Prince Harry’s girlfriend breaks up with him


Though the royals may seem to live pretty charmed lives, they’re just like the rest of us – in that even they are not immune from heartbreak. Prince Harry, generally seen as the wild and reckless of prince, had managed to stay with his longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy, for three years. That’s no small feat for any 21-year-old, and certainly for someone who could date nearly any girl in world. However it appears that Chelsy has dumped Harry after he chose to spend her birthday at the rugby world cup final in Paris.

Prince Harry and his girlfriend of more than three years, Chelsy Davy, have split, London newspapers are reporting. A spokeswoman at the palace declined to comment on the widespread reports – some of which claimed Davy, 22, was upset with the prince’s playboy lifestyle, including his attending the rugby world cup final in Paris in October instead of celebrating her birthday with her. The couple met during Harry’s gap year between school and joining the army. They shared a love of Africa, where Davy, the daughter of a safari company owner in Zimbabwe, grew up. And they have spent many vacations there, camping out and watching the wildlife on exotic safaris in countries like Botswana.

In July, Davy, who recently started a post-graduate degree course at Leeds University in northern England, took a front row seat next to her prince in the stands of Wembley Stadium during the Concert for Diana. The couple were openly affectionate that day and, in the evening, they were seen hugging and kissing at the afterparty.

[From People]

It’s probably good for both of them that Chelsy had enough respect for herself not to tolerate anymore of Harry’s inconsiderate behavior. It’s good for her because she’s not so desperate to be with him that she’ll suffer through anything. It’s good for Harry because hopefully he’s learned that if he treats someone poorly, he’ll lose them. The other advantages his life has given him might have made him feel he could treat a girlfriend disrespectfully. Hopefully he’ll learn from this and be more considerate to his future partners. Yes that sounds naïve, but we never know just how much he loved Chelsy: there’s a chance Harry’s as distraught right now as any of the rest of us would be. There’s also a chance he’s got three strippers wrapped around him as we speak. It could go either way.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Prince Harry visiting Wembley Arena before the Diana Memorial Concert. Images thanks to PR Photos. Header image of Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy together at the Diana Memorial Concert on July 1st, 2007.


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