Tara Reid gets a new party partner

Tara Reid was seen out in LA this weekend heading to a club with a new guy. No one at the JJB bulletin board where I found the picture knew who he was, so his identity will remain a mystery for an hour or two until an eagle-eyed blogger identifies him.

Lindsay Lohan hates to be compared to the often visibly-soused Reid. Lohan has said that she doesn’t want her constant partying to jeopardize her career:

“I’m not some Tara Reid-style party girl. And I want to be in this business.”

Lohan thinks that if she drinks moderately and sticks to doing coke it’s still ok to go most nights of the week. (I made that up obviously, but it could be true.)

Here is Reid with her potential new beau.

Two more after the jump.

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