George Michael & his partner of 13 years split (update: denied)

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Despite it all, I kind of like George Michael. He’s crazy and gross, but he lets it all hang out. All of his mistakes, all of his drama, all of his self-destructive crap, it’s all out there for public consumption. If you’re going to be crazy and gross, that’s the way to do it. It’s no secret that George likes to hook up with strangers in public toilets – he’s been arrested twice for various “lewd acts” both in America and England. And I’m not even counting the drug charges, and all of the screwed up traffic stuff that’s happened to him, like “falling asleep” in his car, or that time he was found unconscious in his car.

Throughout all of the controversies of the past decade, George was still with his longtime partner Kenny Goss – they fell in love in 1996, and Kenny had stayed with him through thick and thin. Not any more. It was last year’s arres that apparently made Kenny wake up (before you go-go) and realize that he was enabling George’s bad behavior. George was arrested in a public bathroom in London for possession of crack, but let off with a caution. Kenny had enough after that:

George Michael and his long-term lover Kenny Goss have broken up – and pals fear the singer is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Long-suffering Kenny finally walked out on George after 13 years together. The final straw came when George, 46, was arrested in the toilets on Hampstead Heath and charged with possessing drugs last year.

Furious Kenny, 50, walked out at Christmas, but they kept their separation quiet as George begged him for another chance. But despite remaining business partners in their art gallery in Dallas, Kenny decided enough was enough and told him they were history.

Devastated George then turned into “a hermit” in his North London mansion and sacked his loyal manager Andy Stephens.

One pal said: “Kenny had given George many chances. But after the Hampstead Heath incident he said he couldn’t take any more. Everyone knew George wasn’t just in there to do drugs – the place is well known as a place to pick up men.”

“Despite George saying they had an open relationship, Kenny never agreed with George’s urges to go out cruising for other men, or with his excessive use of cannabis. He is embarrassed by what George had put him through.”

“They had been due to marry on their 10th anniversary back in 2006, but Kenny told him it was off unless he changed his ways. But it seems George just couldn’t.”

When Kenny walked out, George postponed all his work commitments, including the release of a DVD for his 25 Live Tour. He refused to leave his house and became addicted to computer games. Then he shocked manager Andy by duetting with Beyonce at the O2 Arena in June without warning.

His irrational behaviour has become a cause of concern for his pals. One said: “When Kenny left him, George wasn’t in the right frame of mind for anything. He seemed to become really depressed and no one could talk him out of it. He had promised to release a Live In London DVD of the tour but he couldn’t get it together to even look at clips of himself. Only now is he starting to get his head around it and is releasing it on December 7 – almost a year later.

“George would get up at 2pm, have a couple of spliffs, and play computer games until 7am, then do it all again the next day.

“His manager Andy couldn’t get through to him. And then he was absolutely furious when he found out he had driven himself to the O2 and got on stage with Beyonce. He tried to confront the star about it but George sacked him.”

“George also has all these ideas about going back on the road – but no one knows if his state of mind will take it. The split has hit him hard.”

[From the Mirror]

It does sound like George is self-destructing. Of course, I tend to think he’s been self-destructing for years now, and he’s only been keeping it relatively together because he had people around him who loved him and protected him. Now that Kenny’s gone and George has fired his longtime manager, perhaps this is George’s rock-bottom. Will he clean up his act and try to get Kenny back? Or will he fall further, and end up drugged out in yet another bathroom with yet another undercover cop?

UPDATE: Now George Michael’s rep is telling the Daily Mail that he and Kenny have not split. The rep says: “There is no truth in the matter at all. Kenny has been away in Dallas where he owns a gallery but is scheduled to return home this Friday. They are planning a lovely weekend together.” Strange. I guess they’re sticking with it after all.

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14 Responses to “George Michael & his partner of 13 years split (update: denied)”

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  1. dirty martini says:

    Sounds like he is self destructing, and it seems one can’t blame his partner for splitting. At some point, you have to walk away and leave your loved one to face their own music.

    I always did love George Michael’s music though. His voice is fabulous when he is at his best.

  2. maddie says:

    Wow what a surprise !! NOT if GeorgeM spent as much time with his BF as he did in his car sleeping it off, I bet they would still be together.

    I hope George takes the time to get his life back on track, we his fans would rather hear his music instead of him yet again in trouble with the law.

  3. Feebee says:

    I love George but I’m surprised Kenny didn’t leave him years ago. Whether or not this will make him change his destructive ways, only he knows. I just hope the break up doesn’t lead to an acceleration because that won’t end well for George.

  4. GatsbyGal says:

    Good on Kenny for leaving him. I guess he thought that as George grew up his behavior would mellow out. But no, George Michael is always going to be a destructive, drugged-out manwhore.

    Also, I kinda wanna know what computer games he got addticed to.

  5. Lem says:

    To stay with that hot mess for 13 years is unimaginable. I’d say he’s a saint but I don’t think that is using any of my words wisely.Chronically co-dependent?
    If being arrested in a public urinal with a stranger is not rock bottom, if passing out at a red light is not rock bottom, if getting busted with crack in a notorious washroom is not rock bottom……… I don’t know what is? But hey Boy George is single! They could handcuff each other to urinals. That would be a tour I’d pay to see. George & George. Rocks Off 2010. Think of the advertising slogans!

  6. princess pea says:

    It’s interesting that he’s leaving now, after all these years of indiscretions. I wonder what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? The article says it was a year ago that he was last arrested… why not leave then?

    Not really related: I kind of want to buy the Mirror writer a thesaurus.
    “Long-suffering Kenny finally walked out … Furious Kenny, 50, walked out … When Kenny walked out…” It’s very clear that he WALKED, I guess. No running, or leaving, or dumping or any other verbs.

  7. C-DUB says:

    His Amazing tour is still one of the BEST concerts I’ve ever been too!

    I hope George can get it together. He’s so talented!

  8. Lem says:

    strange of all the GM rumors this is the one they choose to deny.

    I’m still standing in line for my George George ticket!

  9. Catherine says:

    Kenny seems like a saint to put up with all George puts him through. I hope George gets his head on straight and gets better.

  10. Feebee says:

    “strange of all the GM rumors this is the one they choose to deny.” LMAO!!!

    George has a pretty good track record of not trying to hide when he has another indiscretion (admittedly he does it so often and spectacularly it would be hard to hide it). He usually comes clean and is a good sport about it so I’ll believe the denial… for now. It’s just that the reactions (mine included) have all been one of surprise that it took so long for Kenny to leave. It feels a bit like being 13 and your Mum consoles you when you’ve had a fight with your BFF by trashing her and then the next day you’re back to being friends. 🙂

    Still love George.

  11. cassie says:

    George and Kenny have an open relationship they can have sex with other men as long as its simply sex not outside relationships.

  12. Paulette says:

    His bf is 50?! Jesus, he could pass for 30.

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