dodge questions like kate, so he makes himself sound a little ignorant. TLC and kate’s attorney act as if they own the kids and that their say overrides any say Jon has.
    I’m glad he is standing up to them, and the reason should’nt matter at all!
    Now we will see Kate show her true colors when she must choose before the public eye her kids welfare or her wallet.

  29. Judy says:

    Agree with your post Oxa–and we will see Kate “the actress” cry her dry crocodile tears once again.

  30. bros says:

    oxa and anastasia: spot on.

  31. Iggles says:

    Go Jon!

    This is becoming a family court/ parents’ rights case. Jon is the father. He has joint custody. If he wants to end the show, no matter his motives, he has the right to!

    Kate’s lawyer keeps arguing that “Jon needs to follow a process”. When it comes to the law, that’s true. But we’re not just talking about ending a legal agreement. We’re talking about kids whose lives are being impacted by the constant gazes of cameras. Jon’s right that “The show is our lives, our lives are the show”. It’s a tangled mess and as a parent he has the right to put an end to it. No TV network should be able to dictate to parents what they can or cannot do with their kids. That contract sounds corrupt and void.

    I think Jon is a douche personally, but right is right.

  32. tasteT says:

    He is gonna bite off his nose to save his face…this means that HE will need 16 jobs to fianlly support his family..

    I hope they call his trump..I wouldn’t miss this train wreck..I haven’t watched it since the beginning.

    money hungry chubby whiner, he’s a sore loser, he even halted the divorce.

    he’s slowly turning into Lohan’s douche dad.

  33. Linda says:

    Anyone who watched and followed the show would realize that Jon did want out of the show at one point, it was before they moved into the new house and Jon wanted the show to stop and Kate even acknowledge that Jon was struggling while this was the most perfect life for her – she loved it and wasn’t about to change it. Watch the show.

  34. texasmom says:

    He has been ever so douche-y, but I actually find him believable on this.

    It seems like he’s always been pushed along, and I’m sure that their weird life seemed pretty normal from their point of view. It isn’t like their kids had a normal childhood and then suddenly were being treated like trained monkeys. They went from a cute little documentary to a somewhat intrusive show to a totally fake life (voila! trained monkeys!) step by step. I am sure that every step along the way, TLC and Kate made each step seems like a natural development from the last step, and everything was ok then, right? So his change of heart could be sincere if long overdue.

    I get the feeling they were both taken advantage of by TLC. Kate was jollied along with star treatment. Jon didn’t care about that stuff, so he grew disenchanted while Kate got happier and happier. In the meantime they weren’t paid a fair share — until they got to this point, where there isn’t enough money in the world to make selling your children’s lives ok.

  35. MSat says:

    Attacked? Are you kidding me? Larry King is the softest interviewer of all time. And Jon’s non-answers were infuriating.

    Also, who knew that all it takes to feel empowered is to screw a bunch of bimbos, buy a bachelor pad in NYC and hire a windbag lawyer?

    I still don’t understand the reasoning behind stopping the divorce proceedings. If he’s so in love with his new bimbo and hates his wife so much, why drag it out even more?

    All in all, the show ending is a good thing. It would be nice if the kids could live normal lives now, but with these nutjobs for parents, it won’t happen.

  36. Taya says:

    Jons interview was a positive light on him. This show needs to end now and these kids need to have a normal life.

    Now if Kate would only leave the public eye and crawl back under her infertility rock.

  37. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    1. I do not understand why he is such a “douche” for acting in his best financial interests. Yes, he is making all of his moves to maximize profit; however, that is what each and every single one of you would do. Stop acting “holier than thou.”

    2. Everything Kate does is in her best financial interest; therefore, by your own definitions, she is a douche too.

    3. It does not matter that he said filming the kids was ok before. He changed his mind. The kids changed their minds (per TMZ). We all CHANGE OUR MINDS.

    Lets visualize how you would look to others if every little golden nugget that comes out of your mouth is memorialized forever. If every night out and corresponding “buzz” was videotaped. I am sure many of you will seem hypercritical, unstable, egotistical, and, dare I say it: douchey!

  38. oxa says:

    Now we will see Kate show her true colors when she must choose before the public eye her kids welfare or her wallet.

  39. aj says:

    I am still trying to figure out how Jon leaving his aging wife for several(!) young women is Kate’s fault. Isn’t that what a lot of men do (or want to do)? Jon and his creepy “fans” have someone to blame for his lack of character. Why not blame someone when you can? I have even heard that the Gosselins are supposed to be evangelical Christians. Someone please tell me that’s not true.

  40. RubyKaur says:

    GatsbyGal – OMG LMDAO!

  41. Oy Vey says:

    Reality show watchers=Losers

    Stop watching the TV, get off your ass and get your own freakin’ life, instead of living vicariously from someone else’s.

  42. UrbanRube says:

    You know what would be healthy for those kids? Having a dad that didn’t whore around.

  43. GOMO1313 says:

    I agree that Jon has done the correct thing for the children. Regardless how many bad choices and stupid behavior he has shown these past months, he is doing the right thing now. It’s a shame that Kate will come up with something to counter-act this and make things worse. They both should take this time to work out their relationship as parents, as Jon said the marriage is over but they still are the parents. The kids deserve this…just stay out of the limelight and concentrate on parenting. It isn’t
    going be easy for the children to have this change in their lives and it is going to be an adjustment, to try and live normal lives. They have to adjust to being children of divorced parents and hopefully J & K can act like adults and make it as painful as possible. Counseling should also be considered to help the adjustment. Financially between the both of them they too can start acting normal…and get real jobs. This will be the most difficult for these two…working in the real world for real paychecks and out of the limelight! Oh they each might have to get more than one job to make it work but hey, it’s their own fault they didn’t consider this when the big money was coming in…and had set up trust funds for the children. Hopefully when Kate stated they had college funds set up that this was the truth..but Jon didn’t seem to state this last night so maybe she didn’t share this information with him or it isn’t true. Just a ha ha..poor Jon didn’t have the front pages due to Letterman’s situation!

  44. Birdie says:

    The show isn’t great, but I don’t feel its this exploitative cess pool, that others seem to see. Honestly, Jon was kicked off the show for breaking the “morality” clause of his contract. At least TLC isn’t catering to the lowest common denominator. Jon can’t just pull a trump card and say something like “I want to stop the show because of my kids well-being” and all his behavior over the past few months can be excused. I stand by my opinion that his nasty-ness has done more harm to the kids, and will do more harm to them in the future, than anything that has been filmed on their show. What hurts the kids is that Daddy gets naked and stoned with the baby sitter in the hot tub.

    And I know nobody wants to admit this, but the show comes with one huge benefit. MONEY. The cost of raising 8 kids would have been fiscally impossible for Jon and Kate had they not agreed to the show.

    Jon’s dirty behavior comes with zero benefits to the kids. Despite all these machiavellian voices saying the end justifies the means, they are wrong. Motivations matter! Giving lip service to the ‘right thing’ doesn’t make your intentions honest. This is the same dude who pitched “divorced dads club” with Michael Lohan for cripes sake! He doesn’t care about the kids being on TV, he’s let them be on TV for years and years. He’s pissed that he’s being cut out of the profits.

    Jon is not acting with honesty, nor integrity, nor out of the goodness of his heart. He is pulling an power play! First came the news of the delayed divorce to a wife he ‘despises’ then the announcement he was being dumped, then his big move to end the show. Plain and simple – he’s not gonna let go of his cash cow. He’s lawyered up to show TLC they can’t boss him around. He wants more money! To buy more girlfriend’s porsches and fake t*ts! To have sex with more strippers in vegas! To sex up and dump more teachers and tabloid reporters!

  45. Ro says:

    The point is the motivation behind his move not whether or not it results in the halt of this particular show. Jon is a celebwhore plain and simple. If you didn’t know while he was filming pretending to be happy with is wife you knew it for sure when he actually had a relationship with some chick from Star magazine.
    Whether this results in the show stopping and the kids not being filmed for this show isn’t the point. Because he loves the fame and the money he will just find another show or way to make money off of his kids. So for all of those people saying well at least he got this done, just think about the fact that these kids are going to be in these two morons care for over a decade. Plenty of more money opporotunities. I swear I can see the lifetime movie of these kids lives already and it is going to be a train wreck.

  46. cammie says:

    if jon really gets his wishes & they are off the show, since kate has the kids the majority of the time doesn’t he realize HIS DUMBASS WILL HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT? this is kate’s job & once gone, HE WILL HAVE TO STEP UP MORE & GIVE HER $….i kinda hope he gets his wish & it bites him on the ass

  47. aj says:

    It’s amazing how after all he’s done, there are actually women who defend Jon. You see, this is why men think women are dumb.

  48. The Domestic Goddess says:

    I agree with Oxa and Anastasia. I also feel that Jon has been unfairly treated by Larry King. How is that Kate gets such kudos for being a mother of 8? She chose to have those children, and has just taken it for all it’s worth. Just because she’s sly and crafty, doesn’t make her anymore popular than Jon. Whatever the reason, taking this show off the air can only be a good thing for everyone!

  49. The Domestic Goddess says:

    The more I read about how Jon is that, or that … I wonder … having been a fan myself of the show until that past couple of years … how is that Kate has seemingly allowed to get away with abusive behaviors – regardless of whether Jon is a silly man or not – he did not deserve much of what she dished out. She married this man. For better or worse. She has run over every single person that has helped in the past, to the extent she has cut off her family, and what about Beth Carson? I find it ironic that it is only Kate that appears in book signings for a book that was allegedly written by Kate, Jon and Beth. Kate is no better than Jon. Worse I feel. She is not what you see, that’s for sure!

  50. Judy says:

    Cammie: You are wrong. You know nothing about the law. If Kate makes more money, she will pay child support. Mrs. Kalifornia: I love to read your posts, because you are smart and have proper knowledge of English, grammar, and punctuation. Domestic Goddess: You are so spot on. It is obvious TLC wrote Kate’s statement for last night’s LKL and she doesn’t have the background to write a book, yet she receives all the credit. And–you are also correct in stating that Kate is not what she seems.

  51. sherry says:

    I would be interested in how many hours of taping it takes to make a segment before I would debate unfair child laws.

    Jon is about Jon and if I was married to him I would be viewed as a bitch too. I don’t believe his new found behavior is all new.

    I support Kate Plus 8 and hope she moves forward with lessons learned and does well, for the kids sake.

  52. Zoe says:

    I agree, the timing of this is way too ridiculous for me to buy any of it. Every time I think Jon Gosselin can’t embarrass his children more, he does. That said, it’s the first right decision he’s made in a LONG time, though it appears to have been made for all the wrong reasons. Regardless, I completely agree it is beyond unhealthy for those children and always has been. If he was serious about wanting to protect his children, he would stop spending their money like it’s going out of style, those kids earned their paychecks and that money should be in the bank where it belongs while Jon and Kate get a real job.

  53. Helen says:

    Just shut the show down. It`s a circus act. Anyone remember the Dionne Quints? They were exploited, taken away from their parents, they never got over it. They need to shut this show down. The paps are ruining this family.Although Jon is doing this for personal gain, he is absolutely right about the show.Funny thing, Kate and Jon won`t bash each other or point out what the are in disagreement about.

  54. The Domestic Goddess says:

    Ok the madness is continuing … after just reading about 1cm of an article now posted on People, seems that Kate is now going to a party for Sherri from the View, going on Today blahblahblah… um sorry what was that about being with your children ALWAYS when you’re not working … yeah right Kate. Sooner or later, probably sooner, your true colours will shine for all to see.

  55. Aspie says:

    AWESOME post Birdie (# 18)! That’s nothing but pure truth!

  56. la chica says:

    i personally don’t care why or how this show is being shut down. i don’t care if Jon is being a duplicitous fraud. i’m just thrilled that these children will finally have half a chance of growing up half-normal because there will be no more cameras in their faces. for what it’s worth, thanks Jon.

  57. Skizz says:

    It’s also kind of funny how Jon was trying to set up his own reality show about divorced dads and TLC shut that down as soon as they heard about it.

    Two months later Kate goes on The View, loves it, and TLC is supposedly helping her start her own talk forum.

    I can see where he might have decided it was time to fight “the man”. I can live with a selfish motive if it brings about a good end.

  58. Maritza says:

    I saw him and I just couldn’t stand watching him pucker his lips all the time, it was so annoying. To me he was lying. He is mad with TLC because they won’t let him do his other show!

  59. Judy says:

    Did ANYONE even watch the way she talked down to Jon during all of their broadcasts? Does anyone know that she can’t even get along with her own family, including her mother and her brother? Has anyone looked into her DIVA antics–check out Celebitchy on her recent diva antics at a charity event. Are you aware that she ended the marriage last October and yet wants to portray herself as the victim? And why does she need a bodyguard–oh, yeah, to SLEEP WITH. WAKE UP. I am so sick of her pretending to be so pious and virtuous all the while screwing her “bodyguard” via adjoining rooms. And I refuse to watch her dry crocodile tears on air while the entertainment industry continues to endorse and reward this no-talent manipulator and liar.

  60. Mave says:

    It was good enough for his kids when he was on it making all the cash…but now he’s off and all of a sudden it isn’t good for the kids. We are not stupid. If he truly wanted what was good for his kids he wouldn’t be introducing women and making weird apperances…he is messed up and not a good parent right now. If I was Kate I would get primary custody…their is enough proof that he is toxic to himself and a poor father. I truly feel bad for this famiy.

  61. Ollie says:

    This is all crap. I was suck a Jon fan. I thought Kate was overbearing and rude. Well now Jon has went through his midlife crisis. What BS. I do feel the kids are exploited. Who should be so stupid to implant 6 embryos. Then exploit the pregnancy and their growing up . The Gosslins should do like normal Americans do and WORK!!!! The show is stupid and pointless!!!!!!!!! Take it off TLC Jon and Kate are both babbling idiots.

  62. Hooligan says:

    Jon is such a douche and his lawyer is a hack. Trying to pull out first year law student arguments that have no hope of winning just to puff up his ridiculous client for our trainwreck entertainment. At this point, Kate should go for full custody and go after this national joke for child support payments. Forget half Kate, take it all.

  63. dawnofthedeadling says:

    He’s just pissed because he was let go from the show.

  64. Shell says:

    I feel sorry for the kids. They are the true ones suffering. I wonder how the children would be financially taken care of without the show. Grant it they don’t need to be on tv. But it’s strange how Jon objects to the show now that he has been fired. And Jon and Kate both need to quit making their business so public. Settle it and move on. I commend Kate she is a great mother. No matter how she may come off as she still takes care of those kids FIRST. She hasn’t ran off to have good times and sew wild oats that should have been sewed before 8 kids came along. GOOD LUCK KATE AND KIDS!

  65. Bentley says:

    hes a douche bag lying through his teeth in this interview. what happend to the old you we ALL loved. youve changed so much. they loved doing the show till it started showing whats hes done wrong. so strap a pair on and admit they are right. your kids LOVE doing the show the film crew is part of the family. they treated you with nothing but respect and love. okay so now if the show doesnt go on how are YOU going to pay for 8 growing kids. 8 colleges, school supplies that are just BEGGINING to pile up time 8. atleast 8 pairs of shoes when there feet grow. 8 time thes clothing. everything is times 8. how will you pay for this you barley have a job. kate is wearing the pants in the family making the money, and growing up. she still CANT pay for ALL 8 kids the rest of there life, even IF you help pay. think about the kids… and you say you are. you have done nothing b ut pain for kate. and you seem mad dumb, and this little interview. grow up jon really. kate loved you, and you screwed her over. you made your family this. you made them the statistic that she NEVER wanted to be. you guys just months earlier renewed your vows. and your ass went cheating. thats straight up fucked up. so grow up now. and do something good adn helpful for them .