Could ‘Ted Lasso’ extend past Season 3, just with a different focus?

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I came to Ted Lasso late last fall, nearly a year ago. People had been raving about the first season for months and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I ended up binge-watching the first season and seeing it all put together, all of the emotional beats and the callbacks and how the story unfolded… well, let’s just say, I consider the first season one of the few “perfect seasons” of television. I knew that the second season probably wouldn’t be a repetition of the same story, or have the same heartwarming, lovely vibe, just because how could you even “redo” such a perfect season?

I still found the second season (the finale of which was released on Friday) pretty great, if a bit uneven from a character-development perspective – while Ted, Nate, Jamie and Roy all made significant changes, it did feel like Rebecca spent much of the season being relegated to romantic mini-dramas. One of the things I appreciate about the writing is that they do allow characters to f–k up, make big mistakes, back-slide, etc. The foreshadowing on the Nate character was brilliantly done, yet I was still shocked by his rage at Ted.

The finale set up some interesting storylines for Season 3, which I’m looking forward to seeing. For a while now, Jason Sudeikis has said that his vision for Ted Lasso is a three-season arc, and the story he wanted to tell for Ted will only take three seasons. But AppleTV LOVES Ted Lasso and I imagine there are so many offers of money, freedom, anything for more Lasso. So I find this interesting:

Ted Lasso co-creators/stars Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt have spoken in multiple interviews about how they’d conceived the comedy series for a three-season run. As the Apple TV+ hit is starting work on Season 3, the original vision has not changed, series executive producer/showrunner Bill Lawrence told Deadline in an exclusive post-mortem interview about the Season 2 finale.

“What’s tough to process for me as a writer who is used to writing network comedy, is, this was the end of the season, but the midway point of the show,” the veteran broadcast creator behind series like Scrubs and Cougar Town, told Deadline’s Mike Fleming in the interview, which you can read here, along with a recap of the Season 2 finale. Lawrence conformed that when he and Ted Lasso co-creators Sudeikis, Hunt and Joe Kelly pitched the show, “we said this series was only going to be three seasons.”

Ted Lasso went on to become a commercial and critical hit. It is believed to be Apple TV+’s most popular series and just won seven Emmys for its first season, including Outstanding Comedy Series. While the massive success has not changed the original plan, it has opened the door to continuing the show beyond Season 3.

“I would probably stay clean and say that even if Ted Lasso goes on, the story the writing staff has been telling had a beginning, middle and end for the first three seasons,” Lawrence said. “And then it might veer off from that.”

[From Deadline]

“It might veer off from that…” HM!!! If we get three seasons of Ted Lasso and then, what? Three seasons of The Rebecca Show? I would watch that. I would watch the hell out of that. I already want more Rebecca on the show anyway, and it would make sense to do some kind of spinoff focused solely on her life and her ownership of the club. Since Sudeikis has talked about the third season being the end, I always assumed the show’s ending would be Lasso accomplishing what he wants for Richmond FC (i.e. winning a big championship) and then getting a good offer to coach back in America, somewhere closer to home to see his son. If they do a spinoff show – focused on Rebecca – it would be natural for the story to be focused on Rebecca hiring a new head coach and dealing with Lasso’s departure. These are all free ideas, Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis!

Sudeikis said last week that he and the writers are already working on the scripts for Season 3, and Lawrence said that we should expect Season 3 to start in the late summer 2022. Oh, and Lawrence also said that team therapist Sharon and Trent Crimm will both “have significant roles next year.” OMG!! Trent Crimm, Richmond FC Media Relations!!




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  1. Arpeggi says:

    If there was to be a spin-off, I’d imagine it more being around Keelee and her PR firm tbh. That being said, I’m more than ok with 3 goods seasons instead of trying to milk it until it jumps the shark.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I have to disagree. I can’t imagine a spin-off under any circumstances due to how poorly spin-offs have been since the end of time. Yes, Keelee is lovely and her character is finally developing into another step in her life, she doesn’t truly have enough dimensions with in her.

      I have watched the show since the breaking of the first show. I have enjoyed every episode and I can say I didn’t love every moment, but given the vast audience, you can’t please everyone all the time. I see why he chose it as a 3 season run, but there are/have only been 10-12 episodes each season, but there is much that could be expanded. I think it could run for one more season, or possibly 6 episodes. I think we are just seeing the dimensions of each character.

      • Genevieve says:

        Frasier was a great spin-off. Pretty sure Rhoda was great as well.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Happy Days had successful spinoffs with Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy. The Simpsons first appeared as short film clips on the Tracy Ullman Show. And then there was my all-time favorite spinoff: The Andy Griffith Show. Sheriff Andy Taylor appeared once on The Danny Thomas Show & the rest is history.

    • NiqGee says:

      Daria was spun-off from Beavis and Butthead.

  2. Ginger says:

    I absolutely love this show. One of my favorites. If they do a spin off I don’t know how I would feel not having Ted as a part of that. I do think that’s how season 3 will end ( he will go home to be closer to his son and get a new coaching job)

    • minx says:

      That’s what I was going to say. I see Ted being offered a coaching job in the US and him returning there. Beard, though, would probably stay in the UK.
      I just have so much affection for these characters, it will be tough to say goodbye, whenever that happens.

  3. Merricat says:

    I’m glad they understand that spinning Ted’s story beyond three seasons would be a mistake. I wouldn’t mind a kind of anthology with 3-season arcs for different characters.

    • Esmom says:

      I like that idea a lot. I’d love to see more about a lot of the characters, except maybe Nate, lol. It would also allow Ted to pop in now and then, because it’s hard to imagine him completely absent from that world.

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      Or even a 1 season arc for some of the minor characters would be interesting.

  4. Driver8 says:

    I didn’t love the second season. The one off with Coach Beard was boring to me even though I like the character. Rebecca deserved more of an arc than the love struck teenager she seemed to be in every episode. I do love Keeley and Roy. Ted’s relationship with his therapist and his panic attacks were very well done. I’ll tune in for the rest of the seasons, but for the most part it felt like a bit of a slog.

    • windyriver says:

      Have to agree. Would also add, feels like they’re working too hard for cultural references – which don’t fit in as smoothly as Season 1 – instead of fully finishing off some plot points. Would also have liked a bit more futbol!

      Season 1 was almost perfect, agree there too.

    • Esmom says:

      I could barely get through the Coach Beard episode. I get what they were trying to do but I just wasn’t into it at all. I also thought the online love interest for Rebecca was going to be Ted, but I’m glad that didn’t happen. I think they are much better as friends and colleagues.

      I think I’m the only person who isn’t a big fan of Roy. I enjoy the actor Brett Goldstein, who is also a writer on the show, but I just don’t love Roy’s whole schtick. Although the episode with his niece and her breath problem was priceless!

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      Interesting because I really loved the film noir references in the Coach Beard episode and *spoiler alert* the favor that he did for those 3 yahoo’s from the pub warmed my cold dead heart.

  5. Snazzy says:

    I’m late to the game so still on season 1 but I am loving it!

  6. ReginaGeorge says:

    I just started the series last week after continuously putting it off. Man, I didn’t know what I was missing.

    I adore this show. I also didn’t think I would fall in love with Roy Kent they way I did. Physically he’s not my type, but his character is so hilarious and he’s adorable around Phoebe. He and Keeley have one of the healthiest relationships on TV and I’m happy that they aren’t writing them with that tired “will they, won’t they” trope most shows do to couples, though I know its hard to keep that interesting, and the finale episode is showing that. His and Jamie’s relationship evolution is also fun to watch.

    I kinda see Ted and Rebecca together? I feel like the funeral episode showed that, with how they were both talking about their issues in two separate, yet simultaneous scenes. I don’t dig Rebecca with who she’s currently with at all. They dynamics are a bit inappropriate. I wouldn’t mind Rebecca and Ted getting together and leaving for America and starting their own franchise here.

    That Beard episode was the worst. Though I found out they were originally supposed to do 10 episodes, but Apple asked them to do 12 so they had to write in the Xmas ep and Beard in last minute. The Xmas episode was great, but they could have kept that Beard episode.

    Oh Nate. So likeable one season and so hated the next. I’m can’t wait for S3

  7. Enny says:

    I want a spin-off focused on Dani Rojas.

    Futbol is life!

    • Esmom says:

      Ha. He is the one character that still feels fairly cardboard to me. They definitely need to focus on him and his backstory a bit more, imo, to fully flesh him out.

  8. Mia4s says:

    The supporting cast is so, SO GOOD, that I could see it going on as “Richmond FC” for a season four and five. Ted’s story comes to a conclusion (but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back to visit!), Roy comes into his own next season to be the head coach, while I figure some big opportunity will pull Jamie away at some point he’s still very young, and hey, maybe Coach Beard decides to stick around. Pretty easy to keep most of the characters going. Would watch!

  9. Snappyfish says:

    I hate Nate. It’s funny as everyone talks about his quick fall & it was there all along. In S1 when he thought he was fired he called his boss, Rebecca, a shrew. Nice people don’t go dark so quickly. SPOILERS FOLLOW: The divulging a mental health issue is I defensible. Tearing up the Believe sign was unforgivable. He has already failed Rupert (his game plan wasn’t supposed to work which is why he as angry at games end) Rupert will treat him badly & his players will hate him. I know it is a show about forgiveness but what Nate has done is unforgivable. I hate when those who were bullied become the bully.

    I do love this show. I think Nick Mohammed who plays Nate has assured himself an Emmy because he makes us hate Nate unabashedly

    • ReginaGeorge says:

      I agree. I peeped that as well re the shrew comment. He’s full of self hate and has been projecting his BS all season with Will, Colin and Ted. He’s totally Anakin Skywalker. You can see little glimpses of it but it isn’t obvious to most until s2.

      • NiqGee says:

        Same. His terribleness was always brewing, as a response to how his father treats him but it’s still there.

    • Ana170 says:

      The very first time we meet Nate, he screams at Ted and Beard for walking on the pitch. Then there was his “pep talk” to the players, which was presented as been something they needed to hear but I thought was unnecessarily hateful. It’s always been there.

    • E.D says:


      Whaaaat @ Snappyfish?
      Are you saying Nate’s ‘False 9’ play was an instruction that came from Rupert who trying to sabotage the team?

      How did I not know this????

      Side note: every time Nate spat on a goddamn mirror, I died a little inside. So much self-loathing it’s been hard for me to watch his arc.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Yes, the false 9 was suppose to fail. It why the pundits were making comments about making such a change in the most important game of their season. Notice how upset Nate was when Oscar walked over & put his hand on the Believe sign & the team joined him. He was attempting to torpedo their chance of elevation back to the EPL. It was why Nate stormed off & tore the sign. If your idea had just elevated your team to the EPL you would be the man of the match!! You celebrate & accept the praise. Especially if you are Nate who wants adoration.

        I hate the idea that this show only has one season left. I do think the first season was close to perfect TV.

      • SarahLee says:

        I totally missed that as well! Now I need to go back and watch again.

        But – didn’t Nate say to scrap the False 9 at the break because it wasn’t working – then they went in to talk to the team? Are you saying Nate the NotGreat has been on Team Rupert this entire season?

      • ncboudicca says:

        @E.D. Spitting at his own reflection made me hurt for that character in ways I can’t even articulate, while still hating the things he was doing. Nick Mohammed had better get an Emmy for this season.

      • Snappyfish says:

        @sarahlee Nate did suggest they change after saying it wasn’t working because the players where too effing stupid to do it right & that is when Ted disagreed & then they asked the players. Who decided to stick with it. It wasn’t suppose to work & when it did it angered Nate even more.

        Next season will be interesting. Sadly I hope Nate gets what is coming to him & I hope it isn’t redemption

  10. Nina says:

    Rebecca had lots of growth. Her open chat with mom on her Dad’s funeral, jer different treatment of Rupert, even opening up to having gun with her goddaughter. It was just lost in all the other drama but Rebecca still had her moments

  11. grabbyhands says:

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Apple should know that after forcing them to shoehorn two extra completely non-connected episodes into an already written season (and I say this as one of the few people who actually liked the Christmas and Beard episodes). These characters all need each other in order to work. I don’t see a spin off working as well. Sometimes it is better to leave it short and sweet.


    I’m happy to hear about Trent Crimm, Independent and Dr. Sharon coming back – I thought it was odd that they would let them go. They need to stop messing with Roy and Keeley – not EVERYONE has to break or be constantly challenged. These two make sense because they make each other better and they each help the other grow. I’m still mad at the waste of time that was the Sam/Rebecca romance and how badly it was handled. There were a bunch of different ways they could have handled her figuring out who she really was without shoving an extremely problematic romance (that she and everyone else conveniently ignores the ramifications of) with a player on her own team. Unless this pops up again next season, this was pointless, in my opinion. PS. Please let Rebecca have a storyline that isn’t centered around her trying to find a man – her character is so much better than that. Ditto with the Dubai Air storyline – that was wrapped up awfully neatly and with zero fallout or headlines. That was not realistic at all.

    Ahhh, Nate. I assume a redemption arc is a part of next season. I hope they time it right so it makes sense. If I were the writers, I would give him a few episodes to show what a monster he’s become, then show how Rupert turns on him (because he will) and then the fall from grace and the crawl back to Richmond.

    Even with it’s flaws, I still loved the season. A personal highlight of the finale was Roy becoming a Diamond Dog and Ted and Beard’s reaction to it.

    • FeatherDuk says:

      I read an interview, it I don’t think Nate gets a redemption arc. He went way too far. I don’t want him to have one either. If you notice from the beginning, he’s always been slimy.

  12. Gigi LaMoore says:

    Season 2 is hard to finish, so I am still not there. I don’t get how the Roy actor won an Emmy. When did growling out profanity laced lines become acting? He is very one note.

    • Esmom says:

      I thought I was the only one who didn’t love Roy. Thank you, lol.

    • The Voice says:

      At first I didn’t like Roy Kent either. He just growled or was angry. Later on you see under the exterior that he cares greatly for people and that he has feelings (or “feeling” as he calls it). He is who he is but he also surprises you. He’s like one of those guys who won’t put in the effort if he knows the person on the receiving end isn’t also going to go the distance. He saves it up when you’re ready to receive and participate. Maybe even benefit.

      I watched some interviews with the actor and he said Roy’s voice sounds strained because it’s like he’s trying to hold back all his feelings and emotions in a dam. He can’t just be free or it’ll all come flowing out.

      If you watch him in the background, he’s really there and connected. He’s mouthing the words to “Let it Go” when Rebecca sings it at karaoke. He’s always thinking about problems – he has his eureka moment with Keeley when Jamie says the best thing to do is trust his teammate and give him space. He hates being in photos but he thinks about his wardrobe and his eyebrows just to support Keeley’s photo shoot. He’s the ultimate pep-talker if you’re willing to listen. You should be with someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning! Don’t you dare settle for fine. I think he’s a very emotionally intelligent character who doesn’t sugar coat anything. I freaking love him and Brett Goldstein’s portrayal of him.

  13. The Voice says:

    If Ted Lasso ends after season 3, I’d love to see it continue as “Rebecca Welton” where the show is centered around her. Featuring Rebecca making herself big each episode!

    I really love the way Rebecca & Keeley’s friendship is shown. Roy & Keeley’s relationship, too. Such healthy dynamics that are worthy of more screen time. I dislike that Rebecca’s storyline was reduced to lovesick teenager and her torrid affair was not believable. Hannah Waddingham is striking and I can’t take my eyes off her. Give her more meaty material to sink her teeth into! I want to see more of her and her character’s development.

    • minx says:

      I had never seen Hannah Waddingham in anything, didn’t watch GOT. She’s just so impressive. She’s the first main character we see in Ted Lasso, when she’s taking over the team and firing that obnoxious manager (and telling him she can see his balls). She hooked me right into the series.