Madonna Gets A Good Review From Her Mother-In-Law

In the world of parenting, you always get someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. You rarely get a rave review from anyone on your childrearing practices. But Madonna seems to be able to do just about anything, including public praise from her mother-in-law Shireen Ritchie.

Interviewer Fiona Phillips asked: “You have probably one of the most famous adopted little grandsons in the whole world now. How’s that all working out?”

“It’s working out very well,” Ritchie replied. “They’re wonderful and loving parents and he’s a very lucky little boy.”


Shireen Ritchie is a Conservative Councillor in Britain, a member of Cabinet for Family and Children’s Services for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and actually Guy’s stepmother. She was appearing on GMTV to highlight issues surrounding orphaned children.

Admittedly, Shireen may have nice things to say when on television, but behind closed doors she might call Madonna any number of things. After all, you don’t slander the queen of pop on national TV, and expect it to somehow not get back to her.

Madonna is also doing good deeds outside her home, posting a message on her Raising Malawi website calling for volunteers and donations to help Malawi children.

As someone who volunteers for a couple of organisations that rely on donations, I know exactly what she means by ‘every little bit helps’. I also think it’s pretty amazing that Madonna is a co-founder of the Raising Malawi organisation (with Michael Berg) and not just associating herself with an established charity.

Note by Celebitchy: Here are pictures of Madonna after going out to dinner in London last night with Tom Ford and Stella McCartney.

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