Eva Longoria has a new Mexican-American restaurant


Isn’t it cute when celebs try to convince us that they’re just normal people too? Like Angelina Jolie goes to 7-11 at 4 a.m. because she really needs a Slurpee. Or at any moment, you might run into Tom Cruise in the deli section of your grocery store, because he’s just a normal guy out shopping! What the hell! Do they think we buy this crap? And why would they want us to? You have to admit, we’re not nearly as interested in the celebrities that seem “normal.” Well Eva Longoria would like us to believe that she whips up Tony Parker’s favorite dishes on a moment’s notice. Somehow I don’t see her waiting on him hand and foot. In the grand tradition of celebrities with nothing better to do, Eva has opened up a new restaurant call BESO, with celebrity chef Todd English.

Thanks to the writers strike, Eva Longoria has a little extra time on her hands. But don’t worry, the Desperate Housewives star is keeping busy, whipping up Thanksgiving dinner and finalizing plans for her Mexican-American restaurant, BESO. “I love to cook!” Longoria, 32, told PEOPLE while relaxing at the soon-to-open eatery during Samsung’s BlackJack II event Wednesday night. “I’m a big, big cooker in my family, so this is kind of an extension of my house. I feel like everybody’s going to be in my living room.”

Longoria swears she’s hands-on when it comes to BESO, which is located in Hollywood and is in partnership with celebrity chef Todd English. “I’m so involved, I picked the uniforms,” she said. “A lot of these are my recipes. We’ve developed a really fun menu.” One person who’s already a devoted fan of Longoria’s culinary creations: husband Tony Parker. (The two wed in France at an over-the-top wedding this past July.) “I cook anything he wants to eat,” she said. “Everything. I mean, every day it’s a different date.”

[From People]

If there is any truth to that at all, I’m going to marry Eva Longoria next. I love the way celebs become their own little PR reps. Eva can fire whatever agency uses; she’s so good at giving little soundbites. I really believe that you’re the cook in your family, and that many of the recipes at your fancy new restaurant with a fancy chef aren’t his, but yours! Totally buying it. In other Desperate Housewives news, the cast got together and bought each of the 300 crew members a turkey for Thanksgiving. The actors make like, what, maybe $250000 an episode when you average it out? I’m sure the crew is sitting there thinking, “Wow, thanks so much for our $17 frozen turkeys.” I’m sure Eva Longoria can sweeten the deal with a copy of her own stuffing recipe or something. That she stole from Todd English.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Eva at the Samsung BlackJack II Launch Party at BESO last night. Images thanks to PR Photos.


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