Meghan Trainor had toilets installed next to each other to always be near her husband


Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara have been married for close to three years. Their son, Riley, is eight months old. For the most part, Meghan and Daryl’s relationship has been drama free. Daryl’s not only okay with how close Meghan is with her brothers, he seems to have embraced the whole family dynamic. We know they’re crazy about each other. While Meghan and her brother Ryan appeared on Nicole Byer’s podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me, Ryan revealed just how crazy they are for each other. Ryan told Nicole he was actively avoiding relationships because of Meghan and Daryl’s bond. But Ryan said they were ‘weirdly’ close, as in: “they poop together.” When pressed, Meghan admitted she had two toilets installed next to each other in their new home for the purpose of using the bathroom together.

While appearing on the “Why Won’t You Date Me?” podcast hosted by Nicole Byer, the “All About That Bass” singer and her brother Ryan Trainor spoke about what he’s looking for in a relationship. He explained that he wants to “avoid” a relationship like Meghan’s “at all costs” because she and Sabara are so close.

“You guys are weirdos, bro,” he said to his sister. “They poop together. She’s pooping and Daryl’s like, ‘I’m going to go hang out with you now!'”

She then revealed that they go to the bathroom together so often that they actually had two toilets installed side by side in their new home. According to Meghan, the design is even handier now that they have a young child.

“We just got a new house and we did construction — nobody knows this — but in our bathroom, there was one toilet,” she said. “A lot of times in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby, we gotta pee at the same time. So I was like, ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?'”

Meghan noted that their contractor laughed and thought she was joking but later obliged.

She said they now have two toilets “sitting next to each other,” and that they use them together “often.” However, according to Meghan, she and her husband have “only pooped together twice” because it “smells foul.”

[From Insider]

Going to the bathroom with the door open or in front of each other is a hot button with couples. I find that people are generally all for or dead against it and arguments break out about what those views say about you. So, I won’t weigh in on that. I’m confused by Meghan’s stated logic, though. I’m sure that is not the only bathroom in the house. Convenience aside, surely one can find another bathroom to use. And peeing doesn’t take that long, even an old broad like me can hold a middle of the night pee until my partner is done with his. As for actively using the restroom together, again, this must be a choice. I’m convinced they did not build a one bath home. So Meghan is admitting she and Daryl can’t stand to be apart for the duration of a restroom break. That’s just… a lot. A lot of information, a lot of together, a lot of – everything. Too much, some might say.

But speaking as a mom – the bathroom is the one place you get a moment to yourself! Why – why would anyone intentionally arrange to have that sanctuary defiled with another throne?! Can you imagine their fights though? Instead of a pillow, blanket and directions to the couch, Meghan hands Daryl a roll of two-ply, the crosswords and tells him he’s pooping in the guest bath tonight.



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  1. Merricat says:

    Lol. I am speechless.

    • Lady D says:

      There really are no words.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Seriously!! I don’t even like to poop in a public restroom with other people in it! I don’t, unless I REEEEEEALLY have to.

      Peeing…eh.. no problem with that, but anything more “serious”, NO AUDIENCE ALLOWED! lol

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        With you on this. I don’t even like it when the cat sticks her paw under the door when I’m going.

        No, just no.

    • Rice says:


      Immediately remembered that Sex & the City episode where Miranda dated a guy who loved to poop with the door open and he’d walk in to chat or whatever when she’s on the toilet.

  2. Bookie says:

    When I am on vacation with my husband and we are in a small room with only one bathroom, if I need to poop, I will go to the lobby.

    • Ellie says:

      Pretty much. And what is with those sliding barn doors that don’t really close completely, especially with the frosted glass? That’s a hard no for me.

    • SarahCS says:

      Yes! I always take a close look at the photos of hotel rooms to check what kind of door they have and how much privacy it will give. I also tend to have the tv on in the hotel room when we’re getting ready in the morning for added privacy and background noise.

  3. FHMom says:

    Ick. Just no. Years ago, I went away for the weekend with a guy I thought I was in love with. He took a major dump and ruined it for me. Yes, I was young (20’s) and immature, but still. The true perfect situation in a marriage would be separate bathrooms.

    • Merricat says:

      Or at least separate sinks.

      • SarahCS says:

        I read years ago that the secret to a happy relationship is two sinks so when we put a bathroom back in upstairs in our house I found a unit with two sinks that fitted and have never regretted that choice.

        What I’m mostly excited about is if/when we eventually convert the loft then we will have to full bathrooms and it can become one each. That’s the dream.

    • Seraphina says:

      We are fortunate to have a bathroom near the attic. My husband decided he did not want to squeegy the glass down or clean up after himself so he moved into that bathroom. I get the master bath. It is REALLY nice is all I can say.

      • Fabiola says:

        My husband and I have separate bathrooms. I get the bathroom in our room and he uses the downstairs guest bathroom to do his business. I don’t even like sharing bathrooms, can’t imagine side by side toilets but whatever works for them.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Huh, I wonder how they manage to have bathroom urges at the same time. Or does one just sit and watch the other – which is something I don’t want to contemplate before my second cup of coffee.

  5. rawiya says:

    Absolute-the eff-not! I can’t even share a bathroom with roommates (when we’re using it at different times): I always have to rent a place on my own or rent one that has an ensuite bathroom. This entire story stresses me out.

  6. helonearth says:

    That is gross.

    The whole point of having lots of cash for me would be to have more space – particularly a dressing room with en suite bathroom. Not sharing with anyone would be bliss.

  7. Fuzzy Crocodile says:

    I love my boyfriend.

    Some things are just better done on your own.

  8. Tanya Nguyen says:

    Very weird couple. Before they had a baby, she told the story of being sick and throwing up. She made him kiss her right after she had thrown up to prove how much he loves her. I felt then that she is very needy and messed up and she’s lucky that he seems to have no problem with it. I’m glad that they seem to have gotten their own house. He had to move in with her and all her brothers and family and I always felt it must be a lot for him.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That’s so gross! This woman has issues. And the 2 side by side toilets are disgusting as well. I would be mortified!

  9. Nikki* says:

    Weird and gross.

  10. Mina_Esq says:

    I guess 2021 is the year celebrities tell us how gross they are. This is weird and wholly unnecessary.

  11. Cat C says:


  12. Angelica Schuyler says:

    I’ve been married for over 25 years, and I can unequivocally tell you that the key to a happy marriage, is separate bathrooms. When we moved out of our first apartment, into a house with several bathrooms, we immediately each claimed one for ourselves. My husband shared with the kids for a while, but they kicked him out of theirs down to the bathroom in the basement. His consolation was that the basement bath was actually the largest and nicest one in the house as it had been recently renovated. It definitely keeps the peace.

  13. Barbie1 says:

    She sounds obsessed with him lol. She won’t let him go, not for one instance. She must be in his face 24/7 damn.

  14. PrincessPossum says:

    Peeing in front of one another is NBD, pooping is a solo activity with the door closed.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Agreed 1000%. *and as to pooping, preferably on different floors or different sides of the house!

    • Marguerita says:

      Yeeessss. This is how we maintain “the mystery” after 14 years. Although lately, the door is usually ajar as the dog has a need to check up on us while we’re enthroned, and we oblige that elderly lady her delights in her twilight years.

  15. locamg says:

    Sounds like codependency?

  16. WithTheAmerican says:

    Co dependence is only fun in the first few years. Train wreck ahead.

  17. smcollins says:

    Ummmmmm….what?! And saying they’ve “only” pooped together *twice* as if it’s no big deal is just beyond. Wow. She gives “Stage 5 Clinger” a whole new meaning (both of them, really, since he seems onboard with it). 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. Magick Wanda says:

    I miss the days when celebs were less thirsty and I didn’t have to know to about their bathroom habits. Really. I don’t want the mental picture this has given me.

  19. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    That last sentence, tho! LMAO! 😂😂😂

  20. Jess says:

    Does anyone remember the love toilet commercial from SNL (with Victoria Jackson and Kevin Nealon, I think!). That’s the first thing that came to mind!

  21. Lesli says:

    No one needs this information… Gross

  22. Pix says:

    Yes, I am baffled as to why anyone would willingly share this information.

  23. BOOGIE says:

    I lived in an extremely cheap state for awhile and loved how nice/big an apartment I could get for the money. You’d better believe my husband and I had separate bathrooms. My privacy is sacred. Also they had better have two separate toilet paper rolls because can you imagine both of you wanting it at the same time and fighting over it? Yeesh. Do they have two sinks? Or does one have to wait while the other washes their hands?

    • Lady D says:

      If you’re doing this, right next to another person, is hygiene really your biggest concern?

      • BOOGIE says:

        Oh I meant in terms of impatience! I would not want to haggle over who gets toilet paper first. But then I would want no part of this in the first place.

      • Lady D says:

        I was just trying to be funny, BOOGIE. I am really having a problem processing this. It just does not compute, as they say.

  24. JRenee says:

    What the entire eff? This is beyond me. Bathroom time is private for me! Yikes!!!

  25. Christine says:

    I’ve been married 13 years and have peed in front of my husband and vice versa like if we’re getting ready to go somewhere, but pooping is a no go. I can’t even be in the vicinity. If he’s still in bed I’ll go down the hall to the guest bathroom.

  26. Abby says:

    This is both disgusting and sooo codependent. Talk about enmeshed, merged personalities. I know she was lonely for years and it was very hard for her to find someone to date, but this girl has serious abandonment issues. Stage 5 clingers. He’s still there even if he uses a bathroom 30 feet away, Meghan. Ew. Pooping TOGETHER.

  27. EveV says:

    That joke at the end sent me. I’m still laughing out loud about it lol
    My partner and I don’t mind using the bathroom in front of each other but no, I would never install toilets side by side.

  28. Leskat says:

    That’s a whole bunch of nopes. I will pee in front of my husband but I don’t make a habit of it. I do not, will not, poop in front of him. That’s my hard line. Pooping time is private for us both. Let’s keep some secrets!

    As for why they installed those toilets next to each other- because of getting up with baby- and having to pee at the same time… find another toilet! Their house doesn’t have another bathroom?? If that happened to us, you’d either wait for the other person to finish or go to another bathroom. Why do celebrities revel in being so bizarre.

  29. Lila says:

    Gross. My sims don’t even like it when I force them to use the same bathroom.

  30. Same says:

    Well … got nothin’

    Except the jeebies, now I have those … ugh

  31. Ann says:

    I am definitely on the “NO” side of this debate. Just, no. We are lucky enough to have a few bathrooms in our house, which was basically built to be (and was/is) a family house, and they get used! If my husband uses our bathroom when I am in the bedroom (they’re adjacent), I make him close both doors and maybe even run the water in the sink so I don’t hear anything. We live in Houston, no water shortages here. Quite the opposite, often.

    I shared bathrooms for years, starting at age 15, with roommates. I don’t mind sharing a bathroom but you better close the damned door when you do your business.

  32. Stacy Dresden says:

    I think this is weird and gross, but I’m holding out hope they will have a forever marriage because I like to believe in love! Maybe they are just next level bonded and I can’t even comprehend.

  33. Aimee says:

    I’ve been with my fiance for almost 8 years. Living together for almost all of it and we have always used separate bathrooms. The only time we use the same one is when we’re on vacation and I don’t even like that. I don’t want to know what he does in there and I don’t want him to know what I do in mine!!!

  34. Heat says:

    I mean, people can do whatever they want I guess. But why tell the world about it?
    Will I ever think of Meghan Trainor as the singer of “All About That Bass” again? No, she will always be “woman who poops with her husband”.

  35. Jaded says:

    When Mr. Jaded and I are on vacation sharing one bathroom I ALWAYS bring ear plugs, Just-a-Drop and air freshener.

  36. Seraphina says:

    It’s just crappy all the way around and piss poor idea.

  37. Marigold says:

    So gross. Some people are so ridiculous.

  38. Valerie says:

    Um… No.

  39. Hotsauceinmybag says:

    Okay, a nice comment: their baby is suuuuuuper cute!!

    This screams co-dependence! So weird. As someone with Crohn’s Disease (and healthy boundaries lol) I absolutely need bathroom privacy.

  40. NightOwl says:

    Let me guess they don’t shower or bathe often either and prefer the natural sea and occasional rain shower.

    This oversharing of personal hygiene habits is just too much. While I am on this topic, I also hate movie/TV scenes of personal hygiene: teeth brushing, sitting on toilets, etc.

  41. Coco says:

    The level of co-dependency and control issues is off the charts and don’t get me started on how unhygienic this is.

  42. Liz version 700 says:

    This story reminds me of a party I was at with a few friends and a mutual friend who was a plumber. He told me he put toilets in for the rich people who lived right on the ocean. One house had 6 bathrooms (someone call the Dailymail) and the master bathroom he was told to put in two toilets. We spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out why a house with 6 toilets would need 2 in the master bath…

  43. Alice says:

    Call me old fashioned (39 yrs old) but my husband of 13 years and I have never seen each other on the toilet. Well, except for one time I accidentally opened the door while he was doing no.2. I made sure that never happened again. Some things can stay private for goodness sake.