Prince Andrew’s bribery/access schemes might end up being investigated

Duke of York, Prince Andrew continues to get probed about his involvement with the Jeffery Epstein case! **FILE PHOTOS**

Prince Andrew’s financial situation has always been bizarre, shady, criminal and disturbing. For decades, Andrew hid behind a veil of royal privacy and few people openly questioned his “business deals” as Britain’s “trade ambassador,” nor could anyone explain why Andrew was flush with cash sometimes and then, just as suddenly, millions in debt. We know that Jeffrey Epstein loaned money to both Andrew and Fergie. We also know that Andrew was blatantly selling access to himself and other members of the royal family for years. This week, we heard about one of those access schemes, and how Andrew was paid $2 million via unsecured loan, a loan which was then paid off by the same family which gave Andrew the “loan.” This is the situation which needs to be investigated:

Prince Andrew’s finances should be investigated by MPs and tax authorities after it emerged that he received a £1.5million off-shore payment from a banker friend, campaigners and experts have said. The Duke of York faced mounting scrutiny yesterday over whether he broke the Royal Family’s conduct rules by accepting the money from Tory donor David Rowland.

The Queen’s scandal-hit second son received the payment days before he paid off a loan from the financier’s own Luxembourg bank. Buckingham Palace conduct rules state that royals should ‘never accept gifts of money, or money equivalent, in connection with an official engagement or duty’. They are also told to avoid gifts that ‘would, or might appear to, place [them] under any obligation to the donor’.

Andrew, 61, has refused to say whether he paid back any of the money wired to him by a company registered in Guernsey in 2017.

Former Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, an expert on royal finances, said he would be writing to the public accounts committee calling for an investigation into the duke’s finances. He also called for HMRC to check if Andrew had paid tax ‘on any income’.

Mr Baker said: ‘The fact is the requirements on the royals are far less than people who are in elected office.’

A spokesman for Andrew said: ‘In accounting terms it was all duly logged and taxes paid and everything went across the books in the proper way.’

Graham Smith, chief executive of campaign group Republic, said: ‘When someone is paying a public figure large sums of money the question has to be: What do they want in return? There needs to be an urgent investigation into royal lobbying and cash for access, starting with Prince Andrew.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I enjoy how indignant Andrew’s spokesperson sounds, like “yes, he accepted bribes in exchange for access, but he paid taxes on it, how dare you!” I have no idea if Andrew actually did pay taxes on that income or any of the income he’s “made” over the years. No one knows, because as Norman Baker said, there’s no public disclosure for the royals and their finances. The royals don’t want people to know what kind of money they’re making from various schemes and scams and so they don’t tell anyone. Man, the sh-t is really going to hit the fan when the Queen passes.

Prince Andrew spotted going for an early morning ride with a groom in Windsor

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23 Responses to “Prince Andrew’s bribery/access schemes might end up being investigated”

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  1. TIFFANY says:

    They already chomping at the bit. The press knows Betty’s days are severely numbered and are ready to go.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    “When the Queen passes…” is the correct phrase. There will be no investigation into Andrew’s financial affairs while she is alive and I have less hope that something happens when she dies because the British establishment especially the Tory Government venerates the Royal Family and will do nothing that could threaten its place in British society.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I don’t think there will EVER be an accounting. As much as Charles hates Pedo, it’d leave Charles and ALL the others open to the same scrutiny. Can’t “un-ring that bell” as the saying goes.

      Pedo will slide, slithering, oily snake as he is, as are the rest of that corrupt coven of cowardly racists.

  3. Andrew's Nemesis says:

    I hope they do, whether Her Maj is alive or not. Hit Paedo where it hurts – his wallet. Only that, and his entitlement, actually matter to him.

    • ML says:

      I really hope they do as well. It boggles my mind at how corrupt and criminal Andrew seems to be, but the British have never gone after him because he’s the queen’s son.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Andrew’s Nemesis, this is like Christmas morning!! All of these schemes coming out of the woodwork! First Chaz, now Paedo, immense thanks Andrew’s Nemesis, all coming together, and wrapped with bows AND ribbons!!

      The entire “Royal” family should be held accountable for their criminal actions!! Are they not supposed to be an institution of morals, ethics including not interfering with UK laws? Yet, here they are, certainly not a family or a business model of either!! Not only are they criminals, they are able to skirt the discrimination laws regarding staff in addition to hiding money throughout the world.

      From their “very much not a racist family”, to being caught with their pants down secretly meeting the head of Scotland’s anti-republic driven group and having a royal Prince being sued for rape. In addition to finding out that the The Monarchy is very much involved with political policies that they are able to re-write to their sole benefit.

      @ Andrew’s Nemesis, thank you very much for your perfect naming of Andrew!! I hope you don’t mind if I use it!

  4. Lizzie Bathory says:

    “There needs to be an urgent investigation into royal lobbying and cash for access, starting with Prince Andrew.”

    Charles, you in danger, girl.

  5. nina says:

    Don’t worry Nonce. Mummy will shut it down or Chaz will shut it down after she’ s gone. Chaz cannot afford to have Nonce investigated, because he could be next.

  6. Sofia says:

    I’m not holding out hope. Even if it is investigated, the royals will shut it down quick because it’ll set a precedent of royals having their finances investigated and they do not want that.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Everyone is soft hearted for the queen now but if sentiment turns when Charles is king then the politicians will investigate if they think it will get them votes. You can count on politicians to be swayed by poll numbers. Charles will not have the clout the queen currently has.

  8. India says:

    If anything is going to kill TQ, Andrew will.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      I tend to agree with you. He’s gonna tip her over
      (Now that’s assuming her Maj is even AWARE of what’s going on. At this point who knows? Nobody in that group can keep their stories straight.)

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I mentioned that yesterday when we were discussing whether TQ is still actually alive, given the strange video. TQ certainly has a great deal of stress upon her shoulders given that she not only lost her husband/partner of 70+ years, but
        PP handled matters of the family. Now TQ at 95 has the dreadful task of not only fighting to save Paedo, but Baldingham being an incompetent FFk!

  9. harperc says:

    Norman Baker wrote a book a couple years ago called “and what do you do?” that I’ve been reading and it’s just filled with all the financial malfeasance the BRF have been doing. TQ is (mostly) fine, but Charles, Andrew and William? They are experts at taking money yet never giving any away.

    When they want privacy, they say they’re a private family. But when they want public money, then it’s “we’re a public institution!”. And sometimes they flip back and forth on the same issue! The book is just filled with examples. Baker does a good job.

    Once the queen is gone, the entire family should be audited because they are all just as bad as Andy.

    • Harla says:

      I read this book too and was astonished by what the royals do and get away with, time and again. They sure are slippery bastards but I hope that one day all will come out in the wash.

  10. Lady Digby says:

    Any chance Jason has any emails/texts/briefing notes that he filed away for a rainy day about Pizzaguy that his conscience prompts him to volunteer? Thought not. Just proves Claim on Oprah accurate, he is protected but they are thrown to the wolves as a diversion!

  11. sunny says:

    They about to take Prince Fredo out fishing soon as the Queen is gone.

  12. Slippers4life says:

    Remember when Fergie was set up by a reporter and she agreed to a cash for access deal and then was humiliated and smeared and not invited to W and K’s wedding? Not defending Fergie or anything, but NOW this all seems more sus. if everyone was doing it anyway. What was the game of smearing her really about?

    • The Truth Piper says:

      I remember when Fergie was caught trying to sell access to the Royal Family also known as engaging in “Pay to Play” schemes.

      After reading about Andrew’s shady business dealings it makes perfect sense that Fergie would think this behavior is normal.

      Andrew has always been the Queen’s favorite child. It’s anyone’s guess how this will go.

  13. LaraW” says:

    I was reading more about this story— the person at Bloomberg has been investigating this since before 2020, when he broke the news about Andrew and Rowland’s bank. He’s really put a lot of work into it, goinng through emails, regulatory filings, conducting interviews.

    The Rowland family was at Eugenie’s wedding, sitting in the front row.

    Apparently Banque Havilland has been raided multiple times by several different regulatory agencies, and in 2018 was fined €4M for not having safeguards against money laundering. (€4M was the biggest fine ever levied by Luxembourg against a bank, and the regulator also turned everything over to Luxembourg prosecutors— they’re still investigating). Roland has connections to Dmytro Firtash, who allegedly gave Giuliani documents to start the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory during the election.

    This is just a huge, international web of corruption.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Interesting. I guess if you’re in the money laundering business, you’ll meet Firtash sooner or later.