Kate Middleton finally takes up some princess-y charity work


Hello! Magazine (Britain’s version of People) has an interesting cover story about Kate Middleton and Prince William this week. It’s called “Kate finds a new role” and it’s all about how Prince William recently attended a fundraiser for the Starlight Children’s Foundation with Kate and her family (see pictures here), and how Kate’s “new role” as some kind of charitable person is her precursor to becoming William’s wife. It seems that in the nearly six years of on-and-off dating, the press has never really analyzed William’s relationship with Kate’s parents – they were too focused on what “the royals” thought of Kate. The verdict? William gets along really well with Kate’s family, and they seem to adore him. Scandal!

Anyway, the Hello! article is very ass-kissy, full of little pieces of information like “Kate played an integral part in ensuring the occasion was a huge success.” How did she do that? By showing up and hanging out, basically. I mean, she didn’t pull any kind of diva act, she was gracious and winning and boring enough to keep the focus on the kids. The gist of the fundraiser and cause was to sell paintings done by kids paired with professional artists. The proceeds from the paintings willl go towards granting the wishes of sick and terminally ill kids. So the Starlight Foundation is like Make A Wish.

According to Rose Astor, the wife of one of William’s best friends, “We persuaded Kate to work for Starlight, which we decided was the one charity we should help, among the many we get requests from.” Hm… so Kate gets a lot of requests to lend her name to charity work, but she has only chosen one charity, and attended one fundraiser. I mean, good for her for getting involved, but considering charity work is like 80% of what a royal does for their job, you’d think that Kate would have gotten on this a bit faster. She wants to be queen, after all. And it looks like she may get there… one day.

Here’s Kate Kate leaving her London hairdresser on September 26th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. nanster says:

    I like William and Kate together. I think Kate is attractive now, but I don’t think that she’s going to age well. And I really hope that William is a better man than his father and doesn’t marry Kate because it’s expected/for the wrong reasons.

  2. Andrea says:

    William you know you can do better. Please do not give into pressure and marry this girl (and her family). Take your time and you’ll meet a lady who is actually do something for herself and society!

  3. princess pea says:

    @ nanster – heh, I don’t think Wills is going to age particularly well, either.

  4. Mike Miller says:

    Well if she’s gonna be the next Diana – it’s about bloody time she gets doing something worthwhile.

  5. viper says:

    Will is already balding, buck crook teeth an dnot where near as goodlooking as he once was as a child. So I too believe he’s not aging well. Harry clearly got the spencer genes.

  6. nanster says:

    princess pea – you’re exactly right. I agree. Kate and Wills will look like Camilla and Charles in a few years…

  7. PJ says:

    Kate looks a lot like her mother, Carole Middleton, who is a knockout in her 50s. So I think she will probably look the same when she grows older.

    Wills is balding prematurely (too bad — he used to have beautiful thick hair like his mother) but is still a handsome young man.

    I think there is a new emphasis on charity work for Harry and Wills. Until recently they used to be photographed mostly going to and from bars, but lately they have been spending more time promoting their charities. Most of their charities benefit children, as does Kate’s. I think it’s laudable that she does some charity work, but since she is not yet a royal, it would not be appropriate for her to do too much of it.

    It’s about time Wills and Harry get involved in royal life and do more charity work. Their grandparents are well into their 80s and still have a full work schedule. It’s time for the younger generation to help out.

  8. asiont says:

    wow, she’s sooooo boring

  9. Julie says:

    Kate does one charity event per year (remember last year’s roller disco with the yellow hot pants)surrounded by endless holidays. She’s boring and lazy yet ambitious. Interesting combination. Poor William. I agree that he will not age well; same with Kate. I wonder where Diana’s beautiful boy went. He’s more like his father in attitude and looks every day. Viper is right. Who would have thought that Harry would end up the better looking and more interesting of the two.

  10. RobN says:

    If she were helping 20 charities and spending all her time helping disabled kids cross the street, most of you would still criticize her and would just dismiss it by saying she’s trying to copy Diana. Girl can’t win.

  11. TS says:

    Gotta say she looks like a thin lipped cold bitch…in that photo.

  12. Leticia says:

    Great figure. Pretty face, but looks about 10 years older than her true age.

  13. e says:

    Yeah she is looking a little rough. Her mouth looks like she smokes but I have never seen her smoking. Lay off the eyeliner honey – who do you think you are? Ali Lohan?

  14. Julie says:

    RobN: Perhaps the girl could win if she got off her butt and did something. She’s been out of university over 4 years and in that time has done some “make work” for her parents and some high street retailer; a job which she never showed up for apparently. The rest of her time has been spent waiting for William to snap his fingers and put a ring on hers. I guess it’s a living. Chelsy managed to get a law degree and a law job while dating Harry. Chelsy appears, at least, to have some self respect. Does Kate? I do agree, though, that to compare Kate to Diana would be very unfair, to Kate.

  15. lennie says:

    I agree, she is really odd-looking, she is not going to age very well.

  16. Firewood says:

    Cut it, Split it, Store it and Burn it. Firewood guide!